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Ruan Yuan, 1764-1849
Author/Editor: Wei, Betty Peh-T'I
Rogue Flows
Author/Editor: Iwabuchi, Koichi; Muecke, Stephen; Thomas, Nabdt
Robert Morrison and the Protestant Plan for China
Author/Editor: Daily, Christopher
The Road
Author/Editor: Coates, Austin
Revolutions as Organizational Change, 1
Author/Editor: Baohui Zhang
Revolutions as Organizational Change
Author/Editor: Zhang, Baohui
Return Migration and Identity
Author/Editor: Sussman, Nan M
Returning Home with Glory
Author/Editor: Williams, Michael
Responding to Child Abuse
Author/Editor: O'Brian, Charles
Respiratory Medicine
Author/Editor: Ip, Mary
Resist to the End
Author/Editor: Barman, Charles; Barman, Ray
Reshaping the Boundaries, 1
Author/Editor: Song Gang
Reshaping the Boundaries
Author/Editor: Song, Gang
Resettlement in the Three Gorges Project
Author/Editor: Tan, Yan
Repositioning the Hong Kong Government
Author/Editor: Chiu, Stephen Wing Kai
Remembering China from Taiwan
Author/Editor: Meyer, Mahlon
Remapping the Sinophone: The Cultural Production of Chinese-Language Cinema in Singapore and Malaya before and during the Cold War
Author/Editor: Wai-Siam Hee
Remade in Hollywood
Author/Editor: Chan, Kenneth
Reluctant Regulators
Author/Editor: Goodstadt, Leo F
Reluctant Heroes
Author/Editor: Fung, Chi Ming
Author/Editor: Fang, Harry Sinyang
Reforming Law Reform: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Beyond
Author/Editor: Michael Tilbury,Simon N M Young,Ludwig Ng
Reforming Law Reform
Reduced to a Symbolical Scale: The Evacuation of British Women and Children from Hong Kong to Australia in 1940
Author/Editor: Tony Banham
Reduced to a Symbolical Scale
Author/Editor: Banham, Tony
Reclaimed Land
Author/Editor: Clarke, David
Recent Advances of Chinese Palaeoanthropology
Author/Editor: Wu, Rukang
Rebuilding the Ancestral Village
Author/Editor: Kuah-Pearce, Khun Eng
Reading Du Fu: Nine Views
Author/Editor: Xiaofei Tian
Reading Chinese Transnationalisms
Author/Editor: Ng, Maria N