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Crucible of Pueblos: The Early Pueblo Period in the Northern Southwest
Author/Editor: Richard H. Wilshusen,Gregson Schachner,James R. Allison
Critical Archaeology in the Digital Age: Proceedings of the 12th IEMA Visiting Scholar's Conference, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Kevin Garstki
The Construction of Value in the Ancient World
A Conservation Manual for the Field Archaeologist, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: Catherine Sease
Classic Maya Political Ecology: Resource Management, Class Histories, and Political Change in Northwestern Belize
Author/Editor: Jon C. Lohse
Chotuna and Chornancap: Excavating an Ancient Peruvian Legend
Author/Editor: Christopher B. Donnan
Chinese Society in the Age of Confucius (1000-250 BC): The Archaeological Evidence
Chavin: Art, Architecture, and Culture
Author/Editor: William J Conklin,Jeffrey Quilter
The Chanka: Archaeological Research in Andahuaylas (Apurimac), Peru
Author/Editor: Brian S. Bauer,Lucas C. Kellett,Miriam Aráoz Silva,Sabine Hyland,Carlo Socualaya Dávila
Ceramics of Postclassic Cholula, Mexico: Typology and Seriation of Pottery from the UA-1 Domestic Compound
Author/Editor: Geoffrey G. McCafferty
Central California Coastal Prehistory: A View from Little Pico Creek
Author/Editor: Terry L. Jones,Georgie Waugh,Lara C. Weinheimer,Betsy Bertrando,Tammara Ekness-Hoyle,Peter Mundwiller,Rusty van Rossman,Nelson Thompson
Catalysts to Complexity: Late Holocene Societies of the California Coast
Author/Editor: Jon M. Erlandson,Terry L. Jones,Jeanne E. Arnold,Katherine Bradford,Brian F. Byrd,Christina A. Conlee,Katherine M. Dowdall,Jon M. Erlandson,Jennifer A. Femeau,Dennis R. Gallegos,Lynn H. Gamble,Thomas S. Garlinghouse,Michael A. Glassow,William R. Hildebran