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Youth in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Goldberg, P.J.P.; Riddy, Felicity
Youth and Popular Culture in Africa: Media, Music, and Politics
Author/Editor: Paul Ugor
Young Rilke and His Time
Author/Editor: Schoolfield, George C
Young Choristers, 650-1700
Author/Editor: Boynton, Susan; Rice, Eric
The York Mystery Cycle and the Worship of the City
Author/Editor: King, Pamela M
Yorùbá Identity and Power Politics
Author/Editor: Genova, Ann; Falola, Toyin
Xavier Montsalvatge
Author/Editor: Evans, Roger; Music, Southern
Wyatt Abroad
Author/Editor: Rossiter, William T
Written under the Skin: Blood and Intergenerational Memory in South Africa, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Carli Coetzee
Writing Wrongdoing in Spain, 1800-1936
Author/Editor: Sinclair, Alison; Llano, Samuel
Writing War: Medieval Literary Responses to Warfare
Author/Editor: Saunders, Corinne; Le Saux, Françoise; Thomas, Neil
Writing to Change the World
Author/Editor: Janzen, Marike
Writing the Revolution
Author/Editor: Cornils, Ingo
Writing the Nigeria-Biafra War
Author/Editor: Falola, Toyin; Ezekwem, Ogechukwu
Writing the New Berlin
Author/Editor: Gerstenberger, Katharina
Writing the Jerusalem Pilgrimage in the Late Middle Ages, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Mary Boyle
Writing the Early Crusades
Author/Editor: Bull, Marcus; Kempf, Damien
Writing Spatiality in West Africa
Author/Editor: Krishnan, Madhu
Writing Regional Identities in Medieval England: From the Gesta Herwardi to Richard Coer de Lyon, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Emily Dolmans
Writing Power in Anglo-Saxon England
Author/Editor: Clarke, Catherine A.M
Writing Medieval Biography, 750-1250
Author/Editor: Bates, David; Crick, Julia; Hamilton, Sarah
Writing in Red
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Thomas W
Writing Home
Author/Editor: Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer
Writing History in the Community of St Cuthbert, c.700-1130: From Bede to Symeon of Durham, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Charles C. Rozier
Writing History in the Anglo-Norman World
Author/Editor: Cleaver, Laura; Worm, Andrea
Writing Ghana, Imagining Africa
Author/Editor: Korang, Kwaku Larbi
Writing Europe, 500-1450
Author/Editor: Conti, Aidan; Da Rold, Orietta; Shaw, Philip
Writing China
Author/Editor: Kitson, Peter J.; Markley, Robert
Writing and Heritage in Contemporary Spain
Author/Editor: Davis, Stuart
Writing African History
Author/Editor: Philips, John Edward
The Writers' State
Author/Editor: Brockmann, Stephen
Writers in Politics: A Re-engagement with Issues of Literature and Society
Author/Editor: Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
Writers and Politics in Germany, 1945-2008
Author/Editor: Parkes, Stuart
The Writer in the Academy: Creative Interfrictions
Author/Editor: Turley, Richard Marggraf
The Wounded Self
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Nina
The World of the Stonors
Author/Editor: Noble, Elizabeth
The World of the Medieval Shipmaster
Author/Editor: Ward, Robin
The World of Chaucer
Author/Editor: Brewer, Derek
The World as Metaphor in Robert Musil's The Man without Qualities
Author/Editor: Grill, Genese
The Works of Thomas Traherne VII: <em>Christian Ethicks</em> and <em>Roman Forgeries</em>
The Works of Thomas Traherne VI
Author/Editor: Ross, Jan
The Works of Thomas Traherne V
Author/Editor: Ross, Jan
The Works of Thomas Traherne IV
Author/Editor: Ross, Jan
The Works of Thomas Traherne III
Author/Editor: Ross, Jan
The Works of Thomas Traherne II
Author/Editor: Ross, Jan
The Works of Thomas Traherne I
Author/Editor: Ross, Jan
The Works of Bishop Butler
Author/Editor: White, David E
Working Toward Freedom
Author/Editor: Hudson Jr., Larry E
The Workers' Health Fund in Eretz Israel
Author/Editor: Shvarts, Shifra
Words and Notes in the Long Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Weliver, Phyllis; Ellis, Katharine
Women, Work and Wages in England, 1600-1850
Author/Editor: Lane, Penelope; Raven, Neil; Snell, K.D.M
Women's Power in Late Medieval Romance
Author/Editor: Vines, Amy N
Women's Land Rights and Privatization in Eastern Africa
Author/Editor: Englert, Birgit; Daley, Elizabeth
Women's Experiences of the Second World War: Exile, Occupation and Everyday Life, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Mark J. Crowley ,Sandra Trudgen Dawson
Women's Books of Hours in Medieval England
Women's Authority and Society in Early East-Central Africa
Author/Editor: Saidi, Christine
Women, Reform and Community in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Harkrider, Melissa Franklin
Women Peasant Poets in Eighteenth-Century England, Scotland, and Germany
Author/Editor: Kord, Susanne
Women of Quality
Author/Editor: Tague, Ingrid H
Women, Migration & the Cashew Economy in Southern Mozambique
Author/Editor: Penvenne, Jeanne Marie
Women, Migration & the Cashew Economy in Southern Mozambique: 1945-1975, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Jeanne Marie Penvenne,António Roxo Leão
Women Medical Doctors in the United States before the Civil War
Author/Editor: Atwater, Edward C
Women, Land and Justice in Tanzania
Author/Editor: Dancer, Helen
Women in Weimar Fashion
Author/Editor: Ganeva, Mila
Women in the Works of Lou Andreas-Salomé
Author/Editor: Cormican, Muriel
Women in the Prose of María de Zayas
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Eavan
Women Intellectuals and Leaders in the Middle Ages, Ed. NED - New edition
Women in a Medieval Heretical Sect
Author/Editor: Shahar, Shulamith; Lotan, Yael
Women from the Golden Legend
Author/Editor: Gatland, Emma
Women, Crusading and the Holy Land in Historical Narrative
Author/Editor: Hodgson, Natasha R
Women at Work, 1860-1939
Author/Editor: Hall, Valerie G
Women as Public Moralists in Britain
Author/Editor: Dabby, Benjamin
Women and Writing in the Works of Novalis
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, James R
Women and Writing, c.1340-c.1650
Author/Editor: Lawrence-Mathers, Anne; Hardman, Phillipa
Women and the Law: Carmen de Burgos, an Early Feminist
Author/Editor: Louis, Anja
Women and the Land, 1500-1900, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Amanda L. Capern,Briony McDonagh,Jennifer Aston
Women and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Cuba
Author/Editor: Franklin, Sarah L
Women and Print Culture in Post-Independence Buenos Aires
Author/Editor: Macintyre, Iona
Women and National Socialism in Postwar German Literature
Author/Editor: Stone, Katherine
Women and German Drama
Author/Editor: Colvin, Sarah
Women and Family Life in Early Modern German Literature
Author/Editor: Nivre, Elisabeth Wåghäll
Women and English Piracy, 1540-1720: Partners and Victims of Crime
Author/Editor: Appleby, John C
Women and Death 3
Author/Editor: Bielby, Clare; Richards, Anna
Witnessing Romania's Century of Turmoil
Author/Editor: Margineanu, Nicolae; Cotoiu, Calin; Deletant, Dennis
Witnessing, Memory, Poetics
Author/Editor: Finch, Helen; Wolff, Lynn L
Witness between Languages: The Translation of Holocaust Testimonies in Context, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Peter Davies
With Trumpet and Bible:
Author/Editor: Tirro, Frank
With Mornefull Musique: Funeral Elegies in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Grapes, K. Dawn
Wirnt von Gravenberg's Wigalois: Intertextuality and Interpretation
Author/Editor: Thomas, Neil
Wings of Desire, Ed. NED - New edition
The Wings of Atalanta
Author/Editor: Richardson, Mark
Window on Congress
Author/Editor: Fleming, James S
The Wind Ensemble and its Repertoire
Author/Editor: Cipolla, Frank J.; Hunsberger, Donald R
Wills and Will-Making in Anglo-Saxon England
Author/Editor: Tollerton, Linda
Willkommen und Abschied
Author/Editor: Kaufmann, Dorothea; Tewarson, Heidi Thomann
Willington and the Mowbrays: After the Peasants' Revolt, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Dorothy Jamieson
William of Malmesbury and the Ethics of History
Author/Editor: Sonnesyn, Sigbjorn Olsen
William of Malmesbury
Author/Editor: Thomson, R.M
William Morris's Utopia of Strangers
Author/Editor: Waithe, Marcus
William Morris and the Icelandic Sagas
Author/Editor: Felce, Ian
William Camden
Author/Editor: Herendeen, Wyman H
William Alwyn: The Art of Film Music
Author/Editor: Johnson, Ian
Willful Girls
Author/Editor: Jeremiah, Emily
Wilhelm Furtwängler
Author/Editor: Allen, Roger
Widows in European Economy and Society, 1600-1920
Author/Editor: Moring, Beatrice; Wall, Richard
Widor on Organ Performance Practice and Technique, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: John R. Near
Author/Editor: Near, John R
Why I Like This Story, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Jackson R. Bryer
Who Is This Schiller Now?
Author/Editor: High, Jeffrey L.; Martin, Nicholas; Oellers, Norbert
Whites and Democracy in South Africa
Author/Editor: Roger Southall
The White Ribbon, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: FATIMA NAQVI
White Chief, Black Lords
Author/Editor: McClendon, Thomas V
The Whistling Blackbird
Author/Editor: Morris, Robert
When the Dead Rise: Narratives of the Revenant, from the Middle Ages to the Present Day, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Christian Livermore
When Men and Women Mattered
Author/Editor: Ogbomo, Onaiwu W
When Heimat Meets Hollywood
Author/Editor: Haase, Christine
What Will Become of the Children?
Author/Editor: Bergmann, Claire; Bodek, Richard; Bodek, Richard
What Remains: The Post-Holocaust Archive in German Memory Culture, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Dora Osborne
We Will Control All That You Hear
Author/Editor: Wissner, Reba
West Country Households, 1500-1700
Author/Editor: Allan, John; Alcock, Nat; Dawson, David
West African Soldiers in Britain’s Colonial Army, 1860-1960
Author/Editor: Timothy Stapleton
West African Masking Traditions and Diaspora Masquerade Carnivals: History, Memory, and Transnationalism, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Raphael Chijioke Njoku
Wenzel Johann Tomaschek (1774-1850)
Author/Editor: Moore, Stephen Thomson
Welsh Soldiers in the Later Middle Ages, 1282-1422
Author/Editor: Chapman, Adam
The Welsh and the Shaping of Early Modern Ireland, 1558-1641
Author/Editor: Morgan, Rhys
The Well-Travelled Musician
Author/Editor: Owens, Samantha
We Are the Machine
Author/Editor: Youngman, Paul A
The War Within
Author/Editor: Morier-Genoud, Eric; Cahen, Michel; do Rosário, Domingos M
War, Trade and the State: Anglo-Dutch Conflict, 1652-89, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: David Ormrod,Gijs Rommelse
Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250
Author/Editor: Nakashian, Craig M
War, Patriotism and Identity in Revolutionary North America, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Jon Chandler
The War of Words: The Language of British Elections, 1880-1922, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Luke Blaxill
War, Government and Aristocracy in the British Isles, c.1150-1500
Author/Editor: Given-Wilson, Chris; Kettle, Ann; Scales, Len
Warfare in the Norman Mediterranean, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Georgios Theotokis
Warfare in Tenth-Century Germany
Author/Editor: Bachrach, David S
Warfare in Medieval Brabant, 1356-1406
Author/Editor: Boffa, Sergio
The Wardle Family and its Circle: Textile Production in the Arts and Crafts Era
Author/Editor: King, Brenda M
War at Sea in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Author/Editor: Hattendorf, John B.; Unger, Richard W
War and the Politics of Identity in Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Tronvoll, Kjetil
War and the Making of Medieval Monastic Culture
Author/Editor: Smith, Katherine Allen
War and Literature
Author/Editor: Ashe, Laura; Patterson, Ian
Wanderjahre of a Revolutionist and Other Essays on American Music
Author/Editor: Farwell, Arthur; Stoner, Thomas
The Wanderer in Nineteenth-Century German Literature
Author/Editor: Cusack, Andrew
Wagner's Visions
Author/Editor: Syer, Katherine R
Wagner's Ring in 1848
Author/Editor: Haymes, Edward R
Wagner's Meistersinger
Author/Editor: Vazsonyi, Nicholas
Wagner and Wagnerism in Nineteenth-Century Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic Provinces
Author/Editor: Salmi, Hannu
Wade Hampton Frost, Pioneer Epidemiologist 1880-1938
Author/Editor: Daniel, Thomas M
Volunteer Economies
Author/Editor: Prince, Ruth; Brown, Hannah
Voices of Ghana
Author/Editor: Smith, Victoria Ellen
The Vivaldi Compendium
Author/Editor: Talbot, Michael
Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church: I. 1603-25
Author/Editor: Fincham, Kenneth
Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church: II. 1625-1642
Author/Editor: Fincham, Kenneth
The Visionary Life of Madre Ana de San Agustín
Author/Editor: Howe, Elizabeth Teresa
Vision and Gender in Malory's Morte Darthur
Author/Editor: Martin, Molly
A Virtuous Knight: Defending Marshal Boucicaut (Jean II Le Meingre, 1366-1421), Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Craig Taylor
Virtual Walls?
Author/Editor: Lys, Franziska; Dreyer, Michael
The Virgin Mary's Book at the Annunciation: Reading, Interpretation, and Devotion in Medieval England, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Laura Saetveit Miles
Virgilian Identities in the French Renaissance
Author/Editor: Usher, Phillip John; Fernbach, Isabelle
The Violin
Author/Editor: Riggs, Robert
Violeta Parra, NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Lorna Dillon,Marjorie Agosín
Violeta Parra: Life and Work, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Lorna Dillon
Violent Women in Print
Author/Editor: Bielby, Clare
Violent Conversion
Author/Editor: Van de Kamp, Linda
Violencia, poder y afectos: narrativas del miedo en Latinoamérica
Author/Editor: Marco Ramírez Rojas ,David Rozotto
Violence in Nigeria
Author/Editor: Falola, Toyin
Violence and the Writing of History in the Medieval Francophone World
Author/Editor: Guynn, Noah D.; Stahuljak, Zrinka
Violence and Honor in Prerevolutionary Périgord
Author/Editor: Reinhardt, Steven G
The Village World of Early Medieval Northern Spain
Author/Editor: Portass, Robert
Village Matters
Author/Editor: Scheele, Judith
The Vienna Don Giovanni
Author/Editor: Woodfield, Ian
Victorian Radicals and Italian Democrats
Author/Editor: Sutcliffe, Marcella Pellegrino
A Victorian Gentleman and Ethiopian Nationalist
Author/Editor: Garretson, Peter P
A Vicar in Victorian Norfolk: The Life and Times of Benjamin Armstrong (1817-1890), Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Susanna Wade Martins
Very Good for an American
Author/Editor: Bomberger, E. Douglas
Verse and Voice in Byrd's Song Collections of 1588 and 1589
Author/Editor: Smith, Jeremy L
A Verray Parfit Praktisour
Author/Editor: Clark, Linda; Danbury, Elizabeth
Vernacular Literary Theory from the French of Medieval England
Author/Editor: Wogan-Browne, Jocelyn; Fenster, Thelma; Russell, Delbert W
Verdi in America
Author/Editor: Martin, George W
Verbs of Motion in Medieval English
Author/Editor: Ogura, Michiko
Venereal Disease, Hospitals and the Urban Poor
Author/Editor: P. Siena, Kevin
Venanzio Rauzzini in Britain
Author/Editor: Rice, Paul F
Variations on the Canon
Author/Editor: Curry, Robert; Gable, David; Marshall, Robert L
Vanguardia y humorismo gráfico en crisis
Author/Editor: Catalá-Carrasco, Jorge L
The Vaal Uprising of 1984 & the Struggle for Freedom in South Africa, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Franziska Rueedi
The Utopia of Terror
Author/Editor: Yeomans, Rory
Uruguayan Cinema, 1960-2010
Author/Editor: Tadeo Fuica, Beatriz
The Urban Roots of Democracy and Political Violence in Zimbabwe
Author/Editor: Scarnecchia, Timothy
Urban Government and the Early Stuart State: Provincial Towns, Corporate Liberties, and Royal Authority in England, 1603-1640
Author/Editor: Catherine F. Patterson
The Unspeakable, Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Literature, 1000-1400, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Victoria Blud
Unsettling Montaigne
Author/Editor: Guild, Elizabeth
Unmasking Ravel
Author/Editor: Kaminsky, Peter
The University of London, 1858-1900
Author/Editor: Willson, F.M.G
The Universe Behind Barbed Wire: Memoir and Contemplations of a Dissident, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Myroslav Marynovych ,Zoya Hayuk ,Katherine Younger ,Timothy Snyder
Universal Chronicles in the High Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Campopiano, Michele; Bainton, Henry
The United States' Entry into the First World War, NED - New edition
The United States and West Africa
Author/Editor: Jalloh, Alusine; Falola, Toyin
Understanding Purpose
Author/Editor: Huneman, Philippe
The Uncertain World of Samson Agonistes
Author/Editor: Shawcross, John T
Ulrike Meinhof and West German Terrorism
Author/Editor: Colvin, Sarah
Tzvetan Todorov: Thinker and Humanist, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Henk de Berg,Karine Zbinden
Two Ælfric Texts: The Twelve Abuses and The Vices and Virtues
Author/Editor: Clayton, Mary; Clayton, Mary
Two Ælfric Texts: The Twelve Abuses and The Vices and Virtues
Author/Editor: Clayton, Mary; Clayton, Mary
The Twilight of the East India Company
Author/Editor: Webster, Anthony
Twenty Years On
Author/Editor: Rechtien, Renate; Tate, Dennis
The Twelve-Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola
Author/Editor: Alegant, Brian
Turning Points in Historiography
Author/Editor: Wang, Q. Edward; Iggers, Georg G
Turning Points in African Democracy
Author/Editor: Mustapha, Abdul Raufu; Whitfield, Lindsay
"Turbulent Foresters": A Landscape Biography of Ashdown Forest
Author/Editor: BRIAN SHORT
Tuning the Kingdom
Author/Editor: Kafumbe, Damascus
Tudor Church Reform
Author/Editor: Bray, Gerald
The True Chronicles of Jean le Bel, 1290 - 1360
Author/Editor: Le Bel, Jean; Bryant, Nigel
The Troyes Mémoire: The Making of a Medieval Tapestry
Troubadour Poems from the South of France
The Trojan Legend in Medieval Scottish Literature
Author/Editor: Wingfield, Emily
The Triumph of Corporate Capitalism in France 1867-1914
Author/Editor: Freedeman, Charles E
Trial by Fire and Battle in Medieval German Literature
Author/Editor: Ziegler, Vickie L
Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England
Author/Editor: Bintley, Michael D.J
Trees in Anglo-Saxon England
Author/Editor: Hooke, Della
Treacherous Foundations
Author/Editor: Coates, Geraldine
Traumatic Verses
Author/Editor: Nader, Andrés
Transnationalism in Contemporary German-Language Literature
Author/Editor: Herrmann, Elisabeth; Smith-Prei, Carrie; Taberner, Stuart
The Transmission of Medieval Romance
Author/Editor: Putter, Ad; Jefferson, Judith
Translingual Identities
Author/Editor: Steinitz, Tamar
Translators and their Prologues in Medieval England
Author/Editor: Dearnley, Elizabeth
Translating Early Medieval Poetry
Author/Editor: Birkett, Tom; March-Lyons, Kirsty
Translating Beowulf: Modern Versions in English Verse
Author/Editor: Magennis, Hugh
Transhumance and the Making of Ireland's Uplands, 1550-1900, Ed. NED - New edition
Transforming the Republic of Letters
Author/Editor: Shelford, April G
The Transformation of the Irish Church in the Twelfth Century
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Marie Therese
The Transformation of British Naval Strategy
Author/Editor: Davey, James
Transformation and Education in the Literature of the GDR, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Jean E. Conacher
Transcultural Memory and European Identity in Contemporary German-Jewish Migrant Literature
Author/Editor: Jessica Ortner
Transatlantic German Studies
Author/Editor: Lützeler, Paul Michael; Höyng, Peter
Tragedy and the Tragic in German Literature, Art, and Thought
Author/Editor: Dowden, Stephen D.; Quinn, Thomas P
Trafficking Knowledge in Early Twentieth-Century Spain
Author/Editor: Sinclair, Alison
Traditions and Innovations in the Study of Medieval English Literature
Author/Editor: Brewer, Charlotte; Windeatt, Barry
Trade and Empire in Early Nineteenth-Century Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Knight, G. Roger
Trade and Economic Developments, 1450-1550
Author/Editor: Mate, Mavis E
Township Violence and the End of Apartheid
Author/Editor: Kynoch, Gary
Town Courts and Urban Society in Late Medieval England, 1250-1500
Author/Editor: Goddard, Richard; Phipps, Teresa
Town and Countryside in western Berkshire, c.1327-c.1600
Author/Editor: Yates, Margaret
The Tournaments at Le Hem and Chauvency: Sarrasin: The Romance of Le Hem; Jacques Bretel: The Tournament at Chauvency, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Nigel Bryant
Toscanini in Britain
Author/Editor: Dyment, Christopher
Torture and Brutality in Medieval Literature
Author/Editor: Tracy, Larissa
Torn Between Cultures: A Life of Kathi Meyer-Baer
Author/Editor: David Josephson
Tome: Studies in Medieval Celtic History and Law in Honour of Thomas Charles-Edwards
Author/Editor: Edmonds, Fiona; Russell, Paul
Tomb and Temple
Author/Editor: Griffith-Jones, Robin; Fernie, Eric
Tolerance and Coexistence in Early Modern Spain
Author/Editor: Dadson, Trevor J
Time and the French Revolution
Author/Editor: Shaw, Matthew
T.H. White's Troubled Heart
Author/Editor: Sprague, Kurth
Three Questions for Sixty-Five Composers
Author/Editor: Varga, Bálint András
Three Hundred Years of Composers' Instruments
Author/Editor: Cobbe, Alec; Nobbs, Christopher
The Three Choirs Festival: A History
Author/Editor: Boden, Anthony; Hedley, Paul
The Thorney Liber Vitae (London, British Library, Additional MS 40,000, fols 1-12r)
Author/Editor: Rollason, Lynda
Thomas Traherne and Seventeenth-Century Thought
Author/Editor: Dodd, Elizabeth S.; Gorman, Cassandra
Thomas Tallis and his Music in Victorian England
Author/Editor: Cole, Suzanne
Thomas Pringle
Author/Editor: Vigne, Randolph
Thomas Morley: Elizabethan Music Publisher
Author/Editor: Murray, Tessa
Thomas More's Trial by Jury
Author/Editor: Kelly, Henry Ansgar; Karlin, Louis W.; Wegemer, Gerard B
Thomas Mann's Death in Venice
Author/Editor: Shookman, Ellis
Thomas King
Author/Editor: Gruber, Eva
Thomas Becket and his Biographers
Author/Editor: Staunton, Michael
'This Great Firebrand': William Laud and Scotland, 1617-1645
Author/Editor: James, Leonie
Thirteenth Century England XVI
Author/Editor: Spencer, Andrew; Watkins, Carl
Thirteenth Century England XV
Author/Editor: Burton, Janet; Schofield, Phillipp; Weiler, Björn
Thirteenth Century England XIV
Author/Editor: Burton, Janet; Schofield, Phillipp; Weiler, Björn
Thirteenth Century England XIII
Author/Editor: Burton, Janet; Lachaud, Frédérique; Schofield, Phillipp
Thirteenth Century England XII
Author/Editor: Burton, Janet; Schofield, Philipp; Weiler, Bjorn
Thirteenth Century England XI
Author/Editor: Weiler, Björn; Burton, Janet; Schofield, Phillipp
Thirteenth Century England X
Author/Editor: Prestwich, Michael; Britnell, Richard; Frame, Robin
Thinking Through Chrétien de Troyes
Author/Editor: Stahuljak, Zrinka; Sarah Kay, Virginie Greene; Peggy McCracken, Sharon Kinoshita and
Things that Didn't Happen: Writing, Politics and the Counterhistorical, 1678-1743, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: John McTague
They Called You Dambudzo: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Flora Veit-Wild
'The Right Ordering of Souls'
Author/Editor: Burgess, Clive
The Theophilus Legend in Medieval Text and Image
Author/Editor: Root, Jerry
`The Novels of Erich Maria Remarque
Author/Editor: Murdoch, Brian
`The Furie of the Ordnance'
Author/Editor: Bull, Stephen
The Theatre of Antonio Buero Vallejo: Ideology, Politics and Censorship
Author/Editor: O'Leary, Catherine
That Jealous Demon, My Wretched Health
Author/Editor: Noble, Jonathan
Textual Identities in Early Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Fay ,Rebecca Stephenson ,Renée R. Trilling
Textual Distortion
Author/Editor: Treharne, Elaine; Walker, Greg
Textual Cultures: Cultural Texts
Author/Editor: Da Rold, Orietta; Treharne, Elaine
Texts and Traditions of Medieval Pastoral Care
Author/Editor: Gunn, Cate; Innes-Parker, Catherine
Textiles, Text, Intertext
Author/Editor: Clegg Hyer, Maren; Frederick, Jill
The Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land, 1190-1291
Author/Editor: Morton, Nicholas
Territories of Conflict
Author/Editor: Fanta Castro, Andrea; Herrero-Olaizola, Alejandro; Rutter-Jensen, Chloe
Territoriality and the Early Medieval Landscape: The Countryside of the East Saxon Kingdom
The Tender Gaze: Compassionate Encounters on the German Screen, Page, and Stage, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Muriel Cormican ,Jennifer Marston William
Tempo and Tactus in the German Baroque: Treatises, Scores, and the Performance of Organ Music
Author/Editor: Julia Dokter
The Templar Estates in Lincolnshire, 1185-1565: Agriculture and Economy, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: J. Michael Jefferson
Telling the Story in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Duys, Kathryn A.; Emery, Elizabeth; Postlewate, Laurie
Television in Spain
Author/Editor: Smith, Paul Julian
The Telemann Compendium
Author/Editor: Zohn, Steven
The Technological Unconscious in German Modernist Literature
Author/Editor: Powell, Larson
Technological Change in Modern Surgery
Author/Editor: Schlich, Thomas; Crenner, Christopher
Tatort Germany
Author/Editor: Kutch, Lynn M.; Herzog, Todd
Tanzanian Development
Author/Editor: Potts, David
A Tanner's Worth of Tune
Author/Editor: Wright, Adrian
Taking Stock of German Studies in the United States
Author/Editor: Halverson, Rachel J.; Costabile-Heming, Carol Anne
Syon Abbey and its Books
Author/Editor: Jones, E. A.; Walsham, Alexandra
The Symphonic Poem in Britain, 1850-1950, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Michael Allis,Paul Watt
The Sword in Early Medieval Northern Europe: Experience, Identity, Representation, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Sue Brunning
The Sword: Form and Thought, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Lisa Deutscher,Mirjam Kaiser,Sixt Wetzler
Swein Forkbeard's Invasions and the Danish Conquest of England, 991-1017
Author/Editor: Howard, Ian
The Swahili Novel
Author/Editor: Garnier, Xavier
Sustaining the Fleet, 1793-1815
Author/Editor: Knight, Roger; Wilcox, Martin
Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights
Author/Editor: Ridarsky, Christine L.; Huth, Mary M
Surgical Repair of the Arteries in War and Peace, 1880-1960
Author/Editor: Barr, Justin
Suppressing Piracy in the Early Eighteenth Century: Pirates, Merchants and British Imperial Authority in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: David Wilson
The Supernatural Voice
Author/Editor: Ravens, Simon
Supernatural Cities
Author/Editor: Bell, Karl
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State of Nature or Eden?
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Star Turns and Cameo Appearances
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Sport, History, and Heritage
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Spirit of Resistance
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Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales: vol. II
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The Sonatas of Henry Purcell
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Smolensk under the Nazis
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Sleeping in Temples
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Slavery Hinterland
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Sir George Dyson
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Sir Francis Henry Drake (1723-1794)
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Sir Francis Drake
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Sin in Medieval and Early Modern Culture
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Singing the Crusades
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Singing Sedition
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A Show of Hands for the Republic
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Shoplifting in Eighteenth-Century England
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Ships and Men in the Late Viking Age
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Shipping the Medieval Military
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Shifting Perspectives
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Shifting Boundaries of Public Health
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Shades of the Prison House
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Sexuality and Gender Politics in Mozambique
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Sexualidades disidentes en la narrativa cubana contemporánea
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Sex Ed, Segregated
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Setting Nutritional Standards
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Servants in Rural Europe
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Sergi Belbel and Catalan Theatre
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The Sense of Injustice and the Origin of Modern Democracy
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Self-Interpretation in The Faerie Queene
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Secular Saints
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Sects & Social Disorder
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The Secret Violence of Henry Miller
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Secret Police Files from the Eastern Bloc
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Second-Generation Holocaust Literature
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Seasons in the Literatures of the Medieval North
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The Sea on Fire: Jean Barraqué
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Seamus Heaney and Medieval Poetry
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The Sea in History - The Modern World
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The Sea in History - The Medieval World
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The Sea in History - The Early Modern World, Ed. NED - New edition
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The Sea in History - The Ancient World
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The Sea and Medieval English Literature
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The Sea and Englishness in the Middle Ages
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Screening War
Author/Editor: Cooke, Paul; Silberman, Marc
The Scourge of Demons
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Scottish Orientalists and India
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The Scottish Middle March, 1573-1625
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The Scots in Australia, 1788-1938
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The Scots and Medieval Arthurian Legend
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Scotland's Second War of Independence, 1332-1357
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Scotland in the Age of Two Revolutions
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Scotland, England and France after the Loss of Normandy, 1204-1296
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Scotland and the Wider World: Essays in Honour of Allan I. Macinnes
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Scoring Race
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The Scoring of Early Classical Concertos, 1750-1780
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A Scientist's Tools for Business
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Science and Power in Colonial Mauritius
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Schubert's Great C Major
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Schubert's Dances
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Schiller the Dramatist
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Schiller's Literary Prose Works
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Scandal and Religious Identity in Early Stuart England
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The Saxophone Symposium: Journal of the North American Saxophone Alliance, Volume 44: 2021
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A Saro Community in the Niger Delta, 1912-1984: The Potts-Johnsons of Port Harcourt and Their Heirs, Ed. NED - New edition
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