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Sacred Folly
Author/Editor: Harris, Max
Sacred Folly, 1
Author/Editor: Max Harris
Author/Editor: Orsini, Alessandro
Safety in Numbers
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne; Buchanan, John; Bretherton, Tanya
The Saga of Olaf Tryggvason
Author/Editor: Snorrason, Oddr
The Saint and the Chopped-Up Baby
Author/Editor: Smoller, Laura Ackerman
The Saintly Politics of Catherine of Siena
Author/Editor: Luongo, F. Thomas
Saint/Oedipus: Psychocritical Approaches to Flaubert's Art
Author/Editor: William J. Berg,Michel Grimaud,George Moskos,Jean-Paul Sartre,Saint Julian,Michel Grimaud
Author/Editor: Uk, Krisna
Salvaging Community
Author/Editor: Touchton, Michael; Ashley, Amanda J
Salvaging Community: How American Cities Rebuild Closed Military Bases
Author/Editor: Michael Touchton,Amanda J. Ashley
Same-Sex Marriage in Renaissance Rome
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Gary
The Same Solitude
Author/Editor: Ciepiela, Catherine
Samurai to Soldier
Author/Editor: Jaundrill, D. Colin
Samurai to Soldier, 1
Author/Editor: D. Colin Jaundrill
Sanctified Landscape
Author/Editor: Schuyler, David
Sanctified Landscape, 1
Author/Editor: David Schuyler
The Sanctity of Louis IX
Author/Editor: Gaposchkin, M. Cecilia; Field, Sean L
Author/Editor: Artsybashev, Mikhail
San'ya Blues
Author/Editor: EDWARD FOWLER
Sarajevo, 1941–1945
Author/Editor: Greble, Emily
A Sarong for Clio
Author/Editor: Peleggi, Maurizio
Satanic Mills or Silicon Islands?
Author/Editor: McKay, Steven C
A Satellite Empire
Author/Editor: Solonari, Vladimir
A Satellite Empire: Romanian Rule in Southwestern Ukraine, 1941–1944
Author/Editor: Vladimir Solonari
Saudi Arabia
Author/Editor: Safran, Nadav
Saving Faith
Author/Editor: Mislin, David
Saving Faith, 1
Author/Editor: David Mislin
Saving Our Cities
Author/Editor: William W. Goldsmith
Sbek Thom
Author/Editor: Pech Tum Kravel,Sos Kem,Thavro Phim,Sos Kem,Martin Hatch
Scandal and Democracy
Author/Editor: McCoy, Mary E
Scandal Nation
Author/Editor: Temple, Kathryn
Scenarios of the Imaginary: Theorizing the French Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Josué V. Harari
Scenes of Sympathy
Author/Editor: Jaffe, Audrey
Scepticism, Knowledge, and Forms of Reasoning
Author/Editor: Koethe, John
The Scholems
Author/Editor: Geller, Jay Howard
The Scholems: A Story of the German-Jewish Bourgeoisie from Emancipation to Destruction
Author/Editor: Jay Howard Geller
School of Europeanness
Author/Editor: Dzenovska, Dace
Schools of Democracy
Author/Editor: Sinyai, Clayton
Science, Technology, and National Policy
Author/Editor: Thomas J. Kuehn,Alan L. Porter
The Scientific Reinterpretation of Form
Author/Editor: Norma E. Emerton
Scrambling for Africa
Author/Editor: Crane, Johanna Tayloe
A Scrap of Paper
Author/Editor: Hull, Isabel V
Screening Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Kitamura, Hiroshi
Scribes of Space
Author/Editor: Goldie, Matthew Boyd
Scribes of Space: Place in Middle English Literature and Late Medieval Science
Author/Editor: Matthew Boyd Goldie
Seabirds of Hawaii: Natural History and Conservation
Author/Editor: CRAIG S. HARRISON
The Search for the Gene
Author/Editor: Wallace, Bruce
Searching for Rural Development: Labor Migration and Employment in Mexico
Author/Editor: Merilee S. Grindle
Seasons of a Finger Lakes Winery
Author/Editor: JOHN C. HARTSOCK
Secession and Security
Author/Editor: Butt, Ahsan I
Secret Germany
Author/Editor: Norton, Robert E
The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus
Author/Editor: Ebeling, Florian
The Secret Mirror: Literary Form and History in Tocqueville's "Recollections''
Author/Editor: L. E. Shiner
The Secret Within
Author/Editor: Riehle, Wolfgang
Securing a Place
Author/Editor: Morrell, Elizabeth
Securing Japan
Author/Editor: Samuels, Richard J
Security, Loyalty, and Science
Seductive Reasoning
Author/Editor: Ellen Rooney
Seeing Chekhov
Author/Editor: Finke, Michael C
Selective Judicial Competence
Author/Editor: Hoadley, Mason C
The Self and Its Pleasures
Author/Editor: Carolyn J. Dean
Self and Story in Russian History
Author/Editor: Engelstein, Laura; Sandler, Stephanie
Self Employment: A Labor Market Perspective
Author/Editor: Robert L. Aronson
The Self in Moral Space
Author/Editor: Parker, David
Self/Power/Other: Political Theory and Dialogical Ethics
Author/Editor: ROMAND COLES
Selling Hope and College
Author/Editor: Posecznick, Alex
Selling Technology
Author/Editor: Darr, Asaf
Author/Editor: Hawkins, Michael C
Semi-Civilized: The Moro Village at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Author/Editor: Michael C. Hawkins
Seneca's "Hercules Furens"
Author/Editor: SENECA,John G. Fitch
Seneca's Hercules Furens
A Sense of Power
Author/Editor: Thompson, John A
The Sense of the Song of Roland
Author/Editor: Robert Francis Cook
The Senses of Humor
Author/Editor: Wickberg, Daniel
The Senses of Modernism: Technology, Perception, and Aesthetics
Author/Editor: Sara Danius
Sentiment, Reason, and Law
Author/Editor: Martin, Jeffrey T
Separated by Their Sex
Author/Editor: Norton, Mary Beth
Separated by Their Sex, 1
Author/Editor: Mary Beth Norton
The Sephardic Frontier
Author/Editor: Ray, Jonathan
The Sephardic Frontier, 1
Author/Editor: JONATHAN RAY
Sex and Society in the World of the Orthodox Slavs 900–1700
Author/Editor: Levin, Eve
Sex Drives
Author/Editor: Frost, Laura
Sex, Drugs, and Body Counts
Author/Editor: Andreas, Peter; Greenhill, Kelly M
Sexing the Citizen
Author/Editor: Surkis, Judith
Sexing the Mind: Nineteenth-Century Fictions of Hysteria
Author/Editor: Evelyne Ender
Sex, Law, and Sovereignty in French Algeria, 1830–1930
Author/Editor: Surkis, Judith
Sex, Love, and Migration
Author/Editor: Bloch, Alexia
The Sex of Class
Author/Editor: Cobble, Dorothy Sue
The Sexual Economy of War
Author/Editor: Byers, Andrew
The Sexual Economy of War: Discipline and Desire in the U.S. Army
Author/Editor: Andrew Byers
Sexual Encounters
Author/Editor: Wallace, Lee
Sexuality, State, and Civil Society in Germany, 1700–1815
Author/Editor: ISABEL V. HULL
Sexual Politics and Feminist Science
Author/Editor: Leng, Kirsten
The Shadow of Heaven: Matter and Stance in Milton's Poetry
Author/Editor: Jon S. Lawry
The Shadow of the Past
Author/Editor: Miller, Gregory D
The Shadow Welfare State
Author/Editor: Gottschalk, Marie
Shaken Authority
Author/Editor: Sorace, Christian P
Shakespeare among the Moderns
Author/Editor: Richard Halpern
Shakespeare and the Grammar of Forgiveness
Author/Editor: Beckwith, Sarah
Shakespeare and the Mismeasure of Renaissance Man
Author/Editor: Blank, Paula
Shakespeare Remains
Author/Editor: Lehmann, Courtney
Shakespeare Reread
Author/Editor: McDonald, Russ
Shakespeare's Foreign Worlds
Author/Editor: Levin, Carole; Watkins, John
Shakespeare's Medieval Craft
Author/Editor: Schreyer, Kurt A
Shakespeare's Monarchies: Ruler and Subject in the Romances
Author/Editor: Constance Jordan
A Shameful Business
Author/Editor: Gross, James A
A Shameful Business, 1
Author/Editor: James A. Gross
The Shape of Hawthorne's Career
Author/Editor: NINA BAYM
Shaping a City
Author/Editor: MACK TRAVIS
Shared Symbols, Contested Meanings
Author/Editor: Fowler, Loretta
She Hath Been Reading
Author/Editor: Scheil, Katherine West
She Was One of Us
Author/Editor: O'Farrell, Brigid
Shifting Landmarks
Author/Editor: JEFFREY A. BOWMAN
A Shifting Shore
Author/Editor: Garner, Alice
Shopping for Change
Author/Editor: Hyman, Louis; Tohill, Joseph
The Shorter Writings
Author/Editor: Xenophon; McBrayer, Gregory A
Siberian Survival
Author/Editor: Golovnev, Andrei V.; Osherenko, Gail
Signature Pieces
Author/Editor: Kamuf, Peggy
Signifying Woman
Author/Editor: Zerilli, Linda M. G
Signs of Light
Author/Editor: Lauzon, Mattew
Signs of Light, 1
Author/Editor: Matthew Lauzon
Silent Serial Sensations: The Wharton Brothers and the Magic of Early Cinema
Author/Editor: Barbara Tepa Lupack
Singers, Heroes, and Gods in the Odyssey
Author/Editor: Segal, Charles
Singing the French Revolution
Author/Editor: Mason, Laura
Singing the Past
Author/Editor: Reichl, Karl
Singing the Past: Turkic and Medieval Heroic Poetry
Author/Editor: Karl Reichl,Gregory Nagy
Author/Editor: Sonya Salamon,Katherine MacTavish
The Sipuncula
Author/Editor: Edward B. Cutler
Site Fights
Author/Editor: Aldrich, Daniel P
Sizing Down
Author/Editor: Illes, Louise Moser
Author/Editor: Mrázek, Rudolf
Skilled Hands, Strong Spirits
Skis in the Art of War
Author/Editor: K. B. E. E. Eimeleus,William D. Frank,E. John B. Allen
Slavophile Empire
Author/Editor: Engelstein, Laura
The Sleep of Behemoth
Author/Editor: Malegam, Jehangir Yezdi
Small Arms
Author/Editor: Bloom, Mia
Small Arms: Children and Terrorism
Author/Editor: Mia Bloom,John Horgan
Small States in World Markets: Industrial Policy in Europe
Author/Editor: Peter J. Katzenstein
Small Works
Author/Editor: Donaldson, John H
Author/Editor: Ryan, Rob
The Smile of the Human Bomb
Author/Editor: Aran, Gideon
Smoking under the Tsars
Author/Editor: Starks, Tricia
Author/Editor: Mullin, Stephen J.; Seigel, Richard A
Snakes, 1
The Sober Revolution
Author/Editor: Joseph Bohling
The Social Biology of Wasps
Author/Editor: Ross, Kenneth G.; Matthews, Robert W
Social Democracy and Welfare Capitalism
The Socialist Car
Author/Editor: Siegelbaum, Lewis H
Socialist Insecurity
Author/Editor: Frazier, Mark W
Social Justice Feminists in the United States and Germany
Author/Editor: Sklar, Kathryn Kish; Schüler, Anja; Strasser, Susan
The Social Life of Fluids
Author/Editor: Law, Jules David
The Social Sources of Financial Power
Author/Editor: Seabrooke, Leonard
Societies and Military Power: India and Its Armies
Author/Editor: Stephen Peter Rosen
The Socioeconomic Dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Africa
Author/Editor: Sahn, David E
Socrates, Ironist and Moral Philosopher
Author/Editor: Vlastos, Gregory
Sodom on the Thames
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Morris B
So Great a Light, So Great a Smoke
Author/Editor: Burnham, Louisa A
So Great a Light, So Great a Smoke, 1
Author/Editor: LOUISA A. BURNHAM
Solidarity Transformed
Author/Editor: Anner, Mark S
Solid State: The Story of "Abbey Road" and the End of the Beatles
Author/Editor: Kenneth Womack,Alan Parsons
The Song of Songs in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Ann W. Astell
Songs of the Factory
Author/Editor: Korczynski, Marek
Songs of the Factory, 1
Author/Editor: Marek Korczynski
Sons and Daughters of Labor: Class and Clerical Work in Turn-of-the-Century Pittsburgh
Author/Editor: Ileen A. DeVault
Sons of the Gods, Children of Earth
Author/Editor: Rose, Peter W
Sons of the Gods, Children of Earth: Ideology and Literary Form in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Peter W. Rose
Author/Editor: North, Helen F
Sorry States
Author/Editor: Lind, Jennifer
Soul, Body, and Survival
Author/Editor: Corcoran, Kevin
The Soul of Armies
Author/Editor: Long, Austin
The Soul of Justice
Author/Editor: Willett, Cynthia
The Soul of Pleasure
Author/Editor: Monod, David
The Soul of Pleasure, 1
Author/Editor: David Monod
Sound and Fury: The Making of the Punditocracy, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Eric Alterman
Soundings in Critical Theory
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
The Sources of Anti-Slavery Constitutionalism in America, 1760-1848
Author/Editor: Wiecek, William M
The Sources of Democratic Consolidation
Author/Editor: Gerard Alexander
The Sources of Military Doctrine
Author/Editor: Posen, Barry R
The Sources of Military Doctrine, 1
Author/Editor: Barry R. Posen
Southeast Asia in the Early Modern Era
Author/Editor: Reid, Anthony J. S
Southeast Asian Capitalists
Author/Editor: McVey, Ruth T
Southeast Asian Ephemeris
Author/Editor: Eade, J. C
Southeast Asian Studies
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Craig J.; McVey, Ruth T
Southeast Asia over Three Generations
Author/Editor: Siegel, James T.; Kahin, Audrey R
Southern Vietnam under the Reign of Minh Mang (1820–1841)
Author/Editor: Wook, Choi Byung
The Sovereign Entrepreneur: Oil Policies in Advanced and Less Developed Capitalist Countries
Author/Editor: Merrie Gilbert Klapp
Sovereign Nations, Carnal States
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Kam
Sovereign Necropolis: The Politics of Death in Semi-Colonial Siam
Author/Editor: Trais Pearson
Sovereignty Experiments
Author/Editor: Park, Alyssa M
Sovereignty Experiments: Korean Migrants and the Building of Borders in Northeast Asia, 1860–1945
Author/Editor: Alyssa M. Park
Sowing Modernity
Author/Editor: McClelland, Peter D
Spaces of Feeling
Author/Editor: Figlerowicz, Marta
The Space That Remains
Author/Editor: Pelttari, Aaron
The Space that Remains, 1
Author/Editor: Aaron Pelttari
Spacious Minds: Trauma and Resilience in Tibetan Buddhism
Author/Editor: Sara E. Lewis
Spartak Moscow
Author/Editor: Edelman, Robert
Speaking of Slavery
Author/Editor: Epstein, Steven A
Speaking of Slavery: Color, Ethnicity, and Human Bondage in Italy
Author/Editor: STEVEN A. EPSTEIN
Speaking Out in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Kerkvliet, Benedict J. Tria
Speaking Out in Vietnam: Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party–Ruled Nation
Author/Editor: Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet
Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany
Author/Editor: Boos, Sonja
Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany, 1
Author/Editor: Sonja Boos
Speaking through the Mask
Author/Editor: Moruzzi, Norma Claire
Special Duty: A History of the Japanese Intelligence Community
Author/Editor: Richard J. Samuels
The Spectacular Past
Author/Editor: Samuels, Maurice
The Specter of the People
Author/Editor: Cho, Mun Young
Spenser and Biblical Poetics
Author/Editor: Carol V. Kaske
Spheres of Intervention
Author/Editor: Stocker, James R
The Spirit and Its Letter: Traces of Rhetoric in Hegel's Philosophy of Bildung
Author/Editor: John H. Smith
Spirited Politics
Author/Editor: Willford, Andrew C.; George, Kenneth M
Spirit Matters
Author/Editor: Franklin, J. Jeffrey
Spirits and Clocks
Author/Editor: Dennis Des Chene
Spiritual Economies
Author/Editor: Rudnyckyj, Daromir
Spoils of Truce
Author/Editor: Leenders, Reinoud
Spreading the Word
Author/Editor: Wosh, Peter J
Stages of History
Author/Editor: Rackin, Phyllis
Author/Editor: Clay, Lauren R
Staging Harmony
Author/Editor: Brokaw, Katherine Steele
Staging Reform, Reforming the Stage: Protestantism and Popular Theater in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Huston Diehl
The Stag of Love
Author/Editor: Thiébaux, Marcelle
Stag of Love
Author/Editor: Thiébaux, Marcelle
Stalinist Values
Author/Editor: Hoffmann, David L
Stalin's Outcasts
Author/Editor: Alexopoulos, Golfo
Stalled Democracy
Author/Editor: Bellin, Eva
Stanley’s Girl
Author/Editor: Eisenberg, Susan
Stanley’s Girl
Author/Editor: Eisenberg, Susan
State and Society in Contemporary Korea
Author/Editor: Koo, Hagen
The Statebuilder's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Lake, David A
State Building and Late Development
Author/Editor: Waldner, David
Statebuilding by Imposition
Author/Editor: Matsuzaki, Reo
Statebuilding by Imposition: Resistance and Control in Colonial Taiwan and the Philippines
Author/Editor: Reo Matsuzaki
State-Building: Governance and World Order in the 21st Century
Statecraft by Stealth
Author/Editor: Wagner, Steven B
Author/Editor: Steinmetz, George
State Erosion
Author/Editor: Markowitz, Lawrence P
State Intervention in Medical Care: Consequences for Britain, France, Sweden, and the United States, 1890-1970
State of Authority
Author/Editor: van Van Klinken, Gerry; Barker, Joshua
State of Suffering
Author/Editor: Trnka, Susanna
The State of Working America, 12
The State of Working America, 12th Edition
Author/Editor: Mishel, Lawrence; Bivens, Josh; Gould, Elise
States and the Reemergence of Global Finance
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric
States' Gains, Labor's Losses
Author/Editor: Solinger, Dorothy J
States' Gains, Labor's Losses, 1
Author/Editor: Dorothy J. Solinger
Stay Alive, My Son
Author/Editor: Yathay, Pin
St. Jerome as a Satirist
Author/Editor: Wiesen, David S. 
Stolen Song: How the Troubadours Became French
Author/Editor: Eliza Zingesser
Stopping the Bomb
Author/Editor: Miller, Nicholas L
Stories of House and Home
Author/Editor: Varga-Harris, Christine
Stories of House and Home, 1
Stories of the Soviet Experience
Author/Editor: Paperno, Irina
Storm of Steel
Author/Editor: Habeck, Mary R
The Story of Creation: Its Origin and Its Interpretation in Philo and the Fourth Gospel
Author/Editor: Calum M. Carmichael
Stranger in Our Midst
Author/Editor: Segel, Harold B
Strategic Adjustment and the Rise of China
Author/Editor: Ross, Robert S.; Tunsjø, Øystein
Strategic Coupling
Author/Editor: Yeung, Henry Wai-chung
Strategic Hamlets in South Vietnam
Author/Editor: Osborne, Milton E
Strategies for Employee Assistance Programs
Author/Editor: Sonnenstuhl, William J.; Trice, Harrison M
Strategies for Employee Assistance Programs, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: William J. Sonnenstuhl,Harrison M. Trice
Strategies for Governing: Reinventing Public Administration for a Dangerous Century
Author/Editor: Alasdair Roberts
Street Sovereigns: Young Men and the Makeshift State in Urban Haiti
Author/Editor: Chelsey L. Kivland
Streetwise for Book Smarts
Author/Editor: Su, Celina
Stretched Thin
Author/Editor: Morgen, Sandra; Acker, Joan; Weigt, Jill
A Stripe of Tammany's Tiger
Author/Editor: Eisenstein, Louis; Rosenberg, Elliot
Strong Governments, Precarious Workers
Author/Editor: Philip Rathgeb
"Strong of Body, Brave and Noble"
Author/Editor: Constance Brittain Bouchard
The Structure of Old Norse "Dróttkvætt" Poetry
Author/Editor: Kari Ellen Gade
Stuck on Communism: Memoir of a Russian Historian
Author/Editor: Lewis H. Siegelbaum
Studies in Latin Moods and Tenses
Author/Editor: Elmer, Herbert Charles
Studies in Southeast Asian Art
Author/Editor: Taylor, Nora A
Studies on Vietnamese Language and Literature
Author/Editor: Dinh Tham, Nguyen
Study Guide to John E. H. Sherry, The Laws of Innkeepers, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Seaquist, Gwen
A Study in Case Rivalry
Author/Editor: Babcock, Clinton L
A Study of Sophoclean Drama
Author/Editor: Kirkwood, G. M
A Study of the Greek Paean, with Appendixes containing the Hymns Found at Delphi and the Other Extant Fragments of Paeans
Author/Editor: Fairbanks, Arthur
The Stuff of Soldiers
Author/Editor: Schechter, Brandon M
Style Is Matter
Author/Editor: de la Durantaye, Leland
Subject Siam
Author/Editor: Loos, Tamara
The Subjunctive Substantive Clauses in Plautus, not Including Indirect Questions
Author/Editor: Durham, Charles L
Sublime Surrender
Author/Editor: Stewart-Steinberg, Suzanne
Subprime Nation
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Herman M
Subprime Nation, 1
Subsidizing Democracy
Author/Editor: Miller, Michael G
Substance and Essence in Aristotle
Author/Editor: Witt, Charlotte
A Substitute for Victory
Author/Editor: Rosemary Foot
Subterranean Cities
Author/Editor: Pike, David L
Subterranean Estates
Author/Editor: Appel, Hannah; Mason, Arthur; Watts, Michael
Author/Editor: Hanson, Royce
Suburb, 1
Author/Editor: Royce Hanson
Suffrage Reconstructed
Author/Editor: Free, Laura
Suicide as a Cultural Institution in Dostoevsky's Russia
Author/Editor: Paperno, Irina
Sumatran Sultanate and Colonial State
Author/Editor: Locher-Scholten, Elsbeth
Author/Editor: Lovell, Stephen
Summerfolk, 1
Sunbelt Working Mothers
Author/Editor: Lamphere, Louise; Zavella, Patricia; Gonzales, Felipe
Sung Birds
Author/Editor: Leach, Elizabeth Eva
The Sungod's Journey through the Netherworld
Author/Editor: Schweizer, Andreas
Super Bomb: Organizational Conflict and the Development of the Hydrogen Bomb
Author/Editor: Ken Young,Warner R. Schilling
The Supplement of Reading
Author/Editor: Rajan, Tilottama
The Supreme Court and Constitutional Democracy
Author/Editor: John Agresto
The Supreme Court on Unions
Author/Editor: Julius G. Getman
Surface and Depth
Author/Editor: Shusterman, Richard
Surfacing Up
Author/Editor: Jackson, Lynette
Surgeons and the Scope
Author/Editor: Zetka, James R
Author/Editor: Miller, Christopher R
Survival Migration
Author/Editor: Betts, Alexander
Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics
Author/Editor: Peterson, Janine Larmon
Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics: Disputed Sanctity and Communal Identity in Late Medieval Italy
Author/Editor: Janine Larmon Peterson
The Suspicion of Virtue
Author/Editor: JOHN J. CONLEY
Author/Editor: Ebihara, May Mayko; Mertha, Andrew C
Swedish Design
Author/Editor: Murphy, Keith M
The Symbolism of the Stupa
Author/Editor: Snodgrass, Adrian
The Symbolism of the Stupa, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Adrian Snodgrass
The Sympathetic Medium
Author/Editor: Galvan, Jill
The Sympathetic Medium, 1
Author/Editor: Jill Galvan
Author/Editor: Hildegard of Bingen
Symphonia: A Critical Edition of the "Symphonia Armonie Celestium Revelationum" (Symphony of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations), Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Saint Hildegard of Bingen,Barbara Newman