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Tunisian Revolutions
Author/Editor: Clancy-Smith, Julia
The Troubled Dream of Life
Author/Editor: Callahan, Daniel
Transnational Actors in War and Peace
Transhumanism and Transcendence
Author/Editor: Cole-Turner, Ronald
Transforming US Intelligence for Irregular War: Task Force 714 in Iraq
Author/Editor: RICHARD H. SHULTZ JR.
Tragic Dilemmas in Christian Ethics
Tradition and Modernity
Author/Editor: David Marshall
To Serve God and Mammon
Author/Editor: Ted G. Jelen
The Torture Doctors: Human Rights Crimes and the Road to Justice
Author/Editor: STEVEN H. MILES
Tomorrow's Troubles: Risk, Anxiety, and Prudence in an Age of Algorithmic Governance
Author/Editor: PAUL SCHERZ
To Advanced Proficiency and Beyond
Author/Editor: Brown, Tony; Bown, Jennifer
Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad
Author/Editor: William R. Johnson
The Third Millennium
Author/Editor: Walsh, David
Theology and the Boundary Discourse of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Regan, Ethna
Theological Foundations for Environmental Ethics
Author/Editor: Schaefer, Jame
Testing the National Covenant
Author/Editor: William F. May
Ten Thousand Democracies
Author/Editor: Berkman, Michael B.; Plutzer, Eric
Telling Stories
Author/Editor: Deborah Schiffrin
Teaching World Languages for Specific Purposes: A Practical Guide
Author/Editor: Diana M. Ruggiero
Teaching Languages in Blended Synchronous Learning Classrooms: A Practical Guide
Author/Editor: Alba Girons ,Nicholas Swinehart
Teaching Advanced Language Skills through Global Debate
Author/Editor: Brown, Tony; Bown, Jennifer
Talking Politics?
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Sheila Suess
Taking the Initiative
Author/Editor: Bader, John B