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Titles start with Y (1,477) Information
Загадка Yбийцы
Author/Editor: Claudio Ruggeri
الرجال Y
Author/Editor: صياد، كريم،
Yabby Hunt
Author/Editor: Arena, Felice; Vane, Mitch; Kettle, Phillip
Yachting Monthly's 200 Skipper's Tips
Author/Editor: Tom Cunliffe
Yachting Monthly's Channel Havens, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Endean, Ken.
Yachting Monthly's Confessions
Author/Editor: Peyton, Mike.; Gelder, Paul.
Yachting Monthly's Expert Sailing Skills
Author/Editor: Tom Cunliffe
Yachting Monthly's Further Confessions
Author/Editor: Peyton, Mike.; Gelder, Paul.
Yachtmaster for Sail and Power, 3rd ed
Author/Editor: Noice, Alison.
Yachtmaster for Sail and Power: A Manual for the RYA Yachtmaster® Certificates of Competence
Author/Editor: Noice, Alison.
Yachtmaster for Sail and Power: A Manual for the RYA Yachtmaster® Certificates of Competence
Author/Editor: Roger Seymour
Yachtmaster for Sail & Power, 2nd ed
Author/Editor: Noice, Alison.; Royal Yachting Association (Great Britain)
Yacht Modelling and Adaptive Control
Author/Editor: Xiao, Chengmo.; Nguang, Sing Kiong.
The Yacht Owner's Manual
Author/Editor: Du Port, Andy
The Yachtsman's Manual of Tides, 2nd ed
Author/Editor: Reeve-Fowkes, Michael.
The Yacoubian Building
Author/Editor: Aswany, Alaa Al.; Davies, Humphrey.
Yahweh and Moses in Conflict
Author/Editor: Willis, John T.
Yahweh and the Gods and Goddesses of Canaan
Author/Editor: Day, John
Yahweh and the Sun
Author/Editor: Taylor, Glen.
Yahweh As Refuge and the Editing of the Hebrew Psalter
Author/Editor: Creach, Jerome F. D.
Yahweh's Coming of Age
Author/Editor: Bembry, Jason.
The Yahwist
Author/Editor: Van Seters, John
Yakima Valley Transportation Company
Author/Editor: Kenneth G. Johnsen
Series Title: Images of Rail
Yakov Berkovich; Zvonimir Janko: Groups of Prime Power Order. Volume 4
Author/Editor: Berkovich, I︠A︡. G.-Janko, Zvonimir
Series Title: Groups of Prime Power Order
Yakov Berkovich; Zvonimir Janko: Groups of Prime Power Order. Volume 6
Author/Editor: Yakov G. Berkovich; Zvonimir Janko
Yakov Berkovich; Zvonimir Janko: Groups of Prime Power Order. Volume 5
Author/Editor: Berkovich, I︠A︡. G.-Janko, Zvonimir
Series Title: Groups of Prime Power Order
Yakov Berkovich; Zvonimir Janko: Groups of Prime Power Order. Volume 3
Author/Editor: Berkovich, I︠A︡. G.-Janko, Zvonimir
Series Title: Groups of Prime Power Order
Yakov G. Berkovich; Lev S. Kazarin; Emmanuel M. Zhmud': Characters of Finite Groups. Volume 1
Author/Editor: Yakov G. Berkovich; Lev S. Kazarin; Emmanuel M. Zhmud'
Yakovlev Aces of World War 2
Author/Editor: Mellinger, George.-Laurier, Jim
Series Title: Osprey Aircraft of the Aces
The Yaks Relax
Author/Editor: Kompelien, Tracy
Series Title: Rhyme Time
Yakuglas' Legacy: The Art and Times of Charlie James
Author/Editor: Hawker, Ronald William; James, Charlie
Author/Editor: A.P. Okladnikov
Yakuza Courage
Author/Editor: H.J. Brues
Series Title: The Way of the Yakuza
Yakuza, Expanded ed
Author/Editor: Kaplan, David E.; Dubro, Alec.
Yakuza: Japan's Criminal Underworld, Ed. Expanded ed
Author/Editor: Kaplan, David E.; Dubro, Alec.
Yakuza Pride
Author/Editor: H.J. Brues
Series Title: The Way of the Yakuza
The Yale Indian
Author/Editor: Pfister, Joel.
Yale Law School and the Sixties
Author/Editor: Kalman, Laura
Series Title: Studies in Legal History
Ya Like That?
Author/Editor: Iyana Jenna
Y'all: The Definitive Guide to Being a Texan
Author/Editor: Jay B. Sauceda
Yamamoto Isoroku
Author/Editor: Stille, Mark
Series Title: Command
Yamasaki in Detroit
Author/Editor: John Gallagher
The Yamasee War
Author/Editor: Ramsey, William L.
The Yamashita Precedent
Author/Editor: Lael, Richard L.
Yamashita's Gold: The Debt Instalment Five
Author/Editor: Gwynne, Phillip
Yamato Class Battleships
Author/Editor: Wiper, Steve
The Yampa Valley Sin Circuit: Historic Red-Light Districts of Routt and Moffat Counties
Author/Editor: Laurel Watson
Yampa Valley Sin Circuit, The
Author/Editor: Laurel Watson
Yana and Yosef
Author/Editor: Scheunemann, Pam
Series Title: SandCastle First Sounds
Yanagai! Yanagai!
Author/Editor: James, Andrea.-Playbox Theatre Company
Series Title: Current Theatre Series
Author/Editor: Felton, Mark
Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World
Author/Editor: Webb, Hillary S
Yangians and Classical Lie Algebras
Author/Editor: Molev, Alexander
Series Title: Mathematical Surveys and Monographs
Yang-Mills Connections on Orientable and Nonorientable Surfaces
Author/Editor: Ho, Nan-Kuo; Liu, Chiu-Chu Melissa
Yang-Mills Fields and Extension Theory
Author/Editor: Pool, Robert
Yang-Mills Measure on Compact Surfaces
Author/Editor: Thierry Lévy
Yangtze River
Author/Editor: Hutchins, Boyce R.; Maloney, Tracy B.
Yangtze River
Author/Editor: Meister, Cari
Series Title: Checkerboard Nature Library
Yangtze River Gunboats 1900-49
Author/Editor: Konstam, Angus
Series Title: New Vanguard
Yangtze River Gunboats 1900-49, Unabridged
Author/Editor: Konstam, Angus.
Yangtze Showdown
Author/Editor: Izzard, Brian
Yangzhou, A Place in Literature
Author/Editor: Altenburger, Roland.; Børdahl, Vibeke.; Wan, Margaret B.
Yank and Rebel Rangers: Special Operations in the American Civil War
Author/Editor: Robert W Black
Yankee Belles in Dixie
Author/Editor: Gilbert Morris
Series Title: Bonnets and Bugles
Yankee Bishops
Author/Editor: Henery, Charles R.
The Yankee Chick's Survival Guide to Texas
Author/Editor: Dembling, Sophia.
Yankee Colonies Across America
Author/Editor: Rosenberg, Chaim M.
The Yankee Comandante
Author/Editor: Sallah, Michael-Weiss, Mitch
The Yankee Division in the First World War
Author/Editor: Shay, Michael E
Series Title: C.A. Brannen Series
Yankee Don't Go Home!
Author/Editor: Moreno, Julio
Series Title: Luther Hartwell Hodges Series on Business, Society, and the State
Yankee Fighter
Author/Editor: Cpt. John F. Hasey-Joseph F. Dinneen
Yankee Go Home (& Take Me With U)
Author/Editor: McKay, George; European Association for American Studies.
A Yankee Horseman in the Shenandoah Valley
Author/Editor: Black, John H.-Engle, Stephen Douglas.-Coles, David J
Series Title: Voices of the Civil War
Yankee in Atlanta
Author/Editor: Jocelyn Green
Yankee In Gray: The Civil War Memoirs Of Henry E. Handerson
Author/Editor: Handerson, Henry E
The Yankee International
Author/Editor: Messer-Kruse, Timothy.
The Yankee Invasion of Texas, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Townsend, Stephen A.
Yankee Mouse
Author/Editor: Horender, Philip M.-Wolek, Guy
Series Title: Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler
Yankee No!
Author/Editor: McPherson, Alan L.
The Yankee Plague
Author/Editor: Foote, Lorien
Series Title: Civil War America
A Yankee Private's Civil War
Author/Editor: Robert Hale Strong-Ashley Halsey
Series Title: Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor
Yankee Reporters and Southern Secrets: Journalism, Open Source Intelligence, and the Coming of the Civil War
Author/Editor: Michael Fuhlhage
Yankee Rock & Ice: A History of Climbing in the Northeastern United States, Ed. 2nd Edition
Author/Editor: Laura Waterman; Guy Waterman; Michael Wejchert
A Yankee Saint
Author/Editor: Robert Allerton Parker
The Yankees Are Coming! The Yankees Are Coming!
Author/Editor: Dunn, Jeffrey M
Yankees Baseball
Author/Editor: Richard Bak
Series Title: Images of Sports
A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina
Author/Editor: Allen, William Francis; Hester, James Robert
A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina: William Francis Allen's Civil War Journals
Author/Editor: Allen, William Francis; Hester, James Robert
Yankees Fans EBook Gift Set
Author/Editor: Frommer, Harvey.-Sullivan, George-Sherman, Ed
The Yankees Fan's Little Book of Wisdom
Author/Editor: Sullivan, George
Yankees in Michigan
Author/Editor: Wilson, Brian C.
The Yankees in the Early 1960s
Author/Editor: Ryczek, William J.
Yankee's New England Adventures: Over 400 Essential Things to See and Do
Author/Editor: Editors of Yankee Magazine
Yankees & Rebels on the Upper Missouri
Author/Editor: Ken Robison
Series Title: Military
Yankee Stadium
Author/Editor: Gary Hermalyn-Anthony C. Greene
Series Title: Images of Baseball
Yankee Stranger
Author/Editor: Elswyth Thane
Yankee Surveyors in the Shogun's Seas
Author/Editor: Cole, Allan B.; Rodgers, John
The Yankee Tea-party
Author/Editor: Watson, Henry C
Series Title: The Young American's Library
Yankee Theatre
Author/Editor: Hodge, Francis
Yankee Town, Southern City
Author/Editor: Tripp, Steven Elliott
Yankee Twang
Author/Editor: Murphy, Clifford R.
The Yankee West
Author/Editor: Gray, Susan E.
The Yankee Whaler
Author/Editor: Clifford Ashley
The Yanks Are Coming Over There
Author/Editor: Buenviaje, Dino E
The Yanks Are Coming Over There: Anglo-Saxonism and American Involvement in the First World War
Author/Editor: Buenviaje, Dino E.
Yanks in the Redwoods
Author/Editor: Baumgardner, Frank H
The Yanoama Indians
Author/Editor: Smole, William J.
Author/Editor: Borofsky, Robert; Albert, Bruce.
Yao Ming
Author/Editor: Pyle, Lydia
Series Title: Awesome Athletes III
Yaqui Resistance and Survival
Author/Editor: Hu-DeHart, Evelyn.
Author/Editor: Vince Profy
Series Title: Images of America
Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps, 1st edition
Author/Editor: Samuels, Aaron Levy
Author/Editor: Jones, Tristan
Yarn Whirled: Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore
Author/Editor: Pat Olski
Yashashvi Jeevnasathichi Kaushalye
Author/Editor: Alka Wadkar
Yashasvi Gunatmak Sanshodhan
Author/Editor: Virginia Braun; Victoria Clarke
Yashasvi Gunatmak Sanshodhan: Navshikya Vidyarthyansathi Vyavharik Margdarshan
Author/Editor: Virginia Braun; Victoria Clarke
Yasmeena's Choice
Author/Editor: Jean Sasson
Yasmin Peace Series
Author/Editor: Stephanie Perry Moore
Series Title: Yasmin Peace Series
Yasmin Peace Series, Digital Original
Author/Editor: Stephanie Perry Moore
Ya somos tres!
Author/Editor: Moros, Manuel
Yasukuni Shrine
Author/Editor: Takenaka, Akiko
Yateley in the Great War
Author/Editor: Peter J Tipton
The Yates Pride
Author/Editor: Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins
The Yates Pride: A Romance
Author/Editor: Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins
Ya Te Veo
Author/Editor: Cunningham, P. Scott
Series Title: Miller Williams Poetry Prize
Ya Te Veo: Poems
Author/Editor: Cunningham, P. Scott
Yavapai County
Author/Editor: Rick Sprain
Series Title: Postcard History Series
Yaxcabá and the Caste War of Yucatán, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Alexander, Rani T.
Yaxchilan, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Tate, Carolyn Elaine.
Yayoi Kusama
Author/Editor: Applin, Jo.
Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Room - Phalli's Field
Author/Editor: Applin, Jo.
Author/Editor: John E. Ellzey
Series Title: Images of America
The Yazoo Pass Expedition: A Union Thrust Into the Delta
Author/Editor: Larry Allen McCluney Jr
Series Title: Civil War Series
Yazoo Pass Expedition, The
Author/Editor: Larry Allen McCluney Jr.
The Yazoo River
Author/Editor: Smith, Frank Ellis
'Y Blaid Ffasgaidd yng Nghymru'
Author/Editor: Wyn Jones, Richard
Ybo' and Other Lies
Author/Editor: Bulla, Adriano.
Ybor City
Author/Editor: A.M. de Quesada
Series Title: Images of America
Y Chwyldro Ffrengig a'r Anterliwt
Author/Editor: Jones, Ffion Mair
Series Title: Cymru A'r Chwyldro Ffrengig
Życie na niby
Author/Editor: Kazimierz Wyka
“¿Y cuál es mi lugar, señor, entre tus actos?”: El drama de Rosario Castellanos
Author/Editor: Swanson, Rosario Montelongo de
Żydzi w okresie drugiej świątyni 538 przed Chr.-70 po Chr.
Author/Editor: Jerzy Ciecieląg
Yea, Alabama! A Peek Into the Past of One of the Most Storied Universities in the Nation
Author/Editor: Battles, David M.
Yea, Alabama! A Peek Into the Past of One of the Most Storied Universities in the Nation
Author/Editor: Battles, David M.
Yea, Alabama! A Rare Glimpse Into the Personal Diary of the University of Alabama (Volume 2 - 1871 Through 1901)
Author/Editor: Battles, David M.
Yeager Airport and Charleston Aviation
Author/Editor: Nicholas Keller
Series Title: Images of Aviation
Year 10
Author/Editor: Simon Vinnicombe
The Year 3000
Author/Editor: Mantegazza, Paolo; Jacobson, David; Pireddu, Nicoletta.
Year 501: The Conquest Continues
Author/Editor: Noam Chomsky
A Year Ago; Eye-Witness’s Narrative Of The War From March 20th To July 18th, 1915 [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: Major-General Ernest D. Swinton-Captain Alan Ian Percy Duke of Northumberland
A Year at the Helm of the United Nations General Assembly
Author/Editor: Al-Nasser, Nassir Abdulaziz.
A Year at the Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Douglas, Davison M.; Devins, Neal.
The Yearbook
Author/Editor: Lerangis, Peter
Yearbook 2008
Author/Editor: Søderquist, K. Brian.-Deuser, Hermann-Cappelørn, Niels Jørgen
Series Title: Kierkegaard Studies
Yearbook for Anglo-German Literary Criticism, Intellectual History and Cultural Transfers
Author/Editor: Nicholls, Angus-Davies, Steffan-Görner, Rüdiger
Series Title: Angermion
Yearbook of Air and Space Law - 1967 - Annuaire De Droit Aerien Et Spatial
Author/Editor: Rene H. Mankiewicz
Yearbook of Astronomy 2018
Author/Editor: Brian Jones-Richard Pearson FRAS
Yearbook of Astronomy 2019
Author/Editor: Brian Jones
Yearbook of Astronomy 2020
Author/Editor: Brian Jones
Yearbook of Astronomy 2021
Author/Editor: Brian Jones
Yearbook of International Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences- 2009
Author/Editor: Boutros, Nashaat N.
Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology, 2009
Author/Editor: Hochberg, Z.-Carel, J.-C-European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology
Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology 2010
Author/Editor: Hochberg, Z.-Carel, J.-C
Series Title: Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology
Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology 2011
Author/Editor: Butler, Gary-Hochberg, Z.-Carel, J.-C
Series Title: Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology
Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology 2012
Author/Editor: Butler, Gary-Hochberg, Z.-Ong, Ken
Series Title: Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology
Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology 2013
Author/Editor: Hochberg, Z.-Ong, Ken
Yearbook of Phraseology
Author/Editor: Kuiper, Koenraad
Yearbook of Phraseology
Author/Editor: Burger, Harald.-Kuiper, Koenraad
Yearbook of Private International Law
Author/Editor: Andrea Bonomi
Yearbook of Private International Law
Author/Editor: Andrea Bonomi-Gian Paolo Romano
Yearbook of Private International Law Vol. XVI - 2014/2015
Author/Editor: Bonomi, Andrea-Romano, Gian Paolo
Series Title: Yearbook of Private International Law
Yearbook of Private International Law Vol. XVII - 2015/2016
Author/Editor: Bonomi, Andrea-Romano, Gian Paolo
Series Title: Yearbook of Private International Law
The Yearbook of Symbolic Anthropology
Author/Editor: Erik Schwimmer
Yearbook of Transnational History: (2018)
Author/Editor: Thomas Adam
Yearbook of Transnational History: (2019)
Author/Editor: Thomas Adam
The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology 2015
Author/Editor: Trajtelová, Jana.
The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology 2014
Author/Editor: Vydra, Anton
The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology 2013
Author/Editor: Vydra, Anton.
The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology 2016
Author/Editor: Trajtelová, Jana.
Year by Year
Author/Editor: Ledford, Kathyrn F
The Year Comes Round
Author/Editor: Farrar, Sid.
The Year Comes Round: Haiku Through the Seasons
Author/Editor: Farrar, Sid.
A Yearful of Assemblies
Author/Editor: Jones, Eileen
A Year in Command in Afghanistan
Author/Editor: Forsyth, Michael J
A Year in Command in Afghanistan: Journal of a United States Army Battalion Commander, 2009-2010
Author/Editor: Forsyth, Michael J.
A Year in Food and Beer
Author/Editor: Baime, Emily.; Michaels, Darin.
A Year in Hell
Author/Editor: Pezzoli, Ray
A Year in Korea
Author/Editor: Wellens, David.
A Year in Mississippi
Author/Editor: McCord, Charline R.; Tucker, Judy H.
Year in Nam
Author/Editor: TeCube, Leroy
The Year in Television, 2008
Author/Editor: Terrace, Vincent
The Year in Television, 2009
Author/Editor: Terrace, Vincent
Series Title: Year in Television
A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester
Author/Editor: T. Gregory Argall
A Year in the Life
Author/Editor: Pillar, Jedrek.
A Year in the Life of Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: David, A. Rosalie
A Year in the Life of a "working" Writer
Author/Editor: Witham, Ernie
A Year in the Life of the Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Smolla, Rodney A.; Barrett, Paul
A Year In Treblinka
Author/Editor: Wiernik, Jankiel
A Year in White
Author/Editor: Carr, C. Lynn
A Year in White: Cultural Newcomers to Lukumi and Santería in the United States
Author/Editor: Carr, C. Lynn
The Year It All Ended
Author/Editor: Murray, Kirsty
A Year-long Night
Author/Editor: Robert Klitzman
The Year My Mother Came Back, First edition
Author/Editor: Cohen, Alice Eve
Year My Son and I Were Born
Author/Editor: Soper, Kathryn Lynard
Author/Editor: Hendrickson, Robert
Yearning for the New Age: Laura Holloway-Langford and Late Victorian Spirituality
Author/Editor: Sasson, Diane
Yearnings in the Meantime, First Edition
Author/Editor: Jansen, Stef
Yearnings of the Soul
Author/Editor: Garb, Jonathan
Yearning to Labor
Author/Editor: Murphy, John P.
The Year Of Decision: 1846
Author/Editor: Bernard DeVoto
Year of Desperate Struggle
Author/Editor: Akers, Monte
A Year of Fear
Author/Editor: Senn, Bryan
Year of Fire, Year of Ash, Second edition
Author/Editor: Hirson, Baruch
Year of Fire, Year of Ash: The Soweto Schoolchildren’s Revolt That Shook Apartheid, Ed. Second edition
Author/Editor: Hirson, Baruch
Year of Glory
Author/Editor: Monte Akers
A Year of Hitchcock
Author/Editor: McDevitt, Jim; San Juan, Eric
A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense
Author/Editor: McDevitt, Jim; San Juan, Eric
A Year of Iowa Nature
Author/Editor: Kurtz, Carl.
The Year of Jubilo
Author/Editor: Howard Bahr
A Year of Medical Thinking
Author/Editor: Reid, S. K
A Year of Movies
Author/Editor: Walters, Ivan
The Year of Needy Girls
Author/Editor: Smith, Patricia A.
The Year of No Mistakes
Author/Editor: Aptowicz, Cristin O'Keefe.
The Year of Our Revolution
Author/Editor: Cofer, Judith Ortiz
A Year of Prayer
Author/Editor: MacArthur, John
A Year of Sanctions Against Russia—Now What?
Author/Editor: Galbert, Simond de; Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, D.C.); Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington,
A Year of Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Erin; Prescott, Paul; Edmondson, Paul.
The Year of Silence
Author/Editor: Bell, Madison Smartt
The Year Of The Buzz Bomb; A Journal Of London, 1944
Author/Editor: Baker, Richard Brown
The Year of the Century
Author/Editor: Dee Brown
Year of the Comets: A Journey From Sadness to the Stars
Author/Editor: DeBlieu, Jan.
The Year of the Crocodile
Author/Editor: Milan, Courtney
The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis
Author/Editor: José Saramago
Year of the Dog, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Hearon, Shelby
The Year of the Femme
Author/Editor: Donish, Cassie
Year of the Goat
Author/Editor: Hathaway, Margaret; Schatz, Karl
The Year of the Gorilla
Author/Editor: Schaller, George B.
The Year of the Gorilla
Author/Editor: Schaller, George B.
The Year of the Lash
Author/Editor: Reid-Vazquez, Michele
Series Title: Early American Places
Year of the Locust
Author/Editor: Tamārī, Salīm.
Year of the Locust: A Soldier's Diary and the Erasure of Palestine's Ottoman Past
Author/Editor: Tamārī, Salīm.
The 'Year Of The Monkey' And Other Plays: The Year of the Monkey, Designs for Living, Sodom
Author/Editor: Claire Dowie
Year of the Pig
Author/Editor: Hainds, Mark J.; Ditchkoff, Steven.; Bailey, Mark A.
Year of the Rat
Author/Editor: Richardson, Marc Anthony
Year of the Snake
Author/Editor: Roripaugh, Lee Ann.
The Year Of Trafalgar
Author/Editor: Newbolt, Henry John
A Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter
Author/Editor: Hunter, Alvah Folsom.; Symonds, Craig L.
Year One of the Russian Revolution
Author/Editor: Serge, Victor; Sedgwick, Peter; Recorded Books, Inc.
Year-Round Education
Author/Editor: Haser, Shelly Gismondi; Nasser, Ilham
Year's End: 14 Tales of Holiday Horror
Author/Editor: Hartman, J. Alan.
The Year She Disappeared, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Harleman, Ann
Years of Conflict
Author/Editor: Hart, Jason
The Years of Our Friendship
Author/Editor: Doreski, William.
Years of Persecution, Years of Extermination
Author/Editor: Betts, Paul; Wiese, Christian
Years of Slavery
Author/Editor: Ollhoff, Jim
Series Title: African American History
Years of Upheaval
Author/Editor: Israeli, Raphael
Years of Upheaval: Axial Changes in Islam Since 1989
Author/Editor: Israeli, Raphael
Years with Frank Lloyd Wright
Author/Editor: Edgar Tafel
The Year's Work in the Oddball Archive
Author/Editor: Roof, Judith; Eburne, Jonathan P.
The Year That Changed the Game, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Rand, Jonathan
The Year The Trees Didn't Die
Author/Editor: Mary Koral
The Year the World Was Mine: An Anglophile Hits a Half Century
Author/Editor: Rochelle Almeida
The Year They Burned the Books
Author/Editor: Nancy Garden
A Year to Clear: A Daily Guide to Creating Spaciousness in Your Home and Heart
Author/Editor: Stephanie Bennett Vogt
A Year to Enlightenment: 365 Steps to Enriching and Living Your Life
Author/Editor: E. Raymond Rock
A Year to Remember: The Real Behind-the-scenes Story of South Sydney's Road to the Grand Final
Author/Editor: Maguire, Michael
The Year We Seized the Day: A True Story of Friendship and Renewal on the Camino
Author/Editor: Best, Elizabeth; Bowles, Colin.
A Year with Mordecai Kaplan: Wisdom on the Weekly Torah Portion
Author/Editor: Reuben, Steven Carr
The Year Without Summer
Author/Editor: G.S. Wiley
Year Zero
Author/Editor: Watson, Mike
Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1929
Author/Editor: Cohen, Hillel; Watzman, Haim
Yeats and American Poetry
Author/Editor: Diggory, Terence
Yeats and American Poetry: The Tradition of the Self
Author/Editor: Diggory, Terence
Yeats at Songs and Choruses
Author/Editor: Clark, David R.
Yeats, Shakespeare, and Irish Cultural Nationalism
Author/Editor: Hennessey, Oliver
Yeats, The Man And The Masks
Author/Editor: Richard Ellmann
Yehuda Amichai
Author/Editor: Gold, Nili Scharf.
The Yehud Stamp Impressions
Author/Editor: Lipschitz, Oded.; Vanderhooft, David Stephen.
Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto
Author/Editor: Cahan, Abraham
Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto
Author/Editor: Cahan, Abraham
Ye Liveliest Wickedness
Author/Editor: Gerrard, Cherry
Y ella ha vuelto a nacer
Author/Editor: Ana valdes
Yell and Scream for Your Team!
Author/Editor: Kompelien, Tracy
Series Title: Synonyms
Author/Editor: Stockland, Patricia M.-Woolf, Julia
Series Title: Colors
Yellow Animals
Author/Editor: Borth, Teddy
Yellow-bellied Sea Snakes
Author/Editor: Klein, Adam G
Series Title: Checkerboard Animal Library
Yellowbelly Hero
Author/Editor: Susan Laine
Series Title: Heroes at Heart
Yellow Bricks
Author/Editor: Louis Daniel Brodsky
Author/Editor: Lanagan, Margo
Yellowcake Towns
Author/Editor: Amundson, Michael A.
The Yellow Cat Mystery
Author/Editor: Queen, Ellery
Series Title: The Ellery Queen Jr. Mystery Stories
The Yellow Claw
Author/Editor: Rohmer, Sax
Yellow Crocodiles and Blue Oranges
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
The Yellow District
Author/Editor: Mauricio R B Campos
Yellow-Dog Contract
Author/Editor: Thomas, Ross
Yellow Dogs and Republicans, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Dobbs, Ricky F.
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, New ed
Author/Editor: Veith, Ilza.
The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles
Author/Editor: Pancol, Katherine
Author/Editor: Moon, Krystyn R.
The Yellow Fairy Book
Author/Editor: Lang, Andrew
The Yellow Fairy Book
Author/Editor: Lang, Andrew
The Yellow Fairy Book
Author/Editor: Lang, Andrew-Ford, H. J
Series Title: Dover Children's Classics
Yellow Fever
Author/Editor: Kotar, S. L.-Gessler, J. E
Yellow Fever: A Worldwide History
Author/Editor: Kotar, S. L.; Gessler, J. E.
Yellow Fever Years
Author/Editor: Gessner, Ingrid
The Yellow God
Author/Editor: Haggard, H. Rider
The Yellow God: A Idol of Africa
Author/Editor: Haggard, H. Rider
The Yellowhammer War
Author/Editor: Noe, Kenneth W.
The Yellow House
Author/Editor: O'Grady, Emily
The Yellow House Mystery
Author/Editor: Worley, Rob M.-Warner, Gertrude Chandler-Albert Whitman & Company.-Hedlund, Stephanie F
Series Title: Boxcar Children Graphic Novels
The Yellow House Mystery
Author/Editor: Worley, Rob M.-Lowe, John-Warner, Gertrude Chandler-Dubisch, Michael-Hartman, Wes
Series Title: The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels
The Yellow House Mystery
Author/Editor: Warner, Gertrude Chandler-Gehr, Mary
Series Title: Boxcar Children
The Yellow House Mystery & El Misterio De La Casa Amarilla
Author/Editor: Warner, Gertrude Chandler-Gehr, Mary-Mayor, Carlos
Series Title: Los Chicos Del Vagón
Yellow Journalist
Author/Editor: Wong, William
The Yellow Kids
Author/Editor: Milton, Joyce
The Yellow Lantern: True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime
Author/Editor: Angie Dicken
The Yellowlegs: The Story of the United States Cavalry
Author/Editor: Richard Wormser
Yellow Music
Author/Editor: Jones, Andrew F.
The Yellow Packard
Author/Editor: Collins, Ace.
The Yellow Papers
Author/Editor: Wilson, Dominique
Yellow Perils: China Narratives in the Contemporary World
Author/Editor: Billé, Franck; Urbansky, Sören
Yellow Power, Yellow Soul
Author/Editor: Buckley, Roger Norman; Roberts, Tamara.
Yellow Rain
Author/Editor: Spetz, Steven N
Yellow Reign
Author/Editor: D.S. Adams
The Yellow River
Author/Editor: Pietz, David Allen
The Yellow Room
Author/Editor: Rinehart, Mary Roberts
The Yellow Room
Author/Editor: Anonymous
The Yellow Room Conspiracy
Author/Editor: Dickinson, Peter
The Yellow Rose: Racial Stratification in a Mexican American Community
Author/Editor: Richard R. Verdugo
The Yellow Star: The Moving Narrative Of A Boy Who Survived Auschwitz And Buchenwald [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: S. B. Unsdorfer
The Yellowstone
Author/Editor: Blevins, Win
Series Title: Wild Rivers West
Yellowstone and the Biology of Time
Author/Editor: Meagher, Margaret Mary.-Houston, Douglas B
Yellowstone and the Biology of Time, [Pbk. ed., 1999]
Author/Editor: Meagher, Margaret Mary.; Houston, Douglas B.
Yellowstone Autumn
Author/Editor: Wetherell, W. D.
Yellowstone Command
Author/Editor: Greene, Jerome A.
Yellowstone Country
Author/Editor: Bagne, Mark.-Richard, Jack-Richard, Bob
Yellowstone Country: The Photographs of Jack Richard
Author/Editor: Bagne, Mark.; Richard, Jack; Richard, Bob.
Yellowstone Denied
Author/Editor: Scott, Kim Allen
The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide, New and Revised, Ed. Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Craig Mathews; Clayton Molinero
Yellowstone Kelly
Author/Editor: Bowen, Peter
Series Title: The Yellowstone Kelly Novels
The Yellowstone Kelly Novels
Author/Editor: Bowen, Peter
Series Title: The Yellowstone Kelly Novels
“Yellowstone Kelly” - The Memoirs Of Luther S. Kelly
Author/Editor: Luther S. Kelly-Milo S. Quaife
Yellowstone, Land of Wonders
Author/Editor: Leclercq, Jules.; Cane, Suzanne.; Chapple, Janet.
Yellowstone Memories
Author/Editor: Spinola, Jennifer Rogers.
Yellowstone National Park
Author/Editor: Grace Hansen
Yellowstone National Park
Author/Editor: Hamilton, John
Series Title: National Parks
Yellowstone National Park
Author/Editor: Boner, Bradly J.; Jackson, William Henry
The Yellowstone National Park
Author/Editor: Chittenden, Hiram Martin; Bartlett, Richard A.
Yellowstone National Park
Author/Editor: Cecilia Pinto McCarthy
Yellowstone National Park: Eye of the Grizzly
Author/Editor: Graf, Mike.-Leggitt, Marjorie
Series Title: Adventures with the Parkers
The Yellowstone Story, Rev. ed
Author/Editor: Haines, Aubrey L.
The Yellowstone Story, Rev. ed
Author/Editor: Haines, Aubrey L.
Yellowstone's Wildlife in Transition
Author/Editor: White, P. J.; Garrott, Robert A.; Plumb, Glenn E.
Yellowstone to Denali
Author/Editor: Cunningham, Clay
Yellowstone Wildlife
Author/Editor: Johnsgard, Paul A.
Yellowstone Winter Guide, [2nd ed.]
Author/Editor: Henry, Jeff.
The Yellowstone Wolf
Author/Editor: Schullery, Paul
Yellow Streak
Author/Editor: Susan Laine
Series Title: Heroes at Heart
Yellowtail, Crow Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief
Author/Editor: Yellowtail, Thomas.; Fitzgerald, Michael Oren,
The Yellow Wallpaper
Author/Editor: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins.
The Yellow Wallpaper
Author/Editor: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Series Title: Dover Thrift Editions
The Yellow Wave
Author/Editor: Miller, Jane-Mackay, James Alexander Kenneth-La Mama Theatre
Author/Editor: DiRosilia, Benyamin.
Author/Editor: Rabi, Uzi
Author/Editor: Dumont, Gabriel A.
Yemen and the Challenge of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
Author/Editor: Attwater, Charles G.; Benton, Curtis
Yemen and the Gulf States: The Making of a Crisis
Author/Editor: Lackner, Helen; Varisco, Daniel Martin
Yemen Divided
Author/Editor: Brehony, Noel.
Yemen: Revolution, Civil War and Unification
Author/Editor: Rabi, Uzi
Yemen: Security Issues and U.S. Assistance
Author/Editor: Author Unknown
Yemoja: Gender, Sexuality, and Creativity in the Latina/o and Afro-Atlantic Diasporas
Author/Editor: Falola, Toyin.; Otero, Solimar.
Yen Path
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Jenny
'Ye Olde Townships'
Author/Editor: Heath, Chris-Sheead, Stanley.-Robinson, Leslie
Series Title: 'Ye Olde Townships'
Ye Olde Townships': Denby Dale, Scissett, Ingbirchworth & District: A Denby & District Archive Photography Album
Author/Editor: Heath, Chris
Yeomen of the Guard and the Early Tudors, The
Author/Editor: Hewerdine, Anita.
Yeomen, Sharecroppers, and Socialists, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Wilkison, Kyle Grant
Yeowart and Parsons on the Law of Financial Collateral
Author/Editor: Yeowart, Geoffrey.-Edward Elgar Publishing
Series Title: Elgar Financial Law and Practice Series
Yerkes Observatory, 1892-1950
Author/Editor: Osterbrock, Donald E
Yerkes Observatory, 1892-1950, [Pbk. ed., 1999]
Author/Editor: Osterbrock, Donald E.
Author/Editor: Brad Boney
Author/Editor: Foley, James; Ramand, Pete
Author/Editor: Lou Sylvre
Series Title: Vasquez & James Series
Yes Captain
Author/Editor: Rebecca Royce
Yes, Darling
Author/Editor: Dawn Kimberly Johnson
The Yes Effect
Author/Editor: Luis Bush
Ye Shall Be As Gods: Humanism and Christianity
Author/Editor: Johnson, Larry G.
Yes, He's My Ex
Author/Editor: Julie Lynn Hayes
Yeshiva Fundamentalism
Author/Editor: Stadler, Nurit
Author/Editor: Dr. Ron Mosley
Author/Editor: G P Taylor-Paula Parker
Series Title: Ancient Mysteries Retold
Yes I Can!
Author/Editor: Smith, Neil-Hamann, Brad-Hirt, Jerry
Yes I Can!: Struggles From Childhood to the NFL
Author/Editor: Smith, Neil; Hamann, Brad; Hirt, Jerry
Yes, I Know the Monkey Man
Author/Editor: Butler, Dori Hillestad
Yes Lives in the Land of No
Author/Editor: Gallagher, B. J.-Graveline, Todd.-Ventura, Steve
Series Title: A BK Life Book
Yes, Lord, I Know the Road
Author/Editor: Morris, J. Brent
Author/Editor: J.M. Snyder
Yes/no Medical Spanish
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Tina M.; Alegre, Ticiano.
Author/Editor: Mickie B. Ashling
Yesterday and Forever
Author/Editor: Victoria Alexander
Yesterday in Mexico
Author/Editor: Dulles, John W. F.
Yesterday in the Hills
Author/Editor: Floyd C. Watkins-Charles Hubert Watkins
Yesterday in the Texas Hill Country, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Jordan, Gilbert John
Yesterday's Addicts; American Society and Drug Abuse, 1865-1920, [1st ed.]
Author/Editor: Morgan, H. Wayne
Yesterday's Letters
Author/Editor: Kassandra Lea
Yesterday's Monsters: The Manson Family Cases and the Illusion of Parole
Author/Editor: Prof. Hadar Aviram
Yesterday's Murder
Author/Editor: Craig Rice
Yesterday's News
Author/Editor: Healy, J. F
Series Title: The John Cuddy Mysteries
Yesterday's Papers
Author/Editor: Edwards, Martin
Yesterday's Roses
Author/Editor: Cullman, Heather
Series Title: The Parrish Novels
Yesterday's Self
Author/Editor: Ritivoi, Andreea Deciu
Series Title: Philosophy and the Global Context
Yesterday's Self: Nostalgia and the Immigrant Identity
Author/Editor: Ritivoi, Andreea Deciu.
Yesterday's Shadow
Author/Editor: Jon Cleary
Series Title: A Scobie Malone Novel
Yesterday's Tomorrows
Author/Editor: Russell, Elizabeth; Gallardo, Pere
Yesterday’s Trails
Author/Editor: William H. Spindler
Yesterday's Woman
Author/Editor: Colby, Vineta
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
Yesterday's Woman: Domestic Realism in the English Novel
Author/Editor: Colby, Vineta
Yesterday Today: Life in the Ozarks
Author/Editor: Catherine S. Barker; J. Blake Perkins
Yesterday Won't Goodbye
Author/Editor: Ellis, Brian S.
Author/Editor: Brandt, Gloria
Series Title: Truly Yours
Yes, the Arabs Can Too
Author/Editor: Al Jaber, Mohamed Bin Issa-Facey, William-Gordon, Philip
Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence
Author/Editor: Foley, James; Ramand, Pete
Yes, There Will Be Singing
Author/Editor: Krysl, Marilyn
Yes We Can!
Author/Editor: Carter, Norvella-Lewis, Chance W.-Howell, Leanne
Series Title: Contemporary Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Achievement
Yes, You Can!
Author/Editor: Thompson, Gail L.; Thompson, Rufus
Yes, You Can Grow Roses, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Barrett, Judy
Yes You Can Play Great Rock Guitar
Author/Editor: Capone, Phil.; Copperwaite, Paul
Yet Alive?
Author/Editor: Dickinson, David
Yet Another Death in Venice
Author/Editor: Heald, Tim
Series Title: The Simon Bognor Mysteries
Ye That Are Men Now Serve Him
Author/Editor: Chapell, Colin B.
Ye That Are Men Now Serve Him: Radical Holiness Theology and Gender in the South
Author/Editor: Chapell, Colin B.
The Yeti Society
Author/Editor: Martin Sexton
Yetis, Sasquatch & Hairy Giants
Author/Editor: Childress, David Hatcher.
Yet More Everyday Science Mysteries:  Stories for Inquiry-Based Science Teaching
Author/Editor: Richard Konicek-Moran
Yevgeny Mravinsky
Author/Editor: Tassie, Gregor
‘Ye Whom the Charms of Grammar Please’
Author/Editor: Rusten, Kristian A.; McCafferty, Kevin.; Haugland, Kari E.
Yezidis in Syria
Author/Editor: Maisel, Sebastian
Yezidis, The
Author/Editor: Açikyildiz, Birgül.
Y ferch ym myd y Faled
Author/Editor: Rosser, Siwan M
Y Gyfraith yn ein Llên
Author/Editor: R. Gwynedd Parry
Y Gymru Ddu ar Ddalen Wen: Aralledd ac Amlddiwylliannedd mewn Ffuglen Gymreig, er 1990
YHWH Elohim
Author/Editor: Harvey, Bruce J.
YHWH (Yahweh)
Author/Editor: G P Taylor-Paula Parker
Author/Editor: Fishman, Joshua A.
Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar, Ed. 2. edition
Author/Editor: Birnbaum, Salomo A.
Yiddish Empire
Author/Editor: Debra Caplan
Yiddish & English
Author/Editor: Sol Steinmetz
Yiddish Given Names
Author/Editor: Cohn, Rella Israly.
Author/Editor: Roskies, David G
Yiddish Poetry and the Tuberculosis Sanatorium, First edition
Author/Editor: Gilman, Ernest B.
Yield Curve Modeling and Forecasting
Author/Editor: Diebold, Francis X.-Rudebusch, Glenn D
Series Title: The Econometric and Tinbergen Institutes Lectures
Yield Curve Modeling and Forecasting: The Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Approach
Author/Editor: Diebold, Francis X.; Rudebusch, Glenn D.
The Yield: Kafka's Atheological Reformation
Author/Editor: North, Paul
Yields of Transition
Author/Editor: Suhadolnik, Nataša Vampelj.; Rošker, Jana
Yield Yourself to God
Author/Editor: Murray, Andrew
Author/Editor: Charola, Erika; Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies; Meakins, Felicity
Yi jin jing. Ejercicios tradicionals para el estiramiento del músculo-tendón en la antigua China
Author/Editor: Teresa Menchén Rodríguez-Pedro Jesús Jiménez Martín
Author/Editor: Donna Caffey
Yin and Yang in the English Classroom
Author/Editor: Eckard, Sandra
Yin and Yang in the English Classroom: Teaching with Popular Culture Texts
Author/Editor: Eckard, Sandra
Author/Editor: Clark, Bernie
Y in the Workplace: Managing the Me First Generation
Author/Editor: Nicole A. Lipkin; April J. Perrymore
Author/Editor: Ryan-Maher, Mary Beth; Renouf, Alice
«Yin-Yang» Interplay
Author/Editor: Chiu, Bit-shing Abraham
Yin, Yang, Yogini
Author/Editor: Livingston, Kathryn E
The Yipping Tiger and Other Tales From the Neuropsychiatric Clinic
Author/Editor: Sachdev, Perminder
The Yips
Author/Editor: Barker, Nicola
Yir-Yoront Lexicon
Author/Editor: Alpher, Barry
Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Documentation
Yitro (Exodus 18:1-20:23) and Haftarah (Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6): The JPS B'nai Mitzvah Torah Commentary
Author/Editor: Salkin, Jeffrey K.
Yiwarra Kuju
Author/Editor: National Museum of Australia
Y.K. Pao, My Father
Author/Editor: Sohmen, Anna
Series Title: UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE
Y Llawes Goch a'r Faneg Wen
Author/Editor: Rees, Mair
Series Title: Astudiaethau Rhywedd Cymru
The YMCA at War: Collaboration and Conflict During the World Wars
Author/Editor: Copeland, Jeffrey C.; Xu, Yan
Y no se lo tragó la tierra
Author/Editor: Rivera, Tomás
-- y no se lo tragó la tierra, Third edition
Author/Editor: Rivera, Tomás
Yo!, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Alvarez, Julia.
Yo!: A Novel, Ed. 1st ed
Author/Editor: Alvarez, Julia.
Author/Editor: Macchia, Andrea; Prestileo, Fernanda; Cagno, Simone; Khalilli, Fariz
Yodeling and Meaning in American Music
Author/Editor: Wise, Timothy E.
Yodel in Hi-Fi
Author/Editor: Plantenga, Bart.
Author/Editor: Callahan, Daren.
Author/Editor: Tieck, Sarah
Series Title: Move Your Body: a Kid's Guide to Fitness
Author/Editor: Kovoor T. Behanan
The Yoga Almanac: 52 Practices and Rituals to Stay Grounded Through the Astrological Seasons
Author/Editor: Lisette Cheresson; Andrea Rice
Yoga and Meditation at the Library: A Practical Guide for Librarians
Author/Editor: Carson, Jenn
Yoga and the Luminous: Patañjali's Spiritual Path to Freedom
Author/Editor: Chapple, Christopher Key; Patañjali.
Yoga and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Guide to Finding Joy in Unexpected Places
Author/Editor: Sam Chase
Yoga As Philosophy and Religion
Author/Editor: Surendranath Dasgupta
Yoga Assists
Author/Editor: Gannon, Sharon-Life, David
Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined
Author/Editor: Jules Mitchell
The Yoga-CBT Workbook for Anxiety: Total Relief for Mind and Body
Author/Editor: Greiner-Ferris, Juile.; Khalsa, Manjit Kaur.
Yoga-Coaching: Der Weg zu einem gesunden Lebensstil, Ed. 1. Aufl.
Author/Editor: Ulrike Reiche
Yoga: cos'è?
Author/Editor: Aimar Rollan
Yoga & Embodiment
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Baender-Michalska-Rolf Baender
Yoga & Embodiment, 1. Auflage
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Baender-Michalska; Rolf Baender
Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement
Author/Editor: J. Avison
Yoga For Americans
Author/Editor: Indra Devi
Yoga for Anxiety: Meditations and Practices for Calming the Body and Mind
Author/Editor: NurrieStearns, Mary.; NurrieStearns, Rick