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Partition: How and Why Ireland was Divided
Author/Editor: IVAN GIBBONS
Pasic & Trumbic
Author/Editor: Djokic, Dejan
Pasic & Trumbic: The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
Author/Editor: Dejan Djokić
Paul Hymans
Author/Editor: Marks, Sally
Paul Hymans: Belgium
Author/Editor: Sally Marks
Peony Red
Author/Editor: Schünemann, Christian; Volic, Jelena
Peony Red: A Case for Milena Lukin
Piip, Meierovics & Voldemaras
Author/Editor: Alston, Charlotte
Piip, Meierovics & Voldemaras: The Baltic States
Author/Editor: Charlotte Alston
The Power of Civil Servants
Author/Editor: Foster-Gilbert, Claire; Hennessy, Peter; Normington, David
The Power of Politicians
Author/Editor: Jowell, Tessa; D’Souza, Frances; Foster-Gilbert, Claire
Prince Charoon et al
Author/Editor: Dalby, Andrew
Prince Charoon et al: South East Asia
Author/Editor: Andrew Dalby
Prince Saionji
Author/Editor: Clements, Jonathan
Prince Saionji: Japan
Author/Editor: Jonathan Clements