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The Ancient Lives of Virgil
Author/Editor: Hardie, Philip; Powell, Anton
Appian's Roman History
Author/Editor: Welch, Kathryn
Archaic Greece
Author/Editor: Fisher, Nick; van Wees, Hans
Aristocracy in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Fisher, Nick; Van Wees, Hans
Battle in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Alan B
Body Language in the Greek and Roman Worlds
Author/Editor: Cairns, Douglas
Author/Editor: Trappes-Lomax, J. M
Cicero on the Attack
Author/Editor: Booth, Joan
Competition in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Fisher, Nick; van Wees, Hans
Creating a Hellenistic World
Author/Editor: Erskine, Andrew; Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd
Author/Editor: Cairns, Douglas; Liapis, Vayos
Egyptology in the Present
Author/Editor: Graves-Brown, Carolyn
Emperor and Author
Author/Editor: Baker-Brian, Nicholas J.; Tougher, Shaun
Epic Facework
Author/Editor: Scodel, Ruth
George Buchanan
Author/Editor: Ford, Philip; Green, Roger P. H
Greek and Roman Consolations
Author/Editor: Baltussen, H
Greek History and Epigraphy
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lynette; Rubinstein, Lene
The Hellenistic Court
Author/Editor: Erskine, Andrew; Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd; Wallace, Shane
The Hellenistic Peloponnese
Author/Editor: Kralli, Ioanna
Hindsight in Greek and Roman History
Author/Editor: Powell, Anton
Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter
Author/Editor: Welch, Kathryn
King and Court in Ancient Macedonia
Author/Editor: Carney, Elizabeth
The Limits of Ancient Biography
Author/Editor: McGing, Brian; Mossman, Judith
The Lost Memoirs of Augustus
Author/Editor: Powell, Anton; Smith, Christopher
Magnus Pius
Author/Editor: Welch, Kathryn
Misery and Forgiveness in Euripides
Author/Editor: Nikolsky, Boris
New Essays on Plato
Author/Editor: Herrmann, Fritz-Gregor
Organised Crime in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Hopwood, Keith
Panhellenism and the Barbarian in Archaic and Classical Greece
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lynette
Persian Responses
Author/Editor: Tuplin, Christopher
Plutarch and His Intellectual World
Author/Editor: Mossman, Judith
Plutarch and History
Author/Editor: Pelling, Christopher
Plutarch's Lives
Author/Editor: Humble, Noreen
Poetry Underpinning Power
Author/Editor: Stahl, Hans-Peter
Praise and Blame in Roman Republican Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Covino, Ralph; Smith, Christopher
Property and Wealth in Classical Sparta
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen
The Rivals of Aristophanes
Author/Editor: Harvey, David; Wilkins, John
Roman Perspectives
Author/Editor: Matthews, John
Sex and Gender in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Graves-Brown, Carolyn
Sociable Man
Author/Editor: Lambert, S. D
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Sparta and War
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Sparta in Modern Thought
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Morris, Ian Macgregor
Spartan Education
Author/Editor: Ducat, Jean
Sparta's German Children
Author/Editor: Roche, Helen
Texts and Culture in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Scourfield, J. H. D
'The Eyesore of Aigina'
Author/Editor: Meidani, Katerina; Powell, Anton
Through a Glass Darkly
Author/Editor: Szpakowska, Kasia
Author/Editor: Stahl, Hans-Peter
Tragedy and Archaic Greek Thought
Author/Editor: Cairns, D. L
Velleius Paterculus
Author/Editor: Cowan, Eleanor
Vergil's Aeneid
Author/Editor: Stahl, Hans-Peter
Virgil the Partisan
Author/Editor: Powell, Anton
War and Violence in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: van Wees, Hans
What Catullus Wrote
Author/Editor: Kiss, Daniel
What is a God?
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Alan B
What's in a Name?
Author/Editor: Booth, Joan; Maltby, Robert
Words and Ideas
Author/Editor: Herrmann, Fritz-Gregor