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The Wages of Motherhood
Author/Editor: Mink, Gwendolyn
The Wages of Oil
Author/Editor: Herb, Michael
Waging War, Planning Peace
Author/Editor: Rapport, Aaron
Walking Corpses
Author/Editor: Miller, Timothy S.; Nesbitt, John W
Walking on Fire
Author/Editor: Bell, Beverly; Danticat, Edwidge
Walking Sideways
Author/Editor: Weis, Judith S
Walking Sideways, 1
Author/Editor: JUDITH S. WEIS
Walking the Victorian Streets
Author/Editor: Nord, Deborah Epstein
Walmart in China
Author/Editor: Chan, Anita
Walter Benjamin and the Antinomies of Tradition
Author/Editor: McCole, John
Author/Editor: Abusharaf, Rogaia Mustafa
The War after the War
Author/Editor: Kadura, Johannes
The War against Proslavery Religion
Author/Editor: McKivigan, John R
War and Shadows
Author/Editor: Gustafsson, Mai Lan
War and the Engineers
Author/Editor: Lieber, Keir A
Warfare in Feudal Europe, 730–1200
Author/Editor: Beeler, John H
The War for Lebanon, 1970-1983
Author/Editor: Itamar Rabinovich
Author/Editor: Marten, Kimberly
Warlord Survival
Author/Editor: Malejacq, Romain
Warlord Survival: The Delusion of State Building in Afghanistan
Author/Editor: Romain Malejacq
War on Sacred Grounds
Author/Editor: Hassner, Ron E
War, Revenue, and State Building
Author/Editor: Pollack, Sheldon D
Warring Friends
Author/Editor: Pressman, Jeremy
Wars of Law
Author/Editor: Fazal, Tanisha M
War, States, and Contention
Author/Editor: Tarrow, Sidney
The Wars Within
Author/Editor: Williams, Robin M
War Tourism
Author/Editor: Bertram M. Gordon
Author/Editor: Eiko Maruko Siniawer
Watch Your Back!
Author/Editor: Deyo, Richard A
Watch Your Back!, 1
Author/Editor: RICHARD A. DEYO
Ways of Being
Author/Editor: Witt, Charlotte
Weapons of Mass Migration
Author/Editor: Greenhill, Kelly M
Weapons of Mass Migration, 1
Author/Editor: Kelly M. Greenhill
Weapons of the Wealthy
Author/Editor: Radnitz, Scott
Weill Cornell Medicine
Author/Editor: Gotto, Antonio M.; Moon, Jennifer
Weill Cornell Medicine, 1
Author/Editor: ANTONIO M. GOTTO JR.,JENNIFER MOON,Laurie H. Glimcher
Welcome to the Suck
Author/Editor: Peebles, Stacey
Welfare's End
Author/Editor: Mink, Gwendolyn
Welfare's End, REV - Revised, 2
Welfare through Work
Author/Editor: Miura, Mari
Welfare through Work, 1
Author/Editor: Mari Miura
We'll Call You If We Need You
Author/Editor: Eisenberg, Susan
We Will Be Satisfied With Nothing Less
Author/Editor: Davis, Hugh
What Can She Know?
Author/Editor: Lorraine Code
What Else Is Pastoral?
Author/Editor: Hiltner, Ken
What Evil Means to Us
Author/Editor: C. FRED ALFORD
What Galileo Saw
Author/Editor: Lipking, Lawrence
What Good Is Grand Strategy?
Author/Editor: Brands, Hal
What Is It Then between Us?
What Is to Be Done?
Author/Editor: Chernyshevsky, Nikolai
What Is to Be Done?, 1
Author/Editor: Nikolai Chernyshevsky,MICHAEL R. KATZ,WILLIAM G. WAGNER,Michael R. Katz,William G. Wagner
What Ought I to Do?
Author/Editor: Chalier, Catherine
What Rebels Want
Author/Editor: Hazen, Jennifer M
What's the Meaning of "This''?: A Puzzle about Demonstrative Belief
Author/Editor: David F. Austin
What Universities Can Be
Author/Editor: Sternberg, Robert J
What Workers Say
Author/Editor: Richard B. Freeman,Peter Boxall,Peter Haynes
When Chicken Soup isn't Enough
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne
When Doctors Join Unions
Author/Editor: GRACE BUDRYS
When Geologists Were Historians, 1665–1750
Author/Editor: Rappaport, Rhoda
When Right Makes Might
Author/Editor: Goddard, Stacie E
When Small States Make Big Leaps
Author/Editor: Ornston, Darius
When the Hands Are Many
Author/Editor: Smith, Jennie M
When the Movies Mattered
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Jonathan; Lewis, Jon
When the Movies Mattered: The New Hollywood Revisited
When Victory Is Not an Option
Author/Editor: Brown, Nathan J
When Victory Is Not an Option, 1
Author/Editor: Nathan J. Brown
When Violence Works
Author/Editor: Barron, Patrick
When Violence Works: Postconflict Violence and Peace in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Patrick Barron
Where Night Is Day
Author/Editor: Kelly, James
Where the River Burned
Author/Editor: Stradling, David; Stradling, Richard
Where the River Burned, 1
Author/Editor: David Stradling,Richard Stradling
Where Three Worlds Met
Author/Editor: Davis-Secord, Sarah
Where Two Worlds Met
Author/Editor: Khodarkovsky, Michael
Author/Editor: Alford, C. Fred
White Flight/Black Flight
Author/Editor: Woldoff, Rachael A
White Flight/Black Flight, 1
Author/Editor: Rachael A. Woldoff
Whitewashing Britain
Author/Editor: Kathleen Paul
White World Order, Black Power Politics
Author/Editor: Vitalis, Robert
Who Cares?
Author/Editor: Tronto, Joan C
Who Cares?, 1
Author/Editor: JOAN C. TRONTO
Who Elected the Bankers?
Author/Editor: Pauly, Louis W
Who Qualifies for Rights?
Author/Editor: Judith Lynn Failer
Whores of Babylon: Catholicism, Gender, and Seventeenth-Century Print Culture
Author/Editor: Frances E. Dolan
Whose Bosnia?
Author/Editor: Hajdarpasic, Edin
Whose Detroit?
Author/Editor: Thompson, Heather Ann
Whose Detroit?, 1
Author/Editor: Heather Ann Thompson
Whose Ideas Matter?
Author/Editor: Acharya, Amitav
Whose Ideas Matter?, 1
Author/Editor: Amitav Acharya
Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?
Author/Editor: Sandra Harding
Whose Welfare?
Author/Editor: Gwendolyn Mink
Who Should Rule at Home?
Author/Editor: Goodfriend, Joyce D
Who Should Rule at Home?, 1
Author/Editor: Joyce D. Goodfriend
Who, What Am I?
Author/Editor: Paperno, Irina
“Who, What Am I?”, 1
Author/Editor: Irina Paperno
Who Wrote That?: Authorship Controversies from Moses to Sholokhov
Author/Editor: Donald Ostrowski
Why American Elections Are Flawed (And How to Fix Them)
Author/Editor: Norris, Pippa
Why American Elections Are Flawed (And How to Fix Them), 1
Author/Editor: PIPPA NORRIS
Why Does Literature Matter?
Author/Editor: Farrell, Frank B
Why France?
Author/Editor: Downs, Laura Lee; Gerson, Stéphane
Why France?, 1
Author/Editor: Laura Lee Downs,Stéphane Gerson,Roger Chartier
Why Intelligence Fails
Author/Editor: Jervis, Robert
Why Syria Goes to War
Author/Editor: Fred H. Lawson
Why Terrorists Quit
Author/Editor: Chernov Hwang, Julie
Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: The Atlantic Forest of Southeast Brazil, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Author/Editor: Robert S. Ridgely,John A. Gwynne,Guy Tudor,Martha Argel,Terry Clarke,Guy Tudor,John A. Gwynne,Michael DiGiorgio,Barry Van Dusen,Dale Dyer,Sophie Webb,Robert S. Ridgely,Maria Allen,Terry Clarke
Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Peter Del Tredici,Steward T. A. Pickett
Wild Yankees
Author/Editor: Moyer, Paul B
Willful Liberalism
Author/Editor: Flathman, Richard
William Howard Taft: A Conservative's Conception of the Presidency
The Will to Empower: Democratic Citizens and Other Subjects
Author/Editor: Barbara Cruikshank
The Will to Imagine
Author/Editor: Schellenberg, J. L
Window on the East
Author/Editor: ROBERT P. GERACI
Wines of Eastern North America
Author/Editor: Cattell, Hudson
Winners and Losers
Author/Editor: Shafer, D. Michael
Winners without Losers
Author/Editor: Edward J. Lincoln
Winning Hearts and Votes
Author/Editor: Brooke, Steven
Winning the Next War
Author/Editor: Rosen, Stephen Peter
Winter in the Wilderness
Author/Editor: Hall, Dave
The Wisdom to Doubt
Author/Editor: Schellenberg, J. L
Witchcraft in the Middle Ages
Witches, Wife Beaters, and Whores, 1
Author/Editor: Elaine Forman Crane
The Witch-Hunt; or, The Triumph of Morality
Author/Editor: Bailey, F. G
Withces, Wife Beaters, and Whores
Author/Editor: Crane, Elaine Forman
With God on Our Side
Author/Editor: Reich, Adam D
Without Foundations
Author/Editor: Herzog, Donald J
With Sails Whitening Every Sea
Author/Editor: Rouleau, Brian
With Sails Whitening Every Sea, 1
Author/Editor: Brian Rouleau
With Stalin against Tito
Author/Editor: Ivo Banac
The Witness and the Other World
Author/Editor: Campbell, Mary Baine
Woman and Modernity
Author/Editor: Martin, Biddy
A Woman's Kingdom
Author/Editor: Michelle Lamarche Marrese
Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World
Author/Editor: Garver, Valerie L
Women and Romance
Author/Editor: Langbauer, Laurie
Women in Modern Drama: Freud, Feminism, and European Theater at the Turn of the Century
Author/Editor: Gail Finney
Women in Old Norse Society
Author/Editor: Jochens, Jenny
Women's Activism and Social Change
Author/Editor: Hewitt, Nancy A
Women's Monasticism and Medieval Society
Author/Editor: Venarde, Bruce L
Women's Work and Chicano Families
Author/Editor: Zavella, Patricia
Women Take Care
Author/Editor: Hogan, Katie
Women Will Vote
Author/Editor: Goodier, Susan; Pastorello, Karen
Women without Men
Author/Editor: Utrata, Jennifer
Women Workers and Global Restructuring
Author/Editor: Ward, Kathryn
Wonder and Science
Author/Editor: Campbell, Mary Blaine
Woolf’s Ambiguities
Author/Editor: Hite, Molly
Woolf’s Ambiguities
Author/Editor: Hite, Molly
The Word Made Self
Author/Editor: Seifrid, Thomas J
Words of the Uprooted
Author/Editor: Rockaway, Robert A
Wordsworth and the Poetry of Human Suffering
Author/Editor: JAMES H. AVERILL
Worked Over
Author/Editor: Doukas, Dimitra
Work Engendered
Author/Editor: Baron, Ava
The Worker Center Handbook
Author/Editor: Bobo, Kim; Casillas Pabellon, Marien
The Worker Center Handbook, 1
Author/Editor: Kim Bobo,Marién Casillas Pabellón
Workers' Health, Workers' Democracy: The Western Miners' Struggle, 1891-1925
Author/Editor: Alan Derickson
Workers in the Metropolis: Class, Ethnicity, and Youth in Antebellum New York City
Author/Editor: RICHARD B. STOTT
Workers without Borders
Author/Editor: Wagner, Ines
Workers without Borders: Posted Work and Precarity in the EU
Author/Editor: Ines Wagner
Work in France
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Steven Laurence; Koepp, Cynthia J
The Working Class Majority
Author/Editor: Zweig, Michael
Working-Class Organization and the Return to Democracy in Spain
Author/Editor: Robert M. Fishman
Working Construction
Author/Editor: Paap, Kris
Working for Justice
Author/Editor: Milkman, Ruth; Bloom, Joshua; Narro, Victor
Working for Justice, 1
Author/Editor: Ruth Milkman,Joshua Bloom,Victor Narro
Working from the Margins
Author/Editor: Schein, Virginia
Working Sober
Author/Editor: Sonnenstuhl, William J
Working Stiffs, Union Maids, Reds, and Riffraff
Author/Editor: Zaniello, Tom
Working Stiffs, Union Maids, Reds, and Riffraff, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: TOM ZANIELLO
Working the System
Author/Editor: Schubert, Jon
Working through the Past
Author/Editor: Caraway, Teri L.; Cook, Maria Lorena; Crowley, Stephen
Workplace Flexibility
Author/Editor: Christensen, Kathleen; Schneider, Barbara
The World Health Organization between North and South
Author/Editor: Chorev, Nitsan
Worldly Acts and Sentient Things
Author/Editor: Chodat, Robert A
Worldly Acts and Sentient Things, 1
Author/Editor: Robert Chodat
The World of Northern Evergreens, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Pielou, E. C
A World of Regions: Asia and Europe in the American Imperium
A World of Work
Author/Editor: Gershon, Ilana
The World Refugees Made: Decolonization and the Foundation of Postwar Italy
Author/Editor: Pamela Ballinger
The Worlds of Langston Hughes
Author/Editor: Kutzinksi, Vera M
Wounds of War: How the VA Delivers Health, Healing, and Hope to the Nation's Veterans
Author/Editor: Suzanne Gordon
Writing Double
Author/Editor: London, Bette
Writing from History
Author/Editor: Hampton, Timothy
Writing History for the King
Author/Editor: Urbanski, Charity
Writing in Limbo
Author/Editor: Gikandi, Simon
Writing the Wrongs
Author/Editor: Faue, Elizabeth
The Wrong War: American Policy and the Dimensions of the Korean Conflict, 1950–1953
Author/Editor: Rosemary Foot