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1,000 Signs of Life: Basic ASL for Everyday Conversation
Above the Birch Line: Poems
Author/Editor: Pia Taavila-Borsheim
The Academic Foundations of Interpreting Studies: An Introduction to Its Theories
Author/Editor: Cynthia B. Roy ,Jeremy L. Brunson ,Christopher A. Stone
ACCESS: Multiple Avenues for Deaf People
Author/Editor: Doreen DeLuca ,Irene W. Leigh ,Kristin A. Lindgren ,Donna Jo Napoli
Accountability-Based Reforms: The Impact on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Author/Editor: Stephanie W. Cawthon
Advances in Cognition, Education, and Deafness
Author/Editor: David S. Martin
Advances in Educational Interpreting
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. Winston ,Stephen B. Fitzmaurice
Advances in Teaching Sign Language Interpreters
Author/Editor: CYNTHIA B. ROY
Adventures of a Deaf-Mute and Other Short Pieces
Author/Editor: William B. Swett ,Kristen C. Harmon
Alandra's Lilacs: The Story of a Mother and Her Deaf Daughter
Author/Editor: TRESSA BOWERS
Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School
Author/Editor: Gina A. Oliva
American Sign Language and Early Literacy: A Model Parent-Child Program
Author/Editor: Kristin Snoddon
American Sign Language Green Books, A Student Text Units 10-18
Author/Editor: Charlotte Baker-Shenk ,Dennis Cokely
American Sign Language Green Books, A Student Text Units 1-9
Author/Editor: Dennis Cokely ,Charlotte Baker-Shenk
American Sign Language Green Books, A Student Text Units 19-27
Author/Editor: Dennis Cokely ,Charlotte Baker-Shenk
American Sign Language Green Books, A Teacher's Resource Text on Curriculum, Methods, and Evaluation
Author/Editor: Dennis Cokely ,Charlotte Baker-Shenk
American Sign Language Green Books, A Teacher's Resource Text on Grammar and Culture
Author/Editor: Charlotte Baker-Shenk ,Dennis Cokely
The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary
Author/Editor: Richard A. Tennant ,Marianne Gluszak Brown ,Valerie Nelson-Metlay
The American Sign Language Handshape Puzzle Book
Author/Editor: Linda Lascelle Hillebrand ,Richard A. Tennant ,Marianne Gluszak Brown ,Valerie Nelson-Metlay
The American Sign Language Handshape Starter: A Beginner's Guide
Author/Editor: Richard A. Tennant ,Marianne Gluszak Brown ,Valerie Nelson-Metlay
Amy Signs: A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories
Author/Editor: Rebecca Willman Gernon ,Amy Willman
And No Birds Sing
Author/Editor: Pauline Leader ,Mara Mills ,Rebecca Sanchez
Angels and Outcasts: An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature
Author/Editor: Trent Batson ,Eugene Bergman
Animal Signs
Author/Editor: Debby Slier
The Art of Being Deaf: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Donna McDonald
Assessing Deaf Adults: Critical Issues in Testing and Evaluation
Author/Editor: Judith L. Mounty ,David S. Martin
At Home Among Strangers: Exploring the Deaf Community in the United States
Author/Editor: Jerome D. Schein
Between Two Worlds: My Life as a Child of Deaf Adults
Author/Editor: David Sorensen
Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families: Narrative Interviews
Author/Editor: Barbara Bodner-Johnson ,Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict
Black Deaf Students: A Model for Educational Success
Author/Editor: Carolyn E. Williamson
Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller
Author/Editor: Georgina Kleege
BUG: Deaf Identity and Internal Revolution
Author/Editor: Christopher Jon Heuer
Building Bridges, Crossing Borders: One Young Deaf Woman’s Education
Author/Editor: Ann Darby Getty
Case Studies in Deaf Education: Inquiry, Application, and Resources
Author/Editor: Caroline Guardino ,Jennifer S. Beal ,Joanna E. Cannon ,Jenna Voss ,Jessica P. Bergeron
Change and Promise: Bilingual Deaf Education and Deaf Culture in Latin America
Author/Editor: Barbara Gerner de García ,Lodenir Becker Karnopp
Citizenship, Politics, Difference: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Signed Language Communities
Author/Editor: Audrey C. Cooper ,Khadijat K. Rashid
Cochlear Implants: Evolving Perspectives
Author/Editor: Raylene Paludneviciene ,Irene W. Leigh
Cochlear Implants in Children: Ethics and Choices
Author/Editor: John B. Christiansen ,Irene W. Leigh ,Patricia Elizabeth Spencer ,Jay R. Lucker
Cognition, Education, and Deafness: Directions for Research and Instruction
Author/Editor: David S. Martin
Come Sign With Us: Sign Language Activities for Children
Author/Editor: Jan C. Hafer ,Robert M. Wilson ,Paul Setzer
Coming to My Senses: One Woman's Cochlear Implant Journey
Author/Editor: Claire H. Blatchford
Communication Therapy: An Integrated Approach to Aural Rehabilitation with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescents and Adults
Author/Editor: Mary June Moseley ,Scott J. Bally
Comparative Studies in Special Education
Author/Editor: Kas Mazurek ,Margret A. Winzer
A Constant Struggle: Deaf Education in New South Wales Since World War II
Author/Editor: NAOMI MALONE
Context, Cognition, and Deafness
Author/Editor: M. Diane Clark ,Marc Marschark ,Michael Karchmer
Controlling Our Destiny: A Board Member’s View of Deaf President Now
Author/Editor: Philip W. Bravin
Conversational Sign Language II: An Intermediate Advanced Manual
Author/Editor: Willard J. Madsen ,Ralph R. Miller Sr.
Conversations with Interpreter Educators: Exploring Best Practices
Country of Glass: Poems
Author/Editor: Sarah Katz
Crossing the Divide: Representations of Deafness in Biography
Author/Editor: Rachel M. Hartig
Crying Hands: Eugenics and Deaf People in Nazi Germany
Author/Editor: HORST BIESOLD ,William Sayers ,Henry Friedlander
Damned for Their Difference: The Cultural Construction of Deaf People as Disabled
Author/Editor: Jan Branson ,Don Miller
Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Thompson
Deadly Charm: The Story of a Deaf Serial Killer
Author/Editor: McCay Vernon ,Marie Vernon
A Deaf Adult Speaks Out
Author/Editor: Leo M. Jacobs
Deaf American Literature: From Carnival to the Canon
Author/Editor: Cynthia L. Peters
Deaf American Poetry: An Anthology
Author/Editor: John Lee Clark
Deaf American Prose, 1830-1930
Author/Editor: Jennifer L. Nelson ,Kristen C. Harmon
Deaf American Prose, 1980–2010
Author/Editor: Kristen Harmon ,Jennifer Nelson
Deaf and Disability Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Susan Burch ,Alison Kafer
Deaf-Blind Reality: Living the Life
Author/Editor: Scott M. Stoffel
Deaf Children in China
Author/Editor: Alison Callaway
Deaf Children in Public Schools: Placement, Context, and Consequences
Author/Editor: Claire L. Ramsey
Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father
Author/Editor: Richard Medugno
Deaf Education in America: Voices of Children from Inclusion Settings
Author/Editor: Janet Cerney
Deaf Empowerment: Emergence, Struggle, and Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Katherine A. Jankowski
Deaf Epistemologies, Identity, and Learning: A Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: Goedele A. M. De Clerck
Deaf Epistemologies: Multiple Perspectives on the Acquisition of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Peter V. Paul ,Donald F. Moores
Deaf Eyes on Interpreting
Author/Editor: Thomas K. Holcomb ,David H. Smith
Deaf Hearing Boy: A Memoir
Author/Editor: R. H. Miller
The Deaf Heart: A Novel
Author/Editor: Willy Conley
Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America
Author/Editor: Jack R. Gannon ,National Association of the Deaf,Jack R. Gannon
Deaf History and Culture in Spain: A Reader of Primary Documents
Author/Editor: Benjamin Fraser
The Deaf History Reader
Author/Editor: John Vickrey Van Cleve
Deaf History Unveiled: Interpretations from the New Scholarship
Author/Editor: John Vickrey Van Cleve
Deaf Identity and Social Images in Nineteenth-Century France
Deaf in DC: A Memoir
Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir
Deaf Interpreters at Work: International Insights
Author/Editor: Robert Adam ,Christopher Stone ,Steven D. Collins ,Melanie Metzger
Deaf Learners: Developments in Curriculum and Instruction
Deaf Lives in Contrast: Two Women's Stories
Author/Editor: Mary V. Rivers ,Dvora Shurman
The Deaf Mute Howls
Author/Editor: Albert Ballin ,Douglas C. Baynton
Deaf People Around the World: Educational and Social Perspectives
Author/Editor: Donald F. Moores ,Margery S. Miller
Deaf People in Hitler's Europe
Author/Editor: Donna F. Ryan ,John S. Schuchman
Deaf People in the Criminal Justice System: Selected Topics on Advocacy, Incarceration, and Social Justice
Author/Editor: Debra Guthmann ,Gabriel I. Lomas ,Damara Goff Paris ,Gabriel A. “Tony” Martin
Deaf President Now!: The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University
Author/Editor: John B. Christiansen ,Sharon N. Barnartt
Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters: A New Paradigm
Author/Editor: Peter C. Hauser ,Karen L. Finch ,Angela B. Hauser
Deaf Space in Adamorobe: An Ethnographic Study in a Village in Ghana
Author/Editor: Annelies Kusters
Deaf Sport: The Impact of Sports within the Deaf Community
Author/Editor: David A. Stewart
Deaf Students and the Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis: Understanding Language and Literacy Development
Author/Editor: Peter V. Paul ,Ye Wang ,Cheri Williams
Deaf to the Marrow: Deaf Social Organizing and Active Citizenship in Viet Nam
Author/Editor: Audrey C. Cooper
The Deaf Way II Anthology: A Literary Collection by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers
Author/Editor: Tonya M. Stremlau
The Deaf Way: Perspectives from the International Conference on Deaf Culture
Author/Editor: Carol J. Erting ,Robert C. Johnson ,Dorothy L. Smith ,Bruce D. Snider
Deaf Women's Lives: Three Self-Portraits
Author/Editor: Bainy Cyrus ,Eileen Katz ,Celeste Cheyney ,Frances M. Parsons
Disability Protests: Contentious Politics, 1970 - 1999
Author/Editor: Sharon Barnartt ,Richard Scotch
Disabling Pedagogy: Power, Politics, and Deaf Education
Author/Editor: Linda Komesaroff
Discourse in Signed Languages
Author/Editor: Cynthia B. Roy
Ears, Eyes, and Hands: Reflections on Language, Literacy, and Linguistics
Author/Editor: Deborah L. Wolter
Edmund Booth: Deaf Pioneer
Author/Editor: Harry G. Lang
Educational and Developmental Aspects of Deafness
Author/Editor: Donald F. Moores ,Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans
Educational Interpreting: How It Can Succeed
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. Winston
Elements of French Deaf Heritage
Author/Editor: ULF HEDBERG ,HARLAN LANE ,Yves Delaporte
El Jardín Silencioso: Una guía para los padres para criar a un niño sordo
Author/Editor: Paul W. Ogden ,David H. Smith ,Helda L. Pinzón de Pérez ,Irma J. de Sánchez
The Emergence of the Deaf Community in Nicaragua: “With Sign Language You Can Learn So Much"
Author/Editor: Laura Polich
Enhancing Diversity: Educators with Disabilities
Evolving Paradigms in Interpreter Education
Extraordinary from the Ordinary: Personal Experience Narratives in American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Kristin Jean Mulrooney
A Fair Chance in the Race of Life: The Role of Gallaudet University in Deaf History
Author/Editor: Brian H. Greenwald ,John Vickrey Van Cleve
Far from Home: Memories of World War II and Afterward
Author/Editor: Mary Herring Wright
Fighting in the Shadows: Untold Stories of Deaf People in the Civil War
Author/Editor: HARRY G. LANG
For “Children Who Vary from the Normal Type"
Author/Editor: Robert L. Osgood
Forging Deaf Education in Nineteenth-Century France: Biographical Sketches of Bébian, Sicard, Massieu, and Clerc
Author/Editor: Ferdinand Berthier ,Freeman G. Henry
Form, Meaning, and Focus in American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Miako N. P. Rankin
Four Days in Michigan: A Novel
Author/Editor: Philip Zazove
From Integration to Inclusion: A History of Special Education in the 20th Century
Author/Editor: Margret A. Winzer
From Pity to Pride: Growing Up Deaf in the Old South
Author/Editor: Hannah Joyner
From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
Author/Editor: Melanie Metzger ,Steven Collins ,Valerie Dively ,Risa Shaw
Gaillard in Deaf America: A Portrait of the Deaf Community, 1917, Henri Gaillard
Author/Editor: Henri Gaillard ,Bob Buchanan ,William Sayers
The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Clayton Valli ,Peggy Swartzel Lott ,Daniel Renner ,Rob Hills
Genetics, Disability, and Deafness
Author/Editor: John Vickrey Van Cleve
Gesture in Multiparty Interaction
Author/Editor: Emily Shaw
Get Your Elbow Off the Horn: Stories through the Years
Author/Editor: Jack R. Gannon
Guidelines for Multilingual Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs
Author/Editor: Christopher Kurz ,Debbie Golos ,Marlon Kuntze ,Jonathan Henner ,Jessica Scott
Hearing Difference: The Third Ear in Experimental, Deaf, and Multicultural Theater
Author/Editor: Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren
HEARING, MOTHER-FATHER DEAF: Hearing People in Deaf Families
Author/Editor: Michele Bishop ,Sherry L. Hicks
Here or There: Research on Interpreting via Video Link
Author/Editor: Jemina Napier ,Robert Skinner ,Sabine Braun
The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL: Its History and Structure
Author/Editor: Carolyn McCaskill ,Ceil Lucas ,Robert Bayley ,Joseph Hill ,Roxanne Dummett ,Pamela Baldwin ,Randall Hogue
A Historical and Etymological Dictionary of American Sign Language: The Origin and Evolution of More Than 500 Signs
Author/Editor: Emily Shaw ,Yves Delaporte
The History of Gallaudet University: 150 Years of a Deaf American Institution
The History of Inclusion in the United States
Author/Editor: Robert L. Osgood
The History of Special Education: From Isolation to Integration
Author/Editor: Margret A. Winzer
The Human Right to Language: Communication Access for Deaf Children
Author/Editor: Lawrence M. Siegel
I Fill This Small Space: The Writings of a Deaf Activist
Author/Editor: Lawrence R. Newman ,David J. Kurs
Illusions of Equality: Deaf Americans in School and Factory, 1850-1950
Author/Editor: Robert M. Buchanan
Indian Sign Language: A Linguistic Analysis of Its Grammar
Author/Editor: Samar Sinha
Innovative Practices for Teaching Sign Language Interpreters
Author/Editor: CYNTHIA B. ROY
In Our Hands: Educating Healthcare Interpreters
In Our Own Hands: Essays in Deaf History, 1780–1970
Author/Editor: Brian H. Greenwald ,Joseph J. Murray
In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World
Author/Editor: Ruth Sidransky
Intermediate Conversational Sign Language
Author/Editor: Willard J. Madsen ,Lois A. Lehman
International Perspectives on Sign Language Interpreter Education
Author/Editor: JEMINA NAPIER
International Practices in Special Education: Debates and Challenges
Author/Editor: Margret A. Winzer ,Kas Mazurek
International Sign: Linguistic, Usage, and Status Issues
Author/Editor: Rachel Rosenstock ,Jemina Napier
Interpreter Education in the Digital Age: Innovation, Access, and Change
Interpreting in Legal Settings
Author/Editor: Debra Russell ,Sandra Hale
Interpreting in Multilingual, Multicultural Contexts
Author/Editor: Rachel Locker McKee ,Jeffrey E. Davis
Interpreting in the Zone: How the Conscious and Unconscious Function in Interpretation
Author/Editor: Jack Hoza
Investigations in Healthcare Interpreting
Author/Editor: Brenda Nicodemus ,Melanie Metzger
An Invincible Spirit: The Story of Don Fulk
Author/Editor: Don Fulk ,Janet Allen
Islay: A Novel
Author/Editor: Douglas Bullard ,Cynthia Pettie
Issues Unresolved: New Perspectives on Language and Deaf Education
Author/Editor: Amatzia Weisel
It's a Small World: International Deaf Spaces and Encounters
Author/Editor: Michele Friedner ,Annelies Kusters
It’s Not What You Sign, It’s How You Sign It: Politeness in American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Jack Hoza
Judaism and Disability: Portrayals in Ancient Texts from the Tanach through the Bavli
Author/Editor: Judith Z. Abrams
A Key to the World
Author/Editor: Victor Abbou
Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Author/Editor: Daria J. Medwid ,Denise Chapman Weston
Language and the Law in Deaf Communities
Author/Editor: Ceil Lucas
Language Attitudes in the American Deaf Community
Author/Editor: Joseph Christopher Hill
Language in Hand: Why Sign Came Before Speech
Author/Editor: William C. Stokoe
Language in Motion: Exploring the Nature of Sign
Author/Editor: Jerome D. Schein ,David A. Stewart
Language Policy and Planning for Sign Languages
Author/Editor: Timothy G. Reagan
Language, Power, and Resistance: Mainstreaming Deaf Education
Author/Editor: Elizabeth S. Mathews
Laurent Clerc: The Story of His Early Years
Author/Editor: Cathryn Carroll ,Harlan Lane
Learning American Sign Language in High School: Motivation, Strategies, and Achievement
Author/Editor: Russell S. Rosen
Learning To See: American Sign Language as a Second Language
Author/Editor: Sherman Wilcox ,Phyllis Perrin Wilcox
Legal Interpreting: Teaching, Research, and Practice
Author/Editor: JEREMY L. BRUNSON
Legal Rights, 6th Ed.: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
Author/Editor: National Association of the Deaf
Lessons in Laughter
Author/Editor: Bernard Bragg ,Eugene Bergman
Let’s Go In: My Journey to a University Presidency
Author/Editor: T. Alan Hurwitz
Linguistic Coping Strategies in Sign Language Interpreting
Author/Editor: Jemina Napier
Linguistics of American Sign Language, 5th Ed.: An Introduction
Listening through the Bone: Collected Poems
Author/Editor: Willy Conley
Literacy and Deaf Education: Toward a Global Understanding
Author/Editor: Qiuying Wang ,Jean F. Andrews
Literacy and Deaf People: Cultural and Contextual Perspectives
Author/Editor: Brenda Jo Brueggemann
Living with Hearing Loss
Author/Editor: Marcia B. Dugan
Managing Their Own Affairs: The Australian Deaf Community in the 1920s and 1930s
Author/Editor: Breda Carty
Manual Communication: Implications for Education
Author/Editor: Harry Bornstein
Many Ways to Be Deaf: International Variation in Deaf Communities
Author/Editor: Leila Monaghan ,Constanze Schmaling ,Karen Nakamura ,Graham H. Turner
Mental Health Services for Deaf People: Treatment Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges
Author/Editor: Benito Estrada Aranda ,Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij
Metaphor in American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Phyllis Perrin Wilcox
Mickey’s Harvest: A Novel of a Deaf Boy’s Checkered Life
Author/Editor: Howard L. Terry ,Kristen C. Harmon
A Mighty Change: An Anthology of Deaf American Writing, 1816 - 1864
Author/Editor: Christopher Krentz
Miriam Hearing Sister: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Miriam Zadek ,Philip W. Bravin
Missing Words: The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss
Author/Editor: Kay Thomsett ,Eve Nickerson
Moon on the Meadow: Collected Poems
Author/Editor: Pia Taavila
More Than Meets the Eye: Revealing the Complexities of an Interpreted Education
Author/Editor: Melissa B. Smith
Mrs. Sigourney of Hartford: Poems and Prose on the Early American Deaf Community
Author/Editor: Edna Edith Sayers ,Diana Moore
Multicultural Aspects of Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities
Author/Editor: Ceil Lucas
Multilingualism and Sign Languages: From the Great Plains to Australia
Author/Editor: Ceil Lucas
My First Book of Sign
Author/Editor: Pamela J. Baker ,Patricia Bellan Gillen
My Life of Language: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Paul W. Ogden
My Life with Kangaroos: A Deaf Woman’s Remarkable Story
Author/Editor: Doris Herrmann ,Michael Gaida ,Theres Jöhl ,Paul Foster
My Mother Made Me Deaf: Discourse and Identity in a Deaf Community
Author/Editor: Bryan K. Eldredge
My Signing Book of Numbers
Author/Editor: Patricia Bellan Gillen
Neither–Nor: A Young Australian's Experience with Deafness
Never the Twain Shall Meet: Bell, Gallaudet, and the Communications Debate
New Approaches to Interpreter Education
Author/Editor: CYNTHIA B. ROY
A New Civil Right: Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans
Author/Editor: Karen Peltz Strauss
The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education: Pursuing Evidence-Based Practices
No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers
Author/Editor: Jill Jepson
once upon a twin: poems
Author/Editor: raymond luczak
On the Beat of Truth: A Hearing Daughter’s Stories of Her Black Deaf Parents
Author/Editor: Maxine Childress Brown ,Scot Brown
Orchid of the Bayou: A Deaf Woman Faces Blindess
Author/Editor: Cathryn Carroll ,Catherine Hoffpauir Fischer
Original Signs: Gesture, Sign, and the Sources of Language
Author/Editor: David F. Armstrong
Outcasts and Angels: The New Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature
Author/Editor: Edna Edith Sayers
Parents and Their Deaf Children: The Early Years
Author/Editor: Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans ,Donna M. Mertens ,Marilyn A. Sass-Lehrer ,Kimberley Scott-Olson
The Parents’ Guide to Baby Signs: Early Communication with Your Infant
Author/Editor: Leann Sebrey ,Valerie Nelson-Metlay
Paris in America: A Deaf Nanticoke Shoemaker and His Daughter
Author/Editor: CLARA JEAN MOSLEY HALL ,Gayle Williamson
Partners in Education: Issues and Trends from the 21st International Congress on the Education of the Deaf
Author/Editor: Donald F. Moores
The People Who Spell: The Last Students from the Mexican National School for the Deaf
Author/Editor: Claire L. Ramsey
A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell
Author/Editor: Harry G. Lang
Pictures in the Air: The Story of the National Theatre of the Deaf
A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in America
The Politics of Deafness
Author/Editor: Owen Wrigley
Primary Movement in Sign Languages: A Study of Six Languages
Author/Editor: Donna Jo Napoli ,Mark Mai ,Nicholas Gaw
Professional Autonomy in Video Relay Service Interpreting
Author/Editor: Erica Alley
Promoting Positive Transition Outcomes: Effective Planning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Young Adults
Author/Editor: Pamela Luft
Prosodic Markers and Utterance Boundaries in American Sign Language Interpretation
Author/Editor: Brenda Nicodemus
Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Adolescents
Author/Editor: Margery Miller ,Tania N. Thomas-Presswood ,Kurt Metz ,Jennifer Lukomski
Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients from Diverse Groups
Author/Editor: Irene W. Leigh
A Quiet Foghorn: More Notes from a Deaf Gay Life
Reflections: My Life in the Deaf and Hearing Worlds
Author/Editor: John B. Christiansen
The Rising of Lotus Flowers: Self-Education by Deaf Children in Thai Boarding Schools
Author/Editor: Charles B. Reilly ,Nipapon W. Reilly
The Role of the Educational Interpreter: Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers
The Second International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research: Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Danielle I. J. Hunt ,Emily Shaw
Seeing Language in Sign: The Work of William C. Stokoe
Author/Editor: JANE MAHER ,Oliver Sacks
Service Learning in Interpreter Education: Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community
Author/Editor: SHERRY SHAW
Shall I Say A Kiss?: The Courtship Letters of a Deaf Couple, 1936-1938
Author/Editor: Lennard J. Davis ,Gerald J. Davis
Shifting the Dialog, Shifting the Culture: Pathways to Successful Postsecondary Outcomes for Deaf Individuals
Author/Editor: Stephanie W. Cawthon ,Carrie Lou Garberoglio
Show of Hands: A Natural History of Sign Language
Author/Editor: David F. Armstrong
Signed Language Corpora
Author/Editor: Jordan Fenlon ,Julie A. Hochgesang ,Trevor Johnston
Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research: Selected Papers from the First International Symposium
Author/Editor: Brenda Nicodemus ,Keith Cagle
Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil
Author/Editor: Ronice Müller de Quadros ,Earl Fleetwood ,Melanie Metzger
Signed Language Interpreting in the 21st Century: An Overview of the Profession
Signed Language Interpreting in the Workplace
Author/Editor: Jules Dickinson
Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy: Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Signed Languages: Discoveries from International Research
Author/Editor: Valerie Dively ,Melanie Metzger ,Sarah Taub ,Anne Marie Baer
Signing and Belonging in Nepal
Author/Editor: Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Signing Fun: American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games, and Activities
Author/Editor: Penny Warner ,Paula Gray
Signing in Puerto Rican: A Hearing Son and His Deaf Family
Author/Editor: Andrés Torres
Sign Language Archaeology: Understanding the Historical Roots of American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Ted Supalla ,Patricia Clark
Sign Language Interpreting: Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality
Author/Editor: Melanie Metzger
Sign Languages in Contact
Author/Editor: David Quinto-Pozos
Sign Language, Sustainable Development, and Equal Opportunities: Envisioning the Future for Deaf Students
Author/Editor: Goedele A. M. De Clerck ,Peter V. Paul
Signs and Wonders: Religious Rhetoric and the Preservation of Sign Language
Author/Editor: Tracy Ann Morse
Signs of the Times
Author/Editor: Edgar H. Shroyer ,Susan P. Shroyer
Silent Alarm: On the Edge with a Deaf EMT
Author/Editor: Steven L. Schrader
The Silent Garden: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child
Author/Editor: Marlee Marlin ,Paul W. Ogden ,David H. Smith
Silent Life and Silent Language: The Inner Life of a Mute in an Institution for the Deaf
Author/Editor: Kate M. Farlow ,Kristen C. Harmon
Silent Observer
Author/Editor: Christy MacKinnon
Sister and Brother: A Family Story
Author/Editor: Agneta Pleijel ,Harald Hille
Social Constructions of Deafness: Examining Deaf Languacultures in Education
Author/Editor: Thomas P. Horejes
The Sociolinguistics of Ethiopian Sign Language: A Study of Language Use and Attitudes
Author/Editor: Eyasu Hailu Tamene
Sociolinguistic Variation in American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Ceil Lucas ,Robert Bayley ,Clayton Valli ,Mary Rose ,Alyssa Wulf ,Paul Dudis ,Susan Schatz ,Laura Sanheim
Sound Sense: Living and Learning with Hearing Loss
Author/Editor: Sara Laufer Batinovich
Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South
Author/Editor: MARY HERRING WRIGHT ,Joseph Hill ,Carolyn McCaskill
Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South
Author/Editor: Mary Herring Wright
The Spanish National Deaf School: Portraits from the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Susan Plann
Speechreading: A Way To Improve Understanding
Author/Editor: Harriet Kaplan ,Scott J. Bally ,Carol Garretson
The Stories They Told Me: The Life of My Deaf Parents
Author/Editor: Maria Wallisfurth ,Cornelia Wallisfurth
The Study of Signed Languages: Essays in Honor of William C. Stokoe
Author/Editor: David F. Armstrong ,Michael A. Karchmer ,John Vickrey Van Cleve
Surviving in Silence: A Deaf Boy in the Holocaust, The Harry I. Dunai Story
Author/Editor: Eleanor C. Dunai ,John S. Schuchman
Sweet Bells Jangled: Laura Redden Searing, A Deaf Poet Restored
Author/Editor: Judy Yaeger Jones ,Jane E. Vallier
Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Classrooms: New Scholarship
Author/Editor: Kristin J. Mulrooney
Teaching from the Heart and Soul: The Robert F. Panara Story
Author/Editor: Harry G. Lang
Telling Deaf Lives: Agents of Change
Author/Editor: Kristin Snoddon
Tell Me How It Reads: Tutoring Deaf and Hearing Students in the Writing Center
Author/Editor: Rebecca Day Babcock
To the Lexicon and Beyond: Sociolinguistics in European Deaf Communities
Author/Editor: Mieke Van Herreweghe ,Myriam Vermeerbergen
Toward a Deaf Translation Norm
Author/Editor: Christopher Stone
Translation, Sociolinguistic, and Consumer Issues in Interpreting
Author/Editor: Melanie Metzger ,Earl Fleetwood
Turning the Tide: Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Schoolchildren
Author/Editor: Gina A. Oliva ,Linda Risser Lytle
Turn on the Words!: Deaf Audiences, Captions, and the Long Struggle for Access
Author/Editor: Harry G. Lang
Understanding International Sign: A Sociolinguistic Study
Author/Editor: Lori A. Whynot
Video Relay Service Interpreters: Intricacies of Sign Language Access
Author/Editor: Jeremy L. Brunson
The Week the World Heard Gallaudet
What's Your Sign for Pizza?: An Introduction to Variation in American Sign Language
Author/Editor: Ceil Lucas ,Robert Bayley ,Clayton Valli
When I Am Dead: The Writings of George M. Teegarden
Author/Editor: George M. Teegarden ,Raymond Luczak
When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes
Author/Editor: Philip Zazove
Whispers of a Savage Sort: And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience
Author/Editor: Raymond Luczak
Women and Deafness: Double Visions
Author/Editor: Brenda Jo Brueggemann ,Susan Burch
You and Your Deaf Child: A Self-Help Guide for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Author/Editor: John W. Adams