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Gypsies and the British Imagination, 1807-1930
Author/Editor: Nord, Deborah Epstein
Guilty Knowledge, Guilty Pleasure
Author/Editor: Logan, William
Guardians of Islam
Author/Editor: Miller, Kathryn A
Growth and Policy in Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Ocampo, José Antonio; Rada, Codrina; Taylor, Lance
Group Work Practice to Advance Social Competence
Author/Editor: Lang, Norma
Groupthink Versus High-Quality Decision Making in International Relations
Author/Editor: Schafer, Mark; Crichlow, Scott
Groups That Work
Author/Editor: Ephross, Paul H.; Vassil, Thomas V
Ground Zero, Nagasaki
Author/Editor: Seirai, Yuichi
Green with Milk and Sugar: When Japan Filled America’s Tea Cups
The Green New Deal and the Future of Work
The Green Marble
Author/Editor: Turner, David
Green Innovation in China
Author/Editor: Lewis, Joanna I
The Greening of Asia
Author/Editor: Clifford, Mark L
Greenhouse Planet: How Rising CO2 Changes Plants and Life as We Know It
Author/Editor: LEWIS H. ZISKA
Greenhouse of the Dinosaurs
Author/Editor: Prothero, Donald R
Green Capital
Author/Editor: de de Perthuis, Christian; Jouvet, Pierre-André
The Great Rift Valleys of Pangea in Eastern North America
Author/Editor: LeTourneau, Peter M.; Olsen, Paul E
The Great Polarization: How Ideas, Power, and Policies Drive Inequality
Author/Editor: Rudiger L. von Arnim ,Joseph E. Stiglitz
The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Author/Editor: Webby, Barry D.; Paris, Florentin; Droser, Mary L
Great Minds Don’t Think Alike: Debates on Consciousness, Reality, Intelligence, Faith, Time, AI, Immortality, and the Human
The Great Kanto Earthquake and the Chimera of National Reconstruction in Japan
Author/Editor: Schencking, J. Charles
The Great Flowing River
Author/Editor: Pang-yuan, Chi
The Greater New York Sports Chronology
Author/Editor: Kroessler, Jeffrey A
The Great East Asian War and the Birth of the Korean Nation
Author/Editor: JaHyun Kim Haboush,William J. Haboush,Jisoo M. Kim,Sixiang Wang,Hwisang Cho,Ksenia Chizhova-Kim
The Great Civilized Conversation
Author/Editor: de de Bary, Wm. Theodore
Grassroots Fascism
Author/Editor: Yoshimi, Yoshiaki
Grass For My Pillow
Author/Editor: Maruya, Saiichi
Graphic Women
Author/Editor: Chute, Hillary L
Govern Like Us
Author/Editor: Thomas, M. A
Governing Access to Essential Resources
Author/Editor: De Schutter, Olivier
Governance Without a State?
Author/Editor: Risse, Thomas
Governance in the New Global Disorder
Author/Editor: Gorbachev, Mikhail
The Gold Standard at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Bryan, Steven
Going Low: How Profane Politics Challenges American Democracy
God, Guns, and Sedition: Far-Right Terrorism in America
God and Man in Tehran
Author/Editor: Kamaly, Hossein
The Gnostic New Age
Author/Editor: April D. DeConick
GMO China
Author/Editor: Cong Cao
Global Population
Author/Editor: Bashford, Alison
Global Markets, Domestic Institutions
Author/Editor: Milhaupt, Curtis J
Global Language Justice
Author/Editor: Lydia H. Liu ,Anupama Rao ,Charlotte A. Silverman
Globalizing the Streets
Author/Editor: Salek, Fabiola; Brotherton, David C
Globalized Arts
Author/Editor: Singh, J. P
Globalization Challenged
Author/Editor: Rupp, George
Author/Editor: Weinstein, Michael M
Global Intellectual History
Author/Editor: Moyn, Samuel; Sartori, Andrew
A Global History of Buddhism and Medicine
Author/Editor: C. Pierce Salguero
Global Environmental Politics: The Transformative Role of Emerging Economies
Global Entanglements of a Man Who Never Traveled
Author/Editor: Sachsenmaier, Dominic
Author/Editor: wa Thiong'o, Ngugi
Global Easts: Remembering, Imagining, Mobilizing
Author/Editor: JIE-HYUN LIM
Global Corporate Governance
Author/Editor: Chew, Donald H.; Gillan, Stuart L
Global Cinematic Cities
Author/Editor: Johan Andersson,Lawrence Webb
The Global and the Intimate
Author/Editor: Pratt, Geraldine; Rosner, Victoria
Global Alert
Author/Editor: Ganor, Boaz
Glimmer of a New Leviathan
Author/Editor: Craig, Campbell
GIS Methodologies for Developing Conservation Strategies
Author/Editor: Savitsky, Basil G.; Lacher, Thomas E
Author/Editor: Driscoll, Catherine
Series Title: Default Book Series
Author/Editor: Driscoll, Catherine
Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari
Author/Editor: Dosse, Francois
Gilbert and Sullivan
Author/Editor: Williams, Carolyn
Author/Editor: Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan
Getting Risk Right
Author/Editor: Geoffrey C. Kabat
Getting Price Right: The Behavioral Economics of Profitable Pricing
Author/Editor: GERALD SMITH
Getting Biodiversity Projects to Work
Author/Editor: McShane, Thomas O.; Wells, Michael P
Gerontological Practice for the Twenty-first Century
Author/Editor: Richardson, Virginia E.; Barusch, Amanda S
Gerontological Home Health Care
Author/Editor: Kadushin, Goldie; Egan, Marcia
A German Officer in Occupied Paris
German Jihad
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Guido W
German, Jew, Muslim, Gay: The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus
Author/Editor: MARC DAVID BAER
German Colonialism
Author/Editor: Langbehn, Volker; Salama, Mohammad
George Gallup in Hollywood
Author/Editor: Ohmer, Susan
Author/Editor: McSween, Harry Y.; Richardson, Steven M.; Uhle, Maria
The Gentrification Plot: New York and the Postindustrial Crime Novel
Author/Editor: Thomas Heise
Genetic Justice
Author/Editor: Krimsky, Sheldon; Simoncelli, Tania
A Genetic and Cultural Odyssey
Author/Editor: Stone, Linda; Lurquin, Paul F
Genes, Brains, and Human Potential
Genes and DNA
Author/Editor: Omoto, Charlotte K.; Lurquin, Paul F
The Generation of Postmemory
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Marianne
Generation Gap: Why the Baby Boomers Still Dominate American Politics and Culture
Author/Editor: KEVIN MUNGER
Generalist Practice
Author/Editor: Tolson, Eleanor Reardon; Reid, William J.; Garvin, Charles D
A Genealogy of Devotion
Author/Editor: Burchett, Patton E
Genealogy of American Finance
Author/Editor: Wright, Robert E.; Sylla, Richard
Genealogies of Terrorism
Author/Editor: Erlenbusch-Anderson, Verena
Gender, Power, and Talent
Author/Editor: Jia, Jinhua
Gendering Global Conflict
Author/Editor: Sjoberg, Laura
Gender, Globalization, and Postsocialism
Author/Editor: True, Jacqui
Gendered Morality
Author/Editor: Ayubi, Zahra M. S
Gender and the Dismal Science: Women in the Early Years of the Economics Profession
Author/Editor: ANN MARI MAY
Gender and Parenthood
Author/Editor: Wilcox, W. Bradford; Kline, Kathleen Kovner
Geisha, Harlot, Strangler, Star
Author/Editor: Johnston, William
Gay Men Choosing Parenthood
Author/Editor: Mallon, Gerald P
Gay Fiction Speaks
Author/Editor: Canning, Richard
Gay Directors, Gay Films?
Author/Editor: Levy, Emanuel
The Gathering of Intentions
Author/Editor: Jacob P. Dalton
Gatekeeping in BSW Programs
Author/Editor: Gibbs, Patty; Blakely, Eleanor H
Author/Editor: Hauck-Lawson, Annie; Deutsch, Jonathan
Gastronativism: Food, Identity, Politics
Garden Variety
Author/Editor: Hoenig, John
The Garden and the Fire
Author/Editor: Rustomji, Nerina
The Gangster Film
Author/Editor: Wilson, Ron
Gangs and Society
Author/Editor: Kontos, Louis; Brotherton, David C.; Barrios, Luis
Gang Life in Two Cities
Author/Editor: Durán, Robert J