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Farewell Shiraz: An Iranian Memoir of Revolution and Exile
Author/Editor: Cyrus Kadivar
Farewell to Alexandria
Author/Editor: Tzalas, Harry E
The Fayoum
Author/Editor: Hewison, R. Neil
The Fayum Landscape: Ten Thousand Years of Archaeology, Texts, and Traditions in Egypt
A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt
Author/Editor: Hoath, Richard
The Final Bet
Author/Editor: Hamdouchi, Abdelilah
The Final Bet: A Novel
Author/Editor: Abdelilah Hamdouchi ,Jonathan Smolin
The Final Hour
Author/Editor: Mahfouz, Naguib
Final Night
Author/Editor: Al Nasiri, Buthaina
The Foreign Policies of Arab States
Author/Editor: Korany, Bahgat; Dessouki, Ali E. Hillal
The Foreign Policies of Arab States: The Challenge of Globalization
Author/Editor: Bahgat Korany ,Ali E. Hillal Dessouki ,Karen Abul Kheir ,Ali E. Hillal Dessouki ,Moataz A. Fattah ,Hazem Kandil ,Bahgat Korany ,Ann M. Lesch ,Abdul-
From Akhenaten to Moses
Author/Editor: Assmann, Jan
From Ibn Sina to Sindbad: A Guided Reader to Classics of Arabic Literature
Author/Editor: David DiMeo ,Inas Hassan
From Pharaoh’s Lips
Author/Editor: Youssef, Ahmad Abdel-Hamid
From Pharaoh’s Lips
Author/Editor: Ahmad Abdel-Hamid Youssef,Fayza Haikal,Golo
Fustat Finds
Author/Editor: Bacharach, Jere L