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Worshipping Virtues: Personification and the divine in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Emma Stafford
Words and Ideas: The Roots of Plato's Philosophy
Author/Editor: Fritz-Gregor Herrmann
Words and Ideas
Author/Editor: Herrmann, Fritz-Gregor
Women's Dress in the Ancient Greek World
Author/Editor: Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones ,Sue Blundell ,Douglas L. Cairns ,Andrew Dalby ,Glenys Da
What's in a Name?: The Significance of Proper Names in Classical Latin Literature
Author/Editor: Joan Booth,Robert Maltby,Frédérique Biville,Joan Booth,Francis Cairns,Niklas Holzberg,Stratis Kyriakidis,Robert Maltby,Andreas Michalopoulos,Helen Peraki-Kyriakidou,Emma Stafford,Javier Uría,Daniel Vallat
What's in a Name?
Author/Editor: Booth, Joan; Maltby, Robert
What is a God?: Studies in the Nature of Greek Divinity
Author/Editor: Alan B. Lloyd,Walter Burkert,Michael Clarke,John K. Davies,Susan Deacy,Bernard Dietrich,Thomas Harrison,Anne-France Morand,Catherine Osborne,Seth L. Schein,Richard Seaford,Alexandra Villing
What is a God?
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Alan B
What Catullus Wrote: Problems in Textual Criticism, Editing and the Manuscript Tradition
Author/Editor: Dániel Kiss,Giuseppe Gilberto Biondi,David Butterfield,Julia Haig Gaisser,Stephen Heyworth,Dániel Kiss,Antonio Ramírez de Verger
What Catullus Wrote
Author/Editor: Kiss, Daniel
War and Violence in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: van Wees, Hans