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George Buchanan
Author/Editor: Ford, Philip; Green, Roger P. H
George Buchanan: Poet and Dramatist
Author/Editor: Philip Ford,Roger P. H. Green,Elwira Buszewicz,Giacomo Cardinali,Nathalie Catellani-Dufrêne,Jean-Frédéric Chevalier,Robert Crawford,Robert Cummings,Margaret Duncumb,Carine Ferradou,Philip Ford,Emma Gee,Roger Green,R. D. S. Jack,John MacQueen,James Porter,
Greek and Roman Colonisation: Origins, Ideologies and Interactions
Author/Editor: Guy Bradley ,John-Paul Wilson ,Edward Bispham ,Guy Bradley ,Michael Crawford
Greek and Roman Consolations
Author/Editor: Baltussen, H
Greek and Roman Consolations: Eight Studies of a Tradition and its Afterlife
Author/Editor: Han Baltussen,Peter Adamson,Han Baltussen,George Boys-Stones,James H. K. O. Chong-Gossard,David Konstan,Josef Lössl,J. H. D Scourfield,Marcus Wilson
Greek History and Epigraphy
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lynette; Rubinstein, Lene
Greek History and Epigraphy: Essays in honour of P.J. Rhodes
Author/Editor: Lynette Mitchell,Lene Rubinstein,J.K. Davies,Boris Dreyer,Valerij Goušchin,Mogens Herman Hansen,Simon Hornblower,Andronike Makres,A.P. Matthaiou,Lynette Mitchell,Robin Osborne,Lene Rubinstein,Adele C. Scafuro,James P. Sickinger,Christopher Tuplin,David Wh
The Greek Superpower
Author/Editor: Cartledge, Paul; Powell, Anton
The Greek Superpower: Sparta in the Self-Definitions of Athenians
Author/Editor: Paul Cartledge,Anton Powell,Carol Atack,Paula Debnar,Edith Hall,Fritz-Gregor Herrmann,Ellen Millender,Anton Powell,Ralph M. Rosen,Malcolm Schofield,Michael Scott