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Author/Editor: Babcock, Thomas F
Utah in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Cannon, Brian Q.; Embry, Jessie L
Using and Curating Archaeological Collections
Author/Editor: S. Terry Childs ,Mark S. Warner
Usable Pasts
Author/Editor: Tuleja, Tad
Uranium Frenzy
Author/Editor: Ringholz, Raye
Upsetting Composition Commonplaces
Author/Editor: Barnard, Ian
Author/Editor: Carolyn Kremers
Upper Level Disturbances
Author/Editor: Goodan, Kevin
Update Culture and the Afterlife of Digital Writing
Author/Editor: JOHN R. GALLAGHER
Unwell Writing Centers: Searching for Wellness in Neoliberal Educational Institutions and Beyond
Unsettling Assumptions
Author/Editor: Greenhill, Pauline; Tye, Diane
Unitary Caring Science: Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing
Author/Editor: Jean Watson
Unfortunate Emigrants
Author/Editor: Johnson, Kristin
Under Construction
Author/Editor: Farris, Christine; Anson, Chris M
Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: Durrenberger, E. Paul