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The Papacy, the Jews, and the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Coppa, Frank J
Papal Justice
Author/Editor: Fosi, Irene
Papist Devils
Author/Editor: Curran, Robert Emmett
A Partisan Church
Author/Editor: Scribner, Todd
Passions and Virtue
Author/Editor: Pinckaers, Servais; Guevin, Benedict M
The Path of Mercy
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Mary C
Paul in the Summa Theologiae
Author/Editor: Levering, Matthew
Perfection in Death
Author/Editor: Patrick M. Clark
A Pernicious Sort of Woman
Author/Editor: Makowski, Elizabeth
The Personalism of John Henry Newman
Author/Editor: Crosby, John
Personalist Papers
Author/Editor: Crosby, John F
Person, Being, and History
Author/Editor: Baur, Michael
The Perspective of Morality
Author/Editor: Rhonheimer, Martin
The Perspective of the Acting Person
Author/Editor: Rhonheimer, Martin; Murphy Jr., William F.; Murphy, William F
Philosophers of the Renaissance
Author/Editor: Blum, Paul Richard
Philosophical Legacies
Author/Editor: Dahlstrom, Daniel O
The Philosophical Life
Author/Editor: Urbano, Arthur P
The Philosophical Vision of John Duns Scotus
Author/Editor: Ingham, Mary Beth; Dreyer, Mechthild
Philosophy and Art
Author/Editor: Dahlstrom, Daniel O
The Philosophy of Baruch Spinoza
Author/Editor: Kennington, Richard
The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
Author/Editor: Kennington, Richard
The Philosophy of Nature
Author/Editor: Leclerc, Ivor
The Pinckaers Reader
Author/Editor: Pinckaers O.P., Servais; Berkman, John; Titus, Craig Steven
Pius XII and the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Sánchez, José M.; Sánchez, José M
Plague and Pleasure
Author/Editor: White, Arthur
Platonic Investigations
Author/Editor: O'Meara, Dominic J
Plato's Critique of Impure Reason
Author/Editor: Schindler, D. C
Plato's Moral Realism
Author/Editor: Rist, John M
Poems, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Prudentius
Poems, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Prudentius
Poetry, Beauty, and Contemplation
Author/Editor: Trapani Jr., John G.; Trapani, John G
Political Philosophy and Revelation
Author/Editor: Schall SJ, James V
The Politics of Fiscal Privilege in Provence, 1530s-1830s
Author/Editor: Blaufarb, Rafe
Pope John Paul II Speaks on Women
Author/Editor: Deely, Brooke Williams
Postmodernism and Cultural Identities
Author/Editor: Nemoianu, Virgil
The Power of God
Author/Editor: Barnes, Michel René
The Power of Sacrifice
Author/Editor: Heyman, George
The Practice of Catholic Theology
Author/Editor: Paul J. Griffiths
Praeambula Fidei
Author/Editor: McInerny, Ralph
Preaching in the Age of Chaucer
Author/Editor: Wenzel, Siegfried
Prefaces to Canon Law Books in Latin Christianity: Selected Translations, 500-1317, second edition
Author/Editor: Robert Somerville,Bruce C. Brasington
Presence and Absence
Priestly Celibacy
Author/Editor: Gary Selin,J. Francis Cardinal Stafford
The Priest Who Put Europe Back Together
Author/Editor: Brennan, Sean
The Primacy of Persons in Politics
Author/Editor: von Heyking, John; Heilke, Thomas
Professing Poetry
Author/Editor: Cavanagh, Michael
The Profession of Widowhood
Author/Editor: Walter, Katherine Clark
Progress and Religion
Author/Editor: Dawson, Christopher
Prospects for Natural Theology
Author/Editor: Long, Eugene Thomas
Proust, Mann, Joyce in the Modernist Context, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Gillespie, Gerald