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Futures Past
Author/Editor: Koselleck, Reinhart
Future Perfect
Author/Editor: Andrews, Lori B
The Future of Us
Author/Editor: Irwin Redlener
The Future of Religion
Author/Editor: Rorty, Richard; Vattimo, Gianni; Zabala, Santiago
The Future of Organized Labor in American Politics
Author/Editor: Francia, Peter L
The Future of Catholicism in America
Author/Editor: Patricia O’Connell Killen,Mark Silk
The Future as Catastrophe
The Fury Archives: Female Citizenship, Human Rights, and the International Avant-Gardes
Author/Editor: Jill Richards
Fu Ping
Author/Editor: Wang, Anyi
The Fulton Fish Market: A History
Author/Editor: JONATHAN H. REES
Frustrated Democracy in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan
Author/Editor: Altstadt, Audrey
The Frontier Within
Author/Editor: Abe, Kobo
Frontier Taiwan
Author/Editor: Yeh, Michelle; Malmqvist, N. G. D
Frontier Investor
From Whispers to Shouts: The Ways We Talk About Cancer
From the Old Country
Author/Editor: Zhong, Lihe
From Student to Scholar
Author/Editor: Cahn, Steven M
From Selma to Moscow
Author/Editor: Snyder, Sarah B
From Ritual to Record
Author/Editor: Guttmann, Allen
From Resilience to Revolution
Author/Editor: Yom, Sean L
From Judgment to Passion
Author/Editor: Fulton Brown, Rachel
From Head Shops to Whole Foods
Author/Editor: Joshua Clark Davis
From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery
Author/Editor: Desai, Padma
From Da Ponte to the Casa Italiana
Author/Editor: Faedda, Barbara
From Black Gold to Frozen Gas: How Qatar Became an Energy Superpower
Author/Editor: Michael D. Tusiani ,Anne-Marie Johnson
From Abyssinian to Zion
Author/Editor: Dunlap, David W
Frog in the Well
Author/Editor: Keene, Donald
Friendship Reconsidered
Author/Editor: P.E. Digeser
A Friendship in Twilight: Lockdown Conversations on Death and Life
Friend or Foe: Militia Intelligence and Ethnic Violence in the Lebanese Civil War
Author/Editor: Nils Hägerdal
Author/Editor: Engelman, Ralph
Friend: A Novel from North Korea
Author/Editor: PAEK NAM-NYONG,Immanuel Kim
Freud's Free Clinics
Author/Editor: Danto, Elizabeth Ann
Fresh Kills: A History of Consuming and Discarding in New York City
Author/Editor: MARTIN V. MELOSI
French Global
Author/Editor: McDonald, Christie; Suleiman, Susan
French Gastronomy
Author/Editor: Pitte, Jean-Robert
Free Indirect: The Novel in a Postfictional Age
Author/Editor: Timothy Bewes
Freedom's Right
Author/Editor: Honneth, Axel
The Freedom Schools
Author/Editor: JON N. HALE
Freedom Reread
Author/Editor: L. GIBSON
Freedom and the Self
Author/Editor: Cahn, Steven M.; Eckert, Maureen
Freedom and Neurobiology
Author/Editor: Searle, John
Author/Editor: Horton, Robert
A Framework for Immigration
Author/Editor: Segal, Uma A
The Fragrant Companions: A Play About Love Between Women
Author/Editor: Li Yu ,Stephen Roddy ,Ying Wang
The Fracking Debate
Author/Editor: Raimi, Daniel
Fourteen Little Red Huts and Other Plays
Author/Editor: Platonov, Andrei; Chandler, Robert
Four Revolutions in the Earth Sciences
Author/Editor: Powell, James Lawrence
Four Jews on Parnassus—a Conversation
Author/Editor: Djerassi, Carl
Fountain House
Author/Editor: Doyle, Alan; Lanoil, Julius; Dudek, Kenneth
Found Life
Author/Editor: Goralik, Linor; Morse, Ainsley; Vassileva, Maria
Foundations of the Earth
Author/Editor: Shugart, H.H
Foundations of the American Century
Author/Editor: Parmar, Inderjeet
Foucault's Strange Eros
Author/Editor: LYNNE HUFFER
Foucault's Futures
Foucault/Derrida Fifty Years Later
Author/Editor: Olivia Custer,Penelope Deutscher,Samir Haddad
Foucault at the Movies
Author/Editor: Maniglier, Patrice; Zabunyan, Dork
Fossil Mammals of Asia
Author/Editor: Wang, Xiaoming; Flynn, Lawrence J.; Fortelius, Mikael
The Forms of Youth
Author/Editor: Burt, Stephen
Forms of Poetic Attention
Author/Editor: Lucy Alford
The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party
Author/Editor: Ishikawa, Yoshihiro
For Kin or Country
Author/Editor: Saideman, Stephen M.; Ayres, R. William
The Forgotten Borough: Staten Island and the Subway
Author/Editor: KENNETH M. GOLD
Forging the Golden Urn
Author/Editor: Oidtmann, Max
Forgetting Children Born of War
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Charli
Force of Words: The Logic of Terrorist Threats
Author/Editor: Joseph M. Brown
The Force of the Example
Author/Editor: Ferrara, Alessandro
Force of God
Author/Editor: Raschke, Carl A
For Better or for Worse
Author/Editor: Mann, Alfred K
For All My Walking
Author/Editor: Taneda, Santoka
Food of Sinful Demons
Author/Editor: Barstow, Geoffrey
Food, Medicine, and the Quest for Good Health
Author/Editor: Chen, Nancy N
Food Is Culture
Author/Editor: Montanari, Massimo
Food and Faith in Christian Culture
Author/Editor: Albala, Ken; Eden, Trudy
Flywheels: How Cities Are Creating Their Own Futures
Author/Editor: TOM ALBERG
Flying Dinosaurs
Author/Editor: Pickrell, John
Fluid Boundaries
Author/Editor: Fisher, William F
Floating Clouds
Author/Editor: Hayashi, Fumiko
Flight Ways
Author/Editor: van van Dooren, Thom
Flickering Empire
Author/Editor: Smith, Michael Glover; Selzer, Adam
Flexible India: Yoga's Cultural and Political Tensions
Author/Editor: SHAMEEM BLACK
Flaming Creatures
Author/Editor: Constantine Verevis
Fixing the Sky
Author/Editor: Fleming, James Rodger
Fixing Landscape
Author/Editor: COREY BYRNES
Five Modern Japanese Novelists
Author/Editor: Keene, Donald
The Five Horsemen of the Modern World
Fitzgerald and Hemingway
Author/Editor: Donaldson, Scott
The First Resort: The History of Social Psychiatry in the United States
Author/Editor: MATTHEW SMITH
The First Political Order: How Sex Shapes Governance and National Security Worldwide
The First Modern Japanese
Author/Editor: Donald KEENE
Author/Editor: Prince, Stephen
The Fine Art of Copyediting
Author/Editor: Stainton, Elsie Myers
Finding Wisdom in East Asian Classics
Author/Editor: de de Bary, Wm. Theodore
Finding Ourselves at the Movies
Author/Editor: Kahn, Paul W
Finding Ferrante: Authorship and the Politics of World Literature
Author/Editor: Alessia Ricciardi
The Financiers of Congressional Elections
Author/Editor: Francia, Peter L.; Green, John C.; Herrnson, Paul S
Film Worlds
Author/Editor: Yacavone, Daniel
Film Theory
Author/Editor: Colman, Felicity
Film Studies
Author/Editor: Sikov, Ed
Film Programming
Author/Editor: Bosma, Peter
Film Performance
Author/Editor: Klevan, Andrew
Filming History from Below: Microhistorical Documentaries
Author/Editor: EFRÉN CUEVAS
Film Dialogue
Author/Editor: Jaeckle, Jeff
Film and the Natural Environment
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Adam
Film and Stereotype
Author/Editor: Schweinitz, Jörg
Field Notes from Elsewhere
Author/Editor: Taylor, Mark C
Fiction Across Borders
Author/Editor: Black, Shameem
The Ferrante Letters: An Experiment in Collective Criticism
Feminist Consequences
Author/Editor: Bronfen, Elisabeth; Kavka, Misha
Feminist Aesthetics and the Politics of Modernism
Author/Editor: Ziarek, Ewa Plonowska
The Feminine and the Sacred
Author/Editor: Clément, Catherine; Kristeva, Julia
Female of the Species
Author/Editor: Martin, M. Kay; Voorhies, Barbara
Female Fighters: Why Rebel Groups Recruit Women for War
Author/Editor: Reed M. Wood
Feeling Memory: Remembering Wartime Childhoods in France
Author/Editor: LINDSEY DODD
Feasting Our Eyes
Fear, Wonder, and Science in the New Age of Reproductive Biotechnology
Fear of Seeing: A Poetics of Chinese Science Fiction
Author/Editor: MINGWEI SONG
Fear of Breakdown
Author/Editor: McAfee, Noëlle
Fearing the Worst: How Korea Transformed the Cold War
Author/Editor: SAMUEL F. WELLS JR.
FDA in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Lynch, Holly Fernandez; Cohen, I. Glenn
Fathering from the Margins
Author/Editor: Abdill, Aasha M
Fate, Time, and Language
Author/Editor: Wallace, David Foster; Cahn, Steven M.; Eckert, Maureen
The Fate of Wonder
Author/Editor: Cahill, Kevin M
The Fate of Ideas
Author/Editor: Boyers, Robert
Fate in Film: A Deterministic Approach to Cinema
Author/Editor: THOMAS M. PUHR
Fast Forward
Author/Editor: Holly Willis
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Author/Editor: DeFino, Dean
Fashioning Sapphism
Author/Editor: Doan, Laura
Fascist Mythologies: The History and Politics of Unreason in Borges, Freud, and Schmitt
Author/Editor: Federico Finchelstein
A Farewell to Truth
Author/Editor: Vattimo, Gianni
Far Beyond the Field
Author/Editor: Ueda, Makoto
Faraway: A Novel
Author/Editor: Lo Yi-Chin ,JEREMY TIANG
Fantastic Fossils: A Guide to Finding and Identifying Prehistoric Life
Fantasies of the New Class
Author/Editor: Schryer, Stephen
Fandango and Other Stories
Author/Editor: ALEXANDER GRIN,Bryan Karetnyk
Famine in North Korea
Author/Editor: Haggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
The Family Office: A Comprehensive Guide for Advisers, Practitioners, and Students
Author/Editor: William I. Woodson ,Edward V. Marshall
Family-Centered Policies and Practices
Author/Editor: Briar-Lawson, Katharine; Lawson, Hal A.; Hennon, Charles B
Families of Virtue
Author/Editor: Cline, Erin M
The Fall of the Wild
Author/Editor: BEN A. MINTEER
The Fall of the House of Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Janeway, Michael
The Fall of Language in the Age of English
Author/Editor: Mizumura, Minae
Falling Through the Cracks
Author/Editor: Berzoff, Joan
The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith
Author/Editor: Pollack, Robert E
Faith in Their Own Color
Author/Editor: Townsend, Craig D
Faith in Markets: Christian Capitalism in the Early American Republic
Author/Editor: Joseph P. Slaughter
Faithful to Secularism
Author/Editor: David T. Buckley,Katherine Pratt Ewing
Fairbairn's Object Relations Theory in the Clinical Setting
Author/Editor: Celani, David P
Factory of Strategy
Author/Editor: Negri, Antonio
Facing the Abyss
Author/Editor: Hutchinson, George
Facing Death in Cambodia
Author/Editor: Maguire, Peter
Facing Climate Change
Author/Editor: Jeffrey T. Kiehl
Faces of Power
Author/Editor: Brown, Seyom
A Face Drawn in Sand: Humanistic Inquiry and Foucault in the Present
Author/Editor: Rey Chow
Facebook Society
Author/Editor: Simanowski, Roberto
The Fabulous Imagination
Author/Editor: Kritzman, Lawrence D