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Just Living
Author/Editor: Tonna; Carter, Steven D
Just Like Us: The American Struggle to Understand Foreigners
Author/Editor: Thomas Borstelmann
Junk DNA
Author/Editor: Carey, Nessa
Juggling Identities
Author/Editor: Kunin, Seth D
Judge Thy Neighbor
Author/Editor: Bergemann, Patrick
Judaism in America
Author/Editor: Raphael, Marc Lee
The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning, Revised and Updated
Author/Editor: GAUTAM BAID
Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow
Author/Editor: RADISHCHEV ALEXANDER,Andrew Kahn,Irina Reyfman
The Journey Abandoned
Author/Editor: Trilling, Lionel; Murphy, Geraldine
The Journalist's Predicament: Difficult Choices in a Declining Profession
Author/Editor: Matthew Powers ,Sandra Vera-Zambrano
Journalism Under Fire
Author/Editor: Gillers, Stephen
Journalism and New Media
Author/Editor: Pavlik, John V
Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography
Author/Editor: Said, Edward W
Jordan and the Arab Uprisings: Regime Survival and Politics Beyond the State
Author/Editor: Curtis R. Ryan
Author/Editor: Valmiki, Omprakash; Mukherjee, Arun Prabha
J. M. Coetzee and Ethics
Author/Editor: Leist, Anton; Singer, Peter
The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa in Modern Times
Author/Editor: Simon, Reeva Spector; Laskier, Michael Menachem; Reguer, Sara
Jews and the American Religious Landscape
Author/Editor: UZI REBHUN
Jewish Terrorism in Israel
Author/Editor: Pedahzur, Ami; Perliger, Arie
Jewish Property Claims Against Arab Countries
Author/Editor: Fischbach, Michael R
Jerusalem Unbound
Author/Editor: Dumper, Michael
Japan's Security Renaissance
Author/Editor: Andrew L. Oros
The Japan–South Korea Identity Clash
Author/Editor: Glosserman, Brad; Snyder, Scott A
Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella
Author/Editor: Terence Roehrig
Japan's New Regional Reality: Geoeconomic Strategy in the Asia-Pacific
Author/Editor: Saori N. Katada
Japan's Cold War
Author/Editor: Sherif, Ann
Japan's Aging Peace: Pacifism and Militarism in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: TOM PHUONG LE
Japanese War Criminals
The Japanese Discovery of Chinese Fiction: The Water Margin and the Making of a National Canon
Author/Editor: William C. Hedberg
The Japanese and the War
Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons
Author/Editor: Shirane, Haruo
Japan, 1972: Visions of Masculinity in an Age of Mass Consumerism
Author/Editor: Yoshikuni Igarashi
Jane Austen and the Romantic Poets
Author/Editor: Deresiewicz, William
Jacques Schiffrin: A Publisher in Exile, from Pléiade to Pantheon
Jacques Lacan, Past and Present
Author/Editor: Badiou, Alain; Roudinesco, Elisabeth