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Machine Scoring of Student Essays
Author/Editor: Ericsson, Patricia Freitag; Haswell, Richard
Madame Chair
Author/Editor: Westwood, Richard
Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from the Salmon Project
Author/Editor: NANCY LORD
The Madrid Codex
Author/Editor: Vail, Gabrielle; Aveni, Anthony
Author/Editor: BRANDON KRIEG
Making an American Workforce
Author/Editor: Montoya, Fawn-Amber
Making Matters: Craft, Ethics, and New Materialist Rhetorics
Author/Editor: LEIGH GRUWELL
The Making of an Ecologist: My Career in Alaska Wildlife Management and Conservation
Author/Editor: David R. Klein ,Karen Brewster
Making Progress: Programmatic and Administrative Approaches for Multimodal Curricular Transformation
Author/Editor: LOGAN BEARDEN
Making the White Man's West
Author/Editor: Jason E. Pierce
Mammals of Colorado, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Armstrong, David M.; Fitzgerald, James P.; Meaney, Carron A
Man in the Moon
Author/Editor: G'Schwind, Stephanie
Manual of Grasses for North America
Author/Editor: Barkworth, Mary E.; Anderton, Laurel K.; Capels, Kathleen M
Manufactured Light
Author/Editor: Emiliano Gallaga M.,Marc G. Blainey
The Man Who Thought He Owned Water
Author/Editor: d'Elgin, Tershia
Mapping Racial Literacies: College Students Write about Race and Segregation
Author/Editor: SOPHIE R. BELL
Married to the Empire: Three Governors' Wives in Russian America 1829-1864
Marrow of Human Experience, The
Author/Editor: Wilson, William; Rudy, Jill Terry
Mary's Wild Winter Feast
Author/Editor: Hannah Lindoff ,Nobu Koch ,Clarissa Rizal
The Material Culture of Writing
Materializing Ritual Practices
Author/Editor: Lisa M. Johnson ,Rosemary A. Joyce
Material Relations
Author/Editor: Hendon, Julia A.; Joyce, Rosemary A.; Lopiparo, Jeanne
Maya Creation Myths
Author/Editor: Knowlton, Timothy
Maya Daykeeping
Author/Editor: Weeks, John M.; Sachse, Frauke; Prager, Christian M
Maya Narrative Arts
Author/Editor: Karen Bassie-Sweet,Nicholas A. Hopkins
Maya Potters' Indigenous Knowledge
Author/Editor: Arnold, Dean E
Maya Worldviews at Conquest
Author/Editor: Cecil, Leslie G.; Pugh, Timothy W
The Meaningful Writing Project
Meaning of Folklore
Author/Editor: Bronner, Simon J.; Dundes, Alan
The Mechanics of Optimism
Author/Editor: Safford, Jeffrey J
Melting the Ice Curtain: The Extraordinary Story of Citizen Diplomacy on the Russia-Alaska Frontier
Author/Editor: David Ramseur
Memory Traces
Author/Editor: Kristan-Graham, Cynthia; Amrhein, Laura M
The Menial Art of Cooking
Author/Editor: Graff, Sarah R.; Rodríguez-Alegría, Enrique
Mercury and the Making of California
Author/Editor: Johnston, Andrew Scott
Method and Theory in Paleoethnobotany
Author/Editor: Marston, John M.; d'Alpoim Guedes, Jade; Warinner, Christina
Mexico's Indigenous Communities
Author/Editor: Ruiz Medrano, Ethelia
Microhistories of Composition
Mining Irish-American Lives: Western Communities from 1849 to 1920
Author/Editor: Alan J. M. Noonan
The Minuses
Author/Editor: JAMI MACARTY
A Mission for Development
Author/Editor: Garlitz, Richard
Mixtec Evangelicals
Author/Editor: Mary I. O’Connor
Mobility and Migration in Ancient Mesoamerican Cities
Author/Editor: M. Charlotte Arnauld,Christopher Beekman,Grégory Pereira
Mobility Work in Composition
The Montana Vigilantes 1863–1870
Author/Editor: Dillon, Mark C
More than a Moment: Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future
Author/Editor: STEVEN D. KRAUSE
More Than God Demands: Politics and Influence of Christian Missions in Northwest Alaska, 1897-1918
Author/Editor: Anthony Urvina ,Sally Urvina
Mormon Battalion
Author/Editor: Ricketts, Norma
Mormonism's Last Colonizer
Author/Editor: Smart, William B
Mormon Midwife
Author/Editor: Smart, Donna
Mormon Passage of George D. Watt
Author/Editor: Watt, Ronald G
Mormon Trail, The
Author/Editor: Hill, William
Mormon Vanguard Brigade Of 1847
Author/Editor: Barney, Ronald
The Mountaineer Site: A Folsom Winter Camp in the Rockies
Author/Editor: Brian N. Andrews ,David J. Meltzer ,Mark Stiger ,Richard J. Anderson ,Andrew R. Boehm ,Christy E. Briles ,Katherine A. Cross ,Steven D. Emslie ,Meti
A Mountain of Paper
Author/Editor: Arrington, Carl; Madsen, Susan Arrington
Mountain Witches: Yamauba
Author/Editor: Noriko Tsunoda Reider
Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change in the Ancient Southwest
Author/Editor: Nelson, Margaret C.; Strawhacker, Colleen A.; Nelson, Margaret Cecile
Mrs. Ramsay's Knee
Author/Editor: Anderson, Idris
Mule Deer
Author/Editor: Austin, Dennis D
Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers
Author/Editor: Rafoth, Ben
Multimodal Composing
Author/Editor: Sabatino, Lindsay A.; Fallon, Brian
My Life On Mountain Railroads
Author/Editor: Gould, William
My Many Selves
Author/Editor: Booth, Wayne C
The Myth of Quetzalcoatl
Author/Editor: Austin, Alfredo López
The Myths of the Popol Vuh in Cosmology, Art, and Ritual
Author/Editor: Holley Moyes ,Allen J. Christenson ,Frauke Sachse