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Hindsight in Greek and Roman History
Author/Editor: Powell, Anton
Herakles and Hercules: Exploring a Graeco-Roman Divinity
Author/Editor: Louis Rawlings ,Hugh Bowden ,Hugh Bowden ,Guy Bradley ,Susan Deacy
The Hellenistic World: New Perspectives
Author/Editor: Daniel Ogden,Sylvie le Bohec-Bouhet,David Braund,Elizabeth Carney,John Davies,Andrew Erskine,Shelley Hales,Waldemar Heckel,Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones,Alan B. Lloyd,Christian Mileta,Graham Shipley,Dorothy Thompson,Ruth Westgate,Klaus Zimmermann
The Hellenistic World
Author/Editor: Ogden, Daniel
The Hellenistic Peloponnese: Interstate Relations. A Narrative and Analytic History, 371-146 BC
Author/Editor: Ioanna Kralli
The Hellenistic Peloponnese
Author/Editor: Kralli, Ioanna
The Hellenistic Court: Monarchic Power and Elite Society from Alexander to Cleopatra
Author/Editor: Andrew Erskine,Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones,Shane Wallace
The Hellenistic Court
Author/Editor: Erskine, Andrew; Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd; Wallace, Shane
Hegemonic Finances
Author/Editor: Figueira, Thomas J.; Jensen, Sean R