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Is This Any Way to Run a Democratic Government?
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Wayne
Israel under Siege
Israel's Long War with Hezbollah
Author/Editor: Marcus, Raphael D
Islamic Radicalism and Global Jihad
Author/Editor: Devin R. Springer
Investing in the Disadvantaged
Author/Editor: Weimer, David L.; Vining, Aidan R
Introducción a la historia de la lengua española
Author/Editor: Resnick, Melvyn C.; Hammond, Robert M
Interpretazioni: Italian Language and Culture through Film
Author/Editor: Cristina Pausini ,Carmen Merolla
International Institutions and Power Politics: Bridging the Divide
Author/Editor: ANDERS WIVEL ,T.V. PAUL
Interest Groups and Health Care Reform Across the United States
Author/Editor: Gray, Virginia; Lowery, David; Benz, Jennifer K
Interactional Morality
Author/Editor: Poorman, Mark L
Intelligence Elsewhere
Author/Editor: Davies, Philip H. J.; Gustafson, Kristian C
Intelligence and Surprise Attack
Author/Editor: Dahl, Erik J
Integrating the Digital Humanities into the Second Language Classroom: A Practical Guide
Author/Editor: Melinda A. Cro
Integrating Career Preparation into Language Courses
Author/Editor: Lear, Darcy
Insurgent Women
Author/Editor: Trisko Darden, Jessica; Henshaw, Alexis; Szekely, Ora
Institution Building in Weak States: The Primacy of Local Politics
Author/Editor: ANDREW RADIN
Insincere Commitments
Author/Editor: Smith-Cannoy, Heather
In Search of the Whole
Author/Editor: Haughey, John C
Informed Consent
Author/Editor: Wear, Stephen
India's Rise as an Asian Power
Author/Editor: Gordon, Sandy
The Indian Ocean and US Grand Strategy
Author/Editor: Dombrowski, Peter; Winner, Andrew C
India and Nuclear Asia
Implicit and Explicit Language Learning
Author/Editor: Sanz, Cristina; Leow, Ronald P
Implementing Innovation
Author/Editor: Steelman, Toddi A
Author/Editor: Ward, Steven R
Author/Editor: Steven R. Ward
The Image of the Enemy
Author/Editor: Maddrell, Paul