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Cremna in Pisidia: An Ancient City in Peace and War
Author/Editor: Stephen Mitchell ,Sarah Cormack ,Robin Fursdon ,Eddie Owens ,Jean Öztürk
Creating a Hellenistic World
Author/Editor: Erskine, Andrew; Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd
Competition in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Fisher, Nick; van Wees, Hans
Coins of the Roman Revolution (49 BC - AD 14): Evidence Without Hindsight
Author/Editor: Anton Powell,Andrew Burnett,Lucia F. Carbone,Hannah Cornwell,Guillaume de Méritens de Villeneuve,Claudia Devoto,Barbara Spigola,Ben Greet,Raphaëlle Laignoux,Clare Rowan,Amy Russell,Arnaud Suspène,Jean Chausserie-Laprée,David Woods,David J. Wright
Coins of the Roman Revolution (49 BC - AD 14)
Author/Editor: Burnett, Andrew; Powell, Anton
Ciris: A Poem from the Appendix Vergiliana
Author/Editor: Boris Kayachev
Cicero on the Attack: Invective and subversion in the orations and beyond
Author/Editor: Joan Booth,Ingo Gildenhard,Byron Harries,Keith Hopwood,J.G.F. Powell,Robin Seager,Catherine Steel,Javier Uría,Rogier L. van der Wal
Cicero on the Attack
Author/Editor: Booth, Joan
Catullus: A Textual Reappraisal
Author/Editor: John M. Trappes-Lomax
Author/Editor: Trappes-Lomax, J. M