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Titles start with M (41,647) Information
Author/Editor: Samm Deighan
Author/Editor: Anton Kaes
Author/Editor: Anton Kaes
Author/Editor: Hans-Jürgen Greif
M103 Heavy Tank 1950-74
Series Title: New Vanguard
M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers, 1942-53
Series Title: New Vanguard
M10 Tank Destroyer Vs Stug Iii Assault Gun: Germany 1944, Ed. Unabridged
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steven.
M113 APC 1960–75: US, ARVN, and Australian Variants in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Jamie Prenatt
M12 Gun Motor Carriage
Author/Editor: David Doyle
The M14 Battle Rifle
Series Title: Weapon
The M16
Series Title: Weapon
M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer, 1943-97
Series Title: New Vanguard
The M1903 Springfield Rifle, Ed. Unabridged
Author/Editor: Thompson, Leroy.
M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1993–2018
Author/Editor: Steven J. Zaloga
M1 Abrams
Author/Editor: David Doyle
M1 Abrams Tank
Series Title: Images of War
M1 Abrams: The US's Main Battle Tank in American and Foreign Service, 1981–2019
Author/Editor: David Grummitt
M1 Abrams Vs T-72 Ural
Series Title: Duel
The M1 Carbine
Series Title: Weapon
The M1 Garand
Series Title: Weapon
M-26: A Biography of the Cuban Revolution
Author/Editor: Robert Taber
M26/M46 Pershing Tank 1943-53
Series Title: New Vanguard
M29 Weasel Tracked Cargo Carrier & Variants
Author/Editor: David Doyle
M2/M3: American Half-tracks of the Second World War
Author/Editor: Robert Jackson
M2/M3 Bradley
Series Title: Image of War
The M3 "Grease Gun"
Author/Editor: Leroy Thompson
M3 Half-track 1940-73
Series Title: New Vanguard
M3 Lee/grant Medium Tank 1941-45
Series Title: New Vanguard
M3 Medium Tank Vs Panzer Iii: Kasserine Pass 1943, Ed. Unabridged
Author/Editor: Rottman, Gordon.
Series Title: New Vanguard
M48 Patton: American Post-war Main Battle Tank
Author/Editor: Robert Griffin
M4 Sherman
Author/Editor: Ware, Pat.
M4 Sherman Vs Type 97 Chi-Ha
Series Title: Duel
M50 Ontos and M56 Scorpion 1956–70: US Tank Destroyers of the Vietnam War
Author/Editor: Kenneth W Estes
M551 Sheridan
Series Title: New Vanguard
The M60 Machine Gun, Ed. Unabridged
Author/Editor: Dockery, Kevin.
M60 Main Battle Tank 1960-91
Series Title: New Vanguard
M60 Vs T-62: Cold War Combatants 1956-92
Author/Editor: Isby, David C.; Nordeen, Lon O.
M65 Atomic Cannon
Author/Editor: David Doyle
M7 Priest
Author/Editor: David Doyle
M7 Priest 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
Series Title: New Vanguard
M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car 1941-91
Series Title: New Vanguard
Author/Editor: Lou Andreas-Salomé
Author/Editor: 竹村 純也
M: A 24 Hour Cookbook
Author/Editor: Michael Reid
M&A Activity, Divestitures and Initial Public Offerings in the Fashion Industry
Series Title: Corporate Finance and Governance
Maag - Ryslavy
Maḥakk-i Khusrawī
Author/Editor: Bayg, Mīrzā Khusraw; Mīrzā, Fāʿiza Zahrā
M&A als strategische Option für Zeitarbeitsunternehmen, Ed. Auflage
Author/Editor: Ulrike Oeser
Ma��ana... Capuchinos, bikinis #love
Ma�ana Es San Per�n
Series Title: Latin American Silhouettes
Series Title: De Gruyter Studium
Maßanalyse, II.: Theorie und Praxis der klassischen und der elektrochemischen Titrierverfahren, Ed. 6. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl Friedrich Jahr
Maßanalyse: Theorie und Praxis der klassischen und der elektrochemischen Titrierverfahren, Ed. 13. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl Friedrich Jahr
Maßanalyse: Theorie und Praxis der klassischen und der elektrochemischen Titrierverfahren, Ed. 13. unverän. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl Friedrich Jahr
Maßanalyse: Theorie und Praxis der klassischen und der elektrochemischen Titrierverfahren, Teil 1, Ed. 6. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl Friedrich Jahr
Maßanalyse: Theorie und Praxis der klassischen und elektrochemischen Titrierverfahren, Ed. 11., durchges. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl Friedrich Jahr
Maßanalyse: Theorie und Praxis der Titrationen mit chemischen und physikalischen Indikationen, Ed. 14. völlig neubearb. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl Friedrich Jahr; Gerhard Schulze; Jürgen Simon
Maßanalyse: Theorie und Praxis der Titrationen mit chemischen und physikalischen Indikationen, Ed. 15. Aufl. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Gerhart Jander; Karl F. Jahr; Gerhard Schulze; Jürgen Simon
Maanav Taskari se Sangharsh: Niti or Kanoon me Kamiyan
Author/Editor: Veerendra Mishra
Ma and Pa Dracula
Maar één droom
Author/Editor: Elodie Nowodazkij
Maartens perfekte Welt
Maarten Van Heemskerck's Rome: Antiquity, Memory, and the Cult of Ruins
Author/Editor: DiFuria, Arthur J.
A Maasai Encounter with the Bible: Nomadic Lifestyle As a Hermeneutic Question
Author/Editor: Zephania Shila Nkesela
Maasai Milk Marketing in Ngerengere, Tanzania: Income, Food Security and Gender Roles
Author/Editor: Loos, Tim
Maasai Women and the Old Testament: Towards an Emancipatory Reading
Author/Editor: Hoyce Jacob Lyimo-Mbowe
M&A As a Strategic Option
Ma’ase merkava
Author/Editor: Bönischová, Helena
Maaserot /Maaser Scheni (Vom Zehnten/Vom zweiten Zehnten)
Series Title: Mishnah. Ma?aserot
Maasir I Alamgiri of Muhammad Saqi Musta'idd Khan: Bibliothec Indica
Author/Editor: Maulawi Agha Ahmad Ali
Maastricht II - Entwicklungschancen und Risiken der EU: Erweiterung, Vertiefung oder Stagnation?: Tagungsband zur Jahresversammlung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Forschungsinstitute e. V. im Mai 1996 in Bonn.
Maas - Utschiali
Series Title: Wo?rterbuch des vo?lkerrechts und der diplomatie
Series Title: Beck'sche Reihe
Ma'at: Gerechtigkeit und Unsterblichkeit im Alten Ägypten
Author/Editor: Jan Assmann
Maat Magick
Maban �� das Paranormale bei den Aborigines Australiens. Geschichten erz��hlt von australischen Ureinwohnern
Ma Barker
Ma Bayly of Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Mary Bayly
Mabel Agnes Elliott
Mabela the Clever, Ed. Digital Original
Author/Editor: Margaret Read MacDonald
Mabel Bunny & Co.: 15 Loveable Animals to Crochet Using Chunky Yarn
Author/Editor: Claire Gelder
Mabel Cheung Yuen-ting's An Autumn's Tale
Series Title: New Hong Kong Cinema
Mabel Dodge Luhan
Mabel McKay
Author/Editor: Sarris, Greg.
Mabel Normand
Mabiki: Infanticide and Population Growth in Eastern Japan, 1660-1950
Author/Editor: Drixler, Fabian Franz
The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales
Author/Editor: Ford, Patrick K.
The Mabinogion
Series Title: Dover Thrift Editions
The Mabinogion
Author/Editor: Davies, Sioned.
The Mabinogion
The Mabinogion and A Tale of Taliesin
Author/Editor: Margery Hargest Jones
Ma biographie
Author/Editor: Pierre-Jean de Béranger
The Mabo Turn in Australian Fiction
Author/Editor: Rodoreda, Geoff
Mabruk 2.0 – Glückwünsche in arabischen Facebook-Postings. Eine netnographische Gattungsanalyse
Author/Editor: Charlotte Schmidt
Macabre Londres
Macabre Moments
Author/Editor: Joan B. Pritchard
The Macabresque: Human Violation and Hate in Genocide, Mass Atrocity and Enemy-Making
Author/Editor: Edward Weisband
Macachiavellian Intelligence
Macadam oder Das M��dchen von Nr. 12
Macanch�e Island, El Pet�en, Guatemala
Macao and the British, 1637-1842
Series Title: Echoes: Classics of Hong Kong Culture and History
Macao and U.S.-China Relations
A Macao Narrative
Series Title: Echoes: Classics of Hong Kong Culture and History
Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China: Report on Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC) - Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision
Author/Editor: International Monetary Fun
Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China: Financial Sector Stability Assessment
Author/Editor: International Monetary Fun
M&A Capability Evolution: The Art of Balancing Standardization and Flexibility
Author/Editor: Voss, Inga
The Macarian Legacy
Series Title: Oxford Theological Monographs
Author/Editor: Zabus; Campi (Thomas)
Macaronic Sermons
Author/Editor: Wenzel, Siegfried
Author/Editor: Pierre Hermé
Author/Editor: Richard Sebra
Macarons at Midnight
The MacArthur Highway and Other Relics of American Empire in the Philippines
MacArthur in Asia
MacArthur New Testament Commentary Index
Series Title: The MacArthur New Testament Commentary
The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Set of 33 Volumes
Author/Editor: John MacArthur
MacArthur Park
Series Title: Images of America
MacArthur Park
MacArthur Park - Un racconto della Justice Security
MacArthur’s Air Force: American Airpower Over the Pacific and the Far East, 1941–51
Author/Editor: Bill Yenne
MacArthur's Papua New Guinea Offensive, 1942–1943
Author/Editor: Jon Diamond
The MacArthur Study Bible
Macau and the Casino Complex
Series Title: Gambling Studies Series
Macauley's Thumb
Series Title: The Iowa Short Fiction Award
Macaw Flock
Author/Editor: Julie Murray
Mac Baldrige
Author/Editor: Giuseppe Verdi
Author/Editor: William Shakespeare
Series Title: Dover Thrift Study Edition
Author/Editor: Tony Bradman
Author/Editor: McLuskie, Kathleen
Series Title: Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series
Series Title: Macmillan Readers .6, Upper-intermediate
Series Title: Critical Insights
Author/Editor: Rebekah Owens
Macbeth: A Bloomsbury Reader
Author/Editor: Tony Bradman
Macbeth: A Critical Reader
Series Title: Arden Early Modern Drama
Macbeth and All That
Author/Editor: Burnett, Allan; Anderson, Scoular.
Macbeth: Arden Performance Editions
Author/Editor: William Shakespeare; Katherine Steele Brokaw
Macbeth in Harlem: Black Theater in America From the Beginning to Raisin in the Sun
Author/Editor: Clifford Mason
Macbeth: Language and Writing
Series Title: Arden Shakepeare. Third Series
Macbeth, Macbeth
Series Title: Beyond Criticism
Macbeth (MAXNotes Literature Guides)
Macbeth Multiplied: Negotiating Historical and Medial Difference Between Shakespeare and Verdi
Author/Editor: Clausen, Christoph.
Macbeth: The Hidden Astrological Keys
Author/Editor: Priscilla Costello
Macbeth: The State of Play
Series Title: Arden Shakespeare The State of Play
Macbeth: Third Series
Author/Editor: William Shakespeare; Pamela Mason; Sandra Clark
Macbeth Thrift Study Edition
Series Title: Dover Thrift Study Edition
Maccabean Martyr Traditions in Paul’s Theology of Atonement
Author/Editor: Williams, Jarvis J.
MacCormick's Scotland
Series Title: Edinburgh Studies in Law
Author/Editor: Cindy Brown
The Macdermots of Ballycloran
Author/Editor: Anthony Trollope
Macédoine - Souvenirs du quartier latin, dédiés à la jeunesse des écoles
Author/Editor: Émile Labretonnière
Macdonald on the Law of Freedom of Information
Author/Editor: John Macdonald QC; Ross Crail
The Macdonald Romances
Series Title: The MacDonald Romances
MacDonald's Party
Author/Editor: Bomberger, E. Douglas
Author/Editor: Phillips, John.
Series Title: Macedonia
Series Title: Macedonia
Series Title: European Political, Economic, and Security Issues
Macedonia – Alexandria: Monumental Funerary Complexes of the Late Classical and Hellenistic Age
Author/Editor: Dorota Gorzelany
Macedonia and Greece: The Struggle to Define a New Balkan Nation
Author/Editor: Shea, John.
Macedonia & Its Questions: Origins, Margins, Ruptures & Continuity
Author/Editor: Victor A Friedman; George Vlahov; Goran Janev
Macedonian Armies After Alexander 323-168 BC
Series Title: Men-at-arms
The Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World
Author/Editor: Loring M. Danforth
Macedonian Phalangite Vs Persian Warrior: Alexander Confronts the Achaemenids, 334–331 BC
Author/Editor: Murray Dahm
The Macedonian Question
Series Title: Oxford Historical Monographs
Macedonian Regal Coinage to 413 B.C.
Author/Editor: Doris Raymond
The Macedonians in Athens, 322-229 B.C
The Macedonian Slavs in the Greek Civil War, 1944–1949
Author/Editor: James Horncastle
The Macedonian War Machine, 359��281 BC
Macedonia: The Politics of Identity and Difference
Author/Editor: Cowan, Jane K.
The Maceos and The Free State of Galveston: An Authorized History
Author/Editor: Kimber Fountain
MacFarlane's Lantern
The MacGowan Betrothal
Series Title: Highland Rogues
The MacGuffin
Machado De Assis
Series Title: Studies in Violence, Mimesis, and Culture
Machado De Assis and Female Characterization
Machado De Assis and Narrative Theory: Language, Imitation, Art, and Verisimilitude in the Last Six Novels
Author/Editor: Earl E. Fitz
Author/Editor: Auguste Parent
Machairodus latidens Owen aus dem altdiluvialen Sanden von Mauer a. d. Elsenz, Ed. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Ludwig Rüger
Machaut and the Medieval Apprenticeship Tradition
Series Title: Gallica
Machaut's Legacy
Mach dich unbeliebt und gl��cklich
Mach die Rente zu deinem Projekt!: Altersvorsorge in jeder Lebensphase mit der AidA-Strategie
Author/Editor: Thomas Gasch
Machen Medien Politik?
Machen Unterschiede Unterschiede? Konfessioneller Religionsunterricht in gemischten Lerngruppen, Ed. Aufl.
Author/Editor: Klaus Kießling; Andreas Günter; Stephan Pruchniewicz
Machen wir unser Arbeitsrecht zukunftsfähig: Lösungen für die Arbeitswelt von morgen
Author/Editor: Theodor Tomandl
Machias Bay Region, The
Author/Editor: Jim Harnedy; Jane Harnedy
Author/Editor: Celenza, Christopher S.
Author/Editor: Viroli, Maurizio.
Series Title: Philosophy, Literature, and Politics
Machiavellian Bluff
Author/Editor: Abby Wilton
Machiavelli and Epicureanism: An Investigation Into the Origins of Early Modern Political Thought
Author/Editor: Roecklein, Robert J.
Machiavelli and the Politics of Democratic Innovation
The Machiavellian Moment
Author/Editor: Pocock, J. G. A.
The Machiavellian Moment
Series Title: Princeton Classics
The Machiavellian Moment
Series Title: Princeton Paperbacks
Machiavellian Rhetoric: From the Counter-Reformation to Milton
Author/Editor: Kahn, Victoria Ann.
Machiavelli: Aus dem Griechischen übersetzt von Gaby Wurster. Mit einer Vorrede von Günter Maschke
Author/Editor: Kondylēs, Panagiōtēs
Machiavelli Goes to the Movies
Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau
Author/Editor: Plamenatz, J. P.; Pelczynski, Z. A.; Philp, Mark.
Machiavelli in America
Machiavelli in Love
Machiavelli on Freedom and Civil Conflict: An Historical and Medical Approach to Political Thinking
Author/Editor: Gaille-Nikodimov, Marie
Machiavelli on International Relations, Ed. First edition
Author/Editor: Cesa, Marco.
Machiavelli on Liberty and Conflict
Machiavelli Revisited
Series Title: Political Philosophy Now
Machiavelli's Art of Politics
Author/Editor: Barcenas, Alejandro.
Machiavelli's Children
Machiavelli's Ethics
Author/Editor: Benner, Erica.
Machiavelli's God
Author/Editor: Viroli, Maurizio.; Shugaar, Antony.
Machiavelli's Gospel
Author/Editor: Parsons, William B.
Machiavellismus in Deutschland: Chiffre von Kontingenz, Herrschaft und Empirismus in der Neuzeit
Author/Editor: Cornel Zwierlein; Annette Meyer; Sven Martin Speek
Machiavelli's Platonic Problems: Neoplatonism, Eros, Mythmaking, and Philosophy in Machiavellian Thought
Author/Editor: Guillaume Bogiaris
Machiavelli's Politics
Machiavelli's Prince: A New Reading
Author/Editor: Benner, Erica
Machiavellis Revivus
Machiavelli's Romans: Liberty and Greatness in the Discourses on Livy
Author/Editor: Coby, Patrick
Machiavelli's Secret: The Soul of the Statesman
Author/Editor: Belliotti, Raymond A.
Machiavelli's 'The Prince'
Series Title: Reader's Guides
Machiavelli's Virtue
Machiavelli: The Chief Works and Others, Vol. I
Author/Editor: Machiavelli, Niccolò; Gilbert, Allan H.
Machiavelli: The Chief Works and Others, Vol. II
Author/Editor: Machiavelli, Niccolò; Gilbert, Allan H.
Machiavelli: The Chief Works and Others, Vol. III
Author/Editor: Machiavelli, Niccolò; Gilbert, Allan H.
Machiavelli - The First Century
Series Title: Oxford-Warburg Studies
Mach I, Mach II, Einstein und die Relativitätstheorie: Eine Fälschung und ihre Folgen
Author/Editor: Wolters, Gereon.
Machinability of Fibre-Reinforced Plastics
Series Title: Advanced Composites
The Machine
Author/Editor: Upton Sinclair
Series Title: The Mongrel Trilogy
Machine #3
Machine-Age Comedy
Author/Editor: North, Michael
Machine-Age Ideology: Social Engineering and American Liberalism, 1911-1939
Author/Editor: Jordan, John M.
The Machine and the Ghost
Machine Art, 1934
Author/Editor: Jennifer Jane Marshall
Machine Art in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Broeckmann, Andreas
A Machine Called Indomitable: The Remarkable Story of a Scientist's Inspiration, Invention, and Medical Breakthrough
Author/Editor: Kleinfield, Sonny
Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering
Series Title: Advanced Materials Research
Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering II
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering III
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
Machine Design for Technology Students: A Systems Engineering Approach
Author/Editor: Anthony D’Angelo, Jr.
The Machine for Living
Author/Editor: Carmen Avila
Machine Guarding Handbook
Machine Gunner 1914-1918: Personal Experiences of the Machine Gun Corps, Ed. Second revised edition
Author/Editor: Crutchley, C. E.
Machine Gunner��s Notes, France 1918 [Illustrated Edition]
Machine-Guns and the Great War
Author/Editor: Paul Cornish
The Machine Has a Soul: American Sympathy with Italian Fascism
Author/Editor: Katy Hull
The Machine in America
The Machine in America: A Social History of Technology, Ed. second edition
Author/Editor: Carroll Pursell
Machine, Industry and Manufacturing Based on Applied-Information Technology IV
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal in America
Author/Editor: Marx, Leo
Machine Learning
Series Title: Computer Science, Technology and Applications
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Proceedings of MLIS 2020
Author/Editor: A.J. Tallón-Ballesteros; C.-H. Chen
Machine Learning and Causality
Author/Editor: Tiffin, Andrew.
Machine Learning and Visual Perception
Author/Editor: Baochang Zhang
Machine Learning Applications: Emerging Trends
Author/Editor: Rik Das; Siddhartha Bhattacharyya; Sudarshan Nandy
Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective
Author/Editor: Murphy, Kevin P.
Machine Learning for Big Data Analysis
Author/Editor: Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha; Bhaumik, Hrishikesh; Mukherjee, Anirban; De, Sourav
Machine Learning for Data Streams: With Practical Examples in MOA
Author/Editor: Albert Bifet; Ricard Gavaldà; Geoff Holmes; Bernhard Pfahringer
Machine Learning for Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction
Machine Learning for Signal Processing: Data Science, Algorithms, and Computational Statistics
Author/Editor: Max A. Little
Machine Learning for Solar Array Monitoring, Optimization, and Control
Author/Editor: Sunil Rao; Sameeksha Katoch; Vivek Narayanaswamy; Gowtham Muniraju; Cihan Tepedelenlioglu; Andreas Spanias; Pavan Turaga
Machine Learning in Asset Pricing
Author/Editor: Stefan Nagel
Machine Learning in Chemistry: Data-Driven Algorithms, Learning Systems, and Predictions
Author/Editor: Edward O. Pyzer-Knapp; Teodoro Laino; Andrea Grisafi; David M. Wilkins; Michael J. Willatt; Michele Ceriotti; Joy C. Garnett; Matti Hellström; Jörg Behler; Philippe Schwaller; Darren V. S. Green; Dmitry Y. Zubarev; Jed W. Pitera
Machine Learning in Non-Stationary Environments
Author/Editor: Sugiyama, Masashi; Kawanabe, Motoaki.
Machine Learning - Medien, Infrastrukturen und Technologien der Künstlichen Intelligenz
Author/Editor: Christoph Engemann; Andreas Sudmann
Machine Learning Research Progress
Machine Learning Techniques for Time Series Classification
Author/Editor: Botsch, Michael
Machine Learning: The New AI
Author/Editor: Alpaydin, Ethem
Machine Learning with SAP: Models and Applications
Author/Editor: Laboni Bhowmik; Avijit Dhar; Ranajay Mukherjee
Machine Man
Author/Editor: Max Barry
Machine, Manufacturing, Materials and Information Technology II
Author/Editor: B. Xu; H.Y. Li
Machine Musicianship
Author/Editor: Rowe, Robert.
The Machine of the World: The Modern Cosmos
Author/Editor: Piero Boitani
The Machine Question: Critical Perspectives on AI, Robots, and Ethics
Author/Editor: Gunkel, David J.
Machineries of Oil
Author/Editor: Katayoun Shafiee
Machineries of Persuasion: European Soft Power and Public Diplomacy During the Cold War
Author/Editor: Óscar J. Martín García; Rósa Magnúsdóttir
Machine Rules: A Political Primer, Ed. Main
Author/Editor: Stephen Loosley
Machinery Electronics and Control Engineering II
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
Machinery Electronics and Control Engineering III
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
Machinery Electronics and Control Engineering IV
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications
Author/Editor: Gao, Quanjie; Wuhan ke ji da xue
Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers From the 2011 International Conference on Machinery Materials Science and Engineering Applications (MMSE 2011), July 15-16, 2011, Wuhan, China
Author/Editor: Gao, Quanjie
Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications 2014
Series Title: Advanced Materials Research
The Machinery of Criminal Justice
Author/Editor: Bibas, Stephanos.
The Machinery of Government: Public Administration and the Liberal State
Author/Editor: Joseph Heath
The Machinery of Whiteness
Author/Editor: DeLeon, Abraham P.
Machines and Thought: The Legacy of Alan Turing, Volume I
Author/Editor: Peter Millican; Andy Clark
Machines As Agency: Artistic Perspectives
Author/Editor: Christoph Lischka; Andrea Sick
Machines As the Measure of Men
Series Title: Cornell Studies in Comparative History
Machines à commande numérique
Author/Editor: MÉRY Bernard
Machine Scoring of Student Essays
Machines for Living: Modernism and Domestic Life
Author/Editor: Victoria Rosner
Machines in Our Hearts
Machines électriques non conventionnelles (Série Génie électrique EGEM)
Author/Editor: EL-HADI ZAÏM Mohammed; REZZOUG Abderrezak
Machines électriques tournantes : exercices et problèmes corrigés (Coll. Sciences et Technologies de l'Énergie Électrique)
Author/Editor: MACHMOUM Mohamed; BENKHORIS Mohamed Fouad; LE DOEUFF René; ZAÏM Mohammed El-Hadi
Machines of Youth
Machines on the Farm
Series Title: On the Farm
Machines That Become Us
Machines that Help at a Hospital
Machines That Learn to Play Games
Series Title: Advances in Computation
Machines That Think: The Future of Artificial Intelligence
Author/Editor: Walsh, Toby
Machine Stitch
The Machine Stops
Author/Editor: E. M. Forster
Machines to Thrill You!
Machines à vapeur et machines thermiques diverses
Author/Editor: Jules Dejust
The Machine That Saved the World
Author/Editor: Leinster, Murray
A Machine to Make a Future
Author/Editor: Rabinow, Paul; Dan-Cohen, Talia
Machine Tools
Series Title: Engineering Tools, Techniques and Tables
Machine Tools (Metal Working - Wood Workings), Ed. Reprint 2019
Author/Editor: Wilhelm Wagner
Machine Tool Technology, Mechatronics and Information Engineering
Series Title: Applied Mechanics and Materials
Machine Tractable Dictionaries
Series Title: Ablex Series in Computational Science
Machine Translation
Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
Machine Translation
Author/Editor: Thierry Poibeau
Machine Translation
Series Title: Linguisticae Investigationes. Supplementa
Machine Translation and Translation Theory
Series Title: Text, Translation, Computational Processing
Machine Vision
Series Title: Progress in Neural Networks
Machine Vision and Human-machine Interface
Series Title: Computer Science, Technology and Applications
Machinic Assemblages of Desire: Deleuze and Artistic Research 3
Author/Editor: Paulo de Assis; Paolo Giudici
The Machinima Reader
Author/Editor: Nitsche, Michael; Lowood, Henry.
Machining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology X
Series Title: Key Engineering Materials
Machining and Forming Technologies
Series Title: Machining and Forming Technologies
Machining and Forming Technologies
Machining and Properties of Material and Manufacturing Technology
Series Title: Key Engineering Materials
Machining & Forming Technologies
Machining of Natural Stone Materials
Series Title: Key Engineering Materials
Machining of Titanium Alloys and Composites for Aerospace Applications
Machining: Operations, Technology and Management
Series Title: Materials and Manufacturing Technology
Machinisme et bricolages
Author/Editor: Anne-Marie Guenin
Machmanns Drehbuch: Eine Romaneske, Ed. Auflage
Author/Editor: Guntram Vogt
Macho Alfa
Macho Ethics
Author/Editor: Cortés, Jason
Macho Men and Modern Women
Series Title: Family Values and Social Change
Mach One
Machonomics: Die Ökonomie und die Frauen
Author/Editor: Marçal, Katrine
Macho Row
Machos Maricones & Gays
Ma chère Cochinchine - Trente années d'impressions et de souvenirs (Février 1881-1910)
Author/Editor: George Dürrwell; Delamotte
Mach sie fertig!
Mach's noch einmal, Dan
Mach's Philosophy of Science
Series Title: Bloomsbury Academic Collections. Philosophy
Mach's Principle and the Origin of Inertia
Author/Editor: Berger, Wilhelm
Author/Editor: Luhmann, Niklas
Macht Arbeit Frei?
Series Title: Jews of Poland
Machtasymmetrien bei der literarischen Übersetzung. Türkische Literatur auf dem deutschsprachigen Buchmarkt
Author/Editor: Simge Yılmaz
Macht aus Liebe
Series Title: Theologische Bibliothek To?pelmann
Macht: Begriff und Wirkung in der politischen Philosophie der Gegenwart
Author/Editor: Ralf Krause; Marc Rölli
Macht Bildung kompetent?: Handeln aus Kompetenz – pädagogische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Wolfgang M. Heffels; Dorothea Streffer; Bernd Häusler
Macht das Geschlecht einen Unterschied?: Ergebnisse der „Tandem-Studie“ zu professionellem Erziehungsverhalten von Frauen und Männern
Author/Editor: Holger Brandes; Markus Andrä; Wenke Röseler; Petra Schneider-Andrich
Macht das (historischen) Sinn?: Narrative Strukturen von Schülern vor und nach der De-Konstruktion eines geschichtlichen Spielfilms
Author/Editor: Britta Wehen
Series Title: Sozialphilosophische Studien
Macht der Schrift: Politischer Biblizismus in Schottland und England zwischen Reformation und Bürgerkrieg (1534-1642)
Author/Editor: Pecar, Andreas.
Macht der Vergangenheit
Series Title: Schriften zur politischen Kommunikation.
Macht des Materials – Politik der Materialität
Author/Editor: Susanne Witzgall; Kerstin Stakemeier
Macht des Wissens, Reprint 2014
Author/Editor: Richard van Dülmen; Sina Rauschenbach
Macht die Gesellschaft depressiv?: Alain Ehrenbergs Theorie des »erschöpften Selbst« im Licht sozialwissenschaftlicher und therapeutischer Befunde
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Summer
Macht – Diversität – Ethik in der Beratung: Wie Beratung Gesellschaft macht
Author/Editor: Heidrun Schulze; Davina Höblich; Marion Mayer
Machteliten und Wirtschaftskonjunkturen
Series Title: Kritische Studien zur Geschichtswissenschaft
Macht, Emotion und Geselligkeit: Studien zur Soziabilität in Deutschland 1500-1900
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Hardtwig
Macht en politiek handelen in organisaties
Author/Editor: M. Hetebrij
Macht en tegenmacht in Amerika
Author/Editor: E.J. Janse de Jonge
Macht? Erfolg? Reich? Gl�cklich?
Machterhalt und Herrschaftssicherung: Namen als Legitimationsinstrument in transkultureller Perspektive, Ed. 1. Auflage
Author/Editor: Matthias Becher; Hendrik Hess
Machtfaktor Religion: Formen religiöser Einflussnahme auf Politik und Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Bernd Oberdorfer; Peter Waldmann
Machtfaktor Vereinswesen: Eine Gemeindestudie über den politischen und kulturellen Einfluss der lokalen Vereine in den württembergischen Kommunen Gäufelden, Jettingen und Weissach
Author/Editor: Wittinger, Daniel
Macht Gender Mainstreaming Gleichstellung?
Machthaber der Moderne: Zur Repräsentation politischer Herrschaft und Körperlichkeit
Author/Editor: Jan-Henrik Witthaus; Patrick Eser
Macht - Herrschaft - Regierung
Macht � Lust
Series Title: Beitr�ge zur Individualpsychologie.
Macht macht sexy: Entfessle deine Stärke mit dem Excalibur-Prinzip
Author/Editor: Carola Orszulik
Macht, Maerkte und Moral
Series Title: Europa?ische Hochschulschriften. Reihe III, Geschichte und ihre Hilfswissenschaften = Publications universitaires europe?ennes. Se?rie III, Histoire, sciences auxiliares de l'histoire = European university studies. Series III, History and allied studies
Macht musizieren resilient?: Untersuchung von sozialen, familiären und personalen Ressourcen für die psychische Gesundheit von Jugendlichen
Author/Editor: Nele Groß
Macht �� Mythos �� Utopie
Series Title: Politische Ideen
Macht oder ökonomisches Gesetz?: Studien zur Entwicklung der ökonomischen Theorie XXXV.
Author/Editor: Hans-Michael Trautwein
Machtokkupation und Systemimplosion.: Anfang und Ende der DDR - zehn Jahre danach. Dieter Voigt zum 65. Geburtstag.
Author/Editor: Lothar Mertens
Macht, Ratio und Emotion: Diskurse im digitalen Zeitalter / Pouvoir, raison et émotion: les discours à l'ère du numérique
Author/Editor: Gabriella Carobbio; Cécile Desoutter; Aurora Fragonara
Machtraum Großstadt: Zur Aneignung und Kontrolle des Stadtraumes in Frankfurt am Main und Philadelphia in den 1920er Jahren
Author/Editor: Jan Philipp Altenburg
Macht, Recht, Demokratie
Series Title: Staatsverst�ndnisse
Macht, Schuld, Schuldfähigkeit und Freiheit: Eine individualpsychologische Studie
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Rainer.
Series Title: Mu?nchener Studien zur literarischen Kultur in Deutschland
Machtstreben – Standesbewusstsein – Streitlust: Landesherrschaft und Stände in Mecklenburg von 1755 bis 1806
Author/Editor: Michael Busch
Macht und Einfluß in Organisationen
Author/Editor: Buschmeier, Ulrike
Macht und Geist im Werk Heinrich Manns: Eine Überwindung Nietzsches aus dem Geist Voltaires, Ed. Reprint 2018
Author/Editor: Elke Emrich
Macht und Herrschaft
Author/Editor: Wilfried Röhrich
Macht und Herrschaft: Praktiken – Strukturen – Begründungen, Ed. 1. Auflage
Author/Editor: Matthias Becher; Linda Dohmen; Florian Hartmann; Hendrik Hess; Daniel König
Macht und Herrschaft transkulturell
Macht und Kommunikation: Augsburger Studien zur europäischen Kulturgeschichte
Author/Editor: Tschopp, Silvia Serena.; Weber, Wolfgang.
Macht und Kontrolle im Unternehmen: Die politische Ökonomie des Aktionärsschutzes im Deutschen Reich, 1870–1945, Ed. 1. Auflage 2021
Author/Editor: Felix Selgert
Macht und Literatur bei Timuriden und Habsburgern
Author/Editor: Rzehak, Kristina
Macht und Machterhalt - Rückgängigmachung der Gesellschafternachfolge aus vorweggenommener Erbfolge
Author/Editor: Philipp Schöfer
Macht und Markt, Unveränderter Nachdruck der 1. Auflage
Author/Editor: Kahl, Joachim.
Macht und Medien um 1500
Series Title: Deutsche Literatur. Studien und Quellen
Macht und Medien: Zur Diskursanalyse des Politischen, Ed. Aufl.
Author/Editor: Samuel Sieber
Macht und Musik
Macht und Ohnmacht der Parlamente
Author/Editor: Oberreuter, Heinrich.
Macht und Ohnmacht der Sprache. Untersuchungen zum Sprachverständnis und Stil Heinrich von Kleists
Author/Editor: Hans Heinz Holz
Macht und Ohnmacht des Grundgesetzes
Series Title: Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen und Reden zur Philosophie, Politik und Geistesgeschichte
Macht und Ohnmacht einer Zentralregierung
Series Title: Italien in Geschichte und Gegenwart
Macht und Ohnmacht Gottes
Author/Editor: Reinhart Daghofer
Macht und Ohnmacht sozialpädagogischer Hilfe: Biografische Perspektiven auf pädagogisch begleitete Übergänge
Author/Editor: Heidi Hirschfeld
Macht und Organisation
Series Title: Erfahrung und Denken
Macht und Wandel in der Umweltpolitik: ZPol Sonderband 2015 II
Author/Editor: Lena Partzsch; Sabine Weiland
Machtverfall und Machtbewusstsein, Reprint 2015
Author/Editor: Bernd Ebersold
Machtvergessenheit: Deutungsmachtkonflikte in praktisch-theologischer Perspektive
Author/Editor: Thomas Klie; Martina Kumlehn; Ralph Kunz; Thomas Schlag
Machtvolle Gefühle
Author/Editor: Kasten, Ingrid
Series Title: Trends in medieval philology
Machtvolle Verhandlungen
Series Title: Kritische Studien zur Geschichtswissenschaft.
Macht. Wissen. Teilhabe.: Sammlungsinstitutionen im 21. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Katharina Hoins; Felicitas von Mallinckrodt
Macht-(W)Orte: Kulturelle Geographien des Rechts und der Ökonomie am Beispiel südasiatischer Migrationsgeschichten
Author/Editor: Raphael Schwegmann
Machu My Picchu
Machu Picchu
Series Title: Digging up the Past
Machu Picchu
Series Title: World Wonders
Machu Picchu
Author/Editor: Kristine Spanier, MLIS
Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu)
Author/Editor: Grace Hansen
Machu Picchu, Originalausg
Author/Editor: Riese, Berthold.
Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands
Author/Editor: Donovan Hervig
Mach, was dein Herz dir sagt: Lebe deine Persönlichkeit und hinterlasse Spuren
Author/Editor: Peter Buchenau
Macie Meets Her New Teacher
Author/Editor: Jennifer R. Chambers
A Mackenzie Christmas
Series Title: A Mackenzie Family Novella
Mackenzie King and the Prairie West
Author/Editor: Wardhaugh, Robert Alexander
Mackenzie King in the Age of the Dictators: Canada's Imperial and Foreign Policies
Author/Editor: Roy MacLaren
The Mackenzie King Record Volume 1, 1939/1944
Author/Editor: Pickersgill, J.W.
The Mackenzie King Record Volume 2, 1944/45
Author/Editor: Pickersgill, J.W.; Forster, D.F.
The Mackenzie King Record Volume 3, 1945/46
Author/Editor: Pickersgill, J.W.; Forster, D.F.
The Mackenzie King Record Volume 4, 1947/48
Author/Editor: Pickersgill, J.W.; Forster, D.F.
The Mackenzie-McNaughton Wartime Letters
Author/Editor: Mackenzie, Chalmers J.; McNaughton, A. G. L.
The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion
Series Title: Carleton Library
The Mackenzie Pipeline
Series Title: A Carleton Contemporary
The MacKenzies
The MacKenzie Security Series
Mackenzie's Mission: How One Family Turned Tragedy Into Hope and Love
Author/Editor: Casella, Rachael
Mackerel Plaza: A Novel
Author/Editor: De Vries, Peter
Mackey 2-Functors and Mackey 2-Motives
Author/Editor: Paul Balmer; Ivo Dell'Ambrogio
Mackinac Bridge
Series Title: Images of America
The Mackinac Incident: A Thriller
Author/Editor: McDougall, Len.
Mackinaw City
Series Title: Postcard History
MAC-Klauseln in Unternehmenskaufvertraegen nach US-amerikanischem und deutschem Recht
Author/Editor: Christina Bohländer
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Grammy-Winning Hip-Hop Duo
Mack, McGraw and the 1913 Baseball Season
Mack Sennett's Fun Factory
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
Author/Editor: Kastenbaum, Robert
Series Title: Gale Virtual Reference Library
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy
Author/Editor: Zumerchik, John.-Gale (Firm)
Series Title: Gale Virtual Reference Library
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Families, Marriages, and Intimate Relationships
Author/Editor: James J. Ponzetti Jr; Maureen Blankemeyer; Sean M. Horan
M&A Coach
Series Title: Then and Now
Macon County
Series Title: Images of America
Macon, Georgia
Series Title: Black America Series
Maconha: Um Guia Para Iniciantes Sobre Como Cultivar Maconha
Maconochie's Gentlemen: The Story of Norfolk Island and the Roots of Modern Prison Reform
Author/Editor: Morris, Norval
Ma conversion
Author/Editor: Alphonsine Masson
macOS Catalina - das Standardwerk zu Apples Betriebssystem - PREMIUM Videobuch: Für alle Macs geeignet
Author/Editor: Anton Ochsenkühn
macOS Catalina Tastenkürzel: Finder, Safari, Mail, Fotos, Siri, etc. effektiver bedienen
Author/Editor: Simone Ochsenkühn
macOS High Sierra: Das Standardwerk zu Apples Betriebssystem: Internet, Siri, Time Machine, APFS, u. v. m.
Author/Editor: Anton Ochsenkühn
macOS High Sierra Tastenkürzel: Siri, Finder, Safari, Mail, Fotos, iTunes etc. effektiver bedienen
Author/Editor: Johann Szierbeck
macOS Mojave - Über 250 coole Insidertipps: Aktuell für macOS Mojave
Author/Editor: Anton Ochsenkühn
macOS Mojave: Das Standardwerk zu Apples Betriebssystem: Internet, Siri, Time Machine, APFS, u. v. m.
Author/Editor: Anton Ochsenkühn
macOS Mojave - Tastenkürzel: Finder, Safari, Mail, Fotos, iTunes, Siri, etc. effektiver bedienen
Author/Editor: Johann Szierbeck
macOS Sierra: Das Standardwerk zu Apples Betriebssystem
Author/Editor: Anton Ochsenkühn
macOS Sierra Tastenkürzel: Siri, Finder, Safari, Mail, Fotos, iTunes etc. effektiver bedienen
Author/Editor: Szierbeck, Johann
Mac Osx Mountain Lion
Author/Editor: John Hales
Mac OS X Server 10.6 実践ワークグループ & インターネットサーバ構築, Ed. 第1版.
Author/Editor: 甲斐穣
Ma cousine Pot-au-Feu
Author/Editor: Léon de Tinseau; Paul Destez
Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature
Author/Editor: Heiss, Anita; Minter, Peter
Macramé for Beginners and Beyond: 24 Easy Macramé Projects for Home and Garden
Author/Editor: Mullins, Amy; Ryan-Raison, Marnia
Macready, Booth, Terry, Irving: Great Shakespeareans: Volume VI
Author/Editor: Schoch, Richard W.
The Macregol Gospels or The Rushworth Gospels Edition of the Latin Text with the Old English Interlinear Gloss Transcribed From Oxford Bodleian Library, MS Auctarium D. 2. 19
Series Title: Topics in the Digital Humanities
Macro- and Microemulsions
Macro and Micro Green
Macrobe et le néo-platonisme latin, à la fin du IVe siècle
Author/Editor: Flamant, Jacques.
Macrobius Ambrosius Theodosius: Kommentar zum "Somnium Scipionis"
Author/Editor: Friedrich Heberlein
Macro Cultural Psychology
Macrocycles in Drug Discovery
Author/Editor: Rotella, David P.; Levin, Jeremy I.
Macrocyclic Chemistry
Series Title: Chemistry Research and Applications
Macrocyclic Lactones in Antiparasitic Therapy
Author/Editor: Vercruysse, J.; Rew, Robert S.
Macroeconomía Intermedia para América Latina
Author/Editor: Mendoza Bellido, Waldo
Macroeconometric Models and European Monetary Union
Series Title: RWI Schriften
Author/Editor: Jones, Charles I.
Macroeconomía, Ed. 8.a edición
Author/Editor: Mankiw, N. Gregory.; Rabasco, María Esther.
Macroeconomic Accounting and Analysis in Transition Economies
Author/Editor: Ouanes, Abdessatar.; Marciniak, Philippe.; Swiderski, Karen; Thakur, Subhash Madhav; Lienert, Ian.; IMF Institute.
Macroeconomic Adjustment
Macroeconomic and Distributional Effects of Personal Income Tax Reforms
Author/Editor: Lizarazo Ruiz, Sandra V; Peralta-Alva, Adrian; Puy, Damie
The Macroeconomic (and Distributional) Effects of Public Investment in Developing Economies
Author/Editor: Davide Furceri; Bin Grace Li