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Exposé of Polygamy
Author/Editor: Stenhouse, Fanny; DeSimone, Linda
Exploring Folk Art
Author/Editor: Jones, Michael
Exploring Desert Stone
Author/Editor: Madsen, Steven K
Exploring Composition Studies
Author/Editor: Ritter, Kelly; Matsuda, Paul Kei
Exploring Cause and Explanation
Author/Editor: Cynthia L. Herhahn,Ann F. Ramenofsky
The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Bryan, T. Scott; Tucker-Bryan, Betty
Explanation Points
Author/Editor: Gallagher, John R; DeVoss, Dànielle Nicole
Exit Theater
Author/Editor: MIKE LALA
The Evolution of Ceramic Production Organization in a Maya Community
Author/Editor: Arnold, Dean E
Everyday Writing Center
Author/Editor: Geller, Anne Ellen; Eodice, Michele; Condon, Frankie
Even Cowboys Carry Cell Phones
Author/Editor: Milbrodt, Teresa
Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia
Author/Editor: Hornborg, Alf; Hill, Jonathan D
Escape Velocity
Author/Editor: BONNIE ARNING
Epiphany in the Wilderness
Author/Editor: KAREN R. JONES
An Epidemic of Rumors
Author/Editor: Lee, Jon D
Environmental Politics and Policy in the West, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Zachary A. Smith,John Freemuth
Environmental Politics and Policy in the West, Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Smith, Zachary A.; Freemuth, John
English Composition As A Happening
Author/Editor: Sirc, Geoffrey
Enduring Legacies
Author/Editor: Aldama, Arturo J.; Facio, Elisa; Maeda, Daryl
The End of Time
Author/Editor: Aveni, Anthony
Encounter with the Plumed Serpent
Author/Editor: Gabina Aurora Perez Jimenez
Emotional and Priestly Logic of Plural Marriage, The
Author/Editor: Flake, Kathleen
The Emotional and Priestly Logic of Plural Marriage
Author/Editor: Flake, Kathleen
Emma Lee
Author/Editor: Brooks, Juanita
Embracing Watershed Politics
Author/Editor: Schlager, Edella; Blomquist, William
The Embodied Playbook
Author/Editor: Rifenburg, J. Michael
Elusive Unity
Author/Editor: Armstrong-Fumero, Fernando
Elizabeth Bishop
Author/Editor: Fortuny, Kim
Economies of Writing
The Ecology of Pastoralism
Author/Editor: Kardulias, P. Nick
The Eastern San Juan Mountains
Author/Editor: Blair, Rob; Bracksieck, George
Early Hominin Paleoecology
Author/Editor: Sponheimer, Matt; Lee-Thorp, Julia A.; Reed, Kaye E
Early Holistic Scoring of Writing: A Theory, a History, a Reflection