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Property and Wealth in Classical Sparta
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen
Praise and Blame in Roman Republican Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Covino, Ralph; Smith, Christopher
The Power of Individual and Community in Ancient Athens and Beyond
Author/Editor: Archibald, Zosia; Haywood, Jan
Poetry Underpinning Power
Author/Editor: Stahl, Hans-Peter
Plutarch's Lives
Author/Editor: Humble, Noreen
Plutarch and History
Author/Editor: Pelling, Christopher
Plutarch and His Intellectual World
Author/Editor: Mossman, Judith
Pisidian Antioch
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Stephen; Waelkens, Marc
The Philosopher and Society in Late Antiquity: Essays in honour of Peter Brown
Author/Editor: Andrew Smith ,Karin Alt ,Polymnia Athanassiadi ,Robbert van den Berg ,John Dillon ,Mark Edwards ,Garth Fowden ,Robin Lane Fox ,Aideen Hartney
Persian Responses
Author/Editor: Tuplin, Christopher
Patterns in the Economy of Roman Asia Minor
Author/Editor: Stephen Mitchell ,Constantina Katsari ,David Braund ,Kostas Buraselis ,Thomas Corsten ,Beate Dignas ,Hugh Elton ,Margherita Facella ,Stanley Ireland
Panhellenism and the Barbarian in Archaic and Classical Greece
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lynette