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Sport and Festival in the Ancient Greek World
Author/Editor: David J. Phillips ,David Pritchard ,Ben Brown ,Nigel B. Crowther ,Kate da Costa ,John Davidson ,Paul Donnelly ,Kevin Fewster ,Sarah Kenderdine
Sparta's German Children
Author/Editor: Roche, Helen
Spartan Society
Author/Editor: Thomas J. Figueira ,Pierre Brulé ,Laurent Piolot ,Paul Christesen ,Emma Clough ,Ephraim David ,Thomas J. Figueira ,David Harvey ,Stephen Hodkinson
Spartan Education
Author/Editor: Ducat, Jean
Sparta in Plutarch's Lives
Author/Editor: Philip Davies ,Judith Mossman ,Andrew Bayliss ,Philip Davies ,Stephen Hodkinson ,Judith Mossman ,Egidia Occhipinti ,Christopher Pelling ,Ália Rodrig
Sparta in Modern Thought
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Morris, Ian Macgregor
Sparta: Beyond the Mirage
Author/Editor: Anton Powell ,Stephen Hodkinson ,Nikos Birgalias ,Jacqueline Christien ,Michael Clarke ,Andrey Eremin ,Thomas J. Figueira ,Michael Flower ,Noreen Hu
Sparta and War
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Sociable Man
Author/Editor: Lambert, S. D
Sextus Pompeius
Author/Editor: Anton Powell ,Kathryn Welch ,Alain M. Gowing ,Hugh Lindsay ,Benedict J. Lowe ,Daniel Ogden ,Anton Powell ,Shelley C. Stone ,Charles Tesoriero
Sex and Gender in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Graves-Brown, Carolyn
Seneca in Performance
Author/Editor: George W.M. Harrison ,Frederick Ahl ,Elaine Fantham ,John G. Fitch ,Sander M. Goldberg ,George W.M. Harrison ,Brian S. Hook ,C.W. Marshall ,Gyllian
The Seleukid Empire 281-222 BC
Author/Editor: Erickson, Kyle
Satyr Drama: Tragedy at Play
Author/Editor: George W.M. Harrison ,Z. Philip Ambrose ,T.H. Carpenter ,Judith Fletcher ,Mark Griffith ,George W.M. Harrison ,C.W. Marshall ,Patrick O’Sullivan ,A.