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Zweedse en Zweedstalige Finse auteurs in Nederlandse vertaling 1491-2007. Een bibliografie / Svenska och finlandssvenska författare i nederländsk översättning 1491-2007. En bibliografi
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans,Ingeborg Kroon
Xenophon’s Ephesiaca: A Paraliterary Love-Story from the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Aldo Tagliabue
Wörterbuch der mittelalterlichen indischen Alchemie
Author/Editor: Oliver Hellwig
The Trees Called Sigru (Moringa sp.), along with a study of the drugs used in errhines
Author/Editor: Jan Meulenbeld
Transit – 'Norden' och 'Europa': IASS XXXI 2016
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans,Ester Jiresch,Janke Klok,Anja Schüppert
Swifterbant Stones: The Neolithic Stone and Flint Industry at Swifterbant (the Netherlands): from stone typology and flint technology to site function
Author/Editor: Izabel Devriendt
Swifterbant S4 (the Netherlands): Occupation and Exploitation of a Neolithic Levee Site (c. 4300-4000 cal. BC)
Author/Editor: D.C.M. Raemaekers,J.P. de Roever
Splendide Mendax: Rethinking Fakes and Forgeries in Classical, Late Antique, and Early Christian Literature
Author/Editor: Edmund P. Cueva,Javier Martínez
Space in the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Michael Paschalis,Stavros Frangoulidis
The Sitapitta group of disorders (urticaria and similar syndromes) and its development in ayurvedic literature from early times to the present day
Author/Editor: Jan Meulenbeld
Ships And Maritime Landscapes: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam 2012
Author/Editor: Jerzy Gawronski,André van Holk,Joost Schokkenbroek
Seeing Tongues, Hearing Scripts: Orality and Representation in the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Victoria Rimell
Ritual Bones or Common Waste: A study of Early Medieval bone deposits in Northern Europe
Author/Editor: J. Thilderkvist
Re-Wiring The Ancient Novel, 2 Volume set: Volume 1: Greek Novels, Volume 2: Roman Novels and Other Important Texts
Author/Editor: Edmund Cueva,Stephen Harrison,Hugh Mason,William Owens,Saundra Schwartz
Rethinking Cultural Transfer and Transmission: Reflections and New Perspectives
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans,Sandra Van Voorst,Karina Smits
Re-exploring Canadian Space. Redécouvrir L’Espace canadien
Author/Editor: Jeanette den Toonder,Bettina van Hoven
Reconstructing vegetation diversity in coastal landscapes
Author/Editor: Mans Schepers
The Recollections of Encolpius: The Satyrica of Petronius as Milesian Fiction
Author/Editor: Gottskálk Jensson
Readers and Writers in the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Michael Paschalis,Stelios Panayotakis,Gareth Schmeling
Prophets, Viziers and Philosophers: Wisdom and Authority in Early Arabic Literature
Author/Editor: Emily J. Cottrell
Philosophy and the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Marília P. Futre Pinheiro,Silvia Montiglio
Philosophical Presences in the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: J.R. Morgan,Meriel Jones
Permanence in Diversity: Netherlands Ecological Research on Edgeøya, Spitsbergen
Author/Editor: Nienke Boschman,Louwrens Hacquebord
The People and the State: Material culture, social structure, and political centralisation in Central Italy (800-450 BC) from the perspective of ancient Crustumerium (Rome, Italy)
Author/Editor: P.A.J. Attema,A.J. Bronkhorst
A Passion for the Pole: Ethological Research in Polar Regions
Author/Editor: Louwrens Hacquebord,Nienke Boschman
Paideia at Play
Author/Editor: Werner Riess
Origin of the Dutch coastal landscape: Long-term landscape evolution of the Netherlands during the Holocene, described and visualized in national, regional and local palaeogeographical map series
Author/Editor: PETER VOS
One Leg in the Grave Revisited: The Miracle of the Transplantation of the Black Leg by the Saints Cosmas and Damian
Author/Editor: Kees Zimmerman,Carmen Fracchia,Jan de Jong,Catrien Santing
Noorse auteurs in Nederlandse vertaling 1741-2018. Norske forfattere oversatt til nederlandsk 1741-2018: Nieuwe en uitgebreide editie van een bibliografie. Ny og utvidet utgave av en bibliografi
Author/Editor: Raf De Saeger,Petra Broomans,Janke Klok
News from the past: Progress in African archaeobotany: Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on African Archaeobotany in Vienna, 2 – 5 July 2012
Author/Editor: Ursula Thanheiser
A Mind Set on Flint: Studies in honour of Dick Stapert
Author/Editor: M.J.L.Th. Niekus,R.N.E. Barton,M. Street,Th. Terberger
Metaphor and the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Stephen Harrison,Michael Paschalis,Stavros Frangoulidis
A Manual for the Identification of Plant Seeds and Fruits
Author/Editor: R.T.J. Cappers,R.M. Bekker
Magoúla Pavlína: A Middle Bronze Age site in the Soúrpi Plain (Thessaly, Greece)
Author/Editor: Corien Wiersma,Dimitris Agnousiotis,Evangelia Karimali,Wietske Prummel,H. Reinder Reinders
Local, intensive and diverse?: Early farmers and plant economy in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula (5500-2300 cal BC)
Author/Editor: Ferran Antolín
Literary Currents and Romantic Forms: Essays in Memory of Bryan Reardon
Author/Editor: Kathryn Chew,J.R. Morgan,Stephen M. Trzaskoma
Lectiones Scrupulosae: Essays on the Text and Interpretation of Apuleius' Metamorphoses in Honour of Maaike Zimmerman
Author/Editor: W.H. Keulen,R.R. Nauta,S. Panayotakis
LASHIPA: History of Large Scale Resource Exploitation in Polar Areas
Author/Editor: Louwrens Hacquebord
Kritische Nabeschouwingen
The Invasion of Books in Peripheral Literary Fields: Transmitting Preferences and Images in Media, Networks and Translation
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans,Ester Jiresch
Inuit Outside the Arctic: Migration, Identity and Perceptions
Author/Editor: Tekke Klaas Terpstra
In the Vanguard of Cultural Transfer: Cultural Transmitters and Authors in Peripheral Literary Fields
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans,Marta Ronne
Im Netzwerk der Kulturvermittlung: Sechs Autorinnen und ihre Bedeutung für die Verbreitung skandinavischer Literatur und Kultur in West- und Mitteleuropa um 1900
Author/Editor: Ester Jiresch
Huisplattegronden in Nederland: Archeologische sporen van het huis
Author/Editor: A.G. Lange,E.M. Theunissen,J.H.C. Deeben,J. van Doesburg,J. Bouwmeester,T. de Groot
Holy Men and Charlatans in the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Stelios Panayotakis,Gareth Schmeling,Michael Paschalis
Het topje van de ijsberg: 35 jaar Arctisch centrum (1970-2005)
Author/Editor: Nienke Boschman,Louwrens Hacquebord,Jan Willem Veluwenkamp
Handbook of Plant Palaeoecology
Author/Editor: R.T.J. Cappers,R. Neef
Handboek voor het determineren van zaden en vruchten
Author/Editor: R.T.J. Cappers,R.M. Bekker
Greek Identity and the Athenian Past in Chariton: The Romance of Empire
Author/Editor: Steven D. Smith
The Greek and the Roman Novel: Parallel Readings
Author/Editor: Michael Paschalis,Stavros Frangoulidis,Stephen Harrison,Maaike Zimmerman
Genealogies of Shamanism: Struggles for Power, Charisma and Authority
Author/Editor: Jeroen W. Boekhoven
From Darwin to Weil: Women as Transmitters of Ideas
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans
From Bedroom to Courtroom: Law and Justice in the Greek Novel
Author/Editor: Saundra Schwartz
A Fragmented History: A Methodological and Artefactual Approach to the Study of Ancient Settlement in the Territories of Satricum and Antium
Author/Editor: Gijs Willem Tol
The footprint of Polar tourism: Tourist behaviour at cultural heritage sites in Antarctica and Svalbard
Author/Editor: Ricardo Mariano Roura
Fictional Traces: Receptions of the Ancient Novel - Volume 2
Author/Editor: Marília P. Futre Pinheiro,Stephen J. Harrison
Fictional Traces: Receptions of the Ancient Novel - Volume 1
Author/Editor: Marília P. Futre Pinheiro,Stephen J. Harrison
Ezinge Revisited - The Ancient Roots of a Terp Settlement: Volume 1: Excavation; Environment and Economy; Catalogue of Plans and Finds
Author/Editor: Annet Nieuwhof
Eight Human Skulls in a Dung Heap and More: Ritual practice in the terp region of the northern Netherlands 600 BC - AD 300
Author/Editor: Annet Nieuwhof
Echoing Narratives: Studies of Intertextuality in Greek and Roman Prose Fiction
Author/Editor: Konstantin Doulamis
Early states, territories and settlements in protohistoric Central Italy: Proceedings of a specialist conference at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology of the University of Groningen, 2013
Author/Editor: Peter Attema,Jorn Seubers,Sarah Willemsen,P.A.J. Attema,F. di Gennaro,E. Jarva
Dwelling on the edge of the Neolithic: Investigating human behaviour through the spatial analysis of Corded Ware settlement material in the Dutch coastal wetlands (2900-2300 calBc)
Author/Editor: Gary Nobles
Digital Atlas of Economic Plants in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Reinder Neef,René T.J. Cappers,Renée M. Bekker,L. Boulos,M. Dinies,Z. F. Ertuğ,N. Keller,M. Lahitte,G. J. Meulenbeld,Y.P. Zhu
Det Norske Litterære Feminapolis 1880-1980: Skram, Undset, Sandel og Haslunds byromaner - mot en ny modernistisk genre
Author/Editor: Janke Klok
Dealing with biases: Three geo-archaeological approaches to the hidden landscapes of Italy
Author/Editor: Hendrik Feiken
Crustumerium: Ricerche internazionali in un centro latino. Archaeology and identity of a Latin settlement near Rome
Author/Editor: P.A.J. Attema,F. di Gennaro,E. Jarva
The Construction of the Real and the Ideal in the Ancient Novel
Author/Editor: Michael Paschalis,Stelios Panayotakis
Combineren en deduceren
Author/Editor: J.N. LANTING
The City of New Halos and its Southeast Gate
Author/Editor: H. Reinder Reinders,Chris Dickenson,Klimendini Kondoyianni,Bernadette Lee,Zoï Malakasioti,Anne Roos Meiwaard,Elsa Nikolaou,Lana Radloff,Vaso Rondiri,Thomas C. Rose,Fotini Tsiouka
A Bouquet of Archaeozoological Studies: Essays in honour of Wietske Prummel
Author/Editor: D.C.M. Raemaekers,E. Esser,R.C.G.M. Lauwerier,J.T. Zeiler
A Biography in Stone: Typology, age, function and meaning of Early Neolithic perforated wedges in the Netherlands
Author/Editor: D.C.M. Raemaekers,J. Geuverink,M. Schepers,B.P. Tuin,E. van der Lagemaat,M. van der Wal
Battles and Borders: Perspectives on Cultural Transmission and Literature in Minor Language Areas
Author/Editor: Petra Broomans,Goffe Jensma,Ester Jiresch,Janke Klok,Roald van Elswijk
The Bakhtin Circle and Ancient Narrative
Author/Editor: R. Bracht Branham
Authors, Authority, and Interpreters in the Ancient Novel: Essays in Honor of Gareth L. Schmeling
Author/Editor: Shannon N. Byrne,Edmund P. Cueva,Jean Alvares
Archaeozoology of the Near East XII: Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium of the ICAZ Archaeozoology of Southwest Asia and Adjacent Areas Working Group, Groningen Institute of Archaeology, June 14-15 2015, University of Groningen, the Netherlan
Author/Editor: C. Çakýrlar,J. Chahoud,R. Berthon,S. Pilaar Birch
Archaeobotanical studies of past plant cultivation in northern Europe
Author/Editor: Santeri Vanhanen,Per Lagerås
Antarctic policymaking and science in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (1957-1990)
Author/Editor: Benjamin Peter Abbink
Animo Decipiendi?: Rethinking fakes and authorship in Classical, Late Antique, & Early Christian Works
Author/Editor: Antonio Guzmán,Javier Martínez
The Ancient Novel and the Frontiers of Genre
Author/Editor: Marília P. Futre Pinheiro,Gareth Schmeling,Edmund P. Cueva
The Ancient Novel and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative: Fictional Intersections
Author/Editor: Marília P. Futre Pinheiro,Judith Perkins,Richard Pervo
Alexander Romance in Persia and the East
Author/Editor: Richard Stoneman,Kyle Erickson,Ian Netton
Agrarianism and Capitalism in early Georgia (1732-1743)
Author/Editor: Jay Jordan Butler
Acht grafvondsten van de Veluwse klokbekergroep als uitgangspunt voor chronologische beschouwingen over de relaties saalisch-böhmische Schnurkeramik, Enkelgrafcultuur, Klokbeker-Oostgroep en Nederlands-Westduitse klokbekergroepen
Author/Editor: J. N. LANTING