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Utopian Horizons
Author/Editor: Zsolt Czigányik
Uranium Matters
Author/Editor: Zeman, Zbynek; Karlsch, Rainer
Uprising in East Germany, 1953: The Cold War, the German Question, and the First Major Upheaval behind the Iron Curtain
Up in the Air?: The Future of Public Service Media in the Western Balkans
Author/Editor: Tarik Jusić ,Manuel Puppis ,Laia Castro Herrero ,Davor Marko
The University in the 21st century
Author/Editor: Yehuda Elkana,Hannes Klöpper,Marvin Lazerson
Universities and Reflexive Modernity: Institutional Ambiguities and Unintended Consequences
Under the Radar: Tracking Western Radio Listeners in the Soviet Union
Author/Editor: R. Eugene Parta
Underground Streams: National-Conservatives after World War II in Communist Hungary and Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: János M. Rainer
Underground Modernity: Urban Poetics in East-Central Europe, Pre- and Post-1989
Author/Editor: Alfrun Kliems ,Jake Schneider
Under Eastern Eyes: A Comparative Introduction to East European Travel Writing on Europe
Author/Editor: Wendy Bracewell,Alex Drace-Francis
An Uncommon Life
Author/Editor: DeKornfeld, Thomas J
Ukrainian Question
Author/Editor: Miller, Alexei
The Ukrainian Challenge: Reforming Labour Market and Social Policy
Author/Editor: International Labour Office Central and Eastern European Team
Ukraine's Patronal Democracy and the Russian Invasion: The Russia-Ukraine War, Volume One
Author/Editor: Bálint Madlovics ,Bálint Magyar