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Abolitionist Twilights: History, Meaning, and the Fate of Racial Egalitarianism, 1865-1909
Author/Editor: Raymond James Krohn
Academics in Action!: A Model for Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Service
Author/Editor: Sandra L. Barnes,Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein,Bernadette Doykos,Nina C. Martin,Allison McGuire
The Accidental Playground: Brooklyn Waterfront Narratives of the Undesigned and Unplanned
Author/Editor: DANIEL CAMPO
Across the River: On the Poetry of Mak Dizdar
Author/Editor: Rusmir Mahmutćehajić,Saba Risaluddin,Francis R. Jones
Administering Interpretation: Derrida, Agamben, and the Political Theology of Law
Author/Editor: Peter Goodrich,Michel Rosenfeld
Adoration: The Deconstruction of Christianity II
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,John McKeane,John D. Caputo
Advances in Cyber Security: Technology, Operations, and Experiences
Author/Editor: D. Frank Hsu,Dorothy Marinucci
Aeffect: The Affect and Effect of Artistic Activism
Aesthetics of Negativity: Blanchot, Adorno, and Autonomy
Author/Editor: WILLIAM S. ALLEN
Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty
Author/Editor: Veena Das
After Fukushima: The Equivalence of Catastrophes
After God: Richard Kearney and the Religious Turn in Continental Philosophy
After the Monkey Trial: Evangelical Scientists and a New Creationism
Author/Editor: Christopher M. Rios
After Translation: The Transfer and Circulation of Modern Poetics Across the Atlantic
Against Democracy: Literary Experience in the Era of Emancipations
Author/Editor: Simon During
Against Redemption: Democracy, Memory, and Literature in Post-Fascist Italy
Author/Editor: Franco Baldasso
Against Sustainability: Reading Nineteenth-Century America in the Age of Climate Crisis
Author/Editor: Michelle C. Neely
Against the Carceral Archive: The Art of Black Liberatory Practice
Author/Editor: Damien M. Sojoyner
Agents without Empire: Mobility and Race-Making in Sixteenth-Century France
Author/Editor: Antónia Szabari
The Alchemy of Empire: Abject Materials and the Technologies of Colonialism
Author/Editor: Rajani Sudan
Alegal: Biopolitics and the Unintelligibility of Okinawan Life
Author/Editor: Annmaria M. Shimabuku
Alexandrian Cosmopolitanism: An Archive
Author/Editor: Hala Halim
All Around the Town: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities, Second Edition: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities, Second Edition
All Ears: The Aesthetics of Espionage
Author/Editor: PETER SZENDY,Roland Végsõ
Allergic Intimacies: Food, Disability, Desire, and Risk
Author/Editor: Michael Gill
Allied Encounters: The Gendered Redemption of World War II Italy
Author/Editor: Marisa Escolar
The Amazing Adventures of Bob Brown: A Real-Life Zelig Who Wrote His Way Through the 20th Century
Author/Editor: CRAIG SAPER
Ambiguity and the Absolute: Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty on the Question of Truth
Ambush at Central Park: When the IRA Came to New York
Author/Editor: Mark Bulik
An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Virginia D'Albert-Lake
Author/Editor: Judy Barrett Litoff
American Metempsychosis: Emerson, Whitman, and the New Poetry
The American Museum of Natural History and How It Got That Way
Author/Editor: COLIN DAVEY,THOMAS A. LESSER,Kermit Roosevelt III
American Parishes: Remaking Local Catholicism
Author/Editor: Gary J. Adler Jr.,Tricia C. Bruce,Brian Starks
American Patroness: Marian Shrines and the Making of US Catholicism
Author/Editor: Katherine Dugan ,Karen E. Park
American Woman, Italian Style: Italian Americana's Best Writings on Women
Author/Editor: Carol Bonomo Albright,Christine Palamidessi Moore
America's Last Great Newspaper War: The Death of Print in a Two-Tabloid Town
Author/Editor: Mike Jaccarino
America’s Most Famous Catholic (According to Himself): Stephen Colbert and American Religion in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Stephanie N. Brehm
Anarchaeologies: Reading as Misreading
Author/Editor: Erin Graff Zivin
Anarchy and the Kingdom of God: From Eschatology to Orthodox Political Theology and Back
Author/Editor: DAVOR DŽALTO
Angels of Mercy: White Women and the History of New York's Colored Orphan Asylum
Author/Editor: William Seraile
The Animal That Therefore I Am
Author/Editor: JACQUES DERRIDA,Marie-Louise Mallet,David Wills
Another Civil War: Labor, Capital, and the State in the Anthracite Regions of Pennsylvania, 1840-1868
Author/Editor: Grace Palladino
Answering Auschwitz: Primo Levi's Science and Humanism after the Fall
Author/Editor: Stanislao G. Pugliese
Antebellum Posthuman: Race and Materiality in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Cristin Ellis
The Anthropological Turn: The Human Orientation of the Theology of Karl Rahner
Author/Editor: Anton Losinger,Daniel O. Dahlstrom
Anthropology's Wake: Attending to the End of Culture
Author/Editor: Scott Michaelsen,David E. Johnson
Antiquity in Gotham: The Ancient Architecture of New York City
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis
Apocalypse-Cinema: 2012 and Other Ends of the World
Author/Editor: Will Bishop
Apocalyptic Futures: Marked Bodies and the Violence of the Text in Kafka, Conrad, and Coetzee
Author/Editor: Russell Samolsky
Apophatic Bodies: Negative Theology, Incarnation, and Relationality
Apparitions-Of Derrida's Other
Author/Editor: KAS SAGHAFI
The Architecture of Concepts: The Historical Formation of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Peter de Bolla
Army GI, Pacifist CO: The World War II Letters of Frank Dietrich and Albert Dietrich
Author/Editor: Scott H. Bennett
Around the Book: Systems and Literacy
Author/Editor: Henry Sussman
Art and Morality: Essays in the Spirit of George Santayana
Author/Editor: MORRIS GROSSMAN,Martin A. Coleman,Douglas R. Anderson,Jude Jones
Artifacts of Thinking: Reading Hannah Arendt's Denktagebuch
Author/Editor: Roger Berkowitz,Ian Storey
Artists' SoHo: 49 Episodes of Intimate History
Art's Undoing: In the Wake of a Radical Aestheticism
Author/Editor: Forest Pyle
Arvo Pärt: Sounding the Sacred
Author/Editor: Peter C. Bouteneff,Jeffers Engelhardt,Robert Saler
As Bad as They Say?: Three Decades of Teaching in the Bronx
Aspects of Alterity: Levinas, Marcel, and the Contemporary Debate
Author/Editor: BRIAN TREANOR
Asylum Speakers: Caribbean Refugees and Testimonial Discourse
Author/Editor: APRIL SHEMAK
At Freedom's Limit: Islam and the Postcolonial Predicament
Author/Editor: Sadia Abbas
Athens, Still Remains: The Photographs of Jean-Franois Bonhomme
An Atmospherics of the City: Baudelaire and the Poetics of Noise
Author/Editor: ROSS CHAMBERS,Lazar Fleishman,Haun Saussy
Atonement and Comparative Theology: The Cross in Dialogue with Other Religions, Vol. 9
Atopias: Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism
Author/Editor: Frédéric Neyrat,Walt Hunter,Lindsay Turner
At Wit's End: The Deadly Discourse on the Jewish Joke
Author/Editor: Louis Kaplan
The Author-Cat: Clemens's Life in Fiction
Author/Editor: Forrest G. Robinson
The Babylon Complex: Theopolitical Fantasies of War, Sex, and Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Erin Runions
Bad Faith: Teachers, Liberalism, and the Origins of McCarthyism
Author/Editor: ANDREW FEFFER
The Banality of Heidegger
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,Jeff Fort
Banished Children of Eve: A Novel of Civil War New York
Author/Editor: PETER QUINN
The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce, Volume I: Culture, Philosophy, and Religion
Author/Editor: JOSIAH ROYCE,John J. McDermott,Douglas R. Anderson,Jude Jones
The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce, Volume II: Logic, Loyalty, and Community
Author/Editor: John J. McDermott,Ignas K. Skrupskelis
Becoming Christian: Race, Reformation, and Early Modern English Romance
Author/Editor: Dennis Austin Britton
Before the Fires: An Oral History of African American Life in the Bronx from the 1930s to the 1960s
The Beginning of Heaven and Earth Has No Name: Seven Days with Second-Order Cybernetics
Being and Some 20th Century Thomists
Author/Editor: JOHN KNASAS
Being Brains: Making the Cerebral Subject
Author/Editor: Fernando Vidal,Francisco Ortega,Stefanos Geroulanos,Todd Meyers
Being-in-Creation: Human Responsibility in an Endangered World
Author/Editor: Brian Treanor,Bruce Ellis Benson,Norman Wirzba
Being of Two Minds: Modernist Literary Criticism and Early Modern Texts
Author/Editor: Jonathan Goldberg
Believing in Order to See: On the Rationality of Revelation and the Irrationality of Some Believers
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC MARION,Christina M. Gschwandtner
Believing Scholars: Ten Catholic Intellectuals
Author/Editor: JAMES L. HEFT,David B. Burrell
Benjamin's Passages: Dreaming, Awakening
Author/Editor: Alexander Gelley
Bestial Traces: Race, Sexuality, Animality
Bestiarium Judaicum: Unnatural Histories of the Jews
Author/Editor: Jay Geller
Best Minds: How Allen Ginsberg Made Revolutionary Poetry from Madness
Author/Editor: Stevan M. Weine
Better Off Dead: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human
Author/Editor: Deborah Christie,Sarah Juliet Lauro
Between Chora and the Good: Metaphor's Metaphysical Neighborhood
Author/Editor: CHARLES P. BIGGER
Between Dancing and Writing: The Practice of Religious Studies
Author/Editor: Kimerer L. LaMothe
Between Form and Faith: Graham Greene and the Catholic Novel
Between Heaven and Russia: Religious Conversion and Political Apostasy in Appalachia
Author/Editor: Sarah Riccardi-Swartz
Between Page and Screen: Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace
Author/Editor: Kiene Brillenburg Wurth,Lazar Fleishman,Haun Saussy
Between the Bylines: A Father's Legacy: A Father's Legacy
Author/Editor: Susan E. Wiant
Beyond Broadband Access: Developing Data-Based Information Policy Strategies
Author/Editor: Richard D. Taylor,Amit M. Schejter,PHILIP M. NAPOLI
Beyond Despair: The Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi through the Eyes of Children
Author/Editor: HÉLÈNE DUMAS ,Catherine Porter ,Louisa Lombard
Beyond Hostile Islands: The Pacific War in American and New Zealand Fiction Writing
Author/Editor: Daniel McKay ,Patrick Porter
Beyond the Doctrine of Man: Decolonial Visions of the Human
Author/Editor: Joseph Drexler-Dreis,Kristien Justaert
Beyond the Mother Tongue: The Postmonolingual Condition
Author/Editor: Yasemin Yildiz
Beyond the Mushroom Cloud: Commemoration, Religion, and Responsibility after Hiroshima
Author/Editor: YUKI MIYAMOTO
Beyond the Supersquare: Art and Architecture in Latin America after Modernism
Author/Editor: Antonio Sergio Bessa,Mario Torres
Beyond Violence: Religious Sources of Social Transformation in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Author/Editor: James L. Heft
Bilingual Brokers: Race, Literature, and Language as Human Capital
Author/Editor: Jeehyun Lim
Black Lives and Sacred Humanity: Toward an African American Religious Naturalism
Author/Editor: Carol Wayne White
Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility
Author/Editor: ASHON T. CRAWLEY
Black Robes and Buckskin: A Selection from the Jesuit Relations
The Blind Man: A Phantasmography
Author/Editor: Robert Desjarlais
Bob Drinan: The Controversial Life of the First Catholic Priest Elected to Congress
Author/Editor: Raymond A. Schroth
The Body of Property: Antebellum American Fiction and the Phenomenology of Possession
Author/Editor: CHAD LUCK
The Body of the Cross: Holy Victims and the Invention of the Atonement
Author/Editor: TRAVIS E. ABLES
The Book of Negroes: African Americans in Exile after the American Revolution
The Book of Tiny Prayer: Daily Meditations from the Plague Year
Author/Editor: MICAH BUCEY
Boss of Black Brooklyn: The Life and Times of Bertram L. Baker
Author/Editor: RON HOWELL
Bound by Conflict: Dilemmas of the Two Sudans
Box Boats: How Container Ships Changed the World
Author/Editor: BRIAN J. CUDAHY
Boy with the Bullhorn: A Memoir and History of ACT UP New York
Author/Editor: Ron Goldberg
The Bread of the Strong: Lacouturisme and the Folly of the Cross, 1910-1985
Author/Editor: Jack Lee Downey
Breaking Point: The Ironic Evolution of Psychiatry in World War II
Breaking Resemblance: The Role of Religious Motifs in Contemporary Art
Author/Editor: Alena Alexandrova
Breaking the Bronze Ceiling: Women, Memory, and Public Space
Author/Editor: Valentina Rozas-Krause ,Andrew M. Shanken
A Bridge to Justice: The Life of Franklin H. Williams
Author/Editor: Enid Gort ,John M. Caher
Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Dying Waterfront Transformed
Author/Editor: Joanne Witty,Henrik Krogius
Brooklyn Is: Southeast of the Island: Travel Notes
Author/Editor: JAMES AGEE,Jonathan Lethem
Bruno Latour in Pieces: An Intellectual Biography
Author/Editor: Henning Schmidgen,Gloria Custance
Buying Reality: Political Ads, Money, and Local Television News
Author/Editor: Danilo Yanich
Caged: A Teacher's Journey Through Rikers, or How I Beheaded the Minotaur
Author/Editor: Brandon Dean Lamson
Called Back: My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life
Author/Editor: MARY CAPPELLO
Carnal Hermeneutics
Casablanca's Conscience
Author/Editor: Robert Weldon Whalen
Castoriadis's Ontology: Being and Creation
Author/Editor: SUZI ADAMS
Catastrophic Historicism: Reading Julia de Burgos Dangerously
Caterpillage: Reflections on Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still Life Painting: Reflections on Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still Life Painting
Author/Editor: HARRY BERGER JR.
Cathay: A Critical Edition
Author/Editor: Ezra Pound,Timothy Billings,Christopher Bush,Haun Saussy
Cathedrals of Bone: The Role of the Body in Contemporary Catholic Literature
Author/Editor: John C. Waldmeir
The Catholic Church and the Jewish People: Recent Reflections from Rome
Author/Editor: Philip A. Cunningham,Norbert J. Hofmann,Joseph Sievers
A Catholic Cold War: Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., and the Politics of American Anticommunism
Author/Editor: Patrick McNamara
Catholic Social Learning: Educating the Faith That Does Justice
Author/Editor: ROGER BERGMAN
The Catholic Studies Reader
Celebricities: Media Culture and the Phenomenology of Gadget Commodity Life
A Century of Subways: Celebrating 100 Years of New York's Underground Railways
Author/Editor: Brian J. Cudahy
Chagas Disease: History of a Continent's Scourge
Author/Editor: François Delaporte,Arthur Goldhammer
Chancellorsville and the Germans: Nativism, Ethnicity, and Civil War Memory
Author/Editor: Christian B. Keller
Charles Peirce's Theory of Scientific Method
Author/Editor: Francis E. Reilly
Charles S. Peirce: On Norms and Ideals
Author/Editor: Vincent G. Potter,Stanley M. Harrison
Chasing Ghosts: A Memoir of a Father, Gone to War
Author/Editor: Louise DeSalvo
Check it Out!: Great Reporters on What It Takes to Tell the Story
Author/Editor: Art Athens
The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry: A Critical Edition
Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine
Author/Editor: George E. Demacopoulos,Aristotle Papanikolaou
Christian Lives Given to the Study of Islam
Author/Editor: Christian W. Troll,C. T. R. Hewer
Chronicle of Separation: On Deconstruction’s Disillusioned Love
Church and Society: The Laurence J. McGinley Lectures, 1988-2007
Author/Editor: AVERY CARDINAL DULLES,Robert P. Imbelli
The Church of Greece under Axis Occupation
Author/Editor: Panteleymon Anastasakis
Cinepoetry: Imaginary Cinemas in French Poetry
Author/Editor: Christophe Wall-Romana,Lazar Fleishman,Haun Saussy
Circling the Elephant: A Comparative Theology of Religious Diversity
Circuitous Journeys: Modern Spiritual Autobiography
Author/Editor: DAVID J. LEIGH
A Circular Journey
Author/Editor: Helen Barolini
Citizens or Papists?: The Politics of Anti-Catholicism in New York, 1685-1821
Author/Editor: Jason K. Duncan,Robert F. Jones
Citizen Subject: Foundations for Philosophical Anthropology
Author/Editor: Étienne Balibar,Steven Miller
City of Gods: Religious Freedom, Immigration, and Pluralism in Flushing, Queens
Author/Editor: R. SCOTT HANSON
A Civic Spirituality of Sanctification: John Calvin
Author/Editor: Roger Haight ,Alfred Pach III ,Amanda Avila Kaminski
Civil Rights in New York City: From World War II to the Giuliani Era
The Civil War and the Summer of 2020
Author/Editor: Hilary N. Green ,Andrew L. Slap ,Andre E. Johnson
The Civil War Confiscation Acts: Failing to Reconstruct the South
Author/Editor: John Syrett,Paul A. Cimbala
Class Acts: Derrida on the Public Stage
Author/Editor: MICHAEL NAAS
Class Degrees: Smart Work, Managed Choice, and the Transformation of Higher Education
Author/Editor: EVAN WATKINS
Classical New York: Discovering Greece and Rome in Gotham
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis,Matthew M. McGowan
Clint Eastwood and Issues of American Masculinity
A Coat of Many Colors: Immigration, Globalization, and Reform in New York City's Garment Industry
Author/Editor: DANIEL SOYER
Cold War Reckonings: Authoritarianism and the Genres of Decolonization
Author/Editor: Jini Kim Watson
Colonizing Christianity: Greek and Latin Religious Identity in the Era of the Fourth Crusade
Author/Editor: George E. Demacopoulos,Aristotle Papanikolaou,Ashley M. Purpura
Colorful Palate: A Flavorful Journey Through a Mixed American Experience
Author/Editor: Raj Tawney
Combat Reporter: Don Whitehead's World War II Diary and Memoirs
Author/Editor: John B. Romeiser
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,ADÈLE VAN REETH,Charlotte Mandell
Coming to Life: Philosophies of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Mothering
Commemorating Trauma: The Paris Commune and Its Cultural Aftermath
Author/Editor: Peter Starr
Commiserating with Devastated Things: Milan Kundera and the Entitlements of Thinking
Author/Editor: JASON M. WIRTH
Committing the Future to Memory: History, Experience, Trauma
Author/Editor: Sarah Clift
Commodified Communion: Eucharist, Consumer Culture, and the Practice of Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Antonio Eduardo Alonso
Common Goods: Economy, Ecology, and Political Theology
The Common Growl: Toward a Poetics of Precarious Community
Commons Democracy: Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early United States
Author/Editor: DANA D. NELSON
A Common Strangeness: Contemporary Poetry, Cross-Cultural Encounter, Comparative Literature
Author/Editor: Jacob Edmond
Common Things: Romance and the Aesthetics of Belonging in Atlantic Modernity
Author/Editor: JAMES D. LILLEY,Timothy C. Campbell
Communications Research in Action: Scholar-Activist Collaborations for a Democratic Public Sphere
Author/Editor: Philip M. Napoli,Minna Aslama
Communities in Fiction
Author/Editor: J. HILLIS MILLER,Timothy C. Campbell
Comparing Faithfully: Insights for Systematic Theological Reflection
Concrete Utopianism: The Politics of Temporality and Solidarity
Author/Editor: Gary Wilder
The Conditions of Hospitality: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics on the Threshold of the Possible
Author/Editor: THOMAS CLAVIEZ,John D. Caputo
Confederate Phoenix: Rebel Children and Their Families in South Carolina
Author/Editor: Edmund L. Drago
Confidentiality and Its Discontents: Dilemmas of Privacy in Psychotherapy
Author/Editor: Paul W. Mosher,Jeffrey Berman
Conflicts: The Poetics and Politics of Palestine-Israel
Author/Editor: Liron Mor
Confucius, Rawls, and the Sense of Justice
Author/Editor: Erin M. Cline
Constellation: Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Benjamin in the Now-Time of History
Author/Editor: James McFarland
Constellations of a Contemporary Romanticism
Author/Editor: Jacques Khalip,Forest Pyle,Sara Guyer,Brian McGrath
Constitutionalism in the Approach and Aftermath of the Civil War
Author/Editor: Paul D. Moreno,Johnathan O’Neill
A Constructive Theology of Intellectual Disability: Human Being as Mutuality and Response
Author/Editor: Molly C. Haslam
Continent in Crisis: The U.S. Civil War in North America
Author/Editor: Brian Schoen ,Jewel L. Spangler ,Frank Towers
Conversations on Peirce: Reals and Ideals
Conversion in American Philosophy: Exploring the Practice of Transformation
Author/Editor: Roger A. Ward,Douglas R. Anderson,Jude Jones
Cool: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything
Author/Editor: Salvatore Basile
Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse: Poems
Author/Editor: Darcie Dennigan
Corporate Romanticism: Liberalism, Justice, and the Novel
Author/Editor: Daniel M. Stout
The Corpse in the Kitchen: Enclosure, Extraction, and the Afterlives of the Black Hawk War
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,Richard A. Rand,John D. Caputo
Corpus III: Cruor and Other Writings
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY ,Jeff Fort ,Agnès Jacob ,Robert St. Clair ,Marie-Eve Morin ,Travis Holloway
Cosmology, Ecology, and the Energy of God
Author/Editor: Donna Bowman,Clayton Crockett
Couch City: Socrates against Simonides
Author/Editor: HARRY BERGER JR. ,Ward Risvold ,J. Benjamin Fuqua ,Jill Frank
Counter Institution: Activist Estates of the Lower East Side
Counter-Institutions: Jacques Derrida and the Question of the University
Author/Editor: SIMON MORGAN WORTHAM,John D. Caputo
The Crane's Walk: Plato, Pluralism, and the Inconstancy of Truth
Author/Editor: Jeremy Barris
The Creative Retrieval of Saint Thomas Aquinas: Essays in Thomistic Philosophy, New and Old
Author/Editor: W. NORRIS CLARKE
Crediting God: Sovereignty and Religion in the Age of Global Capitalism
Author/Editor: Miguel Vatter
Creolizing Political Theory: Reading Rousseau through Fanon
Author/Editor: Jane Anna Gordon
The Creolizing Subject: Race, Reason, and the Politics of Purity
Author/Editor: Michael J. Monahan
Crimmigrant Nations: Resurgent Nationalism and the Closing of Borders
Author/Editor: Robert Koulish,Maartje van der Woude
Critical Rhythm: The Poetics of a Literary Life Form
Author/Editor: BEN GLASER,JONATHAN CULLER,Lazar Fleishman,Haun Saussy
Critique of Journalistic Reason: Philosophy and the Time of the Newspaper
Author/Editor: Tom Vandeputte
Author/Editor: Karin Gottshall
Cross Bronx: A Writing Life
Author/Editor: Peter Quinn
Crossing Back: Books, Family, and Memory without Pain
Author/Editor: Marianna De Marco Torgovnick
Crossing the Rubicon: The Borderlands of Philosophy and Theology
Author/Editor: EMMANUEL FALQUE,Reuben Shank
Crossover Queries: Dwelling with Negatives, Embodying Philosophy's Others
Crowd Scenes: Movies and Mass Politics
Crucified Wisdom: Theological Reflection on Christ and the Bodhisattva
Author/Editor: S. MARK HEIM
The Cruelest of All Mothers: Marie de l'Incarnation, Motherhood, and Christian Tradition
Author/Editor: Mary Dunn
Cruising the Library: Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Melissa Adler
Cultural Techniques: Grids, Filters, Doors, and Other Articulations of the Real
Author/Editor: BERNHARD SIEGERT,geoffrey winthrop-young
Curriculum by Design: Innovation and the Liberal Arts Core
Author/Editor: Mary Thomas Crane ,David Quigley ,Andy Boynton
Cybertheology: Thinking Christianity in the Era of the Internet
Author/Editor: ANTONIO SPADARO,Maria Way
Cytomegalovirus: A Hospitalization Diary
Author/Editor: HERVÉ GUIBERT,David Caron,Todd Meyers,Clara Orban
A Dancer in the Revolution: Stretch Johnson, Harlem Communist at the Cotton Club
Dancing Jacobins: A Venezuelan Genealogy of Latin American Populism
Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State
Dante and Islam
Author/Editor: JAN M. ZIOLKOWSKI
Dante and the Dynamics of Textual Exchange: Authorship, Manuscript Culture, and the Making of the 'Vita Nova'
Dante and the Origins of Italian Literary Culture
The Dark Side of Literacy: Literature and Learning Not to Read
Author/Editor: Benjamin Bennett
Death and Other Penalties: Philosophy in a Time of Mass Incarceration
Author/Editor: Geoffrey Adelsberg,Lisa Guenther,Scott Zeman
The Death of the Book: Modernist Novels and the Time of Reading
Author/Editor: John Lurz
Death's Following: Mediocrity, Dirtiness, Adulthood, Literature
Author/Editor: JOHN LIMON
Debates in Continental Philosophy: Conversations with Contemporary Thinkers
Author/Editor: John D. Caputo,RICHARD KEARNEY
Decadent Orientalisms: The Decay of Colonial Modernity
Author/Editor: David Fieni
The Decolonial Abyss: Mysticism and Cosmopolitics from the Ruins
Author/Editor: AN YOUNTAE,John D. Caputo
Decolonial Love: Salvation in Colonial Modernity
Author/Editor: Joseph Drexler-Dreis
Decolonizing Epistemologies: Latina/o Theology and Philosophy: Latina/o Theology and Philosophy
Deconstructing the Death Penalty: Derrida's Seminars and the New Abolitionism
Author/Editor: Kelly Oliver,Stephanie M. Straub
Deconstruction in a Nutshell: A Conversation with Jacques Derrida, With a New Introduction
Author/Editor: JACQUES DERRIDA,John D. Caputo
Decreation and the Ethical Bind: Simone Weil and the Claim of the Other
Author/Editor: Yoon Sook Cha
Deep Time, Dark Times: On Being Geologically Human
Author/Editor: David Wood
Defective Institutions: A Protocol for the Republic
Author/Editor: JACQUES LEZRA
Delirious Naples: A Cultural History of the City of the Sun
Author/Editor: Pellegrino D’Acierno,Stanislao G. Pugliese
Democracy, Culture, Catholicism: Voices from Four Continents
Author/Editor: Michael J. Schuck,John Crowley-Buck
Democracy's Spectacle: Sovereignty and Public Life in Antebellum American Writing
Derrida after the End of Writing: Political Theology and New Materialism
Author/Editor: CLAYTON CROCKETT,John D. Caputo
Derrida From Now On
Author/Editor: MICHAEL NAAS
Derrida, Supplements
Derrida Vis--vis Lacan: Interweaving Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis
Author/Editor: ANDREA HURST
Deserter Country: Civil War Opposition in the Pennsylvania Appalachians
Author/Editor: Robert M. Sandow
A Desire Called America: Biopolitics, Utopia, and the Literary Commons
Author/Editor: Christian P. Haines
Deus in Machina: Religion, Technology, and the Things in Between
Author/Editor: Jeremy Stolow
Devil's Mile: The Rich, Gritty History of the Bowery
Dewey's Metaphysics: Form and Being in the Philosophy of John Dewey
Author/Editor: Raymond D. Boisvert
Dialogue of Love: Breaking the Silence of Centuries
Author/Editor: John Chryssavgis
The Diary of Prisoner 17326: A Boy's Life in a Japanese Labor Camp
Author/Editor: John K. Stutterheim
Dictionary Poetics: Toward a Radical Lexicography
Author/Editor: CRAIG DWORKIN
Difficulties of Ethical Life
The Digital Condition: Class and Culture in the Information Network
Author/Editor: Rob Wilkie
The Dignity Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of South Africa: Cases and Materials, Volumes I & II
Author/Editor: Drucilla Cornell,Stu Woolman,Sam Fuller,Jason Brickhill,Michael Bishop,Diana Dunbar
The Disabled Church: Human Difference and the Art of Communal Worship
Author/Editor: Rebecca F. Spurrier
Disappointment: Toward a Critical Hermeneutics of Worldbuilding
Author/Editor: Jarrett Zigon
The Disavowed Community
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY
The Discipline of Philosophy and the Invention of Modern Jewish Thought
Author/Editor: Willi Goetschel
Dis-Enclosure: The Deconstruction of Christianity
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,Bettina Bergo,Gabriel Malenfant,Michael B. Smith
The Disfigured Face: Traditional Natural Law and Its Encounter with Modernity
Author/Editor: LUIS CORTEST
Disorderly Men
Author/Editor: Edward Cahill
The Disposition of Nature: Environmental Crisis and World Literature
Author/Editor: Jennifer Wenzel
Dissonance: Auditory Aesthetics in Ancient Greece
Divinanimality: Animal Theory, Creaturely Theology
Author/Editor: STEPHEN D. MOORE
Divine Enjoyment: A Theology of Passion and Exuberance
Author/Editor: Elaine Padilla
Divine Enticement: Theological Seductions
Divine Multiplicity: Trinities, Diversities, and the Nature of Relation
The Doctor and Mrs. A.: Ethics and Counter-Ethics in an Indian Dream Analysis
Author/Editor: SARAH PINTO
Doing Philosophy Personally: Thinking about Metaphysics, Theism, and Antiblack Racism
Domesticating a Religious Import: The Jesuits and the Inculturation of the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, 1879-1980
Author/Editor: Nicholas M. Creary
The Doom of Reconstruction: The Liberal Republicans in the Civil War Era
Author/Editor: Andrew L. Slap
The Doppelganger: Literature's Philosophy
Author/Editor: Dimitris Vardoulakis
Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker: The Miracle of Our Continuance
Author/Editor: Vivian Cherry,Dorothy Day,Kate Hennessy
The Drama of Possibility: Experience as Philosophy of Culture
Author/Editor: JOHN J. McDERMOTT,Douglas R. Anderson
Drawing the Line: Toward an Aesthetics of Transitional Justice
Author/Editor: Carrol Clarkson
The Dream Life of Citizens: Late Victorian Novels and the Fantasy of the State
Author/Editor: Zarena Aslami
The Drinking Curriculum: A Cultural History of Childhood and Alcohol
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. Marshall
Dynamis of Healing: Patristic Theology and the Psyche
Author/Editor: Pia Sophia Chaudhari
The Early Heidegger's Philosophy of Life: Facticity, Being, and Language
Author/Editor: SCOTT M. CAMPBELL
Earth, Life, and System: Evolution and Ecology on a Gaian Planet
Author/Editor: BRUCE CLARKE
Earthly Things: Immanence, New Materialisms, and Planetary Thinking
Author/Editor: Karen Bray ,Heather Eaton ,Whitney Bauman
Ecce Monstrum: Georges Bataille and the Sacrifice of Form
Author/Editor: Jeremy Biles
Ecclesiastical Knights: The Military Orders in Castile, 1150-1330
Author/Editor: SAM ZENO CONEDERA,Mary C. Erler,Franklin T. Harkins
The Eclipse of the Utopias of Labor
Author/Editor: Anson Rabinbach
Eco-Deconstruction: Derrida and Environmental Philosophy
Author/Editor: Matthias Fritsch,Philippe Lynes,David Wood,Forrest Clingerman,Brian Treanor
Ecological Form: System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire
Author/Editor: Nathan K. Hensley,Philip Steer,Karen Pinkus
The Economics and Financing of Media Companies: Second Edition
Author/Editor: Robert G. Picard
Ecospirit: Religions and Philosophies for the Earth
Ecstasy in the Classroom: Trance, Self, and the Academic Profession in Medieval Paris
Ecstatic Morality and Sexual Politics: A Catholic and Antitotalitarian Theory of the Body
Author/Editor: G. J. McALEER
Eddic, Skaldic, and Beyond: Poetic Variety in Medieval Iceland and Norway
Author/Editor: MARTIN CHASE
Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865-1890
Author/Editor: Hilary Green
Education at War: The Fight for Students of Color in America's Public Schools
Author/Editor: Arshad Imtiaz Ali,Tracy Lachica Buenavista
Ego Sum: Corpus, Anima, Fabula
Author/Editor: Jean-Luc Nancy,Marie-Eve Morin
Embracing Emancipation: A Transatlantic History of Irish Americans, Slavery, and the American Union, 1840-1865
Author/Editor: Ian Delahanty
Empire's Wake: Postcolonial Irish Writing and the Politics of Modern Literary Form
Author/Editor: Mark Quigley
Empowering the People of God: Catholic Action before and after Vatican II
Author/Editor: Jeremy Bonner,Christopher D. Denny,Mary Beth Fraser Connolly
Encarnacion: Illness and Body Politics in Chicana Feminist Literature
Author/Editor: SUZANNE BOST
Ending and Unending Agony: On Maurice Blanchot
Author/Editor: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe,Hannes Opelz
The End of the World and Other Teachable Moments: Jacques Derrida's Final Seminar
Author/Editor: MICHAEL NAAS
Enlightened Sentiments: Judgment and Autonomy in the Age of Sensibility
Author/Editor: Hina Nazar
Ens rationis from Suarez to Caramuel: A Study in Scholasticism of the Baroque Era
Author/Editor: DANIEL D. NOVOTNÝ,Gyula Klima
Entangled Worlds: Religion, Science, and New Materialisms
The Entrapments of Form: Cruelty and Modern Literature
Author/Editor: Catherine Toal
Environmental Aesthetics: Crossing Divides and Breaking Ground
Author/Editor: Martin Drenthen,Jozef Keulartz
Eros: Beyond the Death Drive
Author/Editor: Rosaura Martínez Ruiz ,RAMSEY McGLAZER ,JUDITH BUTLER
Author/Editor: Peter Streckfus,Elisabeth Frost
The Ethics of Authorship: Communication, Seduction, and Death in Hegel and Kierkegaard
Author/Editor: Daniel Berthold
An Ethics of Betrayal: The Politics of Otherness in Emergent U.S. Literatures and Culture
Ethnographica Moralia: Experiments in Interpretive Anthropology
Author/Editor: Neni Panourgiá,George E. Marcus
The Ethnography of Rhythm: Orality and Its Technologies
Author/Editor: HAUN SAUSSY
Eunice Hunton Carter: A Lifelong Fight for Social Justice
Author/Editor: Marilyn S. Greenwald ,Yun Li
Europe After Wyclif
Author/Editor: J. PATRICK HORNBECK II,MICHAEL VAN DUSSEN,Mary C. Erler,Franklin T. Harkins
Europe and Empire: On the Political Forms of Globalization
Author/Editor: MASSIMO CACCIARI,Alessandro Carrera,Massimo Verdicchio
Even in Chaos: Education in Times of Emergency
Author/Editor: KEVIN M. CAHILL
Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America
Author/Editor: William B. Kurtz,Andrew L. Slap
The Exorbitant: Emmanuel Levinas Between Jews and Christians
Author/Editor: KEVIN HART,MICHAEL A. SIGNER,John D. Caputo
Expanded Cinema: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition
Author/Editor: Gene Youngblood,R. Buckminster Fuller
Expectation: Philosophy, Literature
Author/Editor: Jean-Luc Nancy,Robert Bononno,Ginette Michaud,Jean-Michel Rabaté
Experience as Philosophy: On the Work of John J. McDermott
The Experience of God: A Postmodern Response
Author/Editor: KEVIN HART,BARBARA E. WALL,John D. Caputo
Experimenting: Essays with Samuel Weber
Author/Editor: Simon Morgan Wortham,Gary Hall
Experiments in Exile: C. L. R. James, Hélio Oiticica, and the Aesthetic Sociality of Blackness
Author/Editor: LAURA HARRIS,Timothy C. Campbell
Exploring Lincoln: Great Historians Reappraise Our Greatest President
Author/Editor: Harold Holzer,Craig L. Symonds,Frank J. Williams
Exterranean: Extraction in the Humanist Anthropocene
The Face of the Other and the Trace of God: Essays on the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Bloechl
The Fact of Resonance: Modernist Acoustics and Narrative Form
Faith in Life: John Dewey's Early Philosophy
Author/Editor: DONALD J. MORSE
Faith, Reason, and Theosis
Author/Editor: Aristotle Papanikolaou ,George E. Demacopoulos
Faith, Resistance, and the Future: Daniel Berrigan's Challenge to Catholic Social Thought
Author/Editor: James L. Marsh,Anna J. Brown
A Falling-Off Place: The Transformation of Lower Manhattan
Author/Editor: Barbara G. Mensch
The Fall of Sleep
Family War Stories: The Densmores' Fight to Save the Union and Destroy Slavery
Author/Editor: Keith P. Wilson
Fears and Fascinations: Representing Catholicism in the American South
Author/Editor: Thomas F. Haddox
Fear Was Not in Him: The Civil War Letters of Major General Francis C. Barlow, U.S.A.
Author/Editor: Christian G. Samito
The Feminine Symptom: Aleatory Matter in the Aristotelian Cosmos
Author/Editor: Emanuela Bianchi
Fictitious Capital: Silk, Cotton, and the Rise of the Arabic Novel
Author/Editor: Elizabeth M. Holt
Fielding Derrida: Philosophy, Literary Criticism, History, and the Work of Deconstruction
Author/Editor: JOSHUA KATES,John D. Caputo
Fifth Avenue Famous: The Extraordinary Story of Music at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Fighting Authoritarianism: American Youth Activism in the 1930s
Author/Editor: BRITT HAAS
Fighting Fascism in Europe: The World War II Letters of an American Veteran of the Spanish Civil War
Figures of a Changing World: Metaphor and the Emergence of Modern Culture
Author/Editor: HARRY BERGER JR.
Figuring Violence: Affective Investments in Perpetual War
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Adelman
Filipino Time: Affective Worlds and Contracted Labor
Filipinx American Studies: Reckoning, Reclamation, Transformation
Author/Editor: Rick Bonus ,Antonio T. Tiongson Jr.
Finance Fictions: Realism and Psychosis in a Time of Economic Crisis
Author/Editor: Arne De Boever
Finding God in All Things: Celebrating Bernard Lonergan, John Courtney Murray, and Karl Rahner
Author/Editor: Mark Bosco,David Stagaman
First among Equals: Abraham Lincoln's Reputation During His Administration
Author/Editor: Hans L. Trefousse
Flashpoints for Asian American Studies
Author/Editor: Cathy J. Schlund-Vials,Viet Thanh Nguyen
Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics This Side of Seduction
Force: A Fundamental Concept of Aesthetic Anthropology
Author/Editor: Christoph Menke,Gerrit Jackson
For Derrida
Author/Editor: J. Hillis Miller
Fordham: A History and Memoir, Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Raymond A. Schroth
Fordham, A History of the Jesuit University of New York: 1841-2003
Author/Editor: THOMAS J. SHELLEY
Fordham University School of Law: A History
Forgetting Lot's Wife: On Destructive Spectatorship
Author/Editor: Martin Harries
The Forgiveness to Come: The Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical
Author/Editor: Peter Banki,Drucilla Cornell,Roger Berkowitz
Forgotten Casualties: Downed American Airmen and Axis Violence in World War II
Author/Editor: Kevin T Hall
The Forgotten Radical Peter Maurin: Easy Essays from the Catholic Worker
Author/Editor: Peter Maurin,Lincoln Rice
Form and Event: Principles for an Interpretation of the Greek World
Author/Editor: CARLO DIANO,Timothy C. Campbell,Lia Turtas,Jacques Lezra,Timothy C. Campbell
Form and Feeling: The Making of Concretism in Brazil
Author/Editor: Antonio Sergio Bessa
Form and Foreskin: Medieval Narratives of Circumcision
Author/Editor: A. W. STROUSE
The Form of Love: Poetry’s Quarrel with Philosophy
Author/Editor: JAMES KUZNER
Forms of a World: Contemporary Poetry and the Making of Globalization
Author/Editor: Walt Hunter
For Strasbourg: Conversations of Friendship and Philosophy
Author/Editor: JACQUES DERRIDA,Pascale-Anne Brault,Michael Naas
For the Love of Psychoanalysis: The Play of Chance in Freud and Derrida
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Rottenberg
Foucault's Critical Ethics
Author/Editor: Richard A. Lynch
Fragmentation and Memory: Meditations onyChristian Doctrine
France during World War II: From Defeat to Liberation
Author/Editor: Thomas R. Christofferson,Michael S. Christofferson
Freedom and Law: A Jewish-Christian Apologetics
Author/Editor: Randi Rashkover
Freedom and Limits
Author/Editor: JOHN LACHS,Patrick Shade
Freedom's First Generation: Black Hampton, Virginia, 1861-1890
Author/Editor: Robert Francis Engs,Paul A. Cimbala
Freedoms Gained and Lost: Reconstruction and Its Meanings 150 Years Later
Author/Editor: Adam H. Domby ,Simon Lewis
Freedom, Union, and Power: Lincoln and His Party in the Civil War
Author/Editor: Michael S. Green
Freedwomen and the Freedmen's Bureau: Race, Gender, and Public Policy in the Age of Emancipation
Author/Editor: Mary Farmer-Kaiser
The French of Outremer: Communities and Communications in the Crusading Mediterranean
Author/Editor: LAURA K. MORREALE,NICHOLAS L. PAUL,Mary C. Erler,Franklin T. Harkins
Freud and Fundamentalism: The Psychical Politics of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Stathis Gourgouris
Freud and Monotheism: Moses and the Violent Origins of Religion
Author/Editor: Gilad Sharvit,Karen S. Feldman
Freud and the Scene of Trauma
Author/Editor: John Fletcher
Freud's Jaw and Other Lost Objects: Fractured Subjectivity in the Face of Cancer
Author/Editor: Lana Lin
Friends on the Way: Jesuits Encounter Contemporary Judaism
Author/Editor: Thomas Michel
From a Nickel to a Token: The Journey from Board of Transportation to MTA
From Factories to Palaces: Architect Charles B. J. Snyder and the New York City Public Schools
Author/Editor: Jean Arrington ,Cynthia Skeffington LaValle ,Peg Breen
From Life to Survival: Derrida, Freud, and the Future of Deconstruction
Author/Editor: Robert Trumbull
From Slave Ship to Harvard: Yarrow Mamout and the History of an African American Family
Author/Editor: James H. Johnston
From the Monastery to the City: Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi
Author/Editor: HILDEGARD OF BINGEN,FRANCIS OF ASSISI,Roger Haight ,Alfred Pach III ,Amanda Avila Kaminski
Fueling Culture: 101 Words for Energy and Environment
Author/Editor: Imre Szeman,Jennifer Wenzel,Patricia Yaeger
Fugitive Rousseau: Slavery, Primitivism, and Political Freedom
Author/Editor: Jimmy Casas Klausen
Fugitive Testimony: On the Visual Logic of Slave Narratives
Author/Editor: JANET NEARY
Fundamentalism or Tradition: Christianity after Secularism
Author/Editor: Aristotle Papanikolaou,George E. Demacopoulos
A Fury in the Words: Love and Embarrassment in Shakespeare's Venice
Author/Editor: Harry Berger Jr.
Futile Pleasures: Early Modern Literature and the Limits of Utility
Author/Editor: Corey McEleney
The Future Life of Trauma: Partitions, Borders, Repetition
Author/Editor: Jennifer Yusin
Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida
Author/Editor: NEAL DeROO
The Garb of Being: Embodiment and the Pursuit of Holiness in Late Ancient Christianity
Author/Editor: Georgia Frank,Susan R. Holman,Andrew S. Jacobs
Gasoline Dreams: Waking Up from Petroculture
Author/Editor: SIMON ORPANA
Gay Fathers, Their Children, and the Making of Kinship
Author/Editor: Aaron Goodfellow
Gazing Through a Prism Darkly: Reflections on Merold Westphal's Hermeneutical Epistemology
Author/Editor: B. KEITH PUTT
Gender Essentialism and Orthodoxy: Beyond Male and Female
Author/Editor: Bryce E. Rich
Genealogies of Fiction: Women Warriors and the Medieval Imagination in the "Orlando furioso"
Author/Editor: Eleonora Stoppino
The General and His Daughter: The War Time Letters of General James M. Gavin to his Daughter Barbara
Author/Editor: Barbara Gavin Fauntleroy,Starlyn Jorgensen,Gayle Wurst
The Genocide Paradox: Democracy and Generational Time
Author/Editor: ANNE O’BYRNE
The Geological Unconscious: German Literature and the Mineral Imaginary
Author/Editor: Jason Groves
Georges de La Tour and the Enigma of the Visible
Author/Editor: Dalia Judovitz
Gettysburg Religion: Refinement, Diversity, and Race in the Antebellum and Civil War Border North
Author/Editor: Steve Longenecker
The Ghetto, and Other Poems: An Annotated Edition
Author/Editor: Lola Ridge ,Lawrence Kramer
Ghost-Watching American Modernity: Haunting, Landscape, and the Hemispheric Imagination
Giorgio Agamben: Beyond the Threshold of Deconstruction
Author/Editor: KEVIN ATTELL
Girl Head: Feminism and Film Materiality
Author/Editor: Genevieve Yue
Givenness and God: Questions of Jean-Luc Marion
Author/Editor: Ian Leask,Eoin Cassidy
Giving an Account of Oneself
Author/Editor: JUDITH BUTLER
Giving Beyond the Gift: Apophasis and Overcoming Theomania
Author/Editor: ELLIOT R. WOLFSON
Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and Cinema
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock ,Regina M. Hansen
The Gleam of Light: Moral Perfectionism and Education in Dewey and Emerson
Author/Editor: NAOKO SAITO,Stanley Cavell,Douglas R. Anderson,Jude Jones
The Global Emerging Market in Transition: Articles, Forecasts, and Studies
Author/Editor: Vladimir L. Kvint
The Global South Atlantic
Author/Editor: Kerry Bystrom,Joseph R. Slaughter
God, Hierarchy, and Power: Orthodox Theologies of Authority from Byzantium
Author/Editor: Ashley M. Purpura,George E. Demacopoulos,Aristotle Papanikolaou
God's Mirror: Renewal and Engagement in French Catholic Intellectual Culture in the Mid–Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Katherine Davies,Toby Garfitt
The God Who Deconstructs Himself: Sovereignty and Subjectivity Between Freud, Bataille, and Derrida
Go Figure: Energies, Forms, and Institutions in the Early Modern World
Author/Editor: Judith H. Anderson,Joan Pong Linton
Goods: Advertising, Urban Space, and the Moral Law of the Image
Author/Editor: EMANUELE COCCIA,Marissa Gemma,Timothy C. Campbell
Google Me: One-Click Democracy
Author/Editor: BARBARA CASSIN,MICHAEL SYROTINSKI,Bruce Clarke,Henry Sussman
Gothic Things: Dark Enchantment and Anthropocene Anxiety
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
The Government of Life: Foucault, Biopolitics, and Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Vanessa Lemm,Miguel Vatter
A Grammar of the Corpse: Necroepistemology in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Spragins
Grammatology of Images: A History of the A-Visible
Author/Editor: SIGRID WEIGEL ,Chadwick Truscott Smith
Grave Attending: A Political Theology for the Unredeemed
Author/Editor: Karen Bray
Gray Matter
Author/Editor: SARA MICHAS-MARTIN,Elisabeth Frost
A Great Sacrifice: Northern Black Soldiers, Their Families, and the Experience of Civil War
Author/Editor: James G. Mendez
The Great Task Remaining Before Us: Reconstruction as America's Continuing Civil War
Author/Editor: Paul A. Cimbala,Randall M. Miller
The Ground of the Image
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,Jeff Fort,John D. Caputo
Group Works: Art, Politics, and Collective Ambivalence
Author/Editor: Ethan Philbrick
Guides to the Eucharist in Medieval Egypt: Three Arabic Commentaries on the Coptic Liturgy
Author/Editor: Yūḥannā ibn Sabbā ,Abū al-Barakāt ibn Kabar ,Pope Gabriel V ,ARSENIUS MIKHAIL
The Guide to Gethsemane: Anxiety, Suffering, Death
Author/Editor: EMMANUEL FALQUE,George Hughes
Hamilton Heights and Sugar Hill: Alexander Hamilton’s Old Harlem Neighborhood Through the Centuries
Author/Editor: Davida Siwisa James
Harrying: Skills of Offense in Shakespeare's Henriad
Author/Editor: Harry Berger Jr.
Hart Crane's 'The Bridge': An Annotated Edition
Author/Editor: Lawrence Kramer
Hating Empire Properly: The Two Indies and the Limits of Enlightenment Anticolonialism
Author/Editor: SUNIL M. AGNANI
Hating Empire Properly: The Two Indies and the Limits of Enlightenment Anticolonialism
Author/Editor: SUNIL M. AGNANI
The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins
Author/Editor: Avery F. Gordon
Heartbeats in the Muck: The History, Sea Life, and Environment of New York Harbor, Revised Edition
Author/Editor: JOHN WALDMAN
Heaven on the Hudson: Mansions, Monuments, and Marvels of Riverside Park
Author/Editor: Stephanie Azzarone ,Robert F. Rodriguez
Heidegger, Holderlin, and the Subject of Poetic Language: Toward a New Poetics of Dasein
Heidegger, Philosophy, and Politics: The Heidelberg Conference
Heidegger's Technologies: Postphenomenological Perspectives
Author/Editor: DON IHDE
Heidegger: Through Phenomenology to Thought
The Hello Delay
Author/Editor: Julie Choffel
Hell on Color, Sweet on Song: Jacob Wrey Mould and the Artful Beauty of Central Park
Author/Editor: Francis R. Kowsky ,Lucille Gordon
The Helmholtz Curves: Tracing Lost Time
Author/Editor: Henning Schmidgen,Nils F. Schott,Stefanos Geroulanos,Meyers Todd
Heschel, Hasidism and Halakha
Author/Editor: Samuel H. Dresner
Hidden Intercourse: Eros and Sexuality in the History of Western Esotericism
Author/Editor: Wouter J. Hanegraaff,Jeffrey J. Kripal
Hidden: Reflections on Gay Life, AIDS, and Spiritual Desire
Author/Editor: Richard Giannone
Hijras, Lovers, Brothers: Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India
Author/Editor: VAIBHAV SARIA
The Historical Uncanny: Disability, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Holocaust Memory
Author/Editor: Susanne C. Knittel
History and Hope: The International Humanitarian Reader
Author/Editor: KEVIN M. CAHILL
A History of the Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Author/Editor: George Washington Williams,John David Smith,Paul A. Cimbala
Hits: Philosophy in the Jukebox
Author/Editor: PETER SZENDY,Will Bishop
Hollow Men: Writing, Objects, and Public Image in Renaissance Italy
Author/Editor: SUSAN GAYLARD
Holy Envy: Writing in the Jewish Christian Borderzone
Author/Editor: Maeera Y. Shreiber
Home, Uprooted: Oral Histories of India's Partition
Author/Editor: Devika Chawla
Homo Psyche: On Queer Theory and Erotophobia
Author/Editor: GILA ASHTOR
An Honest Living: A Memoir of Peculiar Itineraries
Author/Editor: Steven Salaita
The House of Early Sorrows: A Memoir in Essays
Author/Editor: Louise DeSalvo
How to Be an Intellectual: Essays on Criticism, Culture, and the University
Author/Editor: Jeffrey J. Williams
How to Do Comparative Theology
How We Got to Coney Island: The Development of Mass Transportation in Brooklyn and Kings County
Author/Editor: Brian J. Cudahy
The Human Eros: Eco-ontology and the Aesthetics of Existence
Humanitarian Fictions: Africa, Altruism, and the Narrative Imagination
Author/Editor: Megan Cole Paustian
The Humanities and Public Life
Author/Editor: Peter Brooks,Hilary Jewett
Human Remains: Medicine, Death, and Desire in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Author/Editor: Jonathan Strauss
Human Rights, Inc.: The World Novel, Narrative Form, and International Law
Human Security For All: A Tribute to Sergio Vieira de Mello
Author/Editor: Kevin M. Cahill
Humbug!: The Politics of Art Criticism in New York City's Penny Press
Author/Editor: Wendy Jean Katz
Hungary in World War II: Caught in the Cauldron
Author/Editor: Deborah S. Cornelius
Husserl: German Perspectives
Author/Editor: John J. Drummond,Otfried Höffe,Hayden Kee,Patrick Eldridge,Robin Litscher Wilkins
Husserl's Missing Technologies
Author/Editor: DON IHDE
Identity: Fragments, Frankness
Author/Editor: JEAN-LUC NANCY,François Raffoul
The Ideology of Hatred: The Psychic Power of Discourse
Author/Editor: Niza Yanay
Idylls of the Wanderer: Outside in Literature and Theory
Author/Editor: Henry Sussman
If Babel Had a Form: Translating Equivalence in the Twentieth-Century Transpacific
Author/Editor: Tze-Yin Teo
Imagined Sovereignties: Toward a New Political Romanticism
Author/Editor: Kir Kuiken
Imagine No Religion: How Modern Abstractions Hide Ancient Realities
Author/Editor: Carlin A. Barton,Daniel Boyarin
Imagistic Care: Growing Old in a Precarious World
Author/Editor: Cheryl Mattingly ,Lone Grøn ,Maria Speyer ,Lisa Stevenson ,Robert Desjarlais
The Imperative to Write: Destitutions of the Sublime in Kafka, Blanchot, and Beckett
Author/Editor: JEFF FORT
Imperial Babel: Translation, Exoticism, and the Long Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Padma Rangarajan