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Author/Editor: Verner, Miroslav
An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
Author/Editor: Lane, Edward William
Advanced Arabic through Discussion: 20 Lessons on Contemporary Topics with Integrated Skills and Fluency-building Activities for MSA Learners
Author/Editor: Nevenka Korica Sullivan
Afterglow of Empire
Author/Editor: Dodson, Aidan
The Akhenaten Colossi of Karnak
Author/Editor: Manniche, Lise
All That I Want to Forget: A Novel
Author/Editor: Bothayna Al-Essa ,Michele Henjum
All the Pasha’s Men
Author/Editor: Fahmy, Khaled
All the Pasha’s Men
Author/Editor: Khaled Fahmy
Amarna Sunrise
Author/Editor: Dodson, Aidan
Amarna Sunset
Author/Editor: Dodson, Aidan
Ancient Egyptian Architecture in Fifteen Monuments
Author/Editor: FELIX ARNOLD
Ancient Egyptian Statues: Their Many Lives and Deaths
Author/Editor: SIMON CONNOR
Author/Editor: al-Koni, Ibrahim
Arab Human Development in the Twenty-first Century
Author/Editor: Korany, Bahgat
Arab Spring in Egypt
Author/Editor: Korany, Bahgat; El-Mahdi, Rabab
Arab Women Writers
Author/Editor: Ashour, Radwa; Ghazoul, Ferial J.; Reda-Mekdashi, Hasna
Aristocrats and Archaeologists: An Edwardian Journey on the Nile
An Artist in Abydos: The Life and Letters of Myrtle Broome
Author/Editor: LEE YOUNG
Babylon of Egypt
Author/Editor: Peter Sheehan
Author/Editor: Khudayyir, Mohammed
The Bazaar in the Islamic City
Author/Editor: Gharipour, Mohammad
Bedouin, Settlers, and Holiday-Makers
Author/Editor: Cole, Donald P.; Altorki, Soraya
Being Abbas el Abd
Author/Editor: Alaidy, Ahmed
Beyond the Victim
Author/Editor: Fahmi, Kamal
Biographies of Port Said: Everydayness of State, Dwellers, and Strangers: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 36, No. 1
Author/Editor: Mostafa Mohie
Birds of Amber
Author/Editor: Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim
Black Magic
Author/Editor: el-Gazzar, Hamdy
Blue Aubergine
Author/Editor: al-Tahawy, Miral
Butterfly Wings
Author/Editor: Salmawy, Mohamed
Cairo Contested
Author/Editor: Singerman, Diane
Cairo Cosmopolitan
Author/Editor: Singerman, Diane; Amar, Paul
Cairo’s Street Stories
Author/Editor: Lababidi, Lesley
Cairo’s Street Stories
Author/Editor: Lesley Labadidi
Cairo Swan Song
Author/Editor: Said, Mekkawi
Author/Editor: Tawfik, M.M
Cell Block Five
Author/Editor: al-Azzawi, Fadhil
A Certain Woman
Author/Editor: El Badry, Hala
The Changing Middle East
Author/Editor: Korany, Bahgat
Christianity and Monasticism in Aswan and Nubia
Author/Editor: Gabra, Gawdat; Takla, Hany
Christians in Egypt
Author/Editor: Meinardus, Otto F.A
Cinematic Cairo: Egyptian Urban Modernity from Reel to Real
Author/Editor: Nezar AlSayyad ,Heba Safey Eldeen
Cities without Palms
Author/Editor: Eltayeb, Tarek
City of Love and Ashes
Author/Editor: Idris, Yusuf
Clamor of the Lake
Author/Editor: El-Bisatie, Mohamed
The Coffeehouse
Author/Editor: Mahfouz, Naguib
The Collar and the Bracelet
Author/Editor: Abdullah, Yahya Taher
Colors of Enchantment
Author/Editor: Zuhur, Sherifa
A Continuity of Shari‘a: Political Authority and Homicide in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: BRIAN WRIGHT
Coptic Identity and Ayyubid Politics in Egypt, 1218–1250
Author/Editor: Werthmuller, Kurt J
Coptic Monasteries
Author/Editor: Gabra, Gawdat
The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt, 641–1517
Author/Editor: MARK N. SWANSON
Copts at the Crossroads
Author/Editor: Tadros, Mariz
The Cotton Plantation Remembered
Author/Editor: Abaza, Mona
The Crane
Author/Editor: Barakat, Halim
Creating Medieval Cairo
Author/Editor: Sanders, Paula
Dates on My Fingers
Author/Editor: al-Ramli, Muhsin
The Days
Author/Editor: Hussein, Taha
Diary of a Jewish Muslim
Author/Editor: Ruhayyim, Kamal
Directions of Change in Rural Egypt
Author/Editor: Hopkins, Nicholas S.; Westergaard, Kirsten
The Disappearance of Mr. Nobody: A Novel
Author/Editor: Ahmed Taibaoui ,Jonathan Wright
Djekhy & Son
Author/Editor: Donker van Heel, Koenraad
Documentary Filmmaking in the Middle East and North Africa
Author/Editor: VIOLA SHAFIK
A Dog with No Tail
Author/Editor: Abu Golayyel, Hamdi
Author/Editor: El-Bisatie, Mohamed
Dust: Egypt's Forgotten Architecture, Revised and Expanded Edition
Author/Editor: Xenia Nikolskaya ,Omar Nagati ,Heba Farid
Earth Weeps, Saturn Laughs
Author/Editor: Al Farsi, Abdulaziz
Egyptian Cooking
Author/Editor: Abdennour, Samia
Egyptian Customs and Festivals
Author/Editor: Abdennour, Samia
The Egyptian Economy
Author/Editor: Kheir-El-Din, Hanaa
The Egyptian Economy in the Twenty-first Century: The Hard Road to Inclusive Prosperity
Author/Editor: Khalid Ikram ,Heba Nassar
Egyptian Hip-Hop: Expressions from the Underground: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 34, No. 1
Author/Editor: Ellen R. Weis
The Egyptian Labor Market Revisited
Author/Editor: Assaad, Ragui
The Egyptian Peasant
Author/Editor: Ayrout, Henry Habib
Egypt in Flux
Author/Editor: Iskandar, Adel
Egypt in the Era of Hosni Mubarak
Author/Editor: Amin, Galal
Egypt, Islam, and Democracy
Author/Editor: Ibrahim, Saad Eddin
Egypt’s Political Economy
Author/Editor: Nadia Ramsis Farah
Egypt’s Political Economy
Author/Editor: Farah, Nadia Ramsis
Egypt Visual Sourcebook
Author/Editor: Hewitt, Jim
El Alamein and the Struggle for North Africa
Author/Editor: Edwards, Jill
The Emergence of the Modern Coptic Papacy
The Essential Naguib Mahfouz
Author/Editor: Johnson-Davies, Denys
The Essential Tawfiq al-Hakim
Author/Editor: Johnson-Davies, Denys
The Essential Yusuf Idris
Author/Editor: Johnson-Davies, Denys
Farewell to Alexandria
Author/Editor: Tzalas, Harry E
The Fayoum
Author/Editor: Hewison, R. Neil
A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt
Author/Editor: Hoath, Richard
The Final Bet
Author/Editor: Hamdouchi, Abdelilah
The Final Hour
Author/Editor: Mahfouz, Naguib
Final Night
Author/Editor: Al Nasiri, Buthaina
The Foreign Policies of Arab States
Author/Editor: Korany, Bahgat; Dessouki, Ali E. Hillal
From Akhenaten to Moses
Author/Editor: Assmann, Jan
From Pharaoh’s Lips
Author/Editor: Youssef, Ahmad Abdel-Hamid
From Pharaoh’s Lips
Author/Editor: Ahmad Abdel-Hamid Youssef,Fayza Haikal,Golo
Fustat Finds
Author/Editor: Bacharach, Jere L
Ghost Riders of Upper Egypt
Author/Editor: Winkler, Hans Alexander
Global Dreams
Author/Editor: de Koning, Anouk
Gold Dust
Author/Editor: al-Koni, Ibrahim
The Golden Chariot
Author/Editor: Bakr, Salwa
The Graying of the Raven
Author/Editor: Bamia, Aida
Growing Old in Egypt
Author/Editor: Boggatz, Thomas
A Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Egypt
Author/Editor: Bahaa El Din, Sherif
Gypsies in Contemporary Egypt: On the Peripheries of Society
Author/Editor: Alexandra Parrs
Hassan Fathy and Continuity in Islamic Arts and Architecture
Author/Editor: Hamid, Ahmad
Heads Ripe for Plucking
Author/Editor: Al-Wardani, Mahmoud
Heart of the Night
Author/Editor: Mahfouz, Naguib
Held in Trust
Author/Editor: Ghazaleh, Pascale
Here Is a Body: A Novel
Author/Editor: Basma Abdel Aziz ,Jonathan Wright
House of the Wolf
Author/Editor: El Kamhawi, Ezzat
Author/Editor: El-Bisatie, Mohamed
The Illusion of Progress in the Arab World
Author/Editor: Amin, Galal
In a Fertile Desert
Industrial Policy in the Middle East and North Africa
Author/Editor: Galal, Ahmed
The Inheritance
Author/Editor: Khalifeh, Sahar
Inside the Night
Author/Editor: Nasrallah, Ibrahim
International Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 35, No. 2
Author/Editor: Ibrahim Awad ,Maysa Ayoub ,Gerda Heck ,Gerasimos Tsourapas ,Angelos Dalachanis ,Alexandra Parrs ,Joseph John Viscomi
In the House of Muhammad Ali
Author/Editor: Hassan, Hassan
In the Time of Love
Author/Editor: Mahfouz, Naguib
Iron from Tutankhamun's Tomb
Author/Editor: Katja Broschat ,Florian Ströbele ,Christian Koeberl ,Christian Eckmann ,Eid Mertah ,Manon Schutz
Islamic Monuments in Cairo
Author/Editor: Williams, Caroline
It's Not Your Fault: Five New Plays on Sexual Harassment in Egypt
Author/Editor: Jillian Campana ,Dina Amin ,The Cairo Writers Lab,Hoda Elsadda
Labib Habachi
Author/Editor: Kamil, Jill
The Lamp of Umm Hashim
Author/Editor: Hakki, Yahya
Landlocked Islands
Author/Editor: Cachia, Anna and Pierre
The Last Chapter
Author/Editor: Abouzeid, Leila
The Last of the Angels
Author/Editor: al-Azzawi, Fadhil
Leaves of Narcissus
Author/Editor: Ramadan, Somaya
Life Is More Beautiful than Paradise
Author/Editor: al-Berry, Khaled
The Life of Bishoi: The Greek, Arabic, Syriac, and Ethiopic Lives
Author/Editor: Tim Vivian ,Maged S.A. Mikhail ,Apostolos N. Athanassakis ,Rowan A. Greer ,Robert Kitchen ,Maged S.A. Mikhail ,Tim Vivian ,Mark N. Swanson
Life on Hold
Author/Editor: al-Atiq, Fahd
Like a Summer Never to Be Repeated
Author/Editor: Berrada, Mohamed
The Literary Life of Cairo
Author/Editor: Mehrez, Samia
Living with Heritage in Cairo
Author/Editor: Sedky, Ahmed
The Lodging House
Author/Editor: Shalaby, Khairy
The Long Way Back
Author/Editor: al-Takarli, Fuad
Love in the Rain
Author/Editor: Mahfouz, Naguib
The Magic of Turquoise
Author/Editor: Khaled, Mai
The Mahfouz Dialogs
Author/Editor: al-Ghitani, Gamal
The Man from Bashmour
Author/Editor: Bakr, Salwa
Manhood Is Not Easy: Egyptian Masculinities through the Life of Musician Sayyid Henkish
Author/Editor: Karin van Nieuwkerk
A Man of Letters
Author/Editor: Hussein, Taha
Mapping Arab Women’s Movements
Author/Editor: Arenfeldt, Pernille; Golley, Nawar Al-Hassan
Mapping Arab Women’s Movements
Author/Editor: Pernille Arenfeldt,Nawar Al-Hassan Golley
Maryam’s Maze
Author/Editor: Mansoura Ez Eldin,Paul Starkey
Maryam’s Maze
Author/Editor: Ez Eldin, Mansoura
Media Arabic: A Coursebook for Reading Arabic News
Author/Editor: Alaa Elgibali ,Nevenka Korica
Memories in Translation
Author/Editor: Johnson-Davies, Denys
Migrant Dreams: Egyptian Workers in the Gulf States
Author/Editor: Samuli Schielke
Missions Impossible: Higher Education and Policymaking in the Arab World
Author/Editor: John Waterbury
The Modern Neighbors of Tutankhamun
Author/Editor: van der Spek, Kees
Moon over Samarqand
Author/Editor: Qandil, Mohamed Mansi
Mrs. Tsenhor
Author/Editor: Donker van Heel, Koenraad
Munira’s Bottle
Author/Editor: Al-Mohaimeed, Yousef
Munira’s Bottle
Author/Editor: Yousef Al-Mohaimeed,Anthony Calderbank
Murder in the Tower of Happiness
Author/Editor: Tawfik, M.M
Music and Media in the Arab World
Author/Editor: Frishkopf, Michael
My First and Only Love: A Novel
Author/Editor: Sahar Khalifeh ,Aida Bamia
Author/Editor: Abdel Nasser, Tahia Gamal; Abdel Nasser, Tahia Khaled
The Night Will Have Its Say: A Novel
Author/Editor: Ibrahim al-Koni ,Nancy Roberts
Nile Sparrows
Author/Editor: Aslan, Ibrahim
Nocturnal Poetics
Author/Editor: Ghazoul, Ferial
No One Sleeps in Alexandria
Author/Editor: Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim
Nubian Encounters
Author/Editor: Hopkins, Nicholas S.; Mehanna, Sohair
On Friendship between the No Longer and the Not Yet: An Ethnographic Account: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 35, No. 4
Author/Editor: Soha Mohsen
The Open Door
Author/Editor: al-Zayyat, Latifa
Organizing the Unorganized: Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 34, No. 3
Author/Editor: Farah Kobaissy
The Oslo Accords 1993–2013
Author/Editor: Bauck, Petter; Omer, Mohammed
The Other Place
Author/Editor: Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim
Ottoman Egypt and the Emergence of the Modern World
Author/Editor: Hanna, Nelly
Over the Bridge
Author/Editor: El-Bisatie, Mohamed
Paleopathology of the Ancient Egyptians
Author/Editor: Sabbahy, Lisa
The Palm House
Author/Editor: Eltayeb, Tarek
Papa Sartre
Author/Editor: Bader, Ali
The Pedagogy of Empowerment
Author/Editor: Zaalouk, Malak
The Pharaoh’s Kitchen
Author/Editor: Magda Mehdawy,Amr Hussein
The Pharaoh’s Kitchen
Author/Editor: Mehdawy, Magda; Hussein, Amr
Poisoned Legacy
Author/Editor: Dodson, Aidan
The Political Economy of the New Egyptian Republic: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 33, No. 4
Author/Editor: Nicholas S. Hopkins ,Deena Abdelmonem ,Yasmine Ahmed ,Ellis Goldberg ,Dina Makram-Ebeid ,Zeinab Abul-Magd ,Sandrine Gamblin ,Clement M. Henry ,Hans
The Polymath
Author/Editor: Himmich, Bensalem
Author/Editor: Ali, Idris
Popular Egyptian Cinema
Author/Editor: Shafik, Viola
Popular Housing and Urban Land Tenure in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Ababsa, Myriam; Dupret, Baudouin; Denis, Eric
Private Pleasures
Author/Editor: el-Gazzar, Hamdy
Pyramid Texts
Author/Editor: al-Ghitani, Gamal
Quakers in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Nancy
Race and Slavery in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Walz, Terence; Cuno, Kenneth M
Rain over Baghdad
Author/Editor: El Badry, Hala
Rama and the Dragon
Author/Editor: al-Kharrat, Edwar
The Red Land
Author/Editor: Sidebotham, Steven E.; Hense, Martin; Nouwens, Hendrikje M
The Red Sea from Byzantium to the Caliphate
Author/Editor: Power, Timothy
Red Wine
Author/Editor: Zaydan, Amina
Revolution Is My Name
Author/Editor: Prince, Mona
Saint Theresa
Author/Editor: Abdelmegid, Bahaa
Scanning the Pharaohs: CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal Mummies
Author/Editor: Zahi Hawass ,Sahar N. Saleem ,Sue D’Auria
The Scents of Marie-Claire
Author/Editor: Selmi, Habib
Sharia and the Making of the Modern Egyptian
Author/Editor: Meshal, Reem A
Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Yemeni Jewelry
The Smiles of the Saints
Author/Editor: Farghali, Ibrahim
Society and Economy in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean 1600–1900
Author/Editor: Hanna, Nelly; Abbas, Raouf
So You May See
Author/Editor: Prince, Mona
Status: Emo
Author/Editor: Mosbah, Eslam
The Sufferers
Author/Editor: Hussein, Taha
Author/Editor: Sedgwick, Mark
Taha Hussein's The Days: A Guided Study for Arabic Learners
Author/Editor: David DiMeo
Tales from Dayrut
Author/Editor: Mustagab, Mohamed
Temple Bar
Author/Editor: Abdelmegid, Bahaa
Ten Again
Author/Editor: al-Mazini, Ibrahim
The Tent
Author/Editor: al-Tahawy, Miral
The Theocrat
Author/Editor: Himmich, Bensalem
Time and Power in Azraq Refugee Camp: A Nine-to-Five Emergency
The Time-Travels of the Man Who Sold Pickles and Sweets
Author/Editor: Shalaby, Khairy
Tombs of the South Asasif Necropolis
Author/Editor: Pischikova, Elena
Transforming Education in Egypt
Author/Editor: Sayed, Fatma H
Transforming Loss into Beauty
Author/Editor: Hammond, Marlé; Sajdi, Dana
Translating Egypt’s Revolution
Author/Editor: Mehrez, Samia
Translating Egypt’s Revolution
Author/Editor: Samia Mehrez
The Traveler and the Innkeeper
Author/Editor: al-Azzawi, Fadhil
Traveling through Egypt
Author/Editor: Manley, Deborah; Abdel-Hakim, Sahar
Traveling through Sinai
Author/Editor: Manley, Deborah; Abdel-Hakim, Sahar
Truths and Lies in the Middle East: Memoirs of a Veteran Journalist, 1952–2012
A Tunisian Tale
Author/Editor: Mosbahi, Hassouna
The Turks in Egypt and Their Cultural Legacy
Author/Editor: Ä°hsanoÄŸlu, Ekmeleddin
Tutankhamun, King of Egypt: His Life and Afterlife
Author/Editor: AIDAN DODSON
Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity
Author/Editor: Meinardus, Otto F.A
Understanding Cairo
Author/Editor: Sims, David
Understanding Islamic Fundamentalism
Author/Editor: Khatab, Sayed
Understanding the Public Sector in Egyptian Cinema: Cairo Papers in Social Science Vol. 35, No. 3
Author/Editor: Tamara C. Maatouk
The Valley of the Kings
Author/Editor: Weeks, Kent R.; Hetherington, Nigel J
Villa of the Birds
Author/Editor: Kołątaj, Wojciech; Majcherek, Grzegorz; Parandowska, Ewa
Visionaries of Silence
Author/Editor: Waugh, Earle H
Voyage through Time
Author/Editor: Zewail, Ahmed
Wedding Night
Author/Editor: Abu Rayya, Yusuf
What Drives Prices in Egypt?
Author/Editor: Kheir-El-Din, Hanaa
Whatever Else Happened to the Egyptians?
Author/Editor: Amin, Galal
Whatever Happened to the Egyptian Revolution?
Author/Editor: Amin, Galal
Whatever Happened to the Egyptians?
Author/Editor: Amin, Galal
The Woman from Tantoura
Author/Editor: Ashour, Radwa
The Woman from Tantoura: A Novel from Palestine
Author/Editor: Radwa Ashour ,Kay Heikkinen
The Woman of the Flask
Author/Editor: Matar, Selim
Women in Ancient Egypt: Revisiting Power, Agency, and Autonomy
Author/Editor: Mariam F. Ayad
Women of Karantina
Author/Editor: Eltoukhy, Nael
Women Travelers in Egypt
Author/Editor: Manley, Deborah
The Yacoubian Building
Author/Editor: Al Aswany, Alaa
The Zafarani Files
Author/Editor: al-Ghitani, Gamal
Zar: Spirit Possession, Music, and Healing Rituals in Egypt
Author/Editor: Hager El Hadidi ,Ikhlas Abbis