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Justice Leah Ward Sears
Author/Editor: Davis, Rebecca Shriver
Jury Discrimination
Author/Editor: Waldrep, Christopher
The Jungle Around Us
Author/Editor: Raeff, Anne
The Journal of the Earl of Egmont: Abstract of the Trustees Proceedings for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1738
Author/Editor: JOHN PERCEVAL ,ROBERT G. McPHERSON ,Lee Ann Caldwell
The Journal of Peter Gordon, 1732–1735
Author/Editor: E. MERTON COULTER ,Julie Anne Sweet
Joseph Henry Lumpkin
Author/Editor: Hicks, Paul DeForest
John Oliver Killens
Author/Editor: Gilyard, Keith
John Burroughs and the Place of Nature
Author/Editor: Warren, James Perrin
John Bachman
Author/Editor: Bachman, John; Waddell, Gene
Jimmy Carter, the Politics of Family, and the Rise of the Religious Right
Author/Editor: Flippen, J. Brooks
Jim Crow Terminals
Author/Editor: Ortlepp, Anke
Jim Crow, Literature, and the Legacy of Sutton E. Griggs
Author/Editor: Chakkalakal, Tess; Warren, Kenneth W
Jekyll Island's Early Years
Author/Editor: McCash, June Hall
Jankyn's Book of Wikked Wyves
Author/Editor: Hanna, Ralph; Lawler, Traugott
James McHenry, Forgotten Federalist
Author/Editor: Robbins, Karen E
James Habersham
Author/Editor: Lambert, Frank
Jack London's Racial Lives
Author/Editor: Reesman, Jeanne Campbell