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A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities
Author/Editor: Jan Bondeson
Callaloo or Tossed Salad?
Author/Editor: Viranjini Munasinghe
Cambodia Confounds the Peacemakers, 1979-1998
Author/Editor: MacAlister Brown,Joseph J. Zasloff
Cambodian Culture since 1975
Author/Editor: Ebihara, May Mayko; Mortland, Carol A.; Ledgerwood, Judy
Cambodian Literary Reader and Glossary
Author/Editor: Huffman, Franklin E.; Proum, Im
Cambodia's Second Kingdom
Author/Editor: Noren-Nilsson, Astrid
Campus Counterspaces: Black and Latinx Students' Search for Community at Historically White Universities
Author/Editor: Micere Keels
Cancer Crossings
Author/Editor: Wendel, Tim
Can Science and Technology Save China?
Author/Editor: Susan Greenhalgh,Li Zhang
Capital as Will and Imagination
Author/Editor: Metzler, Mark
Capital, Coercion, and Postcommunist States
Author/Editor: Easter, Gerald M
Capital Flows and Financial Crises
Author/Editor: Kahler, Miles
Capitalism without Democracy
Author/Editor: Tsai, Kellee S
Capitalism without Democracy, 1
Author/Editor: Kellee S. Tsai
Capitalist Diversity on Europe's Periphery
Author/Editor: Bohle, Dorothee; Greskovits, Béla
Capital Moves: RCA's Seventy-Year Quest for Cheap Labor
Author/Editor: Jefferson Cowie
The Captive and the Gift
Author/Editor: Grant, Bruce
The Captive and the Gift, 1
Author/Editor: Bruce Grant
Captive Victors: Shakespeare's Narrative Poems and Sonnets
The Caregiver
Author/Editor: AARON ALTERRA,Arthur Kleinman
The Care of the Dead in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Rebillard, Éric
Caribbean Middlebrow
Author/Editor: Edmondson, Belinda
Caribbean Middlebrow, 1
Author/Editor: Belinda Edmondson
The Caring Self
Author/Editor: Stacey, Clare L
The Caring Self, 1
Author/Editor: Clare L. Stacey
Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
Author/Editor: John L. Gittleman
Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
Author/Editor: JOHN L. GITTLEMAN
Cars for Comrades
Author/Editor: Siegelbaum, Lewis H
Cartesian Women
Author/Editor: Harth, Erica
The Case-Construction after the Comparative In Latin
Author/Editor: Nevill, K. P. R
A Case for Conservatism
Author/Editor: JOHN KEKES
The Case of Literature: Forensic Narratives from Goethe to Kafka
Author/Editor: Arne Höcker
Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Cheng, Fuzhi
Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Cheng, Fuzhi
Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Cheng, Fuzhi
Casino Women
Author/Editor: Chandler, Susan; Jones, Jill B
Castorland Journal
Author/Editor: Gallucci, John A
Castorland Journal, 1
Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom
Author/Editor: Laura Engelstein
Casualties of History
Author/Editor: Pennington, Lee K
Catch the Fire: Soaking Prayer and Charismatic Renewal
Catholic Converts
Author/Editor: Allitt, Patrick
Catholics and Contraception
Author/Editor: Tentler, Leslie Woodcock
Catholics in the American Century
Author/Editor: Appleby, R. Scott; Cummings, Kathleen Sprows
Catholics in the American Century, 1
Author/Editor: R. Scott Appleby,Kathleen Sprows Cummings
Cauldron of Resistance
Author/Editor: Chapman, Jessica M
Causes of War
Author/Editor: Van Evera, Stephen
Central Banks and Gold
Author/Editor: Bytheway, Simon James; Metzler, Mark
Central Banks and Gold, 1
Author/Editor: Simon James Bytheway,Mark Metzler
A Centre of Wonders
Author/Editor: Lindman, Janet Moore; Tarter, Michele Lise
A Certain Idea of Europe
Author/Editor: Parsons, Craig
Certain Sainthood
Author/Editor: Prudlo, Donald S
Certain Sainthood, 1
Author/Editor: Donald S. Prudlo
The Chain of Things
Author/Editor: Downing, Eric
The Challenge of Bewilderment
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Paul B
The Challenge to Change
Author/Editor: Givan, Rebecca Kolins
Changing by Design
Author/Editor: Zell, Deone
The Changing Face of Medicine
Author/Editor: Boulis, Ann K.; Jacobs, Jerry A
Changing Politics in Japan
Author/Editor: Kabashima, Ikuo; Steel, Gill
Changing the Course of AIDS
Author/Editor: Dickinson, David
Changing the Course of AIDS, 1
Author/Editor: David Dickinson,Charles Deutsch
Channels of Power
Author/Editor: Thompson, Alexander
Channels of Power, 1
Author/Editor: Alexander Thompson
Chaos and Cosmos
Author/Editor: Lang, Karen
Chaos Bound
Author/Editor: Hayles, N. Katherine
Chapters of Erie
Author/Editor: Adams, Charles Francis; Adams, Henry
Chariots of Ladies
Author/Editor: Silleras-Fernández, Núria
Chariots of Ladies, 1
Author/Editor: Nuria Silleras-Fernandez
Charity and State in Late Renaissance Italy: The Monte di Pieta of Florence
Author/Editor: Carol Bresnahan Menning
Charles Austin Beard
Author/Editor: Richard Drake
Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change
Author/Editor: Joachim Frenk,Lena Steveker
Charles Evans Hughes
Author/Editor: Wesser, Robert F
Chasing the American Dream
Author/Editor: Rohe, William M.; Watson, Harry L
Chaste Passions
Author/Editor: Winstead, Karen A
Chaucer and the Poets
Author/Editor: Winthrop Wetherbee
The Chemical Weapons Taboo
Author/Editor: Richard M. Price
Chicago Labor and the Quest for a Democratic Diplomacy, 1914-1924
Author/Editor: Elizabeth McKillen
The Chicago Pragmatists and American Progressivism
Author/Editor: ANDREW FEFFER
The Chicken Trail
Author/Editor: Schwartzman, Kathleen C
The Child Before Birth
Children Bound to Labor
Author/Editor: Herndon, Ruth Wallis; Murray, John E
Children of Rus'
Author/Editor: Hillis, Faith
China 2020
Author/Editor: Santoro, Michael A
China's Ascent: Power, Security, and the Future of International Politics
Author/Editor: Robert S. Ross,Zhu Feng
China's Longest Campaign
Author/Editor: TYRENE WHITE
China's Motor
Author/Editor: HILL GATES
China's Quest for National Identity
Author/Editor: Dittmer, Lowell; Kim, Samuel S
China's Regulatory State
Author/Editor: Hsueh, Roselyn
China's Water Warriors
Author/Editor: Mertha, Andrew C
Chinatown No More
Author/Editor: Chen, Hsiang-Shui
China Transformed
Author/Editor: R. BIN WONG
Chinese Economic Statecraft
Author/Editor: Norris, William J
Chinese Economic Statecraft, 1
Author/Editor: William J. Norris
The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier
Author/Editor: Benno Weiner
Chinese Workers in Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: Chan, Anita
Chinese Working-Class Lives
Author/Editor: Gates, Hill
Choose and Focus
Author/Editor: Schaede, Ulrike
Choosing Character
Christian Imperialism
Author/Editor: Conroy-Krutz, Emily
Christianizing Kinship
Author/Editor: Lynch, Joseph H
Christians and Their Many Identities in Late Antiquity, North Africa, 200-450 CE
Author/Editor: Rebillard, Éric
Christopher Marlowe
Author/Editor: Kuriyama, Constance Brown
Chronicles in Stone: Preservation, Patriotism, and Identity in Northwest Russia
The Cinema of Globalization
Author/Editor: Zaniello, Tom
Circles of Exclusion
Author/Editor: Filc, Dani
Cities, Classes, and the Social Order
Author/Editor: Leeds, Anthony; Sanjek, Roger
Cities, Classes, and the Social Order (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)
Author/Editor: Leeds, Anthony; Sanjek, Roger
Cities for Profit
Author/Editor: Shatkin, Gavin
Citizen Bachelors
Author/Editor: McCurdy, John Gilbert
Citizen Employers
Author/Editor: Haydu, Jeffrey
Citizen Indians
Author/Editor: Maddox, Lucy
Citizens and Soldiers: The Dilemmas of Military Service
Author/Editor: Eliot A. Cohen
Citizen Science
Author/Editor: Dickinson, Janis L.; Bonney, Richard E
Citizenship across Borders
Author/Editor: Smith, Michael Peter; Bakker, Matt
Citizens without Shelter
Author/Editor: Feldman, Leonard C
City Bound
Author/Editor: Frug, Gerald E.; Barron, David J
The City Is the Factory
Author/Editor: Greenberg, Miriam; Lewis, Penny
The City Lament
Author/Editor: Tamar M. Boyadjian
City of Big Shoulders: A History of Chicago, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Robert G. Spinney
City of Forests, City of Farms
Author/Editor: Lindsay K. Campbell
City of Green Benches
Author/Editor: Vesperi, Maria
City of Strangers
Author/Editor: Gardner, Andrew M
The City Planning Process: A Political Analysis
The Civility of Indifference: On Domesticating Ethnicity
Author/Editor: F. G. BAILEY
Civilization and Disease
Author/Editor: Sigerist, Henry E
Civilized Women
Author/Editor: Moran, Mary
Civil Vengeance
Author/Editor: King, Emily L
Civil Vengeance: Literature, Culture, and Early Modern Revenge
Author/Editor: Emily L. King
Claiming the Pen
Author/Editor: Kerrison, Catherine
Claiming the Pen, 1
Author/Editor: Catherine Kerrison
The Clamor of Lawyers
Author/Editor: Peter Charles Hoffer,Williamjames Hull Hoffer
Clandestine Crossings
Author/Editor: Spener, David
Clandestine Crossings, 1
Author/Editor: David Spener
Clara Schumann
Author/Editor: Reich, Nancy B
Clarissa's Ciphers
Author/Editor: Terry Castle
Class and Campus Life
Author/Editor: Lee, Elizabeth
Class Divide
Author/Editor: Gillette, Howard
Classical Bronzes: The Art and Craft of Greek and Roman Statuary
Author/Editor: Carol C. Mattusch
Class Lives
Author/Editor: Collins, Chuck; Ladd, Jennifer; Seider, Maynard
Cleaning Up
Author/Editor: Zuberi, Dan
Clearing the Air
Author/Editor: Wood, Gregory
Clearing the Air, 1
Author/Editor: Gregory Wood
Clinical Psychiatry in Imperial Germany
Author/Editor: Engstrom, Eric J
Clio the Romantic Muse
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Theodore
Club Red
Author/Editor: Koenker, Diane P
Cluny and the Muslims of La Garde-Freinet
Author/Editor: Bruce, Scott G
Coalitions across the Class Divide
Author/Editor: FRED ROSE
Code Green
Author/Editor: Weinberg, Dana Beth
Coleridge's Blessed Machine of Language
Author/Editor: Jerome Christensen
Coleridge's "Dejection": The Earliest Manuscripts and the Earliest Printings
Author/Editor: Stephen Maxfield Parrish
Coleridge's Meditative Art
Author/Editor: REEVE PARKER
Coleridge the Moralist
Author/Editor: Laurence S. Lockridge
Coleridge the Talker: A Series of Contemporary Descriptions and Comments
Collaborations with the Past
Author/Editor: Diana E. Henderson
Collaborative Caring
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne; Feldman, David; Leonard, Michael
Collaborative Caring, 1
Collaborative Governance for Urban Revitalization
Author/Editor: Rich, Michael J.; Stoker, Robert P
Collapse of an Industry: Nuclear Power and the Contradictions of U. S. Policy
Author/Editor: John L. Campbell
Collecting and Historical Consciousness in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany
Author/Editor: Susan A. Crane
Collective Action in East Asia
Author/Editor: Gregory W. Noble
A Colonial Affair
Author/Editor: Danna Agmon
Colonial Intimacies
Author/Editor: Ann Marie Plane
Colonial Odysseys
Author/Editor: Adams, David
The Colonial Unconscious
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Ezra
Color Monitors
Author/Editor: Kevorkian, Martin
Comic Transactions: Literature, Humor, and the Politics of Community in Twentieth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: JAMES F. ENGLISH
The Commander's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Amelia Hoover Green
A Common Stage
Author/Editor: Symes, Carol
A Common Stage: Theater and Public Life in Medieval Arras
Author/Editor: CAROL SYMES
Communicating Climate Change
Author/Editor: Anne K. Armstrong,Marianne E. Krasny,Jonathon P. Schuldt
The Communitarian Moment: The Radical Challenge of the Northampton Association
Communities of Memory
Author/Editor: James Booth
Communities of Saint Martin
Author/Editor: Farmer, Sharon
Communities of Saint Martin: Legend and Ritual in Medieval Tours
Author/Editor: Sharon Farmer
Communities of the Converted
Author/Editor: Wanner, Catherine
Communities of the Converted, 1
Community Architect
Author/Editor: Larsen, Kristin E
Community Architect, 1
Author/Editor: Kristin E. Larsen
A Community of Europeans?
Author/Editor: Risse, Thomas
Commuter Spouses
Author/Editor: Lindemann, Danielle
A Companion to Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations
Author/Editor: GARTH HALLETT
A Company of One
Author/Editor: Lane, Carrie M
A Company of One, 1
Author/Editor: Carrie M. Lane
The Comparative Perspective on Literature: Approaches to Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Clayton Koelb,Susan Noakes
Comparative Theory and Political Experience: Mario Einaudi and the Liberal Tradition
Compassionate Communalism
Author/Editor: Cammett, Melani
Competing Germanies
Author/Editor: Kelz, Robert
Competing Germanies: Nazi, Antifascist, and Jewish Theater in German Argentina, 1933–1965
Author/Editor: Robert Kelz
The Complexities of Care
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sioban; Gordon, Suzanne
A Compulsion for Antiquity
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Richard H
Compulsory Arbitration: The Grand Experiment in Employment
Author/Editor: Richard A. Bales
Comrades at Odds
Author/Editor: Andrew J. Rotter
The Comstocks of Cornell
Author/Editor: Comstock, Anna Botsford
The Comstocks of Cornell
Author/Editor: Comstock, Anna Botsford; St. Clair, Karen Penders
The Comstocks of Cornell: John Henry Comstock and Anna Botsford Comstock
The Comstocks of Cornell—The Definitive Autobiography
Author/Editor: Comstock, Anna Botsford; St. Clair, Karen Penders
Conceptions of State and Kingship in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Robert Heine-Geldern
The Concept of Modernism
Author/Editor: Eysteinsson, Astradur
The Concerned Women of Buduburam
Author/Editor: Holzer, Elizabeth
A Concordance to the Poems of Emily Dickinson
Author/Editor: S. P. ROSENBAUM
Condemned to Repeat?
Author/Editor: Terry, Fiona
Condensed Capitalism
Author/Editor: Sidorick, Daniel
Condensed Capitalism: Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Daniel Sidorick
Confessions of a Free Speech Lawyer: Charlottesville and the Politics of Hate
Author/Editor: Rodney A. Smolla
Configurations of Masculinity: A Feminist Perspective on Modern Political Theory
Author/Editor: Christine Di Stefano
Conflicting Commitments
Author/Editor: Gleeson, Shannon
Conflict of Interests
Author/Editor: Draper, Alan
Conflict, Violence, and Displacement in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Hedman, Eva-Lotta E
Confronting Dystopia
Author/Editor: Paus, Eva
Connecting the Drops
Author/Editor: Schneller-McDonald, Karen
Author/Editor: Haag, Pamela Susan
Consorting with Saints
Author/Editor: McLaughlin, Megan
Constitutional Dysfunction on Trial
Author/Editor: Farrier, Jasmine
Constitutional Dysfunction on Trial: Congressional Lawsuits and the Separation of Powers
Author/Editor: Jasmine Farrier
Constitutional Originalism
Author/Editor: Bennett, Robert W.; Solum, Lawrence B
Constitutional Originalism, 1
Author/Editor: Robert W. Bennett,Lawrence B. Solum
The Constitution of Selves
Author/Editor: Marya Schechtman
Constructing Allied Cooperation
Author/Editor: Henke, Marina E
Constructing Grievance
Author/Editor: Giuliano, Elise
Constructing the International Economy
Author/Editor: Abdelal, Rawi; Blyth, Mark; Parsons, Craig
Constructive Feminism
Author/Editor: Spain, Daphne
Constructive Feminism, 1
Author/Editor: Daphne Spain
Constructive Illusions
Author/Editor: Grynaviski, Eric
Consumer Capitalism
Author/Editor: Trumbull, Gunnar
Consuming Desire: Sexual Science and the Emergence of a Culture of Abundance, 1871-1914
Author/Editor: Lawrence Birken
The Consuming Temple
Author/Editor: Lerner, Paul
Consuming Visions
Author/Editor: Suzanne K. Kaufman
The Consumption of Justice
Author/Editor: Smail, Daniel Lord
The Contagious City
Author/Editor: Finger, Simon
Contemporary Slavery
Author/Editor: Bunting, Annie; Quirk, Joel
Contending with Stalinism
Author/Editor: Viola, Lynne
Contested Ground
Author/Editor: Davis, John Emmius
The Contested Parterre
Author/Editor: Ravel, Jeffrey S
Contested Rituals
Author/Editor: Judd, Robin
Continent by Default
Author/Editor: Le Gloannec, Anne Marie
Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture
Author/Editor: Spencer W. McBride,Brent M. Rogers,Keith A. Erekson
Contingent Work
Author/Editor: Barker, Kathleen; Christensen, Kathleen
Contingent Work: American Employment Relations in Transition
Author/Editor: Kathleen Barker,Kathleen Christensen
The Continuity of Wittgenstein's Thought
Author/Editor: John Koethe
Contradiction in Motion
Author/Editor: Hahn, Songsuk Susan
Contradictory Subjects
Author/Editor: Mariscal, George
The Control Agenda
Author/Editor: Ambrose, Matthew J
Conventional Deterrence
Author/Editor: John J. Mearsheimer
Conventional Deterrence (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)
Author/Editor: Mearsheimer, John
Convents and Nuns in Eighteenth-Century French Politics and Culture
Author/Editor: Choudhury, Mita
Converging Divergences
Author/Editor: Katz, Harry C.; Darbishire, Owen
Conversing with Angels and Ancients
Author/Editor: Joseph Falaky Nagy
Cooperation among Nations
Author/Editor: Grieco, Joseph M
Cooperation under Fire
Author/Editor: Legro, Jeffrey W
The Co-operative Movement in Indonesia
Coping with Adversity
Author/Editor: Wolman, Harold; Wial, Howard; St. Clair, Travis
The Copywrights
Author/Editor: Saint-Amour, Paul K
The Copywrights, 1
Author/Editor: Paul K. Saint-Amour
The Corn Economy of Indonesia
Author/Editor: C. Peter Timmer
Author/Editor: Altschuler, Glenn C.; Kramnick, Isaac
Cornell, 1
Cornell '69
Author/Editor: Downs, Donald Alexander
Cornell '69, 1
Author/Editor: Donald Alexander Downs
Cornell '77
Author/Editor: Conners, Peter
Corporate Warriors
Author/Editor: Singer, P. W
Corporatism and the Rule of Law: A Study of the National Recovery Administration
Author/Editor: Donald R. Brand
Corruption and Market in Contemporary China
Author/Editor: Sun, Yan
Corruption as a Last Resort
Author/Editor: McMann, Kelly M
Corruption as a Last Resort, 1
Author/Editor: Kelly M. McMann
Corwin on the Constitution: On Liberty Against Government
Author/Editor: RICHARD LOSS
Corwin on the Constitution: The Foundations of American Constitutional and Political Thought, the Powers of Congress, and the President's Power of Removal
Author/Editor: RICHARD LOSS
Corwin on the Constitution: The Judiciary
Author/Editor: RICHARD LOSS
The Cosmic Web
Author/Editor: Hayles, N. Katherine
The Costs of Conversation
Author/Editor: Mastro, Oriana Skylar
The Costs of Conversation: Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime
Author/Editor: Oriana Skylar Mastro
Author/Editor: Sandler, Daniela
Counterpreservation, 1
Author/Editor: Daniela Sandler,Peter Uwe Hohendahl
The Countryside in the Age of the Modern State
Author/Editor: Stock, Catherine McNicol; Johnston, Robert D
Courting Sanctity
Author/Editor: Field, Sean L
Courting Sanctity: Holy Women and the Capetians
Author/Editor: Sean L. Field
Covert Regime Change
Author/Editor: Lindsey A. O’Rourke
The Covert Sphere
Author/Editor: Melley, Timothy
Crafting Democracy
Author/Editor: Petro, Nicolai
Creating a Chinese Harbin: Nationalism in an International City, 1916–1932
Author/Editor: JAMES H. CARTER
Creating Christian Granada
Author/Editor: Coleman, David
Creating Cistercian Nuns
Author/Editor: Lester, Anne E
Creating Cistercian Nuns, 1
Author/Editor: Anne E. Lester
Creating Cooperation
Author/Editor: Culpepper, Pepper D
Creating Kosovo
Author/Editor: Skendaj, Elton
Creating Regimes
Author/Editor: Young, Oran R
Creating the Health Care Team of the Future
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sioban; Tassone, Maria; Hodges, Brian D
Creating the Suburban School Advantage: Race, Localism, and Inequality in an American Metropolis
Author/Editor: John L. Rury
Creative Reconstructions
Author/Editor: Fioretos, Orfeo
Creative State
Author/Editor: Iskander, Natasha
Creative State, 1
Author/Editor: Natasha Iskander
Creative Union
Author/Editor: Tomoff, Kiril
Author/Editor: Rosaldo, Renato; Lavie, Smadar; Narayan, Kirin
The Credibility Challenge
Author/Editor: von Borzyskowski, Inken
The Credibility Challenge: How Democracy Aid Influences Election Violence
Author/Editor: Inken von Borzyskowski
Creole Crossings
Author/Editor: Berman, Carolyn Vellenga
Cricket Behavior and Neurobiology
The Criminalization of Abortion in the West
Author/Editor: Müller, Wolfgang P
The Criminalization of Abortion in the West, 1
Author/Editor: Wolfgang P. Müller
Crippling Leviathan: How Foreign Subversion Weakens the State
Author/Editor: Melissa M. Lee
The Crisis of French Symbolism
Critical Terrains
Author/Editor: Lowe, Lisa
Critical Theory and Poststructuralism: In Search of a Context
Author/Editor: Mark Poster
Criticism in Action: Enlightenment Experiments in Political Writing
Author/Editor: Dena Goodman
Critique of Some Recent Subjunctive Theories
Author/Editor: Bennett, Charles Edwin
The Cross and the Sickle
Crossing Broadway
Author/Editor: Snyder, Robert W
Crossing the 49th Parallel
Author/Editor: Bruno Ramirez,Yves Otis
Crossing the Great Divide
Author/Editor: Smith, Vicki
Crucible of Beliefs: Learning, Alliances, and World Wars
Author/Editor: Dan Reiter
Crude Awakenings
Author/Editor: Yetiv, Steve A
Crude Awakenings, 1
Author/Editor: STEVE A. YETIV
Cruising Modernism
Author/Editor: Trask, Michael
Cultivating a Landscape of Peace
Author/Editor: Matthew Dennis
Cultivating the Masses
Author/Editor: Hoffmann, David L
The Cult of Asklepios
Author/Editor: Walton, Alice
The Cultural Dynamics of Democratization in Spain
Author/Editor: McDonough, Peter; Barnes, Samuel H.; Lopez-Pina, Antonio
The Cultural Front
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Sheila
Cultural Norms and National Security
Author/Editor: Katzenstein, Peter J
Cultural Pluralism and Dilemmas of Justice
Author/Editor: Monique Deveaux
Cultural Politics in Greater Romania
Author/Editor: Livezeanu, Irina
Cultural Studies and Political Theory
Author/Editor: Paul Apostolidis,Lauren Berlant,William E. Connolly,Barbara Cruikshank,Jodi Dean,Thomas L. Dumm,Judith Grant,Aida A. Hozic,George Lipsitz,Paul A. Passavant,Mark Reinhardt,Michael J. Shapiro,George Shulman,Kathleen Stewart,Priscilla Wald,Linda Zerilli,Jodi
Cultural Transactions: Nature, Self, Society
Author/Editor: Paul Hernadi
Culture and Cognition
Author/Editor: Schleifer, Ronald; Davis, Robert Con; Mergler, Nancy
Culture and Cognition: The Boundaries of Literary and Scientific Inquiry
Author/Editor: Ronald Schleifer,Robert Con Davis,Nancy Mergler
Culture And National Identity In Republican Rome
Author/Editor: Gruen, Erich S
Culture and Politics in Indonesia
Author/Editor: CLAIRE HOLT,Benedict R. O’G. Anderson,James Siegel
Culture and Power in Traditional Siamese Government
Author/Editor: Englehart, Neil A
The Culture of Cleanliness in Renaissance Italy
Author/Editor: Biow, Douglas
Culture of Misfortune
Author/Editor: Clete Daniel
Cultures at War
Author/Editor: Day, Tony; Liem, Maya H. T
Cultures of Confinement
Author/Editor: Dikötter, Frank; Brown, Ian
Cultures of Piety
Author/Editor: Bartlett, Anne Clark; Bestul, Thomas H
The Cum-Constructions
Author/Editor: Hale, William Gardner
The Cum-Constructions
Author/Editor: Hale, William Gardner
Curing Medicare
Author/Editor: Lazris, Andy
Currencies of Imagination
Author/Editor: Small, Ivan V
Currency and Contest in East Asia
Author/Editor: Grimes, William W
The Currency of Confidence
Author/Editor: Nelson, Stephen C
The Currency of Confidence, 1
Author/Editor: Stephen C. Nelson
The Currency of Ideas: Monetary Politics in the European Union
Author/Editor: Kathleen R. McNamara
Curse on This Country
Author/Editor: Orbach, Danny
Curse on This Country, 1
Author/Editor: Danny Orbach
Cutting Across the Lands
Author/Editor: Ferretti, Eveline