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Fables of Modernity
Author/Editor: Brown, Laura
The Face of Decline
Author/Editor: Dublin, Thomas; Licht, Walter
A Factious People
Author/Editor: Bonomi, Patricia U
A Factious People, 1
Author/Editor: Patricia U. Bonomi
Fading Corporatism
Author/Editor: Mundlak, Guy
Failure by Design
Author/Editor: Bivens, Josh
Failure by Design, 1
Author/Editor: Josh Bivens,Lawrence Mishel
Failure to Protect
Author/Editor: Janus, Eric S
Fair Land Sarawak
Author/Editor: Morrison, Alastair
Fair Shares
Author/Editor: Swenson, Peter
Faithful Narratives
Author/Editor: Sterk, Andrea; Caputo, Nina
Fallen Languages: Crises of Representation in Newtonian England, 1660–1740
The Fall of the Athenian Empire
Author/Editor: Kagan, Donald
Author/Editor: Fenster, Thelma; Smail, Daniel Lord
The Familiar Made Strange
Author/Editor: Blower, Brooke L.; Bradley, Mark Philip
The Family and the Nation
Author/Editor: Heuer, Jennifer Ngaire
Family Likeness
Author/Editor: Corbett, Mary Jean
Fantasies of Witnessing
Author/Editor: Weissman, Gary
Farewell, Revolution
Author/Editor: Steven Laurence Kaplan
Farewell, Revolution
Author/Editor: Steven Laurence Kaplan
Far from the Caliph's Gaze: Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian
Author/Editor: Nicholas H. A. Evans
Farmers on Welfare
Author/Editor: Knudsen, Ann-Christina L
Farming the Home Place: A Japanese Community in California, 1919–1982
Author/Editor: Valerie J. Matsumoto
The Fascist Effect
Author/Editor: Hofmann, Reto
Fast Tanks and Heavy Bombers
Author/Editor: Johnson, David E
Fatal Autonomy: Romantic Drama and the Rhetoric of Agency
Author/Editor: William Jewett
Fatal Desire
Author/Editor: Marsden, Jean I
The Fate of Eloquence in the Age of Hume
Author/Editor: ADAM POTKAY
The Fate of Freedom Elsewhere
Author/Editor: Schmidli, William Michael
Fathers, Families, and the State in France, 1914–1945
Author/Editor: Childers, Kristen Stromberg
Fat King, Lean Beggar
Fat-Talk Nation
Author/Editor: Greenhalgh, Susan
Fault Lines
Author/Editor: Bell, Beverly
Fear and Fortune
Author/Editor: High, Mette M
Fear and Sanctuary
Author/Editor: Lang, Hazel J
Fearful Spirits, Reasoned Follies
Author/Editor: Bailey, Michael D
Feasting and Social Oscillation
Author/Editor: Kirsch, A. Thomas
Federalists in Dissent
Author/Editor: Kerber, Linda K
Author/Editor: Rector, Chad
Federations, 1
Author/Editor: CHAD RECTOR
The Feejee Mermaid and Other Essays in Natural and Unnatural History
Author/Editor: Bondeson, Jan
Feeling Like Saints
Author/Editor: Somerset, Fiona
Female Choices
Author/Editor: Small, Meredith F
Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in America, 1848–1869
Author/Editor: Ellen Carol DuBois
Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus
Author/Editor: Fineman, Martha; Dougherty, Terence
Feminist Conversations
Author/Editor: Zwarg, Christina
Feminist Milton
Author/Editor: Joseph Wittreich
Feminist Theory, Women's Writing
Author/Editor: Finke, Laurie A
Feminizing the Fetish
Author/Editor: Apter, Emily
Author/Editor: Krips, Henry
Author/Editor: Fichte, Johann Gottlieb
The Fiction of Truth: Structures of Meaning in Narrative and Dramatic Allegory
Fictions of Authority
Author/Editor: Lanser, Susan Sniader
Fictions of Dignity
Author/Editor: Anker, Elizabeth S
Fictions of Dignity, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth S. Anker
Fictions of Embassy
Author/Editor: Hampton, Timothy
Fictions of Embassy, 1
Author/Editor: Timothy Hampton
Fictions of State
Author/Editor: Brantlinger, Patrick
Fictions of State: Culture and Credit in Britain, 1694–1994
Author/Editor: Patrick Brantlinger
Fiction's Overcoat
Author/Editor: Clowes, Edith W
Fictions, Philosophies, and the Problems of Poetics
Author/Editor: Peter J. McCormick
Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama
Author/Editor: Robert L. Dressler
Fieldnotes: The Makings of Anthropology
Author/Editor: ROGER SANJEK
Fields from the Sea
Author/Editor: Cushman, Jennifer
Fields of Combat
Author/Editor: Finley, Erin P
Fieldwork Is Not What It Used to Be
Author/Editor: Faubion, James D.; Marcus, George E
A Fiery Gospel
Author/Editor: Gamble, Richard M
A Fiery Gospel: The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Road to Righteous War
Author/Editor: Richard M. Gamble
Fifty Early Medieval Things
Author/Editor: Deliyannis, Deborah; Dey, Hendrik; Squatriti, Paolo
Fifty Early Medieval Things: Materials of Culture in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Deborah Deliyannis,Hendrik Dey,Paolo Squatriti
Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma: The Soldier and the Teacher
Author/Editor: Saw Ralph,Naw Sheera,Stephanie Olinga-Shannon,Martin Smith
The Fight for Local Control
Author/Editor: Scribner, Campbell F
A Fight for the Soul of Public Education
Author/Editor: Ashby, Steven; Bruno, Robert
Fighting for a Living Wage
Author/Editor: Luce, Stephanie
Fighting for Foreigners
Author/Editor: Shipper, Apichai W
Fighting for Life
Author/Editor: Ong, Walter J
Fighting for Partnership
Author/Editor: Turner, Lowell
Fighting for Rights
Author/Editor: Krebs, Ronald R
Fighting for Virtue: Justice and Politics in Thailand
Author/Editor: Duncan McCargo
Fighting Westway
Author/Editor: Buzbee, William W
Fighting Words
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Marc W
Figures of Criminality in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Colonial Vietnam
Author/Editor: Rafael, Vicente L
Final Solutions
Author/Editor: Valentino, Benjamin A
Financial Citizenship
Author/Editor: Riles, Annelise
Financial Stabilization in Meiji Japan: The Impact of the Matsukata Reform
Author/Editor: Steven J. Ericson
Firm Interests
Author/Editor: Woll, Cornelia
First, Do Less Harm
Author/Editor: Koppel, Ross; Gordon, Suzanne
Fish Behavior in the Aquarium and in the Wild
Author/Editor: Reebs, Stephan
Fish Viruses and Fish Viral Diseases
Author/Editor: KEN WOLF
A Fistful of Rubles
The Five
Author/Editor: Jabotinsky, Vladimir
The Five Post-Kleisthenean Tribes
Author/Editor: Bates, Fred Orlando
Fixing the Facts
Author/Editor: Rovner, Joshua
Fleas, Flies, and Friars
Author/Editor: Orme, Nicholas
The Fleeting Promise of Art
Author/Editor: Hohendahl, Peter Uwe
Flesh to Metal
Author/Editor: Hellebust, Rolf
Flowering Plants of the Galápagos
Author/Editor: Conley K. McMullen,Ghillean Prance
The Flower of Friendship
Author/Editor: Tilney, Edmund; Wayne, Valerie
Flying Blind: The Politics of the U.S. Strategic Bomber Program
Author/Editor: Michael E. Brown
The Foe Within
Author/Editor: Fuller, William C
"Follow the Flag": A History of the Wabash Railroad Company
Author/Editor: H. Roger Grant
Food Co-ops in America
Author/Editor: Knupfer, Anne Meis
Food for All in Africa
Author/Editor: Conway, Gordon; Badiane, Ousmane; Glatzel, Katrin
Food for All in Africa: Sustainable Intensification for African Farmers
Author/Editor: Gordon Conway,Ousmane Badiane,Katrin Glatzel
Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Watson, Derrill D. III
Food Policy for Developing Countries, 1
Author/Editor: Per Pinstrup-Andersen,Derrill D. Watson II,Søren E. Frandsen,Arie Kuyvenhoven,Joachim von Braun
Food Price Policy in Asia: A Comparative Study
Author/Editor: Terry Sicular
Food Trade and Foreign Policy: India, the Soviet Union, and the United States
Author/Editor: Robert L. Paarlberg
Forced to Be Good
Author/Editor: Hafner-Burton, Emilie M
Author/Editor: Immergluck, Daniel
Foreclosed, 1
Author/Editor: Dan Immergluck
Forever Faithful
Author/Editor: Roberts, Jim
For Fear of an Elective King
Author/Editor: Bartoloni-Tuazon, Kathleen
Forging America
Author/Editor: Bezis-Selfa, John
Forging a Union of Steel
Author/Editor: Clark, Paul F.; Gottlieb, Peter; Kennedy, Donald
For God and Globe
Author/Editor: Thompson, Michael G
Forgotten Firebrand
Author/Editor: McKivigan, John R
Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric
Forgotten Men and Fallen Women
Author/Editor: Allen, Holly
Forgotten Men and Fallen Women, 1
Author/Editor: Holly Allen
Formal Indonesian
Author/Editor: Wolff, John U
Formal Indonesian, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: John U. Wolff
Form as Revolt
Author/Editor: Zeidler, Sebastian
Form as Revolt, 1
Author/Editor: Sebastian Zeidler
The Formation of a Medieval Church
Author/Editor: MAUREEN C. MILLER
The Formation of Hell: Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds
Author/Editor: ALAN E. BERNSTEIN
Formative Fictions
Author/Editor: Boes, Tobias
The Forms of Historical Fiction
Author/Editor: Shaw, Harry E
For the Common Good
Author/Editor: Dorn, Charles
For the Common Good
Author/Editor: Luis R. Corteguera
Fortifying China
Author/Editor: Cheung, Tai Ming
The Foundation of Rome
Author/Editor: Grandazzi, Alexandre
Four Generations
Author/Editor: Greven, Philip
Fragile Conviction
Author/Editor: Pelkmans, Mathijs
Fragile Conviction, 1
Author/Editor: Mathijs Pelkmans
The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Dean, Carolyn J
Author/Editor: Martin, Christopher R
Frame, Glass, Verse
Author/Editor: Kalas, Rayna
Francis of Assisi
Author/Editor: Thompson, Augustine
Francis of Assisi: The Life
Author/Editor: Augustine Thompson
Franz Kafka
Author/Editor: Corngold, Stanley
Freedom Burning
Author/Editor: Huzzey, Richard
Freedom Burning, 1
Freedom Incorporated: Anticommunism and Philippine Independence in the Age of Decolonization
Author/Editor: Colleen Woods
Freedom in the Workplace?
Author/Editor: Ezorsky, Gertrude
Freelancing Expertise
Author/Editor: Osnowitz, Debra
Freer Markets, More Rules
Author/Editor: Vogel, Steven K
Frege in Perspective
Author/Editor: Weiner, Joan
French Historical Method: The Annales Paradigm
Author/Editor: Traian Stoianovich,Fernand Braudel
The French Idea of History
Author/Editor: Armenteros, Carolina
The French Republic
Author/Editor: Berenson, Edward; Duclert, Vincent; Prochasson, Christophe
The French Republic, 1
Author/Editor: Edward Berenson,Vincent Duclert,Christophe Prochasson
The French Revolution in Global Perspective
Author/Editor: Desan, Suzanne; Hunt, Lynn; Nelson, William Max
French Sociology
Author/Editor: Heilbron, Johan
Freshwater Dinoflagellates of North America
Author/Editor: Carty, Susan
Friends and Exiles
Author/Editor: Alwi, Des; Harvey, Barbara S
Friendship: A Philosophical Reader
Author/Editor: Neera Kapur Badhwar
From Company Doctors to Managed Care
Author/Editor: Krajcinovic, Ivana
From Convergence to Crisis
Author/Editor: Johnston, Alison
From Dependency to Independence
Author/Editor: Newell, Margaret Ellen
From Dependency to Independence, 1
From Development to Dictatorship
Author/Editor: Field, Thomas C
From Farm to Canal Street
Author/Editor: Imbruce, Valerie
From Hire to Liar
Author/Editor: Shulman, David
From Iron Rice Bowl to Informalization
Author/Editor: Kuruvilla, Sarosh; Lee, Ching Kwan
From Migrant to Worker
Author/Editor: Ford, Michele
From Migrant to Worker: Global Unions and Temporary Labor Migration in Asia
Author/Editor: Michele Ford
From Miracle to Mirage
Author/Editor: Yang, Myungji
From Mobility to Accessibility
Author/Editor: Levine, Jonathan; Grengs, Joe; Merlin, Louis A
From Mobility to Accessibility: Transforming Urban Transportation and Land-Use Planning
Author/Editor: Jonathan Levine,Joe Grengs,Louis A. Merlin
From Myth to Icon
Author/Editor: North, Helen F
From Newgate to Dannemora
Author/Editor: Lewis, W. David
From PKI to the Comintern, 1924–1941
Author/Editor: Kheng, Cheah Boon
From Plato to Platonism
Author/Editor: Gerson, Lloyd P
From Ruins to Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Qualls, Karl D
From Servants to Workers
Author/Editor: Ally, Shireen
From She-Wolf to Martyr
Author/Editor: Casteen, Elizabeth
From She-Wolf to Martyr, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Casteen
From Silence to Voice
Author/Editor: Buresh, Bernice; Gordon, Suzanne
From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: Bernice Buresh,Suzanne Gordon
From Sin to Insanity
Author/Editor: Watt, Jeffrey
From Song to Book
Author/Editor: Huot, Sylvia
From Song to Book: The Poetics of Writing in Old French Lyric and Lyrical Narrative Poetry
Author/Editor: SYLVIA HUOT
From Stalin to Mao
Author/Editor: Mëhilli, Elidor
From the Margins of Empire
Author/Editor: Yelin, Louise
From the Outside In
Author/Editor: Adams, Carolyn T
From the Outside In, 1
Author/Editor: Carolyn T. Adams
From Where I Sit
Author/Editor: Winston, Mark L
From Willard Straight to Wall Street
Author/Editor: Jones, Thomas W
From Willard Straight to Wall Street: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Thomas W. Jones
The Frontier Effect: State Formation and Violence in Colombia
Author/Editor: Teo Ballvé
Frontiers of Fear
Author/Editor: Chebel D'Appollonia, Ariane
Front-Page Girls
Author/Editor: Lutes, Jean Marie
The Fruits of Fascism
Author/Editor: Reich, Simon
The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Future of Renewable Energy
Author/Editor: Kan, Naoto
The Future of Change: How Technology Shapes Social Revolutions
Author/Editor: Ray Brescia
The Future of the Dollar
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric; Kirshner, Jonathan
The Future of the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Lang, Berel
Future Tense
Author/Editor: Panchasi, Roxanne
Future Tense, 1
Author/Editor: Roxanne Panchasi