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Expand Your English
Author/Editor: Hart, Steve
Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Management in Asia
Author/Editor: Cavoli, Tony
Europe and China
Author/Editor: Vogt, Roland
Ethics in Early China
Author/Editor: Fraser, Chris; Robins, Dan; O'Leary, Timothy
Essays on Aviation and Travel Law in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Heilbronn, G.N
Escape from Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Luard, Tim
Eros of International Relations: Self-Feminizing and the Claiming of Postcolonial Chineseness
Author/Editor: Chih-yu Shih
Entrepreneurs and Enterprises in Macau
Author/Editor: Sit, V.F.S
Enriching Lives
Author/Editor: Feng, Bangyan; Nyaw, Mee Kau
English in Singapore
Author/Editor: Lim, Lisa; Pakir, Anne; Wee, Lionel
English Exposed
Author/Editor: Hart, Steve
English as a Lingua Franca in ASEAN
Author/Editor: Kirkpatrick, Andy
Enclave to Urbanity
Author/Editor: Farris, Johnathan Andrew
Enchanted by Lohans
Author/Editor: Törmä, Minna
The Empress and Mrs. Conger
Author/Editor: Hayter-Menzies, Grant
Empires of Panic
Emperor Qianlong’s Hidden Treasures: Reconsidering the Collection of the Qing Imperial Household
Author/Editor: Nicole T. C. Chiang
Emergency Medicine Casebook
Author/Editor: Leung, Ling Pong
Elusive Pirates, Pervasive Smugglers
Author/Editor: Antony, Robert J
Elementary Set Theory, Part I/II
Author/Editor: Leung, K.T
Elementary Set Theory, Part I
Author/Editor: Leung, K.T
Electing Hong Kong's Chief Executive
Author/Editor: Young, Simon N.M.; Cullen 高禮文, Richard
e-Learning Initiatives in China
Author/Editor: Spencer-Oatey, Helen
Elderly Chinese in Pacific Rim Countires
Author/Editor: Chi, Iris
Eileen Chang
Author/Editor: Louie, Kam
Education in Hong Kong, Pre-1841 to 1941
Author/Editor: Sweeting, A.E
Education in Hong Kong, 1941 to 2001
Author/Editor: Sweeting, Anthony
Education for Social Citizenship
Author/Editor: Lee, W.O
Educational Leadership and Change
Author/Editor: Wong, K.C
The Economic Integration of Greater China
Author/Editor: Cheung, Yin-Wong
Ecologies of Urbanism in India
Author/Editor: Anne Rademacher, Anne
East Sails West
Author/Editor: Davies, Stephen
East River Column
Author/Editor: Chan, Sui-jeung
An East India Company Cemetery
Author/Editor: Ride, Lindsay
Eastern Fortress
Author/Editor: Chi Man Kwong
Eastern Figures
Author/Editor: Kerr, Douglas
East Asian Pop Culture
Author/Editor: Chua, Beng Huat; Iwabuchi, Koichi
Early Psychosis Intervention
Early Chinese Work in Natural Science
Author/Editor: Chen, Joseph C.Y
Early Chinese Texts on Painting
Author/Editor: Susan Bush
Early China Coast Meteorology
Author/Editor: MacKeown, P. Kevin