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Sustainability and Innovation: The Next Global Industrial Revolution
Author/Editor: Salah M. El-Haggar ,Dina Abdel Alim ,Mohamed Abu Khatwa ,Hussein ElKersh ,Irene Fahim ,Rania Hamza ,Lama El Hatow ,Yasser Ibrahim ,Mokhtar Kamel
A Surgeon and a Maverick: The Life and Pioneering Work of Magdi Yacoub
Author/Editor: Simon Pearson ,Fiona Gorman ,Dame Mary Archer
Author/Editor: Sedgwick, Mark
The Sufferers
Author/Editor: Hussein, Taha
A Stranger in Baghdad: A Novel
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Loudon
Status: Emo
Author/Editor: Mosbah, Eslam
State, Peasants, and Land in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt
Author/Editor: MAHA A. GHALWASH
So You May See
Author/Editor: Prince, Mona
Society and Economy in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean 1600–1900
Author/Editor: Hanna, Nelly; Abbas, Raouf
The Smiles of the Saints
Author/Editor: Farghali, Ibrahim
Sinai: Egypt's Linchpin, Gaza's Lifeline, Israel's Nightmare
Author/Editor: Mohannad Sabry
Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Yemeni Jewelry
A Shimmering Red Fish Swims with Me: A Novel
Author/Editor: Youssef Fadel ,Alexander E. Elinson
Sharia and the Making of the Modern Egyptian
Author/Editor: Meshal, Reem A
Securing Eternity: Ancient Egyptian Tomb Protection from Prehistory to the Pyramids
Author/Editor: Reg Clark
The Scents of Marie-Claire
Author/Editor: Selmi, Habib
Scanning the Pharaohs: CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal Mummies
Author/Editor: Zahi Hawass ,Sahar N. Saleem ,Sue D’Auria
Sarab: A Novel
Author/Editor: Raja Alem ,Leri Price
Saint Theresa
Author/Editor: Abdelmegid, Bahaa