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Author/Editor: Cheng, Vincent Shing
Humour in Chinese Life and Letters
Author/Editor: Davis, Jessica Milner
Humour in Chinese Life and Culture
Author/Editor: Davis, Jessica Milner; Chey, Jocelyn
Human, Apes and Chinese Fossils
Author/Editor: Oxnard, Charles E
The Huaqiao Warriors
Author/Editor: Li, Yuk-wai Yung
Huai-nan Tzu
Author/Editor: Blanc, Charles Le
How Assessment Supports Learning
Author/Editor: Carless, David; Joughin, Gordon; Liu, Ngar-Fun
Horror to the Extreme
Author/Editor: CHOI, Jinhee; Wada-Marciano, Mitsuyo
HONG KONG x 24 x 365
Author/Editor: Clarke, David
Hong Kong's Young Children
Author/Editor: Opper, Sylvia
Hong Kong's Watershed
Author/Editor: Cheung, Gary Ka-wai
Hong Kong's Money
Author/Editor: Latter, Tony
Hong Kong's Link to the US Dollar
Author/Editor: Greenwood, John
Hong Kong's Housing Policy
Author/Editor: Yung, Betty
Hong Kong's Health System
Author/Editor: Leung, Gabriel M.; Bacon-Shone, John
Hong Kong Screenscapes
Author/Editor: Cheung, Esther M. K.; Marchetti, Gina; Tan, See-Kam
Hong Kong's Constitutional Debate
Author/Editor: Chan, Johannes M.M
Hong Kong School Curriculum
Author/Editor: Morris, Paul
Hong Kong's Chinese History Curriculum from 1945
Author/Editor: Kan, Flora L.F
The Hong Kong Region 1850-1911
Author/Editor: Hayes, James
Hong Kong Mobile
Author/Editor: SIU, Helen F.; KU, Agnes S
Hong Kong Metamorphosis
Author/Editor: Bray, Denis
Hong Kong Media Law
Author/Editor: Weisenhaus, Doreen; Cottrell, Jill; Yan, Mei Ning
Hong Kong Legal Principles
Author/Editor: Mau, Stephen D
Hong Kong Landscapes
Author/Editor: Owen, Bernie
Hong Kong Land for Hong Kong People
Author/Editor: Wong, Yue Chim Richard
Hong Kong in the Cold War
Author/Editor: Roberts, Priscilla
Hong Kong Internment, 1942-1945
Author/Editor: Emerson , Geoffrey Charles
Hong Kong English
Author/Editor: Bolton, Kingsley
Hong Kong Culture
Author/Editor: Louie, Kam
Hong Kong Connections
Author/Editor: Morris, Meaghan
Hong Kong Cantopop
Author/Editor: Chu, Yiu-Wai
Hong Kong 1862-1919
Author/Editor: Sayer, G.R
Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Walker, Anthony
History Without Borders
Author/Editor: Gunn, Geoffrey C
Hills and Streams
Author/Editor: Dudgeon, David
Higher Education in Post-Mao China
Author/Editor: Agelasto, Michael
Healing Trauma
Author/Editor: Wu, Kitty K.; Tang, Catherine S.; Leung, Eugenie Y
Harsh Words
Author/Editor: Hill, Monica
Harnessing Information Power
Author/Editor: Tricker, R.I
Harbin to Hanoi
The Happy Valley
Author/Editor: Nicolson, Ken
The Happy Hsiungs
Author/Editor: Yeh, Diana
Hands On or Hands Off?
Author/Editor: Latter, Tony