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Author/Editor: Calarco, Matthew
Zongmi on Chan
Author/Editor: Broughton, Jeffrey Lyle
Zhu Xi's Reading of the Analects
Author/Editor: Gardner, Daniel K
Zhuangzi: Basic Writings
Author/Editor: Zhuangzi
Zhou History Unearthed: The Bamboo Manuscript Xinian and Early Chinese Historiography
Author/Editor: Yuri Pines
Zero and Other Fictions
Author/Editor: Huang, Fan
Author/Editor: Zeami, Motoyiko
Youth Gangs and Community Intervention
Author/Editor: Chaskin, Robert
Your Sons Are at Your Service: Tunisia's Missionaries of Jihad
Author/Editor: AARON Y. ZELIN
Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln
Author/Editor: Charles B. Strozier,Wayne Soini
Young Foucault: The Lille Manuscripts on Psychopathology, Phenomenology, and Anthropology, 1952–1955
You and Your Profile: Identity After Authenticity
Yoshimasa and the Silver Pavilion
Author/Editor: Keene, Donald
The Yogin and the Madman
Author/Editor: Quintman, Andrew
Yoga, Karma, and Rebirth
Author/Editor: Phillips, Stephen H
The Wuhan Lockdown
Author/Editor: GUOBIN YANG
The Wrong Carlos
Author/Editor: Liebman, James S.; Crowley, Shawn; Markquart, Andrew
Writing the Republic
Author/Editor: Hutchison, Anthony
Writing the Mughal World
Author/Editor: Alam, Muzaffar; Subrahmanyam, Sanjay
Writings from the Golden Age of Russian Poetry
Author/Editor: Batyushkov, Konstantin
Writing Resistance
Author/Editor: Brueck, Laura R
Wrinkled Deep in Time
Author/Editor: Charney, Maurice
Wrestling with the Muse
Author/Editor: Boyd, Melba Joyce
Wrestling with the Angel
Author/Editor: McNulty, Tracy
The Wrath of Capital
Author/Editor: Parr, Adrian
The Worst-Kept Secret
Author/Editor: Cohen, Avner
The World Turned Upside Down
Author/Editor: Souyri, Pierre François
Worlds Woven Together: Essays on Poetry and Poetics
Worlds Without End
Author/Editor: Rubenstein, Mary-Jane
Worlds of Journalism
Author/Editor: Hanitzsch, Thomas; Hanusch, Folker; Ramaprasad, Jyotika
The World's First Stock Exchange
Author/Editor: Petram, Lodewijk
A World Safe for Capitalism
Author/Editor: Veeser, Cyrus
Worldmaking in the Long Great War: How Local and Colonial Struggles Shaped the Modern Middle East
World as Family: A Journey of Multi-Rooted Belongings
Author/Editor: Vishakha N. Desai
The Work of Art
Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart
Working Forests in the Neotropics
Author/Editor: Zarin, Daniel J.; Alavalapati, Janaki R. R.; Putz, Frances E
Workers, Unions, and Global Capitalism
Author/Editor: Hensman, Rohini
Work and the Workplace
Author/Editor: Akabas, Sheila H.; Kurzman, Paul A
Wondrous Brutal Fictions
Women Mobilizing Memory
Author/Editor: Altınay, AyÅŸe Gül; Contreras, María José; Hirsch, Marianne
Women, Men, and Spiritual Power
Author/Editor: Coakley, John W
Women in the Mosque
Author/Editor: Katz, Marion
Women in Iraq
Author/Editor: Efrati, Noga
Women as Weapons of War
Author/Editor: Oliver, Kelly
Women and the U.S. Constitution
Author/Editor: Schwarzenbach, Sibyl A.; Smith, Patricia
Wombs in Labor
Author/Editor: Pande, Amrita
A Woman Soldier's Own Story
Author/Editor: Xie, Bingying
Wives and Work: Islamic Law and Ethics Before Modernity
With Us and Against Us
Author/Editor: Tankel, Stephen
With Dogs at the Edge of Life
Author/Editor: Dayan, Colin
The Wise Advocate
Author/Editor: Kleiner, Art; Thomson, Josie; Schwartz, Jeffrey
Wisdom as a Way of Life: Theravāda Buddhism Reimagined
Wiring the World
Author/Editor: SIMONE M. MÜLLER
Wintry Night
Author/Editor: Li, Qiao
The Winter Sun Shines In
Author/Editor: Keene, Donald
Winnebago Nation
Author/Editor: Twitchell, James B
Winged Faith
Author/Editor: Srinivas, Tulasi
Win from Within: Build Organizational Culture for Competitive Advantage
Author/Editor: JAMES HESKETT ,John Kotter
Wine Markets: Genres and Identities
Author/Editor: Giacomo Negro ,Michael T. Hannan ,Susan Olzak
The Winemaker's Hand
Author/Editor: Berkowitz, Natalie
William James and a Science of Religions
Author/Editor: Proudfoot, Wayne
William Greaves: Filmmaking as Mission
Author/Editor: William Greaves ,Scott MacDonald ,Jacqueline Najuma Stewart
Willa Cather
Author/Editor: Lindemann, Marilee
Wild Kids
Author/Editor: Chang, Ta-chun
Why We Dance
Author/Editor: LaMothe, Kimerer L
Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals
Author/Editor: Gary L. Francione
Why Trust Matters: An Economist's Guide to the Ties That Bind Us
Author/Editor: BENJAMIN HO
Why This New Race
Author/Editor: Buell, Denise K
Why Psychoanalysis?
Author/Editor: Roudinesco, Elisabeth
Why Only Art Can Save Us
The Why of Things
Author/Editor: Rabins, Peter V
Why Jane Austen?
Author/Editor: Brownstein, Rachel M
Why Civil Resistance Works
Author/Editor: Chenoweth, Erica; Stephan, Maria J
Why Chimpanzees Can't Learn Language and Only Humans Can
Author/Editor: Terrace, Herbert S
Why America Misunderstands the World
Author/Editor: PAUL R. PILLAR
Who's Afraid of Academic Freedom?
Author/Editor: Bilgrami, Akeel; Cole, Jonathan R
Who Ate Up All the Shinga?
Author/Editor: Park, Wan-suh
Whistleblowing Nation: The History of National Security Disclosures and the Cult of State Secrecy
Where Men Hide
Author/Editor: Twitchell, James B
Where Film Meets Philosophy
Author/Editor: Vaughan, Hunter
Where Are the Women?
Author/Editor: SARAH TYSON
Where Are All the Young Men and Women of Color?
Author/Editor: Delgado, Melvin
When the State Winks
When the Invasion of Land Failed
Author/Editor: McGhee, George R
When the Future Disappears
Author/Editor: Poole, Janet
When Principles Pay
Author/Editor: Heal, Geoffrey
When Movies Were Theater
Author/Editor: William Paul
When Heroes Love
Author/Editor: Ackerman, Susan
When Good Government Meant Big Government: The Quest to Expand Federal Power, 1913–1933
Author/Editor: Jesse Tarbert
When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green?
Author/Editor: The Staff of the New-York Historical Society Library; Nazionale, Nina; Ashton, Jean
When a Woman Becomes a Religious Dynasty
Author/Editor: Diemberger, Hildegard
The Wheel
Author/Editor: Richard W. Bulliet
What Would Nature Do?: A Guide for Our Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: RUTH DeFRIES
What World Is This?: A Pandemic Phenomenology
Author/Editor: JUDITH BUTLER
What to Do When College Is Not the Best Time of Your Life
Author/Editor: Leibow, David
What Slaveholders Think
What Remains
Author/Editor: JONATHAN BACH
What Really Counts: The Case for a Sustainable and Equitable Economy
Author/Editor: RONALD C OLMAN
What Motivates Bureaucrats?
Author/Editor: Golden, Marissa Martino
What Matters?
Author/Editor: Bender, Courtney; Taves, Ann
What Kind of Creatures Are We?
Author/Editor: Chomsky, Noam
What It Means to Be Daddy
Author/Editor: Hamer, Jennifer
What Is Relativity?
Author/Editor: Bennett, Jeffrey
What Is Philosophy?
Author/Editor: Deleuze, Gilles; Guattari, Félix
What Is Modernity?
Author/Editor: Takeuchi, Yoshimi
What Is Japanese Cinema?: A History
What Is a Nation? and Other Political Writings
Author/Editor: Renan, Ernest
What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars
Author/Editor: Paul, Jim; Moynihan, Brendan
What Does Europe Want?
Author/Editor: Žižek, Slavoj; Horvat, Srecko
What Does a Jew Want?
Author/Editor: Aloni, Udi
What Are the Chances?: Why We Believe in Luck
We Testify with Our Lives: How Religion Transformed Radical Thought from Black Power to Black Lives Matter
We Need Silence to Find Out What We Think
Author/Editor: Shirley Hazzard,Brigitta Olubas
Weird Dinosaurs
Author/Editor: JOHN PICKRELL
Weimar Cinema
Author/Editor: Isenberg, Noah
Webs of Corruption
Author/Editor: Omelicheva, Mariya; Markowitz, Lawrence
The Weave of My Life
Author/Editor: Pawar, Urmila
Wearing My Tutu to Analysis and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Malawista, Kerry L; Adelman, Anne J; Anderson, Catherine L
We Are All Cannibals
Author/Editor: Claude Lévi-Strauss,MAURICE OLENDER,JANE MARIE TODD
The Wealth of Nature
Author/Editor: Nadeau, Robert L
The Way the Wind Blows
Author/Editor: McIntosh, Roderick J.; Tainter, Joseph A.; McIntosh, Susan Keech
The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization
Author/Editor: PETER T. COLEMAN
Water from Heaven
Author/Editor: Kandel, Robert
The Watchdog That Didn't Bark
Author/Editor: Starkman, Dean
Wars of Position
Author/Editor: Brennan, Timothy
War Over Kosovo
Author/Editor: Bacevich, Andrew J.; Cohen, Eliot A
The War of the Soups and the Sparks
Author/Editor: Valenstein, Elliot S
War and Peace in the Taiwan Strait
Author/Editor: SCOTT L. KASTNER
Wall Streeters
Author/Editor: Morris, Edward
Walking the Night Road
Author/Editor: Butler, Alexandra
Waking, Dreaming, Being
Author/Editor: Thompson, Evan
The Wake of Crows: Living and Dying in Shared Worlds
Author/Editor: Thom van Dooren
Waiting for Dignity: Legitimacy and Authority in Afghanistan
Vulnerable Minds: The Neuropolitics of Divided Societies
Author/Editor: LIYA YU
V. S. Naipaul's Journeys: From Periphery to Center
Voices of the New Arab Public
Author/Editor: Lynch, Marc
Voices of the Arab Spring
Author/Editor: Al-Saleh, Asaad
Voices of Revolution
Author/Editor: Streitmatter, Rodger
Voices of Negritude in Modernist Print
Author/Editor: Noland, Carrie
Voices from the Chinese Century: Public Intellectual Debate from Contemporary China
Author/Editor: Timothy Cheek,David Ownby,Joshua A. Fogel
Voices from Iraq
Author/Editor: Kukis, Mark
The Voice Over: Poems and Essays
Author/Editor: MARIA STEPANOVA ,Irina Shevelenko
Voice of America
Author/Editor: Heil, Alan L
The Vital Illusion
Author/Editor: Baudrillard, Jean
Vital Conversations
Author/Editor: Rosen, Dennis
Vital and Valuable: The Relevance of HBCUs to American Life and Education
A Visit from the Goon Squad Reread
Visions of Dystopia in China's New Historical Novels
Author/Editor: Kinkley, Jeffrey C
Visions of Belonging
Author/Editor: Smith, Judith E
Virus Alert
Author/Editor: Elbe, Stefan
Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Avant-garde
Author/Editor: Froula, Christine
Virginia Woolf
Author/Editor: Forrester, Viviane
Viral Modernism: The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Outka
The Violet Hour
Author/Editor: Bergman, David
Violent Peace
Author/Editor: Mares, David R
Vineland Reread
Views from the Streets: The Transformation of Gangs and Violence on Chicago's South Side
Author/Editor: Roberto R. Aspholm
Viewers Like You
Author/Editor: Ouellette, Laurie
Video Revolutions
Author/Editor: Newman, Michael Z
Author/Editor: Lazzarato, Maurizio
Vice, Crime, and Poverty
Author/Editor: Kalifa, Dominique
Vernacular Industrialism in China: Local Innovation and Translated Technologies in the Making of a Cosmetics Empire, 1900–1940
Author/Editor: Eugenia Lean
Venture Investing in Science
Author/Editor: Douglas W. Jamison,Stephen R. Waite,Mark Anderson
The Velvet Lounge
Author/Editor: Majer, Gerald
The Varieties of Temporal Experience
Author/Editor: Jackson, Michael D
Vanishing Ice: Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Rising Seas
The Values in Numbers: Reading Japanese Literature in a Global Information Age
Author/Editor: Hoyt Long
The Value of Money
Author/Editor: Patnaik, Prabhat
Vaccines and Your Child
Author/Editor: Offit, Paul A.; Moser, Charlotte A
The Uyghurs
Author/Editor: Bovingdon, Gardner
The Utopia of Film
Author/Editor: Pavsek, Christopher
U.S. Strategy in the Asian Century: Empowering Allies and Partners
The Uses of Paradox
Author/Editor: Bagger, Matthew
Useless Arithmetic
Author/Editor: Pilkey, Orrin H.; Pilkey-Jarvis, Linda
U.S. Corporate Governance
Author/Editor: Chew, Donald H.; Gillan, Stuart L
The Urbanization of People: The Politics of Development, Labor Markets, and Schooling in the Chinese City
Author/Editor: ELI FRIEDMAN
Uptown Conversation
Author/Editor: O'Meally, Robert G.; Edwards, Brent Hayes; Griffin, Farah Jasmine
Upsetting the Apple Cart
Author/Editor: Opie, Frederick Douglass
Up from Invisibility
Author/Editor: Gross, Larry
The Unworthy Scholar from Pingjiang
Author/Editor: Hamm, John Christopher
The Untold Journey: The Life of Diana Trilling
Until the Fires Stopped Burning
Author/Editor: Strozier, Charles B
Unsettling Utopia: The Making and Unmaking of French India
Author/Editor: Jessica Namakkal
Unnerved: Anxiety, Social Change, and the Transformation of Modern Mental Health
Author/Editor: Jason Schnittker
Unnatural Disasters: Why Most Responses to Risk and Climate Change Fail but Some Succeed
Author/Editor: Gonzalo Lizarralde
Unmaking Love
Author/Editor: ASHLEY T. SHELDEN
Unlikely Collaboration
Author/Editor: Will, Barbara
The Universe as It Really Is
Author/Editor: Scott, Thomas R
United States Special Operations Forces
Author/Editor: Tucker, David; Lamb, Christopher J
Unifying Hinduism
Author/Editor: Nicholson, Andrew J
Uneven Moments
Author/Editor: Harootunian, Harry
Uneven Innovation: The Work of Smart Cities
Unearthing the Changes: Recently Discovered Manuscripts of the Yi Jing (I Ching) and Related Texts
Undoing the Liberal World Order: Progressive Ideals and Political Realities Since World War II
Author/Editor: LEON FINK
Undiversified: The Big Gender Short in Investment Management
The Undiscovered Dewey
Author/Editor: Rogers, Melvin L
The Undiscovered Country
Author/Editor: Logan, William
Under Suspicion
Author/Editor: Groys, Boris
Understanding Environmental Policy
Author/Editor: Cohen, Steven
Understanding Environmental Policy
Author/Editor: Cohen, Steven
Under Siege
Author/Editor: Khalidi, Rashid
Under Empire: Muslim Lives and Loyalties Across the Indian Ocean World, 1775–1945
Uncreative Writing
Author/Editor: Goldsmith, Kenneth
Series Title: Default Book Series
Uncreative Writing
Author/Editor: Goldsmith, Kenneth
The Uncertainty Mindset: Innovation Insights from the Frontiers of Food
Author/Editor: VAUGHN TAN
Uncertainty, Expectations, and Financial Instability
Author/Editor: Barthalon, Eric
Unbinding The Pillow Book
Author/Editor: Gergana Ivanova
Unbearable Life
Author/Editor: Bradley, Arthur
Author/Editor: Mouritsen, Ole G.; Styrbæk, Klavs
Ulysses by Numbers
Author/Editor: Eric Bulson
The Ultimate Stallone Reader
Author/Editor: Holmlund, Chris
The Tyranny of the Two-Party System
Author/Editor: Disch, Lisa J
The Typographic Imagination: Reading and Writing in Japan’s Age of Modern Print Media
Author/Editor: Nathan Shockey
Two Acres of Time: Unearthing the Ice Age at the Byron Dig
Author/Editor: RICHARD S. LAUB
Twenty-first Century Motherhood
Author/Editor: O'Reilly, Andrea
Twenty-First-Century Hollywood
Author/Editor: Archer, Neil
Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy
Author/Editor: Stroll, Avrum
Turks, Moors, and Englishmen in the Age of Discovery
Author/Editor: Matar, Nabil
The Truth to Power
Author/Editor: Barber, Benjamin R
Series Title: Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History
The Truth of Power
Author/Editor: Barber, Benjamin R
Truth, Errors, and Lies
Author/Editor: Kolodko, Grzegorz W
Truth and the Past
Author/Editor: Dummett, Michael
The Truth About Girls and Boys
Author/Editor: Rivers, Caryl; Barnett, Rosalind C
The Trouble with Post-Blackness
Author/Editor: Baker, Houston A.; Simmons, K. Merinda
Troublesome Science: The Misuse of Genetics and Genomics in Understanding Race
Troubled Fields
Author/Editor: Ramirez-Ferrero, Eric
Troubled Apologies Among Japan, Korea, and the United States
Author/Editor: Dudden, Alexis
Tropical Forests
Author/Editor: Rudel, Thomas K
Triumph of Order
Author/Editor: Keller, Lisa
The Triangle of Representation
Author/Editor: Prendergast, Christopher
Triadic Coercion: Israel’s Targeting of States That Host Nonstate Actors
Author/Editor: Wendy Pearlman,Boaz Atzili
Trekking Through History
Author/Editor: Rival, Laura M
Trees Without Wind
Author/Editor: Li, Rui
Travels in Manchuria and Mongolia
Author/Editor: Yosano, Akiko
The Traveler's Guide to Space
Author/Editor: NEIL F. COMINS
Trauma Transformed
Author/Editor: Bussey, Marian; Wise, Judith Bula
Trash Cinema
Author/Editor: Barefoot, Guy
Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific
Author/Editor: Howard Chiang
Transracial and Intercountry Adoptions
Author/Editor: Rowena Fong,Ruth McRoy
Transpacific Attachments
Author/Editor: LILY WONG
Transnational Social Work Practice
Author/Editor: Negi, Nalini Junko; Furman, Rich
Translating Mount Fuji
Author/Editor: Washburn, Dennis
Transitions to Democracy
Author/Editor: Anderson, Lisa
Transitional Subjects
Author/Editor: Allen, Amy; O'Connor, Brian
Transgression in Anglo-American Cinema
Author/Editor: Joel Gwynne
Transgender 101
Author/Editor: Teich, Nicholas M
Transforming the Legacy
Author/Editor: Basham, Kathryn Karusaitis; Miehls, Dennis
Transforming Palliative Care in Nursing Homes
Author/Editor: Bern-Klug, Mercedes E
Transforming America
Author/Editor: Collins, Robert M
Transatlantic Speculations
A Tragedy of Democracy
Author/Editor: Robinson, Greg
Traditional Japanese Literature
Author/Editor: Shirane, Haruo
Trading the Genome
Author/Editor: Parry, Bronwyn
Trade and Nation: How Companies and Politics Reshaped Economic Thought
Author/Editor: Emily Erikson
Toxic Safety
Toxic Exposures
Author/Editor: Brown, Phil
To Write as if Already Dead
Author/Editor: Kate Zambreno
Toward the Geopolitical Novel
Author/Editor: Irr, Caren
Toward a Just Society
Author/Editor: Guzman, Martin
Tough Liberal
Author/Editor: Kahlenberg, Richard D
To the Stars and Other Stories
Author/Editor: FYODOR SOLOGUB ,Susanne Fusso
To the End of the Earth
Author/Editor: Hordes, Stanley M
Tortured Logic: Why Some Americans Support the Use of Torture in Counterterrorism
Torn at the Roots
Author/Editor: Staub, Michael E
To Raise a Fallen People: The Nineteenth-Century Origins of Indian Views on International Politics
Author/Editor: Rahul Sagar
Topographies of Japanese Modernism
Author/Editor: Lippit, Seiji M
Top Graduate Zhang Xie: The Earliest Extant Chinese Southern Play
Author/Editor: REGINA S. LLAMAS
Too Little, Too Late
Author/Editor: Martin Guzman,José Antonio Ocampo,Joseph E. Stiglitz
Tolerance, Democracy, and Sufis in Senegal
Author/Editor: Diouf, Mamadou
A Token of My Affection
Author/Editor: Shank, Barry
To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions
To Deter and Punish: Global Collaboration Against Terrorism in the 1970s
Author/Editor: Silke Zoller
To Catch a Dictator: The Pursuit and Trial of Hissène Habré
Author/Editor: REED BRODY
To Carl Schmitt
Author/Editor: Taubes, Jacob
A Time to Stir
Author/Editor: Cronin, Paul
A Time for Critique
Author/Editor: Harcourt, Bernard E.; Fassin, Didier
Time and the Other: How Anthropology Makes Its Object
Author/Editor: Johannes Fabian
Time and the Generations
Author/Editor: Dasgupta, Partha
Time and Complexity in Historical Ecology
Author/Editor: Balée, William L.; Erickson, Clark L
The Ties That Divide
Author/Editor: Saideman, Stephen M
Tibetan Renaissance
Author/Editor: Davidson, Ronald M
The Tibetan History Reader
Author/Editor: Tuttle, Gray; Schaeffer, Kurtis R
Tibetan Buddhists in the Making of Modern China
Author/Editor: Tuttle, Gray
Through Vegetal Being
Thriving in Crisis: Buddhism and Political Disruption in China, 1522–1620
Author/Editor: Dewei Zhang
Three Big Bangs
Author/Editor: Rolston III, Holmes
Threatening Property
Author/Editor: Herbin-Triant, Elizabeth A
Thomas Berry
Author/Editor: Tucker, Mary Evelyn; Grim, John; Angyal, Andrew
This Place, These People
Author/Editor: Stark, David
This Is Not Sufficient
Author/Editor: Lawlor, Leonard
This Incredible Need to Believe
Author/Editor: Kristeva, Julia
The Thirteenth Step
Author/Editor: Heilig, Markus
Thin Places
Author/Editor: Armbrecht, Ann
Think in Public
Author/Editor: Marcus, Sharon; Zaloom, Caitlin
Thinking with Animals
Author/Editor: Daston, Lorraine; Mitman, Gregg
Thinking Teams / Thinking Clients
Author/Editor: Opie, Anne
Thinking Clearly
Author/Editor: Rosenstiel, Tom; Mitchell, Amy S
Thinking Animals
Author/Editor: Weil, Kari
Things with a History: Transcultural Materialism and the Literatures of Extraction in Contemporary Latin America
Author/Editor: HÉCTOR HOYOS
Things Beyond Resemblance
Author/Editor: Hullot-Kentor, Robert
Thick and Dazzling Darkness
Author/Editor: O'Leary, Peter
They Wished They Were Honest
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Michael F
They Still Pick Me Up When I Fall
Author/Editor: Rauner, Diana Mendley
They Live
Author/Editor: Wilson, D. Harlan
There's Nothing I Can Do When I Think of You Late at Night
Author/Editor: Cao, Naiqian
There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship
There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship
Author/Editor: Badiou, Alain; Cassin, Barbara
There Is Life After the Nobel Prize
Author/Editor: ERIC R. KANDEL
There Are Two Sexes
Author/Editor: Fouque, Antoinette; Boissonnas, Sylvina
There a Petal Silently Falls
Author/Editor: Yun, Ch'oe
The Therapist in Mourning
Author/Editor: Malawista, Kerry L; Adelman, Anne J
Theos Bernard, the White Lama
Author/Editor: Hackett, Paul G
The Theory That Changed Everything
Author/Editor: Lieberman, Philip
Theory's Empire
Author/Editor: Patai, Daphne; Corral, Wilfrido
A Theory of Narrative
Author/Editor: Altman, Rick
Theory of Literature and Other Critical Writings
Author/Editor: Natsume, Soseki; Bourdaghs, Michael; Ueda, Atsuko
Theory of Identities
Author/Editor: Laruelle, François
Theology, Rhetoric, and Politics in the Eucharistic Controversy, 1078-1079
Author/Editor: Radding, Charles; Newton, Francis
Theatre and Evolution from Ibsen to Beckett
Author/Editor: Shepherd-Barr, Kirsten E
Thai Stick
Author/Editor: Maguire, Peter; Ritter, Mike
Text to Tradition
Author/Editor: Patel, Deven M
The Tet Offensive
Author/Editor: Willbanks, James H
Terror, Religion, and Liberal Thought
Author/Editor: Miller, Richard B
Terrorism and Counterintelligence
Author/Editor: Mobley, Blake W
Terror in Transition: Leadership and Succession in Terrorist Organizations
Author/Editor: Tricia L. Bacon ,Elizabeth Grimm
Teresa, My Love
Author/Editor: Kristeva, Julia
Teens in Crisis
Author/Editor: Reamer, Frederic G.; Siegel, Deborah H
Teenage Suicide Notes
Technology in Postwar America
Author/Editor: Pursell, Carroll
Technology and the American Way of War Since 1945
Author/Editor: Mahnken, Thomas G
The Teachings of Master Wuzhu
Author/Editor: Adamek, Wendi L
Teaching in Social Work: An Educator’s Guide to Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Jeane W. Anastas
Teaching in Social Work
Author/Editor: Anastas, Jeane W
Taxation in Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Gordon, Roger
Tattooing the World
Author/Editor: Ellis, Juniper
The Taste of Apples
Author/Editor: Huang Chun-ming
Taste as Experience
Author/Editor: Nicola Perullo
Taste: A Book of Small Bites
Author/Editor: Jehanne Dubrow
The Task Planner
Author/Editor: Reid, William J
Targeting Top Terrorists
Author/Editor: Bryan C. Price
Tangled Relationships
Author/Editor: Reamer, Frederic G
Taming the Wild Horse
Author/Editor: Louis Komjathy
Tamil Oratory and the Dravidian Aesthetic
Author/Editor: Bate, Bernard
Tamil Love Poetry
Author/Editor: Selby, Martha Ann
Talking About Torture
Author/Editor: Del Rosso, Jared
The Tales of the Heike
Author/Editor: Watson, Burton; Shirane, Haruo
Tales of Moonlight and Rain
Author/Editor: Ueda, Akinari
The Tale of Hansuli Turn
Author/Editor: Bandyopadhyay, Tarashankar
The Tale of Genji
Author/Editor: Emmerich, Michael
The Tale of Cho Ung
Author/Editor: SOOKJA CHO
Taking the Train
Author/Editor: Austin, Joe
Taking It Big
Author/Editor: Aronowitz, Stanley
Take Back What the Devil Stole: An African American Prophet's Encounters in the Spirit World
Author/Editor: ONAJE X. O. WOODBINE
Taiwan Under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1895–1945
Author/Editor: Liao, Ping-hui; Wang, David Der-wei
Taiwan Film Directors
Author/Editor: Yeh, Emilie Yueh-yu; Davis, Darrell William
Tainted Witness
Author/Editor: LEIGH GILMORE
Syria Betrayed: Atrocities, War, and the Failure of International Diplomacy
Author/Editor: ALEX J. BELLAMY
The Symphonies
Author/Editor: ANDREI BELY ,Jonathan Stone
Sweet and Lowdown
Author/Editor: Lloyd Michaels
Suzuki Seijun and Postwar Japanese Cinema
Sustaining India's Growth Miracle
Author/Editor: Bhagwati, Jagdish N.; Calomiris, Charles W
Sustainable: Moving Beyond ESG to Impact Investing
Sustainable Food Production: An Earth Institute Sustainability Primer
The Sustainable City
Author/Editor: Cohen, Steven
Sustainability Management
Author/Editor: Cohen, Steven
Survivors of Slavery: Modern-Day Slave Narratives
Author/Editor: Laura T. Murphy
Survive and Resist
Author/Editor: Shames, Shauna L.; Atchison, Amy L
A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age
Author/Editor: DAVID J. HELFAND
Surveying Natural Populations
Author/Editor: Hayek, Lee-Ann C.; Buzas, Martin A
Supply-Side Sustainability
Author/Editor: Allen, Timothy F. H.; Tainter, Joseph A.; Hoekstra, Thomas W
Supervision in Social Work
Author/Editor: Kadushin, Alfred; Harkness, Daniel
Supervision in Social Work
Author/Editor: Kadushin, Alfred; Harkness, Daniel
Super Polluters: Tackling the World’s Largest Sites of Climate-Disrupting Emissions
Suncranes and Other Stories: Modern Mongolian Short Fiction
The Summons of Love
Author/Editor: Ruti, Mari
Sufi Bodies
Author/Editor: Bashir, Shahzad
Subverting the Leviathan
Author/Editor: Martel, James
Suburban Fantastic Cinema
Author/Editor: McFadzean, Angus
Subterranean Fanon: An Underground Theory of Radical Change
Author/Editor: Gavin Arnall
Substance Use Disorders in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Clients
Author/Editor: Anderson, Sandra C
The Substance of Fiction: Literary Objects in China, 1550–1775
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Substance Abuse Intervention, Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Systems Change
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Subjects of Desire
Author/Editor: Butler, Judith
The Subject of Torture
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Subconsciousness: Automatic Behavior and the Brain
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Subaltern Social Groups: A Critical Edition of Prison Notebook 25
Author/Editor: Antonio Gramsci ,Joseph A. Buttigieg ,Marcus E. Green
Studios Before the System
Author/Editor: Jacobson, Brian R
The Struggle to Stay: Why Single Evangelical Women Are Leaving the Church
Author/Editor: KATIE GADDINI
Struggle on Their Minds
Author/Editor: ALEX ZAMALIN
The Struggle for Sustainability in Rural China
Author/Editor: Tilt, Bryan
The Struggle for Form
Author/Editor: Kuc, Kamila; O'Pray, Michael
The Structural Approach to Direct Practice in Social Work
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Strong Society, Smart State
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Strolls with Pushkin
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Striking Beauty
Author/Editor: Allen, Barry
Stravaging “Strange"
Author/Editor: SIGIZMUND KRZHIZHANOVSKY ,Joanne Turnbull ,Nikolai Formozov
Strategic Intuition
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Strange Wonder
Author/Editor: Rubenstein, Mary-Jane
Stranger Than Paradise
Author/Editor: Sexton, Jamie
Strangers in the Ethnic Homeland
Author/Editor: Tsuda, Takeyuki
A Story to Save Your Life: Communication and Culture in Migrants' Search for Asylum
Author/Editor: SARAH C. BISHOP
Storytelling in World Cinemas
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The Story of the Earth in 25 Rocks
Author/Editor: Prothero, Donald R
The Story of the Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries
Author/Editor: Prothero, Donald R
The Story of Life in 25 Fossils
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The Stigma Effect
Stem Cell Dialogues
Author/Editor: Krimsky, Sheldon
Stating the Sacred: Religion, China, and the Formation of the Nation-State
Author/Editor: Michael J. Walsh
States Without Nations
Author/Editor: Stevens, Jacqueline
States of War
Author/Editor: Bates, David William
States of Disconnect: The China-India Literary Relation in the Twentieth Century
The Statesman's Science
Author/Editor: Edwards, Pamela
States and the Masters of Capital: Sovereign Lending, Old and New
Author/Editor: Quentin Bruneau
State of Nature, Stages of Society
Author/Editor: Frank Palmeri
Starve and Immolate
Author/Editor: Bargu, Banu
Startup Myths and Models: What You Won't Learn in Business School
Author/Editor: RIZWAN VIRK
The Star System
Author/Editor: McDonald, Paul
The Starr Report Disrobed
Author/Editor: Malti-Douglas, Fedwa
The Stardom Film: Creating the Hollywood Fairy Tale
Author/Editor: KAREN McNALLY
The Star as Icon
Author/Editor: Herwitz, Daniel
Stanford White
Author/Editor: Craven, Wayne
Stand, Columbia
Author/Editor: McCaughey, Robert
Stalking the Subject
Author/Editor: Rohman, Carrie
Stalking the Black Swan
Author/Editor: Posner, Kenneth A
Stalking Nabokov
Author/Editor: Boyd, Brian
Staging Personhood: Costuming in Early Qing Drama
Author/Editor: Guojun Wang
Staging Chinese Revolution
Author/Editor: XIAOMEI CHEN
Author/Editor: Arjomand, Minou
Author/Editor: John Nathan
Author/Editor: Nathan, John
Author/Editor: D'Angelo, Paolo
Spreading Buddha's Word in East Asia
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Sports Spectators
Author/Editor: Guttmann, Allen
The Sports Film
Author/Editor: Babington, Bruce
Sports Analytics
Author/Editor: Alamar, Benjamin C
Sport and the Spirit of Play in American Fiction
Author/Editor: Messenger, Christian K
Author/Editor: JAY SCHULKIN
The Splendid Vision
Author/Editor: Cohen, Richard S
Spirituality and Hospice Social Work
Author/Editor: Ann M. Callahan,KEITH ANDERSON
Spiritual Assessment in Social Work and Mental Health Practice
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Spirit, Mind, and Brain
Author/Editor: Ostow, Mortimer
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Spinoza for Our Time
Author/Editor: Negri, Antonio
Spells, Images, and Mandalas
Author/Editor: Shinohara, Koichi
Speculative Taxidermy
Author/Editor: Aloi, Giovanni
Speculation, Trading, and Bubbles
Author/Editor: Scheinkman, José A
Speculation: A Cultural History from Aristotle to AI
Author/Editor: GAYLE ROGERS
Spectral Nationality
Author/Editor: Cheah, Pheng
The Specter of Democracy
Author/Editor: Howard, Dick
The Spectacle of Expertise: Why Financial Analysts Perform in the Media
Author/Editor: ALEX PREDA
Species Matters
Author/Editor: DeKoven, Marianne; Lundblad, Michael
Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Quentin D.; Meier, Rudolf
Special Effects
Author/Editor: Pierson, Michele
Speaking for Buddhas
Author/Editor: Nance, Richard F
Spatial Optimization in Ecological Applications
Author/Editor: Hof, John; Bevers, Michael
The Spatiality of Emotion in Early Modern China
Author/Editor: Lam, Ling Hon
Spaces Mapped and Monstrous: Digital 3D Cinema and Visual Culture
Author/Editor: NICK JONES
Space as a Strategic Asset
Author/Editor: Johnson-Freese, Joan
So You Want to Be a Neuroscientist?
Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives
Author/Editor: Cohen, Stephen F
Sovereign Wealth Funds in Resource Economies
Author/Editor: Alsweilem, Khalid; Rietveld, Malan
Sovereign Wealth Funds and Long-Term Investing
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South Street
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South Korea at the Crossroads
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Sources of Vietnamese Tradition
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Sources of Tibetan Tradition
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Sources of Korean Tradition
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Sources of Japanese Tradition, Abridged
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Sources of Japanese Tradition
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Sources of Indian Traditions: Modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Ed. 3
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Sources of Chinese Tradition
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Sources of Chinese Tradition
Author/Editor: de de Bary, Wm. Theodore; Bloom, Irene
Sound Technology and the American Cinema
Author/Editor: Lastra, James
The Sound of the Kiss, or The Story That Must Never Be Told
Author/Editor: Suranna, Pingali
The Sound of Salvation: Voice, Gender, and the Sufi Mediascape in China
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Soul and Form
Author/Editor: Lukács, Georg; Sanders, John T.; Terezakis, Katie
The Song of Everlasting Sorrow
Author/Editor: Wang, Anyi
Song and Silence
Author/Editor: Davis, Sara L. M
Something Happened
Author/Editor: Berkowitz, Edward D
Solving Problems with Design Thinking
Author/Editor: Liedtka, Jeanne; King, Andrew; Bennett, Kevin
So Lovely a Country Will Never Perish
Author/Editor: Keene, Donald
Soldier Dead
Author/Editor: Sledge, Michael
Soft-Power Internationalism: Competing for Cultural Influence in the 21st-Century Global Order
Author/Editor: Burcu Baykurt ,Victoria de Grazia
The Soft City: Sex for Business and Pleasure in New York City
Author/Editor: terry williams
The Sociocultural Turn in Psychology
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Social Work Values and Ethics
Author/Editor: Reamer, Frederic G
Social Work Values and Ethics
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Social Work Science
Author/Editor: IAN SHAW
Social Work Practice with Men at Risk
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Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees
Author/Editor: Balgopal, Pallassana R
Social Work Practice with Families and Children
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Social Work Practice with Ethnically and Racially Diverse Nursing Home Residents and Their Families
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Social Work Practice Research for the Twenty-First Century
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Social Work Practice
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Social Work Malpractice and Liability
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