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"My Faith in the Constitution Is Whole": Barbara Jordan and the Politics of Scripture
Author/Editor: Robin L. Owens
More than Mayor or Manager
Author/Editor: James H. Svara
Moral Evil
Author/Editor: Flescher, Andrew Michael
Moral Agency within Social Structures and Culture: A Primer on Critical Realism for Christian Ethics
Monotheism and Its Complexities
Author/Editor: Mosher, Lucinda; Marshall, David
Mission Creep
Author/Editor: Adams, Gordon; Murray, Shoon
Mind and Context in Adult Second Language Acquisition
Author/Editor: Sanz, Cristina
Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Airpower
Author/Editor: Burke, Ryan; Fowler, Michael; McCaskey, Kevin
Mi lengua
Author/Editor: Ana Roca
Middle Powers and the Rise of China
Author/Editor: Gilley, Bruce; O'Neil, Andrew
Mexico's Illicit Drug Networks and the State Reaction
Author/Editor: NATHAN P. JONES
Meeting China Halfway
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Lyle J
Medicine and the Ethics of Care
Author/Editor: Cates, Diana Fritz; Lauritzen, Paul
Medical Governance
Author/Editor: Weimer, David L
Medical Care at the End of Life
Author/Editor: David F. Kelly
Medicaid Politics
Author/Editor: Thompson, Frank J
Measuring the Performance of the Hollow State
Author/Editor: David G. Frederickson
Measured Language
Author/Editor: Connor-Linton, Jeffrey; Amoroso, Luke Wander
The Marines, Counterinsurgency, and Strategic Culture
Author/Editor: Johnson, Jeannie L
Mao's Army Goes to Sea: The Island Campaigns and the Founding of China's Navy
Managing the Fiscal Metropolis
Author/Editor: Rebecca M. Hendrick
Managing Disasters through Public–Private Partnerships
Author/Editor: Abou-bakr, Ami J