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The Pusan International Film Festival, South Korean Cinema and Globalization
Author/Editor: Ahn, SooJeong
Public Success, Private Sorrow
Author/Editor: Cannon, Isidore Cyril
The Public Sector in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Scott, Ian
Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Fielding, Richard
Protecting Free Trade
Author/Editor: Mills, Lawrence
Property Law in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Mau, Stephen D
Projecting A Nation
Author/Editor: Hu, Jubin
Profits, Politics and Panics
Author/Editor: Goodstadt, Leo
Professional Practices of Human Resource Management in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Tsui, Anna P.Y.; Lai, K.T
Professional Liability
Author/Editor: Wickins, Robert
Professional Housing Management Practices in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Chiu, Rebecca Lai-Har
Professional Communication
Author/Editor: Cheng, Winnie; Kong, Kenneth C.C
Professional and Continuing Education in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Lee, Ngok
Problem-Based Medical Case Management
Author/Editor: Lau, Chu-Pak
Privatization of Urban Land in Shanghai
Author/Editor: Li , Ling Hin
The Private Side of the Canton Trade, 1700–1840
Pricing Foreign Exchange Options
Author/Editor: Yeung, David W.K
Preventing Family Violence
Author/Editor: Chan, Ko-Ling
The Practical Prophet
Author/Editor: Moira M. W. Chan-Yeung
The Power of Supply and Demand
Author/Editor: Lai, Lawrence W.C.; Yu, Ben T
Power and Identity in the Chinese World Order
Author/Editor: So, Billy K.L
Power and Charity
Author/Editor: Sinn, Elizabeth
Poverty in the Midst of Affluence
Author/Editor: Goodstadt, Leo F
Poverty in the Midst of Affluence
Author/Editor: Leo F. Goodstadt
Postcolonialism, Diaspora, and Alternative Histories
Author/Editor: Schwankert, Steven
Portugal, China and the Macau Negotiations, 1986-1999
Author/Editor: Mendes, Carmen Amado
The Port of Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Chiu, Tzu-nang
Population and Society in Contemporary Tibet
Author/Editor: Ma, Rong
Popular Memories of the Mao Era
Polynomials and Equations
Author/Editor: Leung, K.T
The Politics of Higher Education: The Imperial University in Northern Song China
Author/Editor: Chu Ming-kin
The Political Economy of Sino-American Relations
Author/Editor: Kueh, Y.Y
Political Development in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Ma, Ngok
Poetry against Torture
Author/Editor: Bova, Paul A
The Poetics of Difference and Displacement
Author/Editor: Tian, Min
The Poems of Sir Francis Hubert
Author/Editor: Mellor, Bernard
Planning Buildings for a High-Rise Environment in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Lai, Lawrence Wai-chung
Places of Nature in Ecologies of Urbanism
Author/Editor: Rademacher, Anne
Author/Editor: Ng, Maria N
Piecing Together Sha Po
Author/Editor: Atha, Mick
Picturing Technology in China
Author/Editor: Golas, Peter J
Philippine English
Author/Editor: Bautista, MA. Lourdes S.; Bolton, Kingsley
Peter Ho-Sun Chan's He's a Woman, She's a Man
Author/Editor: Stokes, Lisa Odham
Perspectives on Marine Environmental Change in Hong Kong, 1977-2001
Author/Editor: Morton, Brian
The Perfect Dictatorship
Author/Editor: Ringen, Stein
The Peach Bloosom Fan
Author/Editor: T.L. Yang
Pax Sinica
Author/Editor: Kueh, Y.Y
Partnerships in the Sea
Author/Editor: Morton, Brian
Paper Scissors Stone
Author/Editor: Fan, Kit
Pain Medicine
Author/Editor: TSUI, Siu Lun; CHEN, Phoon Ping; Ng, Kwok Fu Jacobus
Pacific Crossing
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Sinn