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Cyber Wargaming: Research and Education for Security in a Dangerous Digital World
Cyberspace and National Security
Author/Editor: Reveron, Derek S
Cyber Blockades
Author/Editor: Russell, Alison Lawlor
Custodians of Place
Author/Editor: Lewis, Paul G.; Neiman, Max
A Culture of Engagement
Author/Editor: Cathleen Kaveny
Crowdsourcing in the Public Sector
Author/Editor: Brabham, Daren C
Crosslinguistic Research in Syntax and Semantics
Author/Editor: Zanuttini, Raffaella; Campos, Hector; Herburger, Elena
The Critical Calling
Author/Editor: Richard A. McCormick, SJ
Creative Conformity
Author/Editor: Bucar, Elizabeth M
Consumer Ethics in a Global Economy: How Buying Here Causes Injustice There
Author/Editor: Daniel k. Finn
The Congressional Budget Office
Author/Editor: Joyce, Philip G
Congress and Civil-Military Relations
Author/Editor: Campbell, Colton C.; Auerswald, David P
Conflict and Cooperation in the Global Commons
Author/Editor: Jasper, Scott
A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi'is
Author/Editor: McHugo, John
Competence to Consent
Author/Editor: White, Becky Cox
Comparative Public Management
The Community of Believers
Author/Editor: Lucinda Mosher
Community-Based Language Learning
Author/Editor: Clifford, Joan; Reisinger, Deborah S
Communicating the Word
Author/Editor: David Marshall
Common Ground
Author/Editor: Paul L. Heck
The Collaborative Public Manager
Author/Editor: O'Leary, Rosemary; Bingham, Lisa Blomgren
Collaborative Public Management
Author/Editor: Robert Agranoff
Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector
Author/Editor: JACOB TORFING
Collaborative Governance Regimes
Author/Editor: Emerson, Kirk; Nabatchi, Tina
Civil Disagreement
Author/Editor: Langerak, Edward
City–County Consolidation
Author/Editor: Leland, Suzanne M.; Thurmaier, Kurt
The Church and Secularity
Author/Editor: Gascoigne, Robert
Christianity in Evolution
Author/Editor: Jack Mahoney
China's Strategic Arsenal: Worldview, Doctrine, and Systems
China's Sent-Down Generation
Author/Editor: Rene, Helena K
China's Global Identity
Author/Editor: Tiang Boon, Hoo
China in the Era of Xi Jinping
Author/Editor: Robert S. Ross,Jo Inge Bekkevold
The China-India Rivalry in the Globalization Era
Author/Editor: Paul, T.V
Chimeras, Hybrids, and Interspecies Research
Author/Editor: Andrea L. Bonnicksen
Cheap Threats
Author/Editor: Dianne Pfundstein Chamberlain
The Changing Landscape of Spanish Language Curricula
Author/Editor: Brown, Alan V.; Thompson, Gregory L
Catholic Social Teaching and Pope Benedict XVI
Author/Editor: Curran, Charles E
Catholics and Politics
Author/Editor: Heyer, Kristin E.; Rozell, Mark J
The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Community
Author/Editor: Tropman, John E
The Catholic Church and the Nation-State
Author/Editor: Paul Christopher Manuel
Careers in International Affairs, Ninth Edition
Author/Editor: Cressey, Laura E.; Helmer, Barrett J.; Steffensen, Jennifer E
Careers in International Affairs, Eighth Edition
Author/Editor: Carland, Maria Pinto; Faber, Candace
Career Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Kopp, Harry W.; Naland, John K
Career Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Kopp, Harry W.; Gillespie, Charles A
Care and Covenant: A Jewish Bioethic of Responsibility
Author/Editor: Jason Weiner
Canadian Military Intelligence: Operations and Evolution from the October Crisis to the War in Afghanistan
Author/Editor: DAVID A. CHARTERS