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Sparta: The Body Politic
Author/Editor: Anton Powell,Stephen Hodkinson,Paul Christesen,Ephraim David,Jean Ducat,Thomas J. Figueira,Stephen Hodkinson,Anton Powell,Nicholas Richer,Andrew Scott
Sparta's German Children: The ideal of ancient Sparta in the Royal Prussian Cadet-Corps, 1818-1920, and in National-Socialist elite schools (the Napolas), 1933-1945
Author/Editor: Helen Roche
Sparta's German Children
Author/Editor: Roche, Helen
Sparta: New Perspectives
Author/Editor: Stephen Hodkinson,Anton Powell,Paul Cartledge,Ephraim David,Jean Ducat,Thomas Figueira,Stephen Hodkinson,Noreen Humble,Nigel Kennell,Ellen Greenstein Millender,Massimo Nafissi,Anton Powell,Nicolas Richer,P.-J. Shaw,H. W. Singor,Hans van Wees,Emma Stafford
Spartan Education: Youth and Society in the Classical Period
Author/Editor: Jean Ducat,Emma Stafford,P.-J. Shaw,Anton Powell
Spartan Education
Author/Editor: Ducat, Jean
Sparta in Modern Thought: Politics, History and Culture
Author/Editor: Stephen Hodkinson,Ian Macgregor Morris,Paul Christesen,Uta Degner,Lynn Fotheringham,Stephen Hodkinson,Volker Losemann,Ian Macgregor Morris,Haydn Mason,Gideon Nisbet,Helen Roche,Kostas Vlassopoulos,Michael Winston
Sparta in Modern Thought
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Morris, Ian Macgregor
Sparta: Comparative Approaches
Author/Editor: Stephen Hodkinson,Timothy Barnes,Andrew J. Bayliss,Dorothy M. Figueira,Thomas J. Figueira,Michael A. Flower,Mogens Herman Hansen,Rosie Harman,Stephen Hodkinson,Lydia Langerwerf,Stefan Link,Nino Luraghi,Ellen Millender,Adam Rabinowitz,James Roy
Sparta and War
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen
Author/Editor: Hodkinson, Stephen; Powell, Anton
Sociable Man: Essays on Ancient Greek Social Behaviour in Honour of Nick Fisher
Author/Editor: S. D. Lambert,Douglas Cairns,Paul Cartledge,John Davies,David Konstan,Stephen Lambert,Sian Lewis,Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones,Janett Morgan,Robin Osborne,Sam Potts,Louis Rawlings,James Roy,Pamela-Jane Shaw,Emma Stafford,Hans van Wees,Ruth Westgate,James Whitley
Sociable Man
Author/Editor: Lambert, S. D
Sex and Gender in Ancient Egypt: 'Don Your Wig for a Joyful Hour'
Author/Editor: Carolyn Graves-Brown,Kathlyn M. Cooney,Thomas A. Dowson,Terence DuQuesne,Jiří Janák,Renata Landgráfová,Heather Lee McCarthy,Hana Navrátilová,R.B. Parkinson,Greg Reeder,Carolyn Routledge,Racheli Shalomi-Hen,Deborah Sweeney
Sex and Gender in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Graves-Brown, Carolyn
The Seleukid Empire 281-222 BC: War Within the Family
Author/Editor: Kyle Erickson
The Seleukid Empire 281-222 BC
Author/Editor: Erickson, Kyle