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An Anthropology of Crosslocations
Author/Editor: Sarah Green ,Samuli Lähteenaho ,Phaedra Douzina-Bakalaki ,Carl Rommel ,Joseph J. Viscomi ,Laia Soto Bermant ,Patricia Scalco
Arendt, Eichmann and the Politics of the Past
Author/Editor: Tuija Parvikko
Banal Security: Queer Korea in the Time of Viruses, Vol. 3
Author/Editor: Timothy Gitzen
Being Pagan, Being Christian in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, Vol. 4
Author/Editor: Katja Ritari ,Jan R. Stenger ,William Van Andringa
Bridging Cultural Concepts of Nature: Indigenous People and Protected Spaces of Nature
Author/Editor: Rani-Henrik Andersson ,Boyd Cothran ,Saara Kekki
Civilians and Military Supply in Early Modern Finland
Author/Editor: Petri Talvitie ,Juha-Matti Granqvist
Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Cities: A Guidebook for Citizens, Public Officials and Planners
Author/Editor: David C. Major ,Sirkku Juhola
Culture and History in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Jukka Siikala
Deciphering Markets and Money: A Sociological Analysis of Economic Institutions
Author/Editor: Jukka Gronow
The Digital Age and Its Discontents: Critical Reflections in Education
Author/Editor: Matteo Stocchetti
Digital Histories: Emergent Approaches within the New Digital History
Author/Editor: Mats Fridlund,Mila Oiva,Petri Paju
Finnishness, Whiteness and Coloniality
Author/Editor: Josephine Hoegaerts ,Tuire Liimatainen ,Laura Hekanaho ,Elizabeth Peterson
Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories: Critical Re-Examination, Elucidation & Corroboration: Critical Re-Examination, Elucidation and Corroboration
Author/Editor: Kenneth R. Westphal
Kingdom of Nokia: How a Nation Served the Needs of One Company
Author/Editor: Carl-Gustav Lindén
The Kobane Generation: Kurdish Diaspora Mobilising in France
Author/Editor: Mari Toivanen
Living Communities and Their Archaeologies in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Rick Bonnie ,Marta Lorenzon ,Suzie Thomas
Locating the Mediterranean: Connections and Separations across Space and Time
Author/Editor: Carl Rommel ,Joseph John Viscomi
Military Revolution and the Thirty Years War 1618–1648: Aspects of Institutional Change and Decline
Author/Editor: Olli Bäckström
Modern Folk Devils: Contemporary Constructions of Evil
Author/Editor: Martin Demant Frederiksen ,Ida Harboe Knudsen
Nexus of Patriotism and Militarism in Russia: A Quest for Internal Cohesion
Author/Editor: Katri Pynnöniemi
Nordic Homicide in Deep Time: Lethal Violence in the Early Modern Era and Present Times
Author/Editor: Janne Kivivuori ,Mona Rautelin ,Jeppe Büchert Netterstrøm ,Dag Lindström ,Guðbjörg S. Bergsdóttir ,Jónas O. Jónasson ,Martti Lehti ,Sven Granath ,Mi
Nuancing Young Masculinities: Helsinki Boys’ Intersectional Relationships in New Times
Author/Editor: Marja Peltola ,Ann Phoenix
Pragmatic Realism, Religious Truth, and Antitheodicy: On Viewing the World by Acknowledging the Other
Author/Editor: Sami Pihlström
Scraps of Hope in Banda Aceh: Gendered Urban Politics in the Aceh Peace Process
Author/Editor: Marjaana Jauhola
Situating Sustainability: A Handbook of Contexts and Concepts
Author/Editor: C. Parker Krieg ,Reetta Toivanen
“Slava Ukraini!": Strategy and the Spirit of Ukrainian Resistance 2014–2023
Author/Editor: Ilmari Käihkö
Youth on the Move: Tendencies and Tensions in Youth Policies and Practices
Author/Editor: Kristiina Brunila,Lisbeth Lundahl