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Pushing Back: Women of Color–Led Grassroots Activism in New York City
Author/Editor: Ariella Rotramel
Punishing the Black Body
Author/Editor: Harris, Dawn P
Public Los Angeles: A Private City's Activist Futures
Publications of James Edward Oglethorpe
Author/Editor: JAMES EDWARD OGLETHORPE ,Rodney M. Baine ,Eli Arnold ,Phinizy Spalding
The Protestant Voice in American Pluralism
Author/Editor: Marty, Martin E
Prophet of Discontent: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Critique of Racial Capitalism
Author/Editor: Andrew J. Douglas ,Jared A. Loggins
Prophet from Plains
Author/Editor: Gaillard, Frye
Properties of Violence
Author/Editor: Correia, David
The Problem South
Author/Editor: Ring, Natalie J
Privateers of the Americas
Author/Editor: Head, David
Prison Pens
Author/Editor: Williams, Timothy J.; Kutzler, Evan A
The Priority of Injustice
Author/Editor: Barnett, Clive
Princes of Cotton
Author/Editor: Berry, Stephen
The Price of Permanence
Author/Editor: Bryan, William D
The Prestige of Violence
Author/Editor: Bachner, Sally
Precarious Worlds
Author/Editor: Meehan, Katie; Strauss, Kendra
Praying with One Eye Open
Author/Editor: Engel, Mary Ella
Practical Strangers
Author/Editor: Stephen Berry,Angela Esco Elder
Posthuman Blackness and the Black Female Imagination
Author/Editor: Kristen Lillvis
The Politics of White Rights
Author/Editor: Joseph Bagley
The Politics of Urban Water
Author/Editor: Kinder, Kimberley
The Politics of the Encounter
Author/Editor: Merrifield, Andy
The Politics of Black Citizenship
Author/Editor: Diemer, Andrew K
Politics in Georgia
Author/Editor: Fleischmann, Arnold; Pierannunzi, Carol
Politics in Georgia
Author/Editor: Howard, Robert M.; Fleischmann, Arnold; Engstrom, Richard N
Poetry as Survival
Author/Editor: Orr, Gregory
Poems, Plays, and The Briton
Author/Editor: Smollett, Tobias; Gassman, Byron; Chilton, Leslie A
Please Come Back To Me
Author/Editor: Treadway, Jessica
The Piri Reis Map of 1513
Author/Editor: McIntosh, Gregory C
Pirates You Don't Know, and Other Adventures in the Examined Life
Author/Editor: Griswold, John
Pioneering American Wine
Author/Editor: Herbemont, Nicholas; Shields, David
The Piano Tuner
Author/Editor: Meinke, Peter
The Philosopher King
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Heath
Phillis Wheatley
Author/Editor: Carretta, Vincent
Author/Editor: Nelson, Lynn A
Perceval; or, The Story of the Grail
Author/Editor: de Troyes, Chrétien
A People's War on Poverty
Author/Editor: Phelps, Wesley G
The People I Know
Author/Editor: Zafris, Nancy
Penn Center
Author/Editor: Burton, Orville Vernon; Cross, Wilbur
Pauline E. Hopkins
Author/Editor: Wallinger, Hanna
Patrolling the Border
Author/Editor: Haynes, Joshua S
Party Out of Bounds
Author/Editor: Brown, Rodger Lyle
Partial Faiths
Author/Editor: McClure, John A
Paraguay and the United States
Author/Editor: Mora, Frank O.; Cooney, Jerry W
Pandora's Garden
Author/Editor: Peters, Clinton Crockett
Panama and the United States
Author/Editor: Conniff, Michael L
The Pale of Settlement
Author/Editor: Singer, Margot
Pain, Pride, and Politics
Author/Editor: Amarasingam, Amarnath