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Values at Work
Author/Editor: Cheney, George
Values at Work, 2
Author/Editor: George Cheney
The Van Arteveldes of Ghent: The Varieties of Vendetta and the Hero in History
Author/Editor: David Nicholas
The Vanished Imam
Author/Editor: Ajami, Fouad
The Vanished Imam, 1
Author/Editor: Fouad Ajami
The Vanishing Hectare
Author/Editor: Verdery, Katherine
The Vanishing Physician-Scientist?
Author/Editor: Schafer, Andrew I
Varietals of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Itçaina, Xabier; Roger, Antoine; Smith, Andy
Varietals of Capitalism, 1
Author/Editor: Xabier Itçaina,Antoine Roger,Andy Smith
The Varieties of Ethnic Experience
Author/Editor: Di Leonardo, Micaela
Veiled Empire: Gender and Power in Stalinist Central Asia
Venice's Intimate Empire
Author/Editor: Maglaque, Erin
The Venture Capital State
Author/Editor: Klingler-Vidra, Robyn
The Vernacular Press and the Emergence of Modern Indonesian Consciousness
Author/Editor: Adam, Ahmat
Vico and Naples
Author/Editor: Naddeo, Barbara Ann
Vico's New Science
Author/Editor: Verene, Donald Phillip
Vico's "New Science", 1
Author/Editor: Donald Phillip Verene
Victorian Interpretation
Author/Editor: Anger, Suzy
Victorian Skin
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Pamela K
Victorian Skin: Surface, Self, History
Author/Editor: Pamela K. Gilbert
Victory's Shadow
Author/Editor: Barton, Thomas W
Victory's Shadow: Conquest and Governance in Medieval Catalonia
Author/Editor: Thomas W. Barton
Vietnam and the West
Author/Editor: Wilcox, Wynn
A View from Two Benches
Author/Editor: Feldmann, Doug
Views of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam
Author/Editor: Baron, Samuel; Borri, Christoforo; Dror, Olga
Viking Friendship
Author/Editor: Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar
Viking Friendship, 1
Author/Editor: Jón Viđar Sigurđsson
Violating Peace
Author/Editor: Westendorf, Jasmine-Kim
Violating Peace: Sex, Aid, and Peacekeeping
Author/Editor: Jasmine-Kim Westendorf
Violence against Women
Violence and the State in Suharto's Indonesia
Author/Editor: Anderson, Benedict R. O'G
Violence and Vengeance
Author/Editor: Duncan, Christopher R
Violence as a Generative Force
Author/Editor: Bergholz, Max
Violence as Usual
Author/Editor: Muschalek, Marie
Violence as Usual: Policing and the Colonial State in German Southwest Africa
Author/Editor: Marie Muschalek
The Violence of Pity In Euripides' Medea
Author/Editor: Pucci, Pietro. 
Violent Entrepreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian Capitalism
Author/Editor: VADIM VOLKOV
The Viral Network
Author/Editor: MacPhail, Theresa
Virginia Woolf as Feminist
Author/Editor: Black, Naomi
Virgin Martyrs
Author/Editor: Winstead, Karen A
Virgin Whore
Author/Editor: Emma Maggie Solberg
Virtue Ethics, Old and New
Author/Editor: Gardiner, Stephen M
The Virtues of Economy
Author/Editor: Palmer, James A
The Virtues of Economy: Governance, Power, and Piety in Late Medieval Rome
Author/Editor: James A. Palmer
Virtuosi Abroad
Author/Editor: Tomoff, Kiril
Virtuosi Abroad, 1
Author/Editor: Kiril Tomoff
Visions of Deliverance: Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Mayte Green-Mercado
Visualizing the Nation
Author/Editor: Landes, Joan B
The Voice of Young Burma
Author/Editor: Kyaw, Aye
Voices from the Second Republic of South Vietnam (1967–1975)
Author/Editor: Taylor, K. W
Voices from the Soviet Edge
Author/Editor: Sahadeo, Jeff
Voices from the Soviet Edge: Southern Migrants in Leningrad and Moscow
Author/Editor: Jeff Sahadeo
Voices in the Band
Author/Editor: Ball, Susan C
Vouchers within Reason
Author/Editor: JAMES G. DWYER
Author/Editor: Small, Cathy A
Vulnerable Subjects
Author/Editor: Couser, G. Thomas