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Tai Ahoms and the Stars
Tainted Souls and Painted Faces
Author/Editor: Anderson, Amanda
Take Back Our Future
Author/Editor: Lee, Ching Kwan; Sing, Ming
Take Back Our Future: An Eventful Sociology of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement
Author/Editor: Ching Kwan Lee,Ming Sing
Taking Back the Workers' Law
Author/Editor: Dannin, Ellen
Taking Southeast Asia to Market
Author/Editor: Nevins, Joseph; Peluso, Nancy Lee
The Talents of Jacopo da Varagine
Author/Editor: Epstein, Steven A
The Talents of Jacopo da Varagine, 1
Author/Editor: Steven A. Epstein
Tales from Djakarta
Author/Editor: Toer, Pramoedya Ananta
Talking about Machines
Author/Editor: JULIAN E. ORR
Talk of the Nation
Author/Editor: Csergo, Zsuzsa
Tamed Power
Author/Editor: Katzenstein, Peter J
Taming Cannibals
Author/Editor: Brantlinger, Patrick
Taming Cannibals, 1
Author/Editor: Patrick Brantlinger
Taming Democracy
Author/Editor: Yunis, Harvey
Taming Japan's Deflation
Author/Editor: Gene Park,Saori N. Katada,Giacomo Chiozza,Yoshiko Kojo
The Taming of Evolution
Author/Editor: Greenwood, Davydd
Taming the Disorderly City
Author/Editor: Murray, Martin J
Taming the Wild Field: Colonization and Empire on the Russian Steppe
Author/Editor: Willard Sunderland
Taming Tibet
Author/Editor: Yeh, Emily T
Targeting Civilians in War
Author/Editor: Downes, Alexander B
Tasting Difference: Food, Race, and Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Literature
Author/Editor: Gitanjali G. Shahani
Tax Havens
Author/Editor: Palan, Ronen; Murphy, Richard; Chavagneux, Christian
Teachers on Trial
Author/Editor: Gross, James A
The Teahouse under Socialism
Author/Editor: Wang, Di
Tearing Apart the Land
Author/Editor: McCargo, Duncan
The Technocratic Antarctic
Author/Editor: O'Reilly, Jessica
Technology in the Western Political Tradition
Author/Editor: Arthur M. Melzer,Jerry Weinberger,M. Richard Zinman
Telecommunications: Restructuring Work and Employment Relations Worldwide
Author/Editor: HARRY C. KATZ
Telling Classical Tales: Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women
Author/Editor: Lisa J. Kiser
Telling October
Author/Editor: Corney, Frederick
Telling Stories
Author/Editor: Maynes, Mary Jo; Pierce, Jennifer L.; Laslett, Barbara
Telling Stories, 1
Author/Editor: Mary Jo Maynes,Jennifer L. Pierce,Barbara Laslett
Telling Stories Out of Court
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Ruth
Telling the Truth
Author/Editor: Foley, Barbara C
The Templars, the Witch, and the Wild Irish
Author/Editor: Callan, Maeve Brigid
Author/Editor: Rogers, Jackie Krasas
The Tempter's Voice
Author/Editor: Jager, Eric
The Tent Caterpillars
Author/Editor: Terrence D. Fitzgerald
Terror and Greatness: Ivan and Peter as Russian Myths
Author/Editor: Kevin M. F. Platt
The Tet Offensive
Author/Editor: James J. Wirtz
Textbook of Arthropod Anatomy
Author/Editor: R. E. SNODGRASS
Textiles and Industrial Transition in Japan
Author/Editor: Dennis L. McNamara
Textual Strategies: Perspectives in Post-Structuralist Criticism
Author/Editor: Josue V. Harari
Textures of Struggle
Author/Editor: Pangsapa, Piya
Textures of Struggle, 1
Author/Editor: Piya Pangsapa
Author/Editor: Chaloemtiarana, Thak
Thai Radical Discourse
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Craig J
That the People Might Live
Author/Editor: Krupat, Arnold
That the People Might Live, 1
Author/Editor: Arnold Krupat
Theater as Problem: Modern Drama and Its Place in Literature
Author/Editor: Benjamin Bennett
Theaters of Pardoning
Author/Editor: Bernadette Meyler
Author/Editor: Statius
Thebaid, 1
Author/Editor: Jane Wilson Joyce
The Theban Plays
Author/Editor: Sophocles
Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning
Author/Editor: Murphy, Nancey
Theories of the Theatre
Author/Editor: Carlson, Marvin A
Theories of the Theatre, ENL - Enlarged, 2
Author/Editor: Marvin Carlson
Theory Can Be More than It Used to Be
Author/Editor: Boyer, Dominic; Faubion, James D.; Marcus, George E
They Never Come Back
Author/Editor: Schryer, Frans J
They Never Come Back, 1
Author/Editor: Frans J. Schryer
They Will Have Their Game
Author/Editor: Cohen, Kenneth
Things of Darkness
Author/Editor: Hall, Kim F
Think Global, Fear Local
Author/Editor: Leheny, David
Thinking beyond the State
Author/Editor: Abélès, Marc
Thinking in Time
Author/Editor: Guerlac, Suzanne
Thinking in Time, 1
Thinking through the Mothers
Author/Editor: Beizer, Janet
Thinking through the Mothers, 1
Author/Editor: Janet Beizer
Think No Evil
Author/Editor: C. FRED ALFORD
Third-Sector Development
Author/Editor: Gunn, Christopher
Third Wave Capitalism
Author/Editor: John Ehrenreich
This Could Be the Start of Something Big
Author/Editor: Pastor, Manuel Jr.; Benner, Chris
This Luminous Coast
Author/Editor: Pretty, Jules
This Luminous Coast: Walking England's Eastern Edge
Author/Editor: JULES PRETTY
This Place Will Become Home
Author/Editor: Hammond, Laura C
This Thing of Darkness
Author/Editor: Neuberger, Joan
This Thing of Darkness: Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible in Stalin's Russia
Author/Editor: Joan Neuberger
Thomas Mann's War: Literature, Politics, and the World Republic of Letters
Author/Editor: Tobias Boes
Thomas Reid on Freedom and Morality
Author/Editor: William L. Rowe
The Thought of Work
Author/Editor: Budd, John W
A Threat to Public Peity, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth DePalma Digeser
A Threat to Public Piety
Author/Editor: Digeser, Elizabeth DePalma
Threshold of a New World: Intellectuals and the Exile Experience in Paris, 1830-1848
Author/Editor: Lloyd S. Kramer
Through Jaundiced Eyes
Author/Editor: Puette, William
Thucydides and the Pursuit of Freedom
Author/Editor: Nichols, Mary P
Thucydides and the Pursuit of Freedom, 1
Author/Editor: Mary P. Nichols
Thucydides, Hobbes, and the Interpretation of Realism
Author/Editor: LAURIE M. JOHNSON
The Tie That Bound Us
Author/Editor: Laughlin-Schultz, Bonnie
Time and Eternity
Author/Editor: Brian Leftow
To Be a Citizen
Author/Editor: James R. Lehning
To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelical Influence on Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations
Author/Editor: Lauren Frances Turek
To Build as Well as Destroy
Author/Editor: Gawthorpe, Andrew J
To Follow in Their Footsteps
Author/Editor: Paul, Nicholas L
To Follow in Their Footsteps, 1
Author/Editor: Nicholas L. Paul
To Kill Nations
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Edward
To Kill Nations, 1
Author/Editor: Edward Kaplan
To Kiss the Chastening Rod: Domestic Fiction and Sexual Ideology in the American Renaissance
Author/Editor: G. M. Goshgarian
To Live upon Hope
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Rachel
Tolstoy and the Genesis of "War and Peace"
Author/Editor: Kathryn B. Feuer,Robin Feuer Miller,Donna Tussing Orwin
Tolstoy On War
Author/Editor: McPeak, Rick; Orwin, Donna Tussing
To Make a Poet Black
Author/Editor: Redding, J. Saunders
Tomorrow a New World: The New Deal Community Program
Author/Editor: Paul K. Conkin
Too Few Women at the Top
Author/Editor: Nemoto, Kumiko
Too Few Women at the Top, 1
Author/Editor: Kumiko Nemoto
To Plead Our Own Cause
Author/Editor: Bales, Kevin; Trodd, Zoe
To Plead Our Own Cause, 1
The Topography of Modernity
Author/Editor: Schreiber, Elliott
To Set This World Right
Author/Editor: Petrulionis, Sandra Harbert
To Shape Our World for Good
Author/Editor: Walldorf, C. William
To Shape Our World for Good: Master Narratives and Regime Change in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1900–2011
Author/Editor: C. William Walldorf Jr.
The Total Work of Art in European Modernism
Author/Editor: Roberts, David
To the Tashkent Station
Author/Editor: Manley, Rebecca
Toward a Liberalism
Author/Editor: Flathman, Richard
To Win the Peace: British Propaganda in the United States during World War II
Author/Editor: Susan A. Brewer
Toxic Exports
Author/Editor: Jennifer Clapp
Traders and Gentlefolk
Author/Editor: Kierner, Cynthia A
Traders in Motion
Author/Editor: Endres, Kirsten W.; Leshkowich, Ann Marie
Trading Territories
Author/Editor: Brotton, Jerry
Trafficking Justice
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Lauren A
Trafficking with Demons
Author/Editor: Rampton, Martha
Tragedies of Tyrants: Political Thought and Theater in the English Renaissance
Author/Editor: Rebecca W. Bushnell
Trailing Clouds
Author/Editor: Cowart, David
Transcendental Utopias
Author/Editor: Richard Francis
Transcending Capitalism
Author/Editor: Brick, Howard
The Transfigured Kingdom
Author/Editor: Ernest A. Zitser
Transfigured World
The Transformation of American Air Power
Author/Editor: Benjamin S. Lambeth
The Transformation of American Industrial Relations
Author/Editor: Kochan, Thomas A.; Katz, Harry C.; McKersie, Robert B
The Transformation of American Industrial Relations, 2
The Transformation of a Religious Landscape
Author/Editor: Ramseyer, Valerie
The Transformation of a Religious Landscape, 1
Author/Editor: Valerie Ramseyer
The Transformation of Central Asia
Author/Editor: Jones Luong, Pauline
Transforming Agrarian Economies
Author/Editor: Tomich, Thomas P.; Kilby, Peter; Johnston, Bruce F
Transforming Europe
Author/Editor: Cowles, Maria Green; Caporaso, James; Risse, Thomas
Transforming the Clunky Organization
Author/Editor: Bacharach, Samuel B
Transforming Women's Work
Author/Editor: Dublin, Thomas
Translations of Power: Narcissim and the Unconscious in Epic History
Author/Editor: Elizabeth J. Bellamy
The Transmission of Affect
Author/Editor: Brennan, Teresa
The Transmission of Beowulf
Author/Editor: Neidorf, Leonard
Transnational Cooperation among Labor Unions
Author/Editor: Gordon, Michael A.; Turner, Lowell
Transnational Tortillas
Author/Editor: Bank Muñoz, Carolina
Transnational Tortillas, 1
Author/Editor: Carolina Bank Muñoz
Travels through the Middle Settlements in North-America in the Years 1759 and 1760, 2
Author/Editor: Andrew Burnaby
Travels through the Middle Settlements in North-America in the Years 1759 and 1760
Author/Editor: Burnaby, Andrew
Traversing: Embodied Lifeworlds in the Czech Republic
Author/Editor: Susanna Trnka
Treason by Words
Author/Editor: Lemon, Rebecca
Treason by Words, 1
Author/Editor: Rebecca Lemon
A Tremendous Thing
Author/Editor: Jusdanis, Gregory
Trends in Khmer Art
Author/Editor: Boisselier, Jean; Eilenberg, Natasha; Elliot, Melvin
The Triangle Fire, Centennial Edition
Author/Editor: Stein, Leon
The Triumph of Improvisation
Author/Editor: Wilson, James Graham
Tropical Forests and Their Crops
Author/Editor: Smith, Nigel J. H.; Williams, J. T.; Plucknett, Donald L
Tropical Fruits and Other Edible Plants of the World: An Illustrated Guide
Author/Editor: ROLF BLANCKE
Troubled Industries: Confronting Economic Change in Japan
Author/Editor: Robert M. Uriu
Troubled Waters
Author/Editor: Kamrava, Mehran
The Truce
Author/Editor: Umemoto, Karen
True France
Author/Editor: Lebovics, Herman
The Tsar's Viceroys: Russian Provincial Governors in the Last Years of the Empire
Author/Editor: Richard G. Robbins, Jr.
Author/Editor: Gorsuch, Anne E.; Koenker, Diane P
The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet
Author/Editor: Jeff Kosseff
Twilight of the Titans
Author/Editor: MacDonald, Paul K.; Parent, Joseph M
Two Crises, Different Outcomes
Author/Editor: Pempel, T. J.; Tsunekawa, Keiichi
The Two Intellectual Worlds of John Locke
Author/Editor: Yolton, John W
Two Weeks Every Summer
Author/Editor: Shearer, Tobin Miller
Tyranny and Political Culture in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: James F. McGlew
Tyranny of the Weak
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Charles K