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Titles start with Y (1,243) Information
Yy (Spanish Language)
Author/Editor: Maria Puchol
Author/Editor: Doudna, Kelly
Series Title: The Alphabet
Author/Editor: Bela Davis
Yvan Golls Gedicht "Paris brennt", Reprint 2014
Author/Editor: Johannes Ullmaier
Yvan Golls Gedicht Paris brennt
Author/Editor: Johannes Ullmaier
Series Title: Untersuchungen zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte
Yvain, or The Knight with the Lion
Author/Editor: Chrétien-Cline, Ruth Harwood
Yvain (Der Löwenritter), 3. verb. Aufl
Author/Editor: Chrétien; Baehr, Rudolf; Foerster, Wendelin
Yvain (Der Löwenritter)
Author/Editor: Chrétien-Baehr, Rudolf-Foerster, Wendelin
Series Title: Sammlung romanischer Übungstexte
Yvain dans le miroir
Author/Editor: Grimbert, Joan T.
Yuzi's False Alarm
Author/Editor: Dannah Gresh-Chizuruoke Anderson
Series Title: Secret Keeper Girl Fiction
Yuyi Morales
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Jill C
Series Title: Checkerboard Biography Library. Children's Authors
Yutopian, First edition
Author/Editor: Gero, Joan M.
Yu the Great Conquers the Flood
Author/Editor: Yasuda, Anita-Jok
Series Title: Short Tales. Chinese Myths
Yusif Sayigh, International Ed.
Author/Editor: Ṣāʼigh, Yūsuf ʻAbd Allāh; Ṣāʼigh, Rosemary
Yushi Hogen: An Eighteeth-Century Japanese Farce
Author/Editor: Mori, Maryellen Toman
Yūshi Hōgen
Author/Editor: Mori, Maryellen Toman; Inouye, Charles Shirō
Author/Editor: Gray-Kanatiiosh, Barbara A
Series Title: Checkerboard Social Studies Library
Yupik Transitions
Author/Editor: Krupnik, Igor.
The Yummy Mistake
Author/Editor: McDonald, Kirsten
Author/Editor: Rotner, Shelley.; Rotner, Shelley; Kelly, Sheila M.
The Yuma Reclamation Project, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Sauder, Robert A.
The Yuletide Bride
Author/Editor: Ule, Michelle Duval
Series Title: 12 Brides of Christmas
Yule Be in My Heart
Author/Editor: Feral Sephrian
Yul Brynner
Author/Editor: Capua, Michelangelo
Author/Editor: Webb, Melody
Author/Editor: Macdonald Harris
Yuki Grammar
Author/Editor: Balodis, Uldis
The Yugoslav Wars (2)
Author/Editor: Mikulan, K.-Thomas, Nigel
Series Title: Elite
Yugoslavia Unraveled
Author/Editor: Thomas, Raju G. C.
Yugoslavia's Sunny Side
Author/Editor: Taylor, Karin.-Grandits, Hannes
Yugoslavian Inferno
Author/Editor: Mojzes, Paul
Yugoslavia and the Nonaligned World
Author/Editor: Rubinstein, Alvin Z.
Yugoslavia and Macedonia Before Tito
Author/Editor: Boškovska Leimgruber, Nada
Author/Editor: Friedman, Francine
Yugoslav General Linguistics
Author/Editor: Radovanović, Milorad
Yugoslav Drama, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Crnobrnja, Mihailo
Author/Editor: Marty Glass
Yuen Woo Ping's Wing Chun
Author/Editor: Vojković, Saša
Series Title: The New Hong Kong Cinema Series
Author/Editor: Noon, Mark A.
Yudisher Theriak
Author/Editor: Morris M. Faierstein
Author/Editor: Kelly, Daniel R.
Yuchi Indian Histories Before the Removal Era
Author/Editor: Jackson, Jason Baird
Yuchi Folklore
Author/Editor: Jackson, Jason Baird
Yucatán sangrienta
Author/Editor: DV Berkom
Yucatâan's Maya Peasantry and the Origins of the Caste War, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Rugeley, Terry
Yucatan in an Era of Globalization
Author/Editor: Moseley, Edward H.; Baklanoff, Eric N.
Yucatan Before and After the Conquest
Author/Editor: Diego de Landa
Series Title: Native American
Author/Editor: Sterling, David
Author/Editor: Yucaipa Valley Historical Society
Series Title: Images of America
The Y-type Hexagonal Ferrite for Hyper-frequency
Author/Editor: Bai, Yang
Author/Editor: Volkerts, Bradley D.
Author/Editor: Moishe Rosen
Ysgrifau ar Theatr a Pherfformio
Author/Editor: Lewis, Lisa.-Jones, Anwen
Yreka Western Railroad
Author/Editor: Matt Starman-Tim Stricker
Series Title: Images of Rail
Ypsilanti in the 20th Century
Author/Editor: James Thomas Mann
Series Title: Images of America
Author/Editor: James Thomas Mann
Series Title: Images of Modern America
Author/Editor: James Thomas Mann
Series Title: Images of America
Ypres, Sanctuary Wood and Hooge
Author/Editor: Cave, Nigel
Series Title: Battleground Europe
Ypres 1914: Messines
Author/Editor: Cave, Nigel; Sheldon, Jack
YPRES 1914: An Official Account Published By Order Of The German General Staff
Author/Editor: Schwink, Otto-G. C. W.-Prussia (Germany)
Ypres 1914
Author/Editor: Sheldon, Jack; Cave, Nigel
Author/Editor: Cooksey, Jon-Murland, Jerry
Series Title: Battle Lines
Yponomeutoid Moths of Israel
Author/Editor: Gershenson, Zlata S
Series Title: Pensoft Series Faunistica
Yo-Yo World Trick Book
Author/Editor: Harry Baier
Yo-Yo Maker: Pedro Flores
Author/Editor: Paige V. Polinsky
Series Title: Toy Trailblazers Set 2
Yo y mi gorila
Author/Editor: Jamie Lake
The Yowler Foul-Up
Author/Editor: Stone, David Lee
Series Title: The Illmoor Chronicles
You Write It
Author/Editor: Hamilton, John
Series Title: You Write It!
"You Won't Remember Me"
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Marvin
You Win or You Die
Author/Editor: Lushkov, Ayelet Haimson.
You Will Never See Any God
Author/Editor: Krause, Ervin D.; Schaffert, Timothy.
You Will Be My Witnesses: Saints, Prophets, and Martyrs
Author/Editor: John Dear; William Hart McNichols
You Were There Before My Eyes
Author/Editor: Maria Riva
You Were Never in Chicago
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Neil.
You Were Born on Your Very First Birthday
Author/Editor: Linda Walvoord Girard
You Were Always the One
Author/Editor: Hollis Shiloh
You Watch Too Much TV
Author/Editor: Kessler, Ken.
You Want More?
Author/Editor: Dave Roseman
You Want Me to Teach What?
Author/Editor: LaFave, Norman J
You've Got to Be Carefully Taught
Author/Editor: Klinkowitz, Jerome.
You've Gotta Have Heart
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Cass.
You've Gotta Fight Back!, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Eldredge, Dirk Chase
You've Got Libya
Author/Editor: Livingstone, Greg
You've Got Hate Mail
Author/Editor: Billy Van Zandt-Jane Milmore
You've Got 8 Seconds
Author/Editor: Hellman, Paul
You, Unstuck
Author/Editor: Smith, Seth Adam
You und thou
Author/Editor: Thomas Finkenstaedt
Series Title: Quellen und Forschungen zur Sprach- und Kulturgeschichte der germanischen Völker. N.F.
Youtube Marketing
Author/Editor: BarCharts, Inc.
Youtube : تعلم في 5 دقائق
Author/Editor: نهى أبو الحسن
Author/Editor: Owings, Lisa
Author/Editor: Rowell, Rebecca
Series Title: Technology Pioneers
Youth Work in Communities and Schools
Author/Editor: Coburn, Annette.-Wallace, David
Series Title: Policy and Practice in Education
Youth Work From Scratch
Author/Editor: Saunders, Martin
Youth Work Ethics
Author/Editor: Sercombe, Howard.
Youth Work Ethics
Author/Editor: Roberts, Jonathan
Series Title: Empowering Youth and Community Work Practice
Youthwork After Christendom
Author/Editor: Pimlott, Jo-Pimlott, Nigel-Murray, Stuart
Series Title: After Christendom
Youth Without Youth
Author/Editor: Eliade, Mircea.; Ricketts, Mac Linscott.
Youth with Disabilities in the Foster Care System
Author/Editor: Depaul, Aldrick.
Youth with Disabilities
Author/Editor: Appleby, Michael.; Stocker, Joseph.
Youth Violence, Resilience, and Rehabilitation
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Joan Serra
Youth Violence Prevention Through Asset-based Community Development
Author/Editor: Payne, Pedro R
Series Title: Criminal Justice Recent Scholarship
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice
Author/Editor: Morrison, Colin R.; Ramsay, Neil A.
Youth Violence
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Abigail
Youth Violence
Author/Editor: Esbensen, Finn-Aage.
Youth, University, and Canadian Society
Author/Editor: Reid, John G.-Axelrod, Paul
Youth Unemployment and Social Exclusion in Europe
Author/Editor: Hammer, Torild.
Youth Unemployment and Joblessness
Author/Editor: Sanchez-Castaneda, Alfredo.; Sperotti, Francesca.; Serrani, Lavinia.
Youth Unemployment and Inactivity
Author/Editor: Albkæ, Karsten-Asplund, Rita-Barth, Erling-Lindahl, Lena-Simson, Kristine von-Vanhala, Pekka
Youth Transitioning From Foster Care
Author/Editor: Asher, Lindsey R.
Youth Tourism to Israel
Author/Editor: Cohen, Erik.
Youth Suicide Prevention
Author/Editor: Omar, Hatim A.
Youth Suicide
Author/Editor: Cimbolic, Peter.-Jobes, David A
Youth Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders
Author/Editor: Yifrah Kaminer
Youth-Serving Libraries in Japan, Russia, and the United States
Author/Editor: Nakamura, Yuriko.; Gendina, N. I.; Farmer, Lesley S. J.
Youth Safety on the Internet
Author/Editor: Collins, Amy O.
The Youth Relationships Manual
Author/Editor: Wolfe, David A.
Youth Participation in Europe
Author/Editor: Loncle, Patricia.
The Youth of Things
Author/Editor: Dodd, Stephen; Kajii, Motojirō
Youth Mentoring
Author/Editor: Anderson, Louis B.
Youth, Media and Culture in the Asia Pacific Region
Author/Editor: Smaill, Belinda.; Rodrigues, Usha M.
Youth Marginality in Britain
Author/Editor: Shane Blackman; Ruth Rogers
Youth Language Practices in Africa and Beyond
Author/Editor: TotalBoox-TBX
Series Title: Contributions to the Sociology of Language [CSL]
The Youth Labor Market Problem
Author/Editor: Wise, David A.; Freeman, Richard B.
Youth Justice in Practice
Author/Editor: Whyte, Bill
Series Title: Social Work in Practice Series
Youth Justice and Social Work
Author/Editor: Dugmore, Paul.-Pickford, Jane.-Angus, Sally
Series Title: Transforming Social Work Practice
Youth Justice
Author/Editor: Burman, Michèle.-Johnstone, Jenny
Series Title: Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care
Youth Involvement in Crime
Author/Editor: Ahlin, Eileen.
Youth in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Riddy, Felicity.; Goldberg, P. J. P.
Youth in the Labor Force
Author/Editor: Meyer, Bradley.; Rice, Joel A.
Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System
Author/Editor: Dudziak, Nathaniel
Youth in Solitary Confinement
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Meghan
Youth in Postwar Guatemala
Author/Editor: Bellino, Michelle J.
You Think You Know Me
Author/Editor: Clare Chase
You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea
Author/Editor: James, Toccara S. Burrell
You Think We Don't
Author/Editor: J.M. Snyder
Youth Information-seeking Behavior II
Author/Editor: Cool, Colleen; Chelton, Mary K.
Youth in America
Author/Editor: Nelson, Olive F.; Davies, Mace R.
Youth in Africa's Labor Market
Author/Editor: Farès, Jean.; Garcia, Marito
Youth in a Changing World
Author/Editor: Fuchs, Estelle
Series Title: World Anthropology
Youth, HIV/AIDS, and Social Transformations in Africa
Author/Editor: Mwiturubani, Donald Anthony
Series Title: Monograph Series
Youth, Heroism and War Propaganda
Author/Editor: Ronald, D. A. B.
Youth Held at the Border
Author/Editor: Patel, Leigh.
Youth Gangs and Street Children, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Heinonen, Paula.
Youth Gangs
Author/Editor: Cooper, John G.
Youth Gangs
Author/Editor: Franzese, Robert J.-Menard, Scott.-Covey, Herbert C
Youth Gangs
Author/Editor: Franzese, Robert J.-Covey, Herbert C.-Menard, Scott W
Youth Gambling
Author/Editor: Merrick, Joav-Shek, Daniel T. L.-Derevensky, Jeffrey L
Series Title: Health, Medicine, and Human Development
Youth for Nation
Author/Editor: Charles R. Kim
You, the People
Author/Editor: Beasley, Vanessa B
Series Title: Presidential Rhetoric Series
Youth Encounter Programs in Israel: Pedagogy, Identity, and Social Change
Author/Editor: Ross, Karen
Youth Employment Programs
Author/Editor: World Bank
Series Title: Independent Evaluation Group Studies
Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Filmer, Deon.; Fox, Louise.
Youth Employment in Sierra Leone
Author/Editor: Peeters, Pia.; World Bank.
Youth Employment and Skills Development in The Gambia
Author/Editor: Lahire, Nathalie.; Wilcox, Ryoko Tomita.; Johanson, Richard.
Youth Employment and Joblessness in Advanced Countries
Author/Editor: Freeman, Richard B.; Blanchflower, David G.; National Bureau of Economic Research.
The Youth Development Handbook
Author/Editor: Hamilton, Mary Agnes.; Hamilton, Stephen F.
Youth Culture, Language Endangerment and Linguistic Survivance
Author/Editor: Wyman, Leisy Thornton
Series Title: Bilingual Education & Bilingualism
Youth Culture in Global Cinema
Author/Editor: Shary, Timothy-Seibel, Alexandra
Youth, Crime, and Justice
Author/Editor: Gebo, Erika-Boyes-Watson, Carolyn
Series Title: Learning Through Cases
Youth, Crime, and Justice
Author/Editor: Hartjen, Clayton A.
Youth Crime and Justice
Author/Editor: Muncie, John.-Goldson, Barry
Youth & Crime
Author/Editor: Muncie, John
Youth at Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Cunningham, Wendy V.
Youth and the State in Hungary
Author/Editor: Kürti, László
Series Title: Anthropology, Culture, and Society
Youth and the Labour Market in Romania
Author/Editor: Ciucă, Vasilica; Lincaru, Cristina
Youth and the Bright Medusa
Author/Editor: Cather, Willa
Youth and Rock in the Soviet Bloc
Author/Editor: Risch, William Jay.
Youth and Revolution in Tunisia
Author/Editor: Honwana, Alcinda.
Youth and Revolution in the Changing Middle East, 1908-2014
Author/Editor: Erlikh, Ḥagai.
Youth and Peaceful Elections in Kenya
Author/Editor: Njogu, Kimani
Youth and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Mori, åOgai; Rimer, J. Thomas.
Youth and Nation-Building in Cameroon. A Study of National Youth Day Messages and Leadership Discourse (1949-2009)
Author/Editor: Ewumbue-Monono, Churchill
Youth and Media
Author/Editor: Filiciak, Mirosław.; Mazurek, Pawel.; Nowotny, Agata.; Danielewicz, Michal.; Halawa, Mateusz.
Youth and Media
Author/Editor: Ruddock, Andy
Youth and Higher Education in Africa
Author/Editor: Chimanikire, Donald P.-Codesria
Series Title: Codesria Book Series
Youth and Generation
Author/Editor: Woodman, Dan; Wyn, Johanna
Youth and Education in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Cantini, Daniele
Youth and Community Empowerment in Europe
Author/Editor: Evans, Peter.
Youth and Adversity
Author/Editor: Garrett, Michael Tlanusta
Youth Aging Out of Foster Care
Author/Editor: Schultz, Preston
Youth Activism in Egypt
Author/Editor: Tohamy, Ahmed
Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Benjamin
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Benjamin; Middaugh, Ellen
Author/Editor: Conrad, Joseph
Author/Editor: ASIMOV, ISAAC
Author/Editor: Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth.
Author/Editor: Leo Tolstoy
Series Title: Autobiographical Trilogy
Author/Editor: Conrad, Joseph
'You Should See Yourself'
Author/Editor: Brook, Vincent
You Should Be So Lucky
Author/Editor: Charles Busch
You Shall Tell Your Children
Author/Editor: Gubkin, Liora
“You Shall Not Kill”, Aufl.
Author/Editor: J. Cornelis de Vos; Hermut Löhr
You Shall Not Kill
Author/Editor: Ude, Johannes
You Shall Be As Gods
Author/Editor: Fromm, Erich
You Saved Me, Too
Author/Editor: Resnick, Susan
Your Workplace Rights and How to Make the Most of Them
Author/Editor: Gregory, Robert J.
Your Word Is Your Wand
Author/Editor: Shinn, Florence Scovel
Your Wish, My Demand
Author/Editor: J.D. Walker
Your Way with God's Word
Author/Editor: Schlafer, David J.
You Run the Show or the Show Runs You
Author/Editor: Garrity, Patrick J.
Your Undergraduate Dissertation in Health and Social Care
Author/Editor: Walliman, Nicholas S. R.; Appleton, Jane V.
Your Undergraduate Degree in Psychology
Author/Editor: Hettich, Paul I.; Landrum, R. Eric.
Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers' Comp Costs
Author/Editor: Rebecca Shafer
Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline
Author/Editor: Rick Mystrom
Your Twenty-First Century Prayer Life
Author/Editor: Hansen, Nathaniel Lee
Your Turn, Mr. Moto
Author/Editor: Marquand, John P
Series Title: The Mr. Moto Novels
Your Total Coach
Author/Editor: Nelson, Keith.
Your Time Will Come
Author/Editor: Friedman, Lawrence M.
Your Time Is Done Now
Author/Editor: Pattullo, Polly
Your Teenager
Author/Editor: Harris, Martha.; Williams, Meg Harris
Your Successful Sales Career
Author/Editor: Azar, Brian.; Foley, Len.
Your Successful Real Estate Career, 5th ed
Author/Editor: Edwards, Kenneth W.
Your Successful Real Estate Career, 3rd ed
Author/Editor: Edwards, Kenneth W.
Your Successful Project Management Career
Author/Editor: Cagle, Ronald B.
Your Successful Career As a Mortgage Broker
Author/Editor: Reed, David
Yours Turly, Shirley
Author/Editor: Martin, Ann M
Your Story Is Your Power
Author/Editor: Elle Luna; Susie Herrick
Yours Till Death
Author/Editor: Cotton, John Weaver; Griffith, Lucille
Your Statistical Consultant
Author/Editor: Newton, Rae R.; Rudestam, Kjell Erik.
Your Spirits Walk Beside Us
Author/Editor: Savage, Barbara Dianne.
Yours Lord
Author/Editor: Wright, Michael
Yours in Sisterhood
Author/Editor: Farrell, Amy Erdman.
Your Sins and Mine
Author/Editor: Caldwell, Taylor
Yours in Filial Regard
Author/Editor: Love (Family; Nemmers, Adam; Waggoner, Kassia; Mary Couts Burnett Library.
Your Signature Path, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Bellman, Geoffrey M.
Yours for the Union
Author/Editor: Hirson, Baruch.
Yours for Liberty, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Duniway, Abigail Scott; Ward, Jean M.; Maveety, Elaine A.
Your Secret Mind
Author/Editor: Steiner, Hans-Hall, Rebecca
'Your Secret Language'
Author/Editor: Goff, Barbara E.
Your Science Classroom
Author/Editor: M. Jenice Goldston; Laura Downey
Your Scars Are Beautiful to God
Author/Editor: Jaynes, Sharon
Your Savings
Author/Editor: Kay, Frances
Author/Editor: Wilder, Jasinda
Your Right to Privacy, 2nd ed., completely rev. and up-to-date
Author/Editor: Hendricks, Evan.; Hayden, Trudy.; Novik, Jack.
Your Right to Privacy
Author/Editor: Hendricks, Evan.-Hayden, Trudy.-Novik, Jack
Series Title: American Civil Liberties Union Handbook
Your Right to Know
Author/Editor: Brooke, Heather
Your Right to Know
Author/Editor: Brooke, Heather
Your Rights at Work, Fifth edition
Author/Editor: Author Unknown
Your Rights at Work, 4th ed
Author/Editor: Trades Union Congress.
Your Rights, 8th ed. edited by Megan Addis and Penelope Morrow
Author/Editor: Morrow, Penelope.; Addis, Megan.; Liberty (Great Britain)
Your Rights
Author/Editor: Morrow, Penelope.-Addis, Megan.-Liberty (Great Britain)
Your Rights
Author/Editor: Wadham, John-Crossman, Gareth
Your Research Project
Author/Editor: Walliman, Nicholas S. R.-Baiche, Bousmaha
Your Puppy's First Year
Author/Editor: Messonnier, Shawn.
Your Psychology Project
Author/Editor: Evans, Jennifer.
Your Primary School-based Experience, Second edition
Author/Editor: Robinson, Catriona; Bingle, Branwen; Howard, Colin
Your Prayers
Author/Editor: Sortor, Toni.-Mcquade, Pamela L.-Sumner, Tracy M.-Murray, Andrew
Series Title: Inspirational Book Bargains
Your Pot of Gold Is A Handshake Away
Author/Editor: Ballesteros, Linda
Your Pocket Is What Cures You
Author/Editor: Foley, Ellen E.
Your Personal Running Journal
Author/Editor: Galloway, Jeff
Your Personalized Internet
Author/Editor: Duchess Harris, JD, PhD; Elisabeth Herschbach
Your Patient Safety Survival Guide
Author/Editor: Gretchen LeFever Watson
Your Own Worst Enemy, [1st pbk. ed., 1993]
Author/Editor: DuBrin, Andrew J.
Your Own Worst Enemy
Author/Editor: DuBrin, Andrew J
Your Own Terms
Author/Editor: Davidds, Yasmin; Bidou, Ann
Your Old Pal, Al
Author/Editor: Greene, Constance C
Series Title: The Al Series
You Rock!
Author/Editor: Drew Hunt
Your Next Chapter
Author/Editor: Watkins, Evelyn D
Your Neighbor's Hymnal
Author/Editor: Keuss, Jeffrey F
Your Natural Medicine Cabinet
Author/Editor: Lenninhan, Burke
Your Name Is Your Blessing, First Rowman & Littlefield edition
Author/Editor: Blech, Benjamin.; Blech, Elaine.
Your Name Is Your Blessing
Author/Editor: Blech, Benjamin.-Blech, Elaine
Your Name Here
Author/Editor: Ashbery, John
Your Mother Should Know
Author/Editor: Paul Alan Fahey
Your Money or Your Life!
Author/Editor: Toussaint, Eric
Your Money Map
Author/Editor: Howard Dayton
Your Money in Tough Times
Author/Editor: Hetrick, Mahlon L
Series Title: Value Books
Your Mission to Venus
Author/Editor: Zuchora-Walske, Christine.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission to Uranus
Author/Editor: Zuchora-Walske, Christine.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission to Saturn
Author/Editor: Cosson, M. J.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission to Neptune
Author/Editor: Carlson, Sally Kephart-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission to Mercury
Author/Editor: Zuchora-Walske, Christine.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission to Mars
Author/Editor: Cosson, M. J.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission to Jupiter
Author/Editor: Higgins, Nadia.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mission on Earth
Author/Editor: Zuchora-Walske, Christine.-Burroughs, Scott
Series Title: Looking Glass Library
Your Mind and How to Use It
Author/Editor: Atkinson, William Walker
Your Midwest Garden
Author/Editor: Riggenbach, Jan.
Your Marriage, God's Mission
Author/Editor: Clint Bragg-Penny A. Bragg
Your Living Compass
Author/Editor: Stoner, Scott
Your Life-- Well Spent
Author/Editor: Crosson, Russ
Your Life Isn't for You, First Edition
Author/Editor: Smith, Seth Adam.
Your Leisure
Author/Editor: Kay, Frances
Your Leadership Story, First edition
Author/Editor: Tobin, Timothy J.
Your Last Breath
Author/Editor: Curious Directive.
Your Knight in Shining Armor
Author/Editor: P.B. Wilson
Your Jesus Is Too Small
Author/Editor: Miller, Douglas J.
Your Inner Road to Recovery Through Poetry
Author/Editor: Wong, Alesia Christina-TotalBoox-TBX
Your IELTS & TOEFL Guide
Author/Editor: Abu Anzeh, Ibrahim A
Your Household Budget
Author/Editor: Stack, Laura
Your Home
Author/Editor: Kay, Frances
Your Heritage Will Still Remain
Author/Editor: Goleman, Michael Jory
Your Heart My Soul
Author/Editor: Daisy Banks
Your Health
Author/Editor: Kay, Frances
Your Guide to VA Loans
Author/Editor: Reed, David
Your Guide to the Jewish Holidays
Author/Editor: Axelrod, Matt
Your Guide to Case Study Research
Author/Editor: Rule, Peter; John, Vaughn
Your Graduate Training in Psychology
Author/Editor: Licht, Carolyn A.; Davis, Stephen F.; Giordano, Peter J.
Your Good Health
"Your Fyre Shall Burn No More"
Author/Editor: Brandäao, Josâe Antâonio
Your Foundation in Health & Social Care, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Graham Brotherton; Steven Parker
Your Foundation in Health & Social Care
Author/Editor: Parker, Steven-Brotherton, Graham
Your Forces and How to Use Them
Author/Editor: Larson, Christian D.
Your Forces and How to Use Them
Author/Editor: Christian D. Larson
Your Flake or Mine?
Author/Editor: Jack Sharkey
Your First Channel Crossing
Author/Editor: Du Port, Andy.
Your First Atlantic Crossing 4th Edition, Third edition
Author/Editor: Weatheritt, Les.
Your First Atlantic Crossing 4th Edition
Author/Editor: Weatheritt, Les
Your Finances
Author/Editor: Kay, Frances
Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up
Author/Editor: Shorr, Catherine O'Sullivan
Series Title: Andy Warhil's Factory People
Your Family Doctor
Author/Editor: Wadhwa, Vinod.
Your Family Doctor
Author/Editor: Wadhwa, Vinod.
Your Family Doctor
Author/Editor: Wadhwa, Vinod.
Your Family Doctor
Author/Editor: Wadhwa, Vinod.
Your Faith
Author/Editor: Ed Strauss
Series Title: Inspirational Book Bargains
Your Eyes in Stars
Author/Editor: M. E. Kerr
Your Eyes Are Your Windows to the World
Author/Editor: Copen, Beverly Kievman.
Your Eyes
Author/Editor: Chalkley, Thomas
Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy
Author/Editor: Paul, Barbara
Your Exceptional Mind
Author/Editor: Flower, Robert J
You're Worth It for Girls
Author/Editor: Walsh, Sheila
You're Worth It!
Author/Editor: Walsh, Sheila
Your Everyday Art World
Author/Editor: Relyea, Lane
You're the One That I Want
Author/Editor: Angela Britnell
You're the One
Author/Editor: Gene Taylor
You're the First One I've Told, Second edition
Author/Editor: Whetten, Kathryn
Your Eternal Reward
Author/Editor: Lutzer, Erwin W
You're Tearing Us Apart
Author/Editor: Love, Patricia-Berlander, Eva-McFadden, Kathleen
You're So Funny ... Daddy
Author/Editor: Nazareth, Comedian
You're Pulling My Leg!
Author/Editor: Pat Street; Eric Brace
You're on Your Phone
Author/Editor: Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth
Series Title: Homophones
You're On!
Author/Editor: Stotter, Ruth.
You're Not Lost If You Can Still See the Truck
Author/Editor: Bill Heavey
You're Not From Around Here, Are You?
Author/Editor: Blum, Louise A.
You're Not Dead Until You're Forgotten
Author/Editor: Dunning, John; Brownstein, Bill
You're Not As Crazy As I Thought (But You're Still Wrong)
Author/Editor: Neisser, Philip T.; Hess, Jacob
You're Living All Over Me
Author/Editor: Attfield, Nicholas William James
You're History!
Author/Editor: Kelly, Richard J.; Brown, Michelle
You're God's Girl!
Author/Editor: Pitts, Wynter
Your Eco-friendly Home
Author/Editor: Davis, Sid
You're Addicted to You
Author/Editor: Blumenthal, Noah
You're a Brave Man, Daniel!
Author/Editor: Arthur, Kay-Arndt, Janna
Your Dream Wedding on a Budget
Author/Editor: Weiss, Mindy.; Levine, Lisbeth.
Your Dream. God's Plan
Author/Editor: Tiffany Smiling-Margot Starbuck
Your Dog’s Superhero Skills
Author/Editor: Ruth Owen
Your Desire
Author/Editor: Dee S. Knight-Francis Drake
Your Death Would Be Mine
Author/Editor: Hanna, Martha.
Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds, Pocket ed
Author/Editor: Singer, Richard A.
Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds
Author/Editor: Singer, Richard A
Series Title: The Spiritual Dimensions Series
Your Daily Rock
Author/Editor: Digh, Patti.
Your Creative Power
Author/Editor: Osborn, Alex.
Your Country Needs You
Author/Editor: Middlebrook, Martin
Your Company Safety and Health Manual
Author/Editor: Nwaelele, O. Dan.
Your Chemical Science Thesis
Author/Editor: Mansfield, Natalie.
Your Cat’s Superhero Skills
Author/Editor: Ruth Owen
Your Career in Changing Times
Author/Editor: Lee Ellis-Larry Burkett
Your Brain's Politics
Author/Editor: George Lakoff
Your Brain on Latino Comics, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick Luis
Your Brain on Ink
Author/Editor: Adams, Kathleen; Ross-Swain, Deborah
Your Brain Goes to Church
Author/Editor: Sitze, Bob
Your Bible Questions Answered
Author/Editor: Jacoby, Douglas A
Your Bible
Author/Editor: Paul Kent-Robert M. West-Tracy M. Sumner-Pamela L. McQuade
Series Title: Inspirational Book Bargains
Your Best Year Yet!
Author/Editor: Jinny S. Ditzler
Your Best Happily Ever After
Author/Editor: Ginger Kolbaba
Your Baby's Best Shot
Author/Editor: Herlihy, Stacy Mintzer; Hagood, E. Allison.
Your Average Nigga
Author/Editor: Young, Vershawn Ashanti
Series Title: African American Life Series
Your Aging Body Can Talk: Your Aging Body Can Talk
Author/Editor: Susan Levy
Your Ad Here
Author/Editor: Serazio, Michael.
Your 5-Minute Personal Coach
Author/Editor: Burton, Valorie
You Put What In My Dessert?
Author/Editor: Alicia Loveland
You Own Me
Author/Editor: Shiloh Walker
You Ought To!
Author/Editor: Barnett, Bernard R.
You Only Live Twice
Author/Editor: Ian Fleming
Author/Editor: Vicki Ingham
Series Title: Landmarks
Youniquely Woman
Author/Editor: Arthur, Kay-Barnes, Emilie-Otto, Donna
Young World - Nach dem Ende
Author/Editor: Weitz, Chris-Jung, Gerald-Orgass, Katharina
Series Title: Young world
Young World - Die Clans von New York
Author/Editor: Chris Weitz
Young Workers in the Shadow of the Great Recession
Author/Editor: Caldwell, Nichole
Young Workers and Sustainable Work Life
Author/Editor: Hanvold, T. N.-Kines, Pete-Nyk@221Enen, M.-@221E@03BClafsd@221E@0111ttir, S.-Thom@221E@266De, S.-Holte, K. A.-Vuori, J.-W@221E@0152rsted, M.-Veiersted, K. B
Series Title: TemaNord
A Young Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus
Author/Editor: Elizabeth George
A Young Woman's Guide to Setting Boundaries
Author/Editor: Bottke, Allison
A Young Woman's Guide to Prayer
Author/Editor: Elizabeth George
A Young Woman's Guide to Making Right Choices
Author/Editor: Elizabeth George
A Young Woman's Guide to Discovering Her Bible
Author/Editor: George, Elizabeth
A Young Woman After God's Own Heart--A Devotional
Author/Editor: George, Elizabeth
A Young Woman After God's Own Heart--A Devotional
Author/Editor: George, Elizabeth
A Young Woman After God's Own Heart
Author/Editor: George, Elizabeth
Young Wives
Author/Editor: Olivia Goldsmith
Young Wisden, [New ed.]
Author/Editor: De Lisle, Tim; Booth, Lawrence.
The Young Widower's Handbook
Author/Editor: McAllister, Tom.
Young Widower
Author/Editor: Evans, John W.
Young, Violent and Dangerous to Know
Author/Editor: Fitzgerald, Michael; e-libro, Corp.
The Young Victims of the Nazi Regime
Author/Editor: Gigliotti, Simone
Young Unwed Fathers
Author/Editor: Ooms, Theodora; Lerman, Robert I.
The Young Turks' Crime Against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire
Author/Editor: Akçam, Taner
The Young Turks' Crime Against Humanity
Author/Editor: Akçam, Taner
Series Title: Human Rights and Crimes Against Humanity
The Young Turk Revolution and the Ottoman Empire
Author/Editor: Lévy, Noémı-Georgeon, François
Series Title: Library of Ottoman Studies
Young Turk Legacy and Nation Building, The
Author/Editor: Zürcher, Erik Jan.
The Young Tsar
Author/Editor: Tolstoy, Leo
Series Title: Classics to Go
Young Tel Aviv
Author/Editor: Helman, Anat.
Youngstown State University
Author/Editor: Donna M. DeBlasio-Martha I. Pallante
Series Title: Campus History
Youngstown Postcards From the Steel City
Author/Editor: Donna M. DeBlasio
Series Title: Postcard History
Author/Editor: Donna M. DeBlasio
Youngspeak in a Multilingual Perspective
Author/Editor: Jørgensen, Annette Myre.; Stenström, Anna-Brita
The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor
Author/Editor: Darcy Lever
Series Title: Dover Maritime
Young Scholars' Developments in Linguistics
Author/Editor: Lobina, Yulia A.; Dubrovskaya, Tatiana V.
Young Runners at the Top
Author/Editor: Brad Hudson; Lize Brittin; Kevin Beck
Young Robin Hood
Author/Editor: Fenn, George Manville
Young Rissa
Author/Editor: Busby, F. M
Series Title: Rissa Kerguelen
Young Rilke and His Time
Author/Editor: Schoolfield, George C.
Young, Restless, Reformed
Author/Editor: Hansen, Colin
Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed
Author/Editor: Fischer, Austin
Young Rebels in Contemporary Chinese Cinema
Author/Editor: Zhou, Xuelin
The Young Rebecca
Author/Editor: West, Rebecca
A Young Reader's Catlin - My Life Among the Indians
Author/Editor: George Catlin
The Young Professional's Survival Guide
Author/Editor: Gunsalus, C. K.
The Young Pitcher
Author/Editor: Grey, Zane
Young People, Welfare and Crime
Author/Editor: Fergusson, Ross
Young People's Visions of the World
Author/Editor: De Eca, Teresa Torres.-Lam, Bick Har.-Kroupp, Rachel
Young People's Lives and Sexual Relationships in Rural Africa
Author/Editor: Plummer, Mary Louisa.; Wight, Daniel.
Young People Leaving State Care in China
Author/Editor: Shang, Xiaoyuan-Fisher, Karen R
Young People in Europe
Author/Editor: Hoof, J. J. B. M. van.; Bradley, Harriet.
Young People, Citizenship and Political Participation
Author/Editor: Chou, Mark
Young People and 'risk'
Author/Editor: Baker, Kerry; Solomon, Enver.; Blyth, Maggie.; Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (Great Britain)
Young People and New Media
Author/Editor: Livingstone, Sonia M.
Young People and Crime
Author/Editor: Morgan, Rodney.; Kahr, Brett.; Hollins, Sheila.; Winnicott Clinic of Psychotherapy.
Young People and Contradictions of Inclusion
Author/Editor: López Blasco, Andreu.; McNeish, Wallace.; Walther, Andreas.
Young Patriots
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt-Marcella Fisher Anderson
A Young Palestinian's Diary, 1941-1945, 1st ed
Author/Editor: ʻAmr, Sāmī; Katz, Kimberly.
The Young Outlaw
Author/Editor: Jr. Horatio Alger
Series Title: Classics To Go
Young Ottomans, The
Author/Editor: Çiçek, Nazan.
Young Nelsons
Author/Editor: D.A.B Ronald
Series Title: General Military
Young Muslims, Pedagogy and Islam
Author/Editor: M. G. Khan
The Young Musician
Author/Editor: Jr. Horatio Alger
Series Title: Classics To Go
Young Mr. Keefe
Author/Editor: Birmingham, Stephen
Young Money
Author/Editor: Dasarte Yarnway
Young Money
Author/Editor: Dasarte Yarnway
The Young Miner; Or, Tom Nelson in California
Author/Editor: Jr. Horatio Alger
Young Minds in Social Worlds
Author/Editor: Nelson, Katherine.
Young Men, Time, and Boredom in the Republic of Georgia
Author/Editor: Frederiksen, Martin Demant
Young Men Rise Up
Author/Editor: Barker, Ken.
Young Men in Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: Dyck, Noel.; Amit, Vered
Young Men and Masculinities
Author/Editor: Seidler, Victor J.
Young Men and Fire
Author/Editor: Maclean, Norman
Young Measures and Compactness in Measure Spaces
Author/Editor: Florescu, Liviu C.-Godet-Thobie, Christiane
Young Meaning Makers
Author/Editor: Reutzel, D. Ray
Young Marble Giants' Colossal Youth
Author/Editor: Michael Blair; Joe Bucciero
Young Man, You'll Never Die
Author/Editor: Naydler, Merton
A Young Man's Year
Author/Editor: Hope, Anthony
A Young Man's Guide to Making Right Choices
Author/Editor: Jim George
A Young Man's Guide to Discovering His Bible
Author/Editor: George, Jim
A Young Man's Benefit
Author/Editor: Emery, George Neil-Emery, John Charles Herbert
Series Title: McGill-Queen's/Associated Medical Services (Hannah Institute) Studies in the History of Medicine, Health, and Society
A Young Man in a Hurry
Author/Editor: Chambers, Robert W
A Young Man After God's Own Heart
Author/Editor: George, Jim
The Young Lovell
Author/Editor: Ford, Ford Madox
Young Lothar
Author/Editor: Orbach, Larry-Orbach-Smith, Vivien
The Young Lords
Author/Editor: Enck-Wanzer, Darrel.
The Young Lions
Author/Editor: Shaw, Irwin
Young Learners, Diverse Children
Author/Editor: Gonzalez, Virginia; García, Eugene E.
Young Language Learners' Motivation and Attitudes
Author/Editor: Heinzmann, Sybille.
Young Jane Young
Author/Editor: Gabrielle Zevin
Young Islam: The New Politics of Religion in Morocco and the Arab World
Author/Editor: Spiegel, Avi
Young Islam
Author/Editor: Spiegel, Avi
Series Title: Princeton Studies in Muslim Politics
Young Investigators, Third edition
Author/Editor: Helm, Judy Harris; Katz, Lilian G.
Young Investigators, Second edition
Author/Editor: Helm, Judy Harris.; Katz, Lilian G.; National Association for the Education of Young Children.
The Young in One Another's Arms
Author/Editor: Rule, Jane
Series Title: Early Bird Books
Young House Love
Author/Editor: Petersik, Sherry; Petersik, John; Faden, Alissa; Ishay-Cohen, Michelle; Ateah, Ron
Young Homeless Professional
Author/Editor: Peavy, Kenny
The Young Hitler I Knew
Author/Editor: Kubizek, August.-Brooks, Geoffrey
Young Henry Ford
Author/Editor: Sidney Olson
Series Title: Great Lakes Books Series
The Young Hegel and Religion
Author/Editor: Sembou, Evangelia
Young Gunz
Author/Editor: Al-Saadiq Banks
Young Guns
Author/Editor: Tuchman, Robert.
Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories
Author/Editor: Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Series Title: Dover Thrift Editions
A Young Girl's Diary
Author/Editor: Freud, Sigmund.-Paul, Cedar.-Paul, Eden
Young, Gifted and Deadly
Author/Editor: William Stafford
Young Frankenstein (Songbook)
The Young Franc-Tireurs: And Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War
Author/Editor: Henty, G. A
The Young Forester
Author/Editor: Grey, Zane
The Young Explorer
Author/Editor: Alger, Horatio
The Young Explorer
Author/Editor: Jr. Horatio Alger
Series Title: Classics To Go
The Younger Years of Lee Hoyle
Author/Editor: Hoyle, Lee
Series Title: AUK New Authors
Younger Than That Now
Author/Editor: Scott, Holly V.; Project Muse.
The Younger Set
Author/Editor: Chambers, Robert W
Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program
Author/Editor: Crowley, Chris.; Lodge, Henry S.; Fabrocini, Bill.
Younger Next Year for Women
Author/Editor: Crowley, Chris.; Lodge, Henry S.
Younger Next Year
Author/Editor: Crowley, Chris.; Lodge, Henry S.
A Younger Man
Author/Editor: Cameron Dane
Young Eric Malone
Author/Editor: Dr. Edward Mahoney Ph.D
Younger-Generation Korean Experiences in the United States
Author/Editor: Min, Pyong Gap.; Hahn, Dave.; Lee, Helene K.; Lee, Bora.; Park, Sung S.; Lee, Hyein.; Noh, Alexandra.; Yungmee Kim, Katherine.; Park, Sun.; Park, Lind
Young Enough To Change The World: Stories of Kids and Teens Who Turned Their Dreams Into Action
Author/Editor: Michael R. Connolly
The Young Eagle
Author/Editor: Winkle, Kenneth J.
The Young Duke, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Chris Enss; Howard Kazanjian
Young Duke
Author/Editor: Kazanjian, Howard.; Enss, Chris
Young Driver Accidents and Delinquency
Author/Editor: Ellwanger, Steven J
Series Title: Criminal Justice Recent Scholarship
The Young Disraeli
Author/Editor: Jerman, B. R.
Young Disraeli
Author/Editor: Jerman, B. R
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
The Young Descartes
Author/Editor: Harold J. Cook
The Young Coyote
Author/Editor: Carl Douglass
The Young Composers
Author/Editor: Schultz, Lucille M.
The Young Colonists
Author/Editor: Henty, G. A