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The Quotidian Revolution
Author/Editor: Christian Lee Novetzke
Quotations for All Occasions
Author/Editor: Frank, Catherine
The Question of the Animal and Religion
Author/Editor: Gross, Aaron S
Questioning Borders: Ecoliteratures of China and Taiwan
Author/Editor: Robin Visser
The Quest for the Cure
Author/Editor: Stockwell, Brent R
The Quest for Security
Author/Editor: Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Kaldor, Mary
The Quest for God and the Good
Author/Editor: Lobel, Diana
Quelling the Demons' Revolt
Author/Editor: Luo, Guanzhong
Queer Theory and the Jewish Question
Author/Editor: Boyarin, Daniel; Itzkovitz, Daniel; Pellegrini, Ann
Queer Terror
Author/Editor: Schotten, C. Heike
Queer Cinema
Author/Editor: Mennel, Barbara
Queer Beauty
Author/Editor: Davis, Whitney
Quarks to Culture
Author/Editor: TYLER VOLK
The Quantified Scholar: How Research Evaluations Transformed the British Social Sciences
Quality Shareholders: How the Best Managers Attract and Keep Them
Author/Editor: Lawrence A. Cunningham
The Quality of Growth in Africa
Author/Editor: Noman, Akbar; Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Kanbur, Ravi
Qualitative Research in Social Work
Author/Editor: Fortune, Anne E.; Reid, William J.; Miller, Robert L
The Quakers in America
Author/Editor: Hamm, Thomas D
Author/Editor: Glynn, Stephen