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Journeys to War and Peace: A Congressional Memoir
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Solarz ,Norman Ornstein
Jews Welcome Coffee: Tradition and Innovation in Early Modern Germany
Jews and Race: Writings on Identity and Difference, 1880–1940
Author/Editor: Mitchell B. Hart
Jews and Diaspora Nationalism: Writings on Jewish Peoplehood in Europe and the United States
Author/Editor: Simon Rabinovitch
Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel: Life History, Politics, and Culture
Author/Editor: Ruth Kark ,Margalit Shilo ,Galit Hasan-Rokem
A Jewish Woman of Distinction: The Life and Diaries of Zinaida Poliakova
Author/Editor: CHAERAN Y. FREEZE,Gregory Freeze
Jewish Universalisms: Mendelssohn, Cohen, and Humanity’s Highest Good
Author/Editor: JEREMY FOGEL
Jewish Rhetorics: History, Theory, Practice
Jewish Renaissance and Revival in America
Author/Editor: Eitan P. Fishbane ,Jonathan D. Sarna
Jewish Philosophical Politics in Germany, 1789–1848
Author/Editor: Sven-Erik Rose
Jewish Marriage and Divorce in Imperial Russia
Author/Editor: ChaeRan Y. Freeze
Jewish Legal Theories: Writings on State, Religion, and Morality
Author/Editor: Leora Batnitzky,Yonatan Y. Brafman
A Jewish Kapo in Auschwitz: History, Memory, and the Politics of Survival
Author/Editor: TUVIA FRILING,Haim Watzman
Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court: From Brandeis to Kagan
Author/Editor: DAVID G. DALIN
Jewish Identities in the American West: Relational Perspectives
Author/Editor: Ellen Eisenberg
A Jewish Ceremony for Newborn Girls: The Torah’s Covenant Affirmed
Author/Editor: Sharon R. Siegel
Jewhooing the Sixties: American Celebrity and Jewish Identity—Sandy Koufax, Lenny Bruce, Bob Dylan, and Barbra Streisand
Author/Editor: DAVID E. KAUFMAN
Jerusalem: Or on Religious Power and Judaism
Author/Editor: Moses Mendelssohn,Allan Arkush,Alexander Altmann
Jacob H. Schiff: A Study in American Jewish Leadership
Author/Editor: Naomi W. Cohen