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Ludvig Holberg: PLAYS, Volume I.: Just Justesen's Reflections on Theatre, Jeppe of The Hill, Ulysses von Ithacia
Author/Editor: LUDVIG HOLBERG ,Bent Holm ,Gaye Kynoch
Ludvig Holberg, a Danish Playwright on the European Stage: Masquerade, Comedy, Satire
Author/Editor: Bent Holm,Gaye Kynoch
Ludvig Holberg, a Danish Playwright on the European Stage
Author/Editor: Holm, Bent
Lothar Knessl: Vermittler neuer Musik, Autor, Komponist, Kurator
Author/Editor: Juri Giannini,Andreas Holzer,Stefan Jena,Jürgen Polak
Lothar Knessl
Author/Editor: Giannini, Juri; Holzer, Andreas; Jena, Stefan
Living by the Coins: Roman Life in the Light of Coin Finds and Archaeology within a Residential Quarter of Carnuntum
Living by the Coins
Author/Editor: Găzdac, Cristian; Humer, Franz
The Life and Works of Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770): Part I: A Documentary Biography. Part II: Catalogue of Works and Sources
Author/Editor: ALISON J. DUNLOP
The Life and Works of Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770)
Author/Editor: Dunlop, Alison J
L'Etruria fortunata: Cantata celebrativa in onore del Granduca di Toscana Pietro Leopoldo d'Asburgo-Lorena. Messa in musica di Charles Antoine Campion (1720-1788). Facsimile della partitura autografa
Author/Editor: Maestro della Real Camera,Cappella di Palazzo Pitti,Stefania Gitto,Kuno Trientbacher,Hans Ernst Weidinger
L'Etruria fortunata
Author/Editor: Weidinger, Hans Ernst; Trientbacher, Kuno; Gitto, Stefania
Leopold Nowak: Wissenschaftler, Lehrer und Musiker
Author/Editor: Christine Geier,Cornelia Szabó-Knotik
Leopold Nowak
Author/Editor: Geier, Christine
The Law of International Banking Institutions: A Comparative Analysis
Author/Editor: Armin J. Kammel
The Law of International Banking Institutions
Author/Editor: Kammel, Armin J