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Islands and Continents
Author/Editor: Minford, John; Holton, Brian; Chan, Agnes Hung-chong
Island on the Edge
Author/Editor: Berry, Chris; Lu, Feii
Islam in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: O'Connor, Paul
Author/Editor: Espinasse, Philippe
Author/Editor: Philippe Espinasse
Investigative Journalism in China
Author/Editor: Bandurski, David; Hala, Martin
Introduction to the Hong Kong Criminal Justice System
Author/Editor: Gaylord, Mark S
An Introduction to the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Morton, Brian
Introduction to Crime, Law and Justice in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Gaylord, Mark S
Intimating the Sacred
Author/Editor: Ng, Andrew Hock Soon
International Education and the Chinese Learner
Author/Editor: Ryan, Janette; Slethaug, Gordon
Integrated Systematic Nephrology, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Chan, Tak-Mao
Inside the World of the Eunuch: A Social History of the Emperor’s Servants in Qing China
Author/Editor: Melissa S. Dale
Inside the World of the Eunuch
Author/Editor: Dale, Melissa S
Ink Dances in Limbo
Author/Editor: Yeung, Jessica
Information Technology and the Challenge for Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Burn, Janice M
Indonesian Cinema after the New Order: Going Mainstream
Author/Editor: Thomas Barker
Independent Language Learning
Author/Editor: Morrison, Bruce
Incense Tree
Author/Editor: Ho, Louise
Imperial to International, 1
Author/Editor: Stuart Wolfendale,Paul Kwong
Imperial to International
Author/Editor: Wolfendale, Stuart
Imperial Masquerade
Author/Editor: Hayter-Menzies, Grant
Imagining Gay Paradise
Author/Editor: Atkins, Gary L
Images of the Canton Factories 1760–1822
Author/Editor: Van Dyke, Paul A