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Aristomenes of Messene: Legends of Sparta's Nemesis
Author/Editor: Daniel Ogden
Aristocracy in Antiquity: Redefining Greek and Roman Elites
Author/Editor: Nick Fisher,Hans van Wees,Guy Bradley,Alain Duplouy,Thomas J. Figueira,Nick Fisher,Stephen Lambert,Olivier Mariaud,Antoine Pierrot,Noboru Sato,Gillian Shepherd,Laurens E. Tacoma,Hans van Wees,James Whitley
Aristocracy in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Fisher, Nick; Van Wees, Hans
Archaic Greece: New Approaches and New Evidence
Author/Editor: Nick Fisher,Hans van Wees,Deborah Boedeker,Paul Cartledge,Andrew Dalby,Philip de Souza,Lin Foxhall,Stephen Hodkinson,Ian Morris,Daniel Ogden,Robin Osborne,Anton Powell,Kurt A. Raaflaub,Alexandra Villing,Hans van Wees,James Whitley
Archaic Greece
Author/Editor: Fisher, Nick; van Wees, Hans
Approaches to Homer, Ancient and Modern
Author/Editor: Robert J. Rabel ,Jonathan S. Burgess ,Donald Lateiner ,Elizabeth Minchin ,James
Appian's Roman History: Empire and Civil War
Author/Editor: Kathryn Welch,Andrew Bonnell,Kai Brodersen,Eleanor Cowan,Bronwyn Hopwood,Kit Morrell,Josiah Osgood,Luke Pitcher,Anton Powell,Jonathan Price,John Rich,Tom Stevenson,Martin Stone,Fiona Tweedie,Kathryn Welch,Richard Westall
Appian's Roman History
Author/Editor: Welch, Kathryn
Aphrodite's Tortoise: The Veiled Woman of Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
Ancient Macedonians in Greek and Roman Sources: From History to Historiography
Author/Editor: Timothy Howe,Frances Pownall,Beatrice Poletti
Ancient Macedonians in Greek and Roman Sources
Author/Editor: Howe, Tim; Pownall, Frances
The Ancient Lives of Virgil: Literary and Historical Studies
Author/Editor: Anton Powell,Philip Hardie
The Ancient Lives of Virgil
Author/Editor: Hardie, Philip; Powell, Anton